The Spirit Animals Of Aquarius: 5 Creatures That Resonate With The Water Bearer

Aquarius aren’t ones for feeling left out, but you wouldn’t be the first water bearer to be a little salty that yours is one of the few signs that has zero ties to animals, but that’s not to say you don’t have a spirit animal at all. 

On the contrary, you’ve got a veritable bestiary of amazing animal associations to celebrate, and I’ll be introducing you to them here today.

Each of these animals shares a myriad of traits with the Aquarius personality. Collectively, they’re intelligent, inventive, eccentric, and playful.

So, without further ado, let’s bring this air sign back down to Earth and explore the connections it shares with the many manifestations of mother nature!

1. Dolphins

Of all the animals tied to Aquarius, dolphins are the most analogous.

Dolphins are clever

As the smartypants of the sea, Dolphins share a crucial bond with intellectual Aquarius.

While it’s impossible to gauge the intelligence of different beings in any empirical way, studies do point to dolphins having the most advanced cognitive abilities after humans, so you could argue Aquarians and dolphins are very similar beasts.

Aquarius is a highly cerebral sign destined to innovate and drive change, which aligns with the Celts’ belief that dolphins were symbolic of opportunity, and that spotting one meant there were fortunes to be discovered in the future.

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While these ancient peoples likely meant material riches by “fortunes”, to Aquarians, the only true treasure is progress, and the same sentiment can be observed in dolphins’ desire to strive for peace under the waves.

They use their intelligence to disarm potential conflict and bring harmony to the waters the way Aquarians strive to bring harmony to us land-dwellers.

But the similarities between Aquarians and dolphins extend far beyond their cerebral parity, so let’s press on.

Dolphins are charismatic

By way of their strong principles, Aquarius command attention.

They’re not power-hungry in the slightest, but as natural-born visionaries, they can be devilishly charismatic.

You can see this very same magnetism in dolphins. Perhaps one of the most attention-grabbing and beloved animals on the planet, these serene aquatic mammals have to do very little to earn the respect of other species, especially us humans.

There’s just something about their monkish serenity and knowing eyes that draws you in, soothes your soul, and makes you smile, which is precisely the effect Aquarians have on people. 

Dolphins are social creatures

Don’t get me wrong… Aquarius can certainly have their solitary stints, but fundamentally, they are social creatures that love forging new bonds and exchanging ideas with a variety of people.

Dolphins are similarly at home when convening with their own kind or in fact any number of different species.

They’re intelligent enough to understand nurturing friendships is more constructive and beneficial than isolation or aggression.

Dolphins are otherworldly

I often say of Aquarius that their minds are so beautiful, so unique, that there’s almost something alien about them, something not of this world, and people have felt the same thing about dolphins for centuries.

The Greeks, in particular, thought these creatures were ethereal beings directly linked to the Gods and the majesty of the ocean itself.

Ever since the penning of a Hellenic myth involving the savior of Taras by a dolphin, this early civilization associated them with healing and salvation, and in many ways, we look at Aquarians in a similar light.

Aquarians, with their originality of thought and refusal to accept anything as absolute, are our ticket to a better world.

Through driving change, they will save us all from a shipwreck of our own making.

Dolphins are playful

One of the most intoxicating aspects of the Aquarius personality is that they don’t take themselves too seriously, and with their permanent smile, dolphins give off the same impression.

Their perceived smile is actually just an anatomical feature, but there are countless pieces of footage exhibiting the carefree, playful nature of dolphins, and if you observe an Aquarius, you’ll note a similar joie de vivre.

The thing about Aquarius is that they’re brimming with unvanquishable positivity, so severity just isn’t in their DNA.

To them, everything is possible, so what’s there to be down about?

Dolphins are adventurous

Always on the hunt for new experiences, Aquarius is one of the most adventurous signs, forming yet another symmetry with the dolphins, the wandering souls of the sea.

Humans have spotted dolphins in both cool and tropical waters, in both near shore and deep offshore waters — They want to see it all!

Dolphins can be obdurate

As a fixed sign, Aquarius can be quite stubborn when they deem something to be flawed or categorically untrue. Similarly, dolphins are intelligent enough to express disapproval in a way that comes off remarkably close to inflexibility.

2. Spiders

Spiders and dolphins couldn’t be further apart in the animal kingdom, but as the Aquarius personality is one of complexity and contradiction, it shares a number of attributes with them both.

Spiders are creative

Aquarian’s often make visionary artists, as they’re on a completely different wavelength to everyone else.

They quickly expand upon formative imitation and develop their own unique creative voice that can be instrumental in moving entire disciplines forward. With their mesmerizing web-making abilities, spiders share Aquarius’s unique creative spark.

Spiders are patient

Remember earlier when I mentioned that within Aquarians lies an undying positivity?

Well, this comes hand in hand with supreme patience.

They instinctively understand that change takes time and is hard fought for, but they trust in their process, and have faith that things will turn out for the best in the long run.

Spiders, too, have steadfast faith in their process.

They work hard weaving their webs and then lie in wait, knowing that their efforts will reap rewards. Is a spider’s patience more predatory in nature? Sure, but the overlap is definitely there.

Spiders are individualistic

Aquarians march to the beat of their own drum… it’s kind of their thing. There’s nothing anyone can do to get them to conform, as this would be a criminal betrayal of their deepest, most valued sense of self.

This can, at times, lead to a solitary life, much like that of the spider.

Content in their unflinching antiorthodoxy, both spiders and Aquarians are nature’s ultimate oddballs, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Spiders are aloof

Aquarians aren’t standoffish in day-to-day life, far from it! They’re incredibly vocal and never pass up an opportunity to use their intelligence and speak their mind, but when it comes to emotional intelligence, the inverse is true.

Just as the spider is happy to hang out in the dark, uninhabited corners of a structure, far from hullabaloo, Aquarians will keep the noise of life at arm’s length.

Oftentimes, their detachment from deep emotions comes across as cold to those trying to get close to them, but it’s not personal; this is just how Aquarians (and spiders) are wired.

Spiders are complex

Outside of the cumulative efforts of colonies and hives, we don’t often attribute the smallest of Earth’s inhabitants with having complexity, but studies based on their foresight and mental representation of space suggest that spiders actually have very complex inner experiences.

Now, does that sound like a certain kind of human to you? Yep, this describes Aquarians to a tee!

3. Otters

Still on the hunt for your Aquarian spirit animal? It might just be the exceedingly lovable and relentlessly resourceful otter!

Otters are idiosyncratic

Have you ever lost hours of your life watching cute otter videos online?

Yep, me too. You click on one, and before you know it, it’s 3 am, and you’ve watched 40 different bits of equally adorable otter footage.

Well, the reason these videos are so addictive is that otters are incredibly quirky creatures that always keep you guessing what they’re going to do next, and truer words couldn’t be said of Aquarians too.

Thinking outside the box is their bread and butter, and this doesn’t just manifest intellectually when conversing or debating, but in every aspect of their lives.

You can sit and watch an Aquarian go about their normal business and be fully entertained.

This is simply because their business isn’t normal.

Otters are affable

Otters do travel in small groups some of the time, but these groups often intermingle, especially during breeding season, and when this beaver party goes down, they can be very gregarious creatures.

This isn’t unlike Aquarians who generally emit an “everybody’s friend” vibe, as they’re so magnetic.

They definitely enjoy their alone time but are perfectly happy to socialize and consort with all kinds of different people and social groups.

Otters are pacifists

Let me ask you this… in all of those 50 otter videos you watched that time we talked about a moment ago, was there a serious scuffle of any kind in any one of them? No, right?

That’s because Otters are predominantly peaceful creatures, and so are Aquarians.

Those born under this sign know that violence and aggression is never the answer. For water bearers, the only path to a better future for all is collaboration rather than conquering. 

That’s not to say they won’t fight tooth and nail to have their voice heard, because they will, but beyond that, they are extremely pacifistic.

Otters are independent

While they move in bevies throughout certain stages of their life, otters also spend a lot of time on their own, especially males of the species, and they don’t mind at all.

Much like Aquarians when they dip out of the action for a spell, they’re just doing what comes naturally.

4. Zebra

Next up we have the striking monochromatic wonder that is the zebra, with the primary similarity being their eye-catching appearance.

Zebra are visually arresting

Banded main to hoof with beautiful black and white stripes, the zebra is one of nature’s most stunning animals, giving them a clear link to the Aquarians we know and love.

People born under this star sign are always looking for ways to express their individuality, which is why they’re often quite snappy or adventurous dressers.

You’ll often see them wearing quirky outfits or reimagining classic fits that help them stand out, even when they’re just being their aloof selves.

Even without their drippy threads, their inner remarkability draws plenty of attention, although it’s fair to say they’re not looking for it.

No Aquarius will do anything for the sole purpose of generating attention.

Any attention they garner is only ever secondary to a primary, more selfless agenda. In other words, they’re just being their natural self, like zebras in the wild. It just so happens that they catch our eye in the process.

Zebra can be very social, but only within their herd

Aquarians typically keep a very small, very close circle of friends, and within this rather exclusive group, the water bearer may be incredibly social and outgoing, but outside this core support network, they really don’t like to bother people.

Unless, of course, there’s a chance to form a close bond with someone who can deepen their mind with stimulating conversation.

5. Honey Badgers

We’ve all heard some horror stories about these honey-loving beasts, but in many not-so-horrific ways, they can be likened to Aquarians.

Honey badgers are unpredictable

Aquarians love to keep things fresh! If it’s been done or if it follows some sort of schedule or routine, they have a natural inclination to disregard it, especially if said routine is linked in any way to societal norms.

Oftentimes this erratic disposition will cause tension between Aquarius and some of the other signs, but this lust for life is part of the magic that makes Aquarians so magnetic.

Honey badgers are stoic

Honey badgers are all fury. If they’re hurt or down in any way, there’s no way you’d know it, and while Aquarians aren’t exactly ferocious in the same respect, they are masters at masking deep emotions, particularly negative ones — This is the very definition of stoicism.

Much like honey badgers, Aquarius individuals despise vulnerability in themselves, which is really quite interesting considering they’re very empathetic people who always take the emotions of others very seriously.

They also value honesty, yet aren’t able to be completely honest about their true feelings, even with those they trust and care about most.

Honey badgers are obstinate

Another parallel between honey badgers and those born under the sign of Aquarius is their obstinate, intransigent nature. Honey badgers don’t really give two hoots what all the other animals are up to.

They’re perfectly happy following their own intuition and stepping up to anyone who dares get in their way.

Aquarians are also likely to live by their own morals and intuition, no matter how much resistance they meet. They live to do things their own way, and that’s exactly what they’re going to do.

Final Thoughts

Are there any animals you think I’ve missed off my little menagerie of a list here? As Aquarians are so distinct from the rest of us, they’re quite commonly linked to a variety of animals.

You’ll find parallels between creatures and Aquarians throughout the animal kingdom, but the five detailed above by far share the most symmetry with the water bearers walking among us. 

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