Best Matches For Aquarius (Their Top 5 Soulmate Signs)

Free-spirited, restless, and spontaneous, it can be hard to bag an Aquarius, not so much because they’re afraid of commitment, as they love forging deep connections with the right people, but because they’re so preoccupied with the novel

These neoteric leanings, along with their elemental affinities with air, give them an ethereal aura and make it hard to keep them in one place, but, there are certain signs that have a much higher chance of taming one of these wild water-bearing souls.

Below, I’ll be ranking the top 5 soulmate signs of the ever-quirky Aquarius. But before we begin, a quick reminder that synastry is far too complex to be defined by Sun signs alone. What we’ll discuss here should just be the very start of your research into soulmate matches.

With that said, let’s observe some soul synergy already!

1. Aquarius & Gemini

Introducing an Aquarius to a Gemini is like introducing fuel to fire. Playful, intelligent, and endlessly curious, Gemini plays right into the intellectualism and spontaneity of Aquarius, and as they’re both phenomenal conversationalists, these signs can quickly build a rapport and fall madly in love.

Air signs are as communicative as it gets, so a relationship between two of them is always going to have a strong foundation of honesty and intrigue.

As Gemini is ruled by the memory and intellect planet, Mercury, and Aquarius is co-ruled by the chaos/innovation planet, Uranus, and the strength planet, Saturn, in this pairing, Gemini represents the past, and Aquarius the future — You can’t have one without the other!

The more social of the two, Gemini can help to forge a community and support network around the relationship, adding stability to the entropic Aquarius without hemming them in too much, and Aquarius brings vision, status, and excitement to the table.

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As they tend to keep tight-knit social groups, the outgoing nature of Gemini can be a little overbearing for Aquarius at times, but as they’re both so forthright and empathetic, frank conversations about needs can be had without any drama.

Aquarius explains that they need some them-time, and Gemini understands entirely and encourages them to do so.

And when Gemini suffers from a bout of indecisiveness that can easily spiral out of control, the confident, clear-minded Aquarius helps to make concrete decisions.

They’re not a perfect pairing. Gemini’s mood swings can test the patience of the no-nonsense Aquairus, and Aquarius’s relentless logic can feel overly analytical and dry to Gemini, but through honest self-expression, they always touch down on common ground.

The real mettle of this relationship is the mutual respect these signs have for one another, as well as the fact their union is built upon a solid foundation of friendship.

No matter what hardships they face, they understand that they’re on the same team, and that, together, they’re unstoppable!

2. Aquarius & Sagittarius

Air fuels fire, so it’s small wonder that Aquarius is drawn to the fire sign Sagittarius.

Both lovers of spontaneity and excitement, this pair can build a truly electric relationship full of passion and wild adventures.

Sagittarius is a wandering soul, so the Aquarius’s love of freedom is almost like wind in their sails, facilitating their need to travel, seek adrenaline, and try new things.

Other signs often find it hard to keep up with Sagittarius, but Aquarius can provide this transitory sign fellowship without breaking a sweat.

There’s plenty for these signs to bond over when they finally take a moment to catch their breath too, as they’re both confident, forthright, courageous, and philosophical.

A keen interest in the cutting edge keeps them enamored with one another, which is why any kind of relationship between these signs works well, be it professional, friendly, or romantic.

The latter stands to be particularly incendiary, as there’s nothing these signs love more than getting a little, shall we say… experimental, in the bedroom.

Together, they form the perfect boundary-pushing sheet-shakers, completely open to one another’s sexuality, no matter how off the wall it might be at times.

Of course, Aquarius may find the bluntness of their partner a little grating, while Sagittarius may resent the aloofness of Aquarius, but both understand the importance of freedom, namely, the freedom to be different. 

The pair foster a great deal of patience for one another, which gives this relationship serious potential.

3. Aquarius & Libra

Libra love, love, loves order, so the entropic Aquarius may sound like a strange match, but, as the cardinal air sign, Libra is always pushing for new experiences… sound like another sign you know?

Besides, more than order, Libra like balance, for in nature, balance is the highest form of order, so the fact that Aquarius is a little chaotic and sporadic is actually a very enticing prospect for Libra.

Very much the yin to Aquarius’s yang, Libra understands the power of emotion and the importance of expression, which strikes a tension with Aquarius’s emotional distance.

But as an unparalleled empath and a sharp conversationalist, Libra knows exactly what to do to unspool Aquarius a little.

Ruled by Venus, they’re a master in the art of courtship, so despite the differences between these signs, Libra is able to navigate Aquarius’s emotional defenses, impress with its beauty, and cultivate a strong bond, one that only intensifies when these signs meet between the sheets.

Aquarius is completely unchained in the bedroom, and Libra is a lover of pleasure of all kinds, so there isn’t much the pair won’t be up for trying, which adds vitality and excitement to the relationship. 

The biggest challenge their union will face is Aquarius’s noncommittal DNA, as Libra enjoys the stability provided by official labels and marriage.

This can cause a rift between them that extends as far as the bedroom, and even though their friendship never dwindles, the romantic side of the relationship can start to break down.

Thankfully, both signs are good communicators, so there’s every chance these blips can be resolved before they become too damaging.

Aquarius may be more of an avoidant personality type, but Libra is self-assured enough that one-sided sentimentality isn’t a deal-breaker.

A coalition of Aquarius and Libra can be a little fraught at times, but a number of commonalities give these signs a fighting chance of going the distance!

4. Aquarius & Aries

The partnership between fiery Aries and Airy Aquarius can burn bright with passion and a mutual yearning for progress. 4Much like Sagittarius, Aries can take the intellectual edge off Aquarius every now and again so they can adventure together and enjoy their mutual penchant for new experiences and spontaneity.

Conversely, Aquarius is able to reign in the highly passionate and motivated Aries when they become too impetuous, encouraging them to be more measured and patient so that when the time comes for action, they’re all the more successful.

You’d be forgiven for thinking these two leader signs might clash, and it can happen, but most of the time, the way their energies feed into each other is beneficial to both parties, and this rings true in the bedroom, too!

Things can get pretty primal between these signs, what with Aquarius being up for anything, and Aries seeing this as something of a challenge.

Aries is the most dominant of the two, romantically speaking, but Aquarius is certainly partial to being in control as well, so the pair may well engage in some steamy power play contests that up the ante on their passion.

The risk, I suppose, is that Aries’ lack of control where emotions are concerned might clash with Aquarius’ complete control (or should I say repression?) of their emotions.

The former tends to be quite high maintenance at times, while the latter is more distant.

However, both understand that, together, they are more complete beings, and so will often settle their differences and give their relationship a chance to bloom and strengthen.

5. Aquarius & Leo

Aquarius and Leo sit opposite one another on the wheel of the zodiac, so there is a tension between them that is neither wholly positive nor wholly negative.

As we all know, opposites do indeed attract, which is why this pairing is so common, but their stark differences can also be instigators of unrest.

Ruled by the sun, Leo can be a tad too bossy and overbearing for aloof, distant Aquarius, and it’s these very Aquarian qualities that can leave Leo feeling neglected. 

What’s more, for Aquarius, rationality is king, which can be a bit of a turn-off for cheerful, whimsical Leo.

Yet, as they’re both fun-loving signs, there is always hope that the good times eclipse the struggles, and they forge a bright path together.

There’ll always be an element of volatility when these two hook up, which can lead to some next-level fireworks in the sack, but the question is, will this wildfire connection be sustainable?

It can be, but it takes some serious work, patience, and understanding.

Final Thoughts

Aquarians love forming relationships, no matter the personality type — Signs be damned! But the star signs mentioned above share the most synergy with the water bearer, making them far stronger soulmate matches.

However, as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, synastry (relationship astrology) is a deep subject, so what we’ve discussed here is by no means conclusive. If you want soul-match information specific to you, you’ll have to do some more in-depth research, but know this… there is someone out there for you, and they can’t wait to meet you!

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