3 Taurus Spirit Animals that Perfectly Represent the Sign

Getting to understand other people is much easier thanks to the use of the Zodiac system, which helps us to get a better sense of the personalities of individuals based on their star sign.

Many people feel very strongly about their Zodiac sign and identify strongly with their own sign, to give them a sense of self. Thus, they may find numerous unique ways to keep that sign close to their heart, to never lose a sense of self.

One of the best ways to do this is to look at an animal that displays the qualities of that sign. 

You’re likely here because you are wondering what animals best represent the qualities of the Taurus sign. Luckily, we have done the work and found three of the very best animals that best represent the qualities of this sign. Let’s look at them now!

What Are The Unique Qualities Of The Taurus Sign?

Before we dive in to take a look at the three most Taurus-like animals on Earth, it’s pertinent to take a closer look at the qualities that the Taurus sign is most closely associated with.

Love Of Luxury

Those associated with the Taurus sign are noted for having a great love of all things luxury.

The Taurus sign itself is actually governed by the planet Venus, which is the planet that is best associated with feelings of love, and an appreciation of beauty as well as money!

As such, these meld together to create a desire for luxury.

Hard Work And Dedication

Because of their love of money, those under the Taurus sign are also highly motivated, being willing to take on some of the more arduous tasks that stand in the way of them and success/money.

Tauruses are able to really dedicate their focus to a single task and see it through to the end.

Desire For Security

Again, because of their desires for material and monetary wealth, Tauruses are noted for their desire for security. They seek to keep their material wealth healthy, thus you are likely to see them putting much of their savings into bank accounts.

This desire for security also extends through to their romantic side.

Tauruses seek out relationships that give them a sense of security and stability. Tauruses enjoy a sense of rhythm and consistency in all aspects of their lives. Though this can often manifest in the form of stubbornness.

1. Bulls

Tauruses, of course, are represented by the Earthly symbol of the bull, so it stands to reason that bulls are one of the animals that most closely resemble the qualities that Tauruses are known for. 

One of the best reasons why bulls so greatly represent Tauruses is that they have long been used to represent things such as luxury and wealth in numerous cultures across the world throughout history. 


Of course, when we think of bulls, we tend to think about the incredible strength that their image and size give off. This image of strength helps to make bulls appear very stubborn, which of course is a trait that is commonly displayed by many Tauruses. 

Tauruses are known to be stubborn because of their unwillingness to make significant changes to life as a result of their penchant for order and consistency in life. 

Physical Strength

Taurus is a sign that is very commonly associated with images of strength and power, thus, it makes sense that bulls represent this well.

Bulls give off an aura of strength thanks to their massive build and their large horns that are used for protection and warding off threats.

Strong Temper

When people think of bulls, they also commonly think about their incredibly volatile temperaments that make them dangerous to approach.

For the most part, Tauruses are very calm and collected, but when pushed too far, they can quickly jump onto the defensive, and let loose an incredible rage. 

2. Bears

Bears Seek Stability

As we mentioned earlier, Tauruses have a great tendency to seek stability in all areas of their life, especially in their relationships, as a direct result of their protective nature, and their love of material and monetary wealth.

Bears are renowned for being incredibly defensive, and for fighting with all of their tenacity to protect their homes and all that they hold dear. 


Bears are incredibly independent, and they are well known for their ability to survive all kinds of conditions that would otherwise be unsafe for humans!

This makes them a great representation of the Taurus spirit which gives those under the sign a sense of tenacity that manifests as independence.

Tauruses are able to roll up their sleeves, buckle down, and face a challenge that stands between them and success, which is reflective of the bear’s will to help itself to survive. 

Voracious Appetite

One of the lesser-known qualities of Tauruses is that they actually have incredibly potent appetites and an incredible love of food! However, this makes a lot of sense, especially when you consider that Tauruses value luxury and opulence, and nothing screams opulence quite like a massive feast, right?

Of course, this love for food is also displayed by bears, which are well known for filling up on plenty of food wherever they can find it, not only to fill their large stomachs but also to help provide them with plenty of fuel to see themselves through periods of hibernation during the winter! 


It would be foolish not to mention one of the most important qualities displayed by bears, which is their incredible sense of strength.

Bears are known for being incredibly strong, which is what allows them to be such successful apex predators. 

This quality is also displayed by those under the Taurus sign!

3. Beavers


Beavers are well known for being incredible survivors that are able to make the best of a bad situation in order to see themselves survive into the future. 

We all know that beavers love to build dams in order to bend the elements to their whim.

This takes some considerable work, so beavers have quickly become known for displaying a strong sense of tenacity, of course, a quality also displayed by those under the Taurus sign.


Following on from our mention of dams. In order for beavers to build dams, they need to be able to make the most of all of the materials in their natural environment to build dams that can stand up to scrutiny.

Tauruses are known for being able to see themselves to success by following the best paths to get there.

This is a quality that both share, and which helps to make the beaver a totally perfect spirit animal.


In order for a beaver’s dam to work, it is important that the beaver spares no expense and makes the final dam totally seamless.

This sense of perfectionism is something that is also shared by Tauruses who will spare no expense when it comes to seeing their goals to fruition or achieving what they seek.

To Conclude

While there are a few other animals that also represent some of the best (and worst) qualities of a Taurus, these are easily the three animals that best represent those that identify with the sign. 

Each of them displays some of the most crucial qualities, such as a penchant for luxury, a love of money, and a great need for stability and protection.

This makes them popular symbols for those under the sign, and you may likely see a Taurus with tattoos, jewelry or clothing depicting them!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Taurus spirit color?

The spirit color of the Taurus is green.

What is Taurus lucky number?

The lucky numbers for the Taurus are either 1 or 9!

Is Taurus A Millionaire?

Though being a Taurus does not guarantee the chance of becoming a millionaire, Tauruses do have a natural penchant for money, and a desire to accrue it!

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