In Bed With An Aquarius Man: 5 Saucy Tips Sure To Thrill

Born under an air sign, the Aquarius man feels compelled to breathe new life into all things, including the bedroom, which means things can get pretty intense when you meet one of these men between the sheets.

For the male Aquarius, sex isn’t merely an act, but an adventure, so you better hope you can keep up, or if you really want to impress him, take the lead and show him a thing or two he’s been missing!

Now, I know this may all sound a bit intimidating, especially if you’ve only experienced quite regimented romps or cozy canoodles, but fret not!

I’m going to give you all the tips and tricks to get that Aquarius hunk of yours all hot and bothered.

1. Stimulate His Mind Before His Member

While it’s true that men often do think with that dangly jangly between their legs, it’s not a universal character trait, as evidenced by males born under the Aquarius sign.

That’s not to say they don’t relish an opportunity to ravish the object of their desires, because they absolutely do; they’re just not quite as one-dimensional as a lot of men out there.

To really entice the Aquarian in your life, you first have to engage in, shall we call it, intellectual foreplay?

Yes, I think we shall! What I mean by my newly coined term is that you have to engage your man mentally if you really want to stoke his passions. 

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So, before you slip into something more comfortable, try slipping a book from the shelf and expanding your knowledge so you might show your intellectual value to your Aquarius love interest.

This may seem like the antithesis of sexy to some people, but Aquarians really do find a melding of the minds the steamiest prelude to a melding of the loins, so if you want your “water bearer’s” cup to runneth over in the bedroom, don’t neglect this move!

However, before you engage him in a rather dry debate on the irrationality of human motives in Tolstoy’s War and Peace, you should know that at some point, you’ll need to bridge the gap between cerebral and physical interaction.

Start with little hints, and tease that something passionate this way comes.

Aquarius men typically hate it when people play games, but when it comes to sex, nothing could be further from the truth, so don’t be afraid to toy with him a little (okay, a lot).

Your flirtations show you to be a confident and adventurous person, traits that often translate into a rootin’ tootin’ good time between the sheets, and he knows this.

Even if he’s not 100% sure what you’re driving at just yet, you’ve changed the vibe of the discourse and implanted horny thoughts in his mind, Inception style, or should I say… insextion style?

No, oh okay, my apologies.

To sum this tip up, consider his brain as an additional erogenous zone to be stimulated before reaching for the more traditional saucy spots of his anatomy. To do so…

  • Dream up some role-play games — Let your imagination run wild and come up with suggestive little games you can play to tease what’s to come! The sexual tension will reach boiling point in record time.
  • Create some sexual chemistry by working hard on your friendship — Some find anonymity a turn on, but Aquarius men find a friendly connection and notions of trust far more erotic. Impress him early on with traits known to be attractive to Aquarians, such as realness and passion.
  • Express desire with words as well as body language — As incredibly cerebral people that aren’t quite as in touch with their deep emotions as men born under, say, Cancer, allow some seductive qualities to seep into your voice and the language you use.

2. Don’t Iron Out Your Kinks

For lack of a better term, sex with an Aquarius man is an opportunity to let your freak flag fly high. As Aquarian males work hard to maintain a calm disposition, they may seem relatively low-key in day-to-day life, but it’s all but guaranteed that he’s nasty in the bedroom, and he wants you to be nasty too!

He lives to push boundaries, so do so. Anything you can get on board with that’s a little off the wall will go down a storm in the bedroom, so ruminate on your kinks, cultivate your kinks, share your kinks.

Don’t be afraid of weirding him out; it can’t be done — There is no shame between the sheets of an Aquarius man!

Here’s some advice to get you started…

  • Talk openly about your kinks — Lay out your fetishes in conversation with your Aquarius man. He won’t judge, and just talking about your boudoir ambitions will get him hot under the collar.

What’s more, your frankness will open the floodgates, allowing him to share his kinks with you in return. Remember, you need to be as open and accepting when hearing his kinks as he was when hearing yours.

Some of them might sound pretty out there, as Aquarian men live to challenge established norms, but as long as there’s nothing too illegal involved, it’s all good.

  • Establish boundaries — Kinks should absolutely be celebrated and will be in a relationship with an Aquarius man, but you both have to be down with each other’s tastes before you get into it.

If you don’t like what he’s suggesting or he doesn’t like what you’re suggesting, it’s important that neither party pushes the other. Don’t worry about letting him down if you’re not game to indulge his kinks. He finds forthrightness incredibly sexy, so either way, you’re pushing his buttons.

  • Acknowledge and enjoy the power exchanges of sex — Aquarians are as open-minded as they come, so power will be fairly fluid during intercourse, meaning you can take S&M to some exciting places.

In all likelihood, you’ll get the chance to play both dominant and submissive roles, but, being that Aquarius is a masculine star sign, he might be a little bit more aggressive than you when he takes charge.

Again, don’t allow him to force you into acts you don’t care for, but let him take the lead in some fairly typical ways, such as hair-pulling, spanking, and perhaps even some light choking, and his eyes will be rolling back into his head before you know it.

3. Be Spontaneous Between The Sheets

Aquarius men love the cutting edge in all aspects of life, so it’s absolutely essential that you allow yourself to be in the moment when engaging them intimately. It’s time to let all your fears and anxieties melt away so you can enjoy your shared experience to the fullest. 

Spontaneity is key to keeping a man born under this sign interested, but don’t just explore your sexual side for his benefit; this is for you too!

Don’t wait for him to instigate something new and exciting either.

Nothing will excite him more than you taking the initiative and showing him something he hasn’t experienced before.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be anything groundbreaking, but something that sets you apart from others he’s been romantically engaged with is definitely a good thing. 

Aquarius men are all about going against the grain, so he’s ready to face the unknown with you, and if you’re the one to take his hand and guide him there rather than the other way around, you’ll drive him crazy (in a good way!).

Routine is the enemy here, as male Aquarians often get bored quite quickly, constantly chasing the next boundary, the next new adventure, so do what you can to keep things fresh. Here are a few more tips to get the creative juice flowing…

  • Come up with some sexy ideas ahead of time — A common misconception about spontaneity is that it has to be improvised, but that isn’t the case in the bedroom. 

While it’s definitely a good thing to go with the flow, coming up with everything on the spot just takes you out of your passion and places you in your head, which can lead to a rather stilted roll in the reeds.

On the other hand, if you have some sensuous tricks up your sleeve before things take a sexy turn, you’ll have no problem making magic when they do.

That said, don’t dominate the experimentation.

Allow him time to react to what you’re bringing to the equation, as this makes it a more collaborative experience, which sex of course should be.

You never know; your steamy idea could turn into something much more grandiose and exciting with his input. In fact, as it’s an Aquarius man we’re talking about here, I’m willing to bet that it will!

  • If you’re into it, broach the idea of a ménage à trois, quatre, cinq, or beyond — Freedom is everything to Aquarius men, and although they’ll gladly enter monogamous relationships with the right person, they relish any and all agency they and you can retain.

It doesn’t get any freer in a relationship than sex with people not in said relationship, so don’t be shy to suggest such an arrangement, as he’ll almost certainly jump at the opportunity.

Even if you don’t actually end up doing it, just the fact that you’ve floated the idea is going to be a massive turn on for him, so get ready for some primal one-on-one action — Beast with two backs, indeed!

  • Try new positions — Avoid too much repetition where positions are concerned. You both might have your favorites that you wind up in eventually, but don’t let the destination become the journey.
  • Pay mind to his zodiacal erogenous zones — We’re talking calves, we’re talking ankles, we’re talking shins… anything around the lower legs is going to give him a real tingle slightly higher up the leg… if you catch my drift.
  • Consider location — In this, the age of indulgence and pornographic saturation, it can be challenging to introduce new and exciting things in the bedroom, so feel free to take things outside the bedroom.

When you experiment with love-making in different locations, you add loads of new elements to the experience that can make an Aquarius man hot for you, not just in the moment, but long after as well.

These are the memories that will keep him coming back to you time and time again!

4. Sex Toys Galore

Sex toys are all too often a personal indulgence, but the openness of your Aquarian man is your green light to share the love! He doesn’t just want to know what gadgets and gizmos you use when enjoying a private moment, he wants to use them on you, and possibly even himself — Anything goes!

Whatever you’ve got, he’ll dig to some extent, be it bondage instruments, vibrators, dildos, handcuffs, sex games, sex swings… you name it.

5. Maintain A Playful Attitude

Aquarius men are not all that in touch with their emotions, so they don’t enjoy it when things get too sappy. He prefers a razor-sharp mind to a bleeding heart, so sex for him is primarily a lighthearted act, and he wants the same for you.

Although he finds closeness and friendship a turn on, emotional bonds aren’t necessary for him during sex and in fact can be a real damper on the mood.

That’s not to say you should shy away from cultivating strong emotional ties with your lover, but keeping the vibe light when it’s time to get hot and heavy is a surefire way to keep him interested. 

Here are my final pieces of advice…

  • Maintain your sense of humor during sex — Sex is often a silly or at least bizarre engagement, and acknowledging this fact helps to keep the mood nice and playful. The male Aquarius has a very modern take on sex, and all the over-serious sentiments of yesteryear are nothing but a big old snooze fest to him.
  • Don’t let possessiveness into your relationship dynamic — If an Aquarius man senses that you’re trying to rein him in, he’s more likely to sever all ties with you than take you seriously, as he values freedom above all else.
  • Don’t force sentimentality — Aquarian men aren’t into the “big feels”, especially in between the sheets. The bedroom is their playground, not their church, and they’re not looking for a nose-to-nose smooch-off the likes of which you’ll see in soppy romantic movies.

While they can develop strong emotional connections with people, they prefer to compartmentalize these feelings and keep them separate from their sex life. Should you enjoy the inverse, I’m sorry to say that an Aquarius man may not be well suited to your needs.

The Climax

Congratulations, you’re now equipped with tons of sexy tips and tricks to impress the Aquarius man in your life with your unadulterated naughtiness. It can be tricky keeping these personality types interested, especially in the boudoir, but apply what you’ve learned here today when the mood arises, and I guarantee that you won’t have seen the last of him.

We’ve covered a lot of ground here, but if you take just one thing away from this guide, it’s to nurture your own sense of playfulness and freedom, because that’s exactly what he’s going to enjoy.

If you’re also an Aquarius, you’ll make a fantastic sexual match with an Aquarius man. The same is true if you’re an Aries, Gemini, or Sagittarius, as these are very impulsive signs that fuel one another’s sporadic nature.

On the other hand, those born under Cancer, Virgo, Taurus, or Capricorn crave structure and routine, so they might not gel with the capriciousness of the Aquarius man’s sexual desires and habits.

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