Top 5 Reasons Aquarians Are Incredible In Bed

It’s common knowledge that those born under the sign of the water bearer can get pretty dang steamy between the sheets, but what makes these rebels with many a cause such a powerful force of nature when they step out of their drawers?

Playful and prurient in equal measure, they’ll make you see God, and God will be blushing, which is a pretty life-changing or at least sexlife-changing experience, so what’s their sensuous secret?

Well, it all comes down to how these unique people are wired, but if you’re looking for more specific answers to your saucy inquiry, read on, and we’ll discuss the 5 main reasons an Aquarian is likely to blow your mind in the bedroom.

1. They’re Unconstrained By Societal & Sexual Norms

One of the things that likely caught your eye about the Aquarius in your life was their righteous resistance to established norms. If they see something as substandard or inane, they’re quick to trash tradition and propose something new.

They understand that societal norms aren’t fixed. Rather, these “rules” are in a constant state of flux, and they love being the ones who drive this progress.

This is why sex with an Aquarius is an utter rollercoaster ride, the kind that feels like it might run off the tracks at any moment.

Happy to leave oppressive sexual paradigms in the past and forge ahead with something completely unfettered and free, they’re able to take you on an erotic journey.

The mere thought that anything goes (within reason and law) when you hook up with an Aquarian is enough to drive people absolutely crazy with excitement.

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In any normal situation, this expectation might lead to disappointment when the desire is actualized, but sex with Aquarians is anything but “normal”.

They’ll subvert any expectations with their utter novelty in the sack, busting out moves you’ve never even dreamed of as you transcend yourself in sexual glee.

While this is mostly their natural approach to sex, their ability to spice up any intimate encounter is also a product of their intellectualism.

Unsatisfied by one way of thinking, they’re likely students of many cultures, which might be where they’re pulling some of their ideas from.

So, if you feel that your sexuality is larger than the cage society has forced you into, but you can’t seem to get over ingrained notions of shame, an Aquarius might just be the key to your freedom.

2. They Keep It Fresh

Aquarians would rather not do something at all than fall into a routine, so when it comes to something that they really, really want to keep doing, like sex, you can bet your bottom dollar that they’re going to keep you on your toes (or off them).

If they’re not whisking you away for a raucous quickie in a semi-public location where someone might catch you at any moment, they’re bringing something entirely new to the bedroom — It’s never boring!

The reason those born under this sign are perpetually, relentlessly chasing the cutting-edge is partly to do with their association with Uranus, and no, that’s not a double entendre (which kind of sounds like a position an Aquarius might have up their sleeve).

Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius, and as a herald of things to come, Aquarians are almost able to channel the future into the present, wowing you with sexual auguries that literally take your breath away.

As exciting as it is to some, this sporadic sexual energy isn’t for everyone.

For lovers of familiarity and routine like those born under Taurus, it can be straight-up stressful.

However, this is the magic of the Aquarian as a lover. Even when you think you’ve got them figured out, they’ll make you forget everything you thought you knew the next time they get some steamy alone time with you.

Simply put, Aquarians don’t understand the meaning of the word rut, which is why they can have such long, happy relationships in which neither party gets bored.

3. Sex Is Explorative For Aquarians

Your body is not objective or finite to an Aquarius, not something for them to categorize and tag. To them, your body is more akin to the incomprehensible glory of outer space.

They look at your body and sexual desire the way disgustingly rich billionaires look to the stars — Every time is a nasty Aquarian sexual adventure (#NASA).

People all too often fall into predictable behaviors during their romantic lives, which can make sex seem like a chore at times, something an Aquarius probably isn’t even aware happens, because they’re so hell bent on discovering new and exciting things.

Monotony is their number one enemy, and they thwart it every time they engage in hanky panky, rebelling against not just societally ingrained shame and sexual norms, but against their very selves last time they shook the sheets.

This means they’re ready for absolutely anything and perhaps are never entirely sure how passionate proceedings are going to play out. 

In many ways, they’re riffing, which for someone with less confidence, could be a total catastrophe that leaves their partner bemused and turned off, but for the Aquarian trailblazer, improvisation comes off silky smooth and oh so sexy.

Part of the reason their experimentation seems so effortless is that they’re turned on by the unconventional and taboo, a classic trait of those born under an air sign, so they’re driven by impulse rather than premeditation.

Even if you’ve had sex with an Aquarian a thousand times, the one-thousand-and-first time is going to be a whirlwind of tantalizing novelty.

Nothing is out of the question, which means there’s always something to switch up and subvert.

4. They Take You Out Of Yourself

Freedom is the most fundamental aspect of the Aquarius personality, and those who truly strive for freedom understand that they can’t be free unless others are also free. It’s kind of a gross metaphor, but when you’re in bed with an Aquarius, the way they engage with you encourages a shedding of the skin.

They permit you to be anything you want — No shame!

They want you to ride with them hand-in-in into the sensual abyss and see what wonders await. Open to anything and everything, you can let insecurities melt away, and not just sexual insecurities either.

What starts as a purging of sexual shame and doubt becomes a purging of all negative emotion, whether it be tied to gender, age, class, race, or some other part of who you are.

Imperfection isn’t just a curse word in the bed of an Aquarius, it’s strictly banished!

They want you to enjoy them and what they bring to the table, but they also want you to enjoy you, and that makes for some dynamite action in the bone zone! 

How do they work such magic? Well, it’s actually very simple. The things that make you different, the things you’re most self conscious about, are the things that really, really turn them on, which allows you to view these “flaws” in an entirely different light.

These differences could be physical, spiritual, mental… it doesn’t matter. To an Aquarius, it’s all just fuel to help the two of you live out your deepest sexual fantasies.

5. They Don’t Take Themselves Too Seriously Between The Sheets

I think it’s fair to say that Aquarians are quite serious people, always intellectualizing everything, but ironically, it’s this cerebral disposition that allows them to be so carefree in coitus.

They’re not down with deep, mushy emotions at any time, especially not in the bedroom. They want to keep the mood light and playful during sex, which makes it remarkably fun.

For them, a sense of humor is essential for truly pushing boundaries in the bedroom, and the ability to laugh at themselves means they can get really weird without worrying about shame.

Not at all into lovey-dovey intercourse, they can channel their passion into the thrill of the moment, which almost always leads to a far superior bit of slap and tickle.

Final Thoughts

Have you heard the French term “la petite mort”? It’s a rather poetic name for an orgasm that translates as “the little death”, and it couldn’t be more apt when talking about Aquarians in the sack.

Every time they get lucky, it’s as if their old self dies and they are reborn, a new being hungry to explore everything their past self did not, and they invite you to be reborn along with them, so it’s small wonder they’re considered electric lovers.

However, as innovators, they can be infuriatingly unpredictable, and may often not engage in sex for extended periods without really yearning for it, which can be a challenge for those who prefer having regular sex.

If you can be patient, though, the unbridled, shameless, downright dirty sex to come will be more than worth the wait!

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