5 Covert Signs That An Aquarius Man Is Jealous (& How To Help Him)

A born renegade, the Aquarius man thrives on adversity and treading the path less traveled (if trodden at all). To do so, he must be a confident individual, capable of speaking his mind in a lucid and impactful manner. 

However, when it comes to matters of the heart, our dear Aquarius man is about as forthright as a brick wall. As such, his feelings will often go unnoticed even by those closest to him, which is really quite heartbreaking.

Aloof to a fault, he can’t stand outward expressions of any “negative feeling” — Jealousy,  sadness, anger, worry, fear, and uncertainty are all forced deep down in his psyche.

Yet, as the pressure builds in his emotional crucible, little fragments bubble to the surface, indicators of his truest feelings, and below, we’ll be taking a look at those that bubble to the surface when he is feeling jealous.

5 Warning Signs That A Male Aquarius Is Feeling Jealous

Should you notice one or more of the behaviors listed here, take it as a warning sign that a male Aquarius is possessed by the dreaded green-eyed monster!

1. He Will Become Distant

Composure is everything to Aquarius men, so it’s only natural that they’ll do what they can to maintain their cool posture, and in the case of jealousy, avoidance is the only arrow in their quiver.

A form of denial, creating distance between himself and the object of his jealousy is a social manifestation of the very distance he likes to keep from his emotions, but what he doesn’t understand is that this is a palliative response. 

The old adage, “distance makes the heart grow fonder” often rings true, so even as he tries to dislocate himself from his deepest yearnings, these feelings only intensify, which will inevitably lead to fractures in his usually adamantine composure.

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So, has the male Aquarius in your life been giving you the cold shoulder for no apparent reason?

There’s a good chance that he’s harboring feelings of jealousy towards you or something related to you. 

Fret not, though; there is a light at the end of the tunnel! This state is emotionally and socially unsustainable, and eventually, as his facade crumbles, he will be forced to reconcile with his feelings and you.

It can be difficult waiting out this silent storm, but try to be patient. Confronting them too early will only drive a wedge between you. 

That’s not to say you should tread on eggshells when he finally does open up. You have a right to your anger and his dismissal of you, and he should understand that his actions have consequences.

2. He Will Attempt To Make You Jealous

Aquarius men are at war with the way things are in the world. They consider driving change and progress a personal responsibility, meaning they spend most of their life going against the grain, battling for what they feel is right.

It’s a noble personality trait, to be sure, but this militarization of the self can have a knock-on effect, influencing aspects of their personality that aren’t geared towards pursuing their honorable goals.

How does this conflict mentality manifest in their behavior?

Well, what do Generals do when an opponent has the advantage? They do everything in their power to level the playing field (or battlefield), that’s what.

When a man born under the “water bearer” zodiac is feeling jealous, he may well try and instill the very same feelings in you, turning his weakness into your weakness, thus cultivating balance. It’s a turbulent balance, but balance nonetheless.

If you are in a romantic relationship with him, he may well openly flirt with other people, or if he envies one of your achievements, he will strive to belittle your achievement with his own triumphs.

The good news here is that this is all performative. His behavior is all about triggering a reaction in you, and you can put him on the back foot by staying calm and collected.

This may irritate him, as he values composure above all else.

Ultimately, though, your levelheadedness holds a mirror up to him, one that shows an unflattering image, which may well be just the shock he needs to open up.

Show him that the only path back to his naturally aloof disposition is paved with self-reflection and emotional honesty, and he will have no choice but to walk that path.

3. He Will Be Possessive

Independence is another pillar of the Aquarius man’s personality. Even when engaged in restrictive social constructs such as monogamous relationships, he endeavors to empower both himself and his partner with as much liberty as the pairing permits.

A life of thinking outside the box in order to try and make the world a better place requires that freedom be held in the highest esteem.

So, if he seems to be cracking down on your freedoms within the relationship by being possessive, it’s a sure sign something’s not quite right, and it’s usually jealousy.

This isn’t to say that he will suddenly become an overtly oppressive force in your life.

Being that those born under this star sign usually don’t feel any desire to be controlling at all, when this behavior does rear its ugly head, it might be quite subtle. 

You may even detect a hint of passive aggression, as this is a covert means of control, but bear in mind that this is unlikely a conscious effort to keep you under a thumb.

Rather, it’s evidence of his repressed jealousy creeping into the foreground of his psyche.

Now, a common way to allay his attempt to make you jealous is to strive for even greater freedoms and assert yourself as an equal and unrestrained person, but beware of making the Aquarius man in your life too jealous.

It’s common knowledge that keeping an Aquarius man interested, romantically or otherwise, can be quite challenging, as they crave perpetual growth.

Pushing him too far in this emotional direction may alienate him from his ideal self and encourage him to cut ties and move on.

4. He Retires From His Passions

As a water sign, Aquarius instills in men the desire to cultivate, to bring new notions to light, to nurture them and convince others to act accordingly in order to inspire progress. 

If, however, they fall under the influence of an emotion such as jealousy, you may see them retreat from their stances and perhaps even show outright indifference towards things they were once passionate about.

A powerful feeling, jealousy has a corrupting effect on us all, and subconsciously, our Aquarius man may realize that his deeds – no matter how gracious – are in part driven by this negative emotion.

It is a poisoning of the well, so to speak, of his well, of himself entirely, and as a just individual, he may remove himself as an agent of good.

Once this bout of jealousy has passed, the corrupting force is purged, so it’s likely that you’ll witness the Aquarius man in your life jump straight back on the horse and re-engage with his interests.

It’s tragic to see someone of this star sign so disconsolate, but sometimes there’s very little you can do to help them through their slump.

In the end, the onus falls on him to work through his jealousy and free himself from this all-consuming funk.

That said, you could try to fast-track the healing process by attempting to find out what’s making him so jealous, or perhaps try and fire his passions up by discussing the nature of corruption, and how he, even in his current state, is far dislocated from true wrong-doing.

5. He Breaks Up With His Partner

Okay, so, I should just preface this section by mentioning that a male Aquarius breaking things off with their romantic partner isn’t strictly a sign that they’re feeling jealous.

It’s actually a clear indicator that they’re trying to avoid feeling that way altogether.

Still, it’s essential to understand why they might behave in such a way, especially if you want to build a strong, lasting relationship with a male Aquarius.

When it comes to romantic relationships, the Aquarius man doesn’t like to play games, and all he asks in return is that his partner doesn’t play games either.

It’s hard to forge a relationship with this individual for a number of reasons, but once you’ve won him over, he will make it clear that he likes you, as love and affection are positive emotions, and Aquarius males only struggle with the “ugly” stuff.

You could say they’re straight-shooters in love, and it’s really quite an admirable trait, as it makes communication more direct and honest.

However, if you cannot reciprocate this simple, from-the-hip attitude, you risk losing your partner.

When he believes you to be actively trying to make him jealous, even if it’s just an attempt to win his attention, he may well terminate the relationship and move on with his life.

You have forced him to peer into his darker side, and rather than engaging with the toiling mess within, he is choosing to oust the reason for his looking.

In a way, this response to jealousy is an extreme version of the cold shoulder treatment we discussed earlier on, the major difference being that this separation is usually permanent.

What Will Make An Aquarius Jealous?

As Aquarius men are so quick to up sticks and take off if they feel something isn’t quite right in a relationship, it’s incredibly difficult to make them jealous without them throwing in the towel and severing all ties.

If you still feel you need to give this a go, there are some ways to inspire jealousy in a male Aquarius that are more effective than others.

For instance, if you’re in a romantic relationship with an Aquarius man, flirting with other people may not have the desired effect, as they’ll see it as a flagrant attack on their emotions.

Forging a strong friendship with third parties and having lots of deep conversations and wholesome adventures, however, is a surefire way to get your Aquarius partner seeing green. 

Men born under this sign are active and adventurous, and if they see that you’re sharing similar experiences with others, they’ll likely get very jealous, but as you’re not technically doing anything wrong, they might not end the relationship.

Instead, you may just inspire the rarest of behavior… a spirited effort to win your favor and keep you both in a relationship — Hooray!

Another approach you can take that is more suited to those trying to enter into a relationship with an Aquarius man is to be markedly kinder and more helpful to his friends, family, and acquaintances than you are to him.

All you’re doing is being nice to people, so you can’t be called the bad guy, but it’s going to ruffle his feathers like nothin’ else! Before you know it, he’ll be working extra hard to get you to notice him.

This gives you a little more power in a relationship that typically favors Aquarius men due to their being a flight risk. 

If you felt it necessary, you can take this approach a step further and act like you don’t care about him, his friends, family, or acquaintances at all.

But you better Meryl Streep the heck out of your steady warming to him, for if he picks up so much as a whiff of chicanery, he’ll be out the door in seconds!

Now, is behaving in these ways knowing how an Aquarius man is going to react a little manipulative? Yes, absolutely, so I wouldn’t recommend it, but if you feel you absolutely need to, it just might work.

Remember, though, Aquarius men hold freedom dear, and if yours twigs that you’ve been playing the role of puppeteer to his puppet, you’ll likely lose him for good.

How To Pacify The Jealousy Of An Aquarius Man

The hardest thing about breaking the spell of jealousy shrouding the mind of an Aquarius man is to get him to confront his emotions, which, as you now know, he doesn’t like doing.

Rather than cornering him and launching an all-out assault on his personality, gently remind him that he’s acting out of sorts, but don’t just tell him this. Actions speak louder than words for people born under this sign, so show him why he’s got no reason to be jealous.

You can do so by engaging in lots of deep conversations with him and increasing trust by being forthright and caring. Try to instill in him a feeling of comfort, confidence, and freedom, for when he is jealous, he is reminded that, ultimately, he is not free in a relationship.

Final Thoughts

Aquarius men are often fantastic, charismatic people, but they’re also remarkably complex, and if you’re not careful, you may end up in their rearview mirror.

They want honesty from those around them and will reciprocate for the most part, but they have a hard time processing darker emotions and will do all they can to mask them. 

They’re only human, though, and there is nothing more human than feeling and expressing emotions, so the signs will be there. You just have to be receptive and willing to help them through their issues.

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