The Scorpio Man in Bed: 11 Things to Know About His Sexual Side

One of the greatest benefits of the Zodiac sign system is that it can help us to get a great sense of the personalities, tastes, and temperaments of all kinds of different people. Each unique sign has its own set of defining characteristics that can help to make identification much easier.

However, easily one of the best uses of the Zodiac system is in understanding the romantic and sexual chemistry between certain signs.

Certain signs lean more toward the romantic side of the spectrum, while others may lean much more heavily toward the sexual side of the spectrum! 

The Scorpio sign is largely renowned for its sexual prowess and its more sexually adventurous side, so why don’t we take a look and find out some of the key facts about the Scorpio man’s sexual side? Read on below to get started! 

1. The Scorpio Man Enjoys Giving Pleasure

Engaging in sexual intercourse is as much an act of giving pleasure as it is an act of taking pleasure.

Being an activity carried out between two or more people, it is important that all parties involved in the sexual act are able to give as much pleasure as they receive, in order for all parties to be satisfied. 

As such, taking a Scorpio man to bed is highly rewarding thanks to the fact that they actually derive a large portion of their own pleasure from the act of satisfying the needs of their partner or partners.

Scorpios are known for being highly empathetic, which means that they are highly attuned to the desires of their sexual partners, and are able to tell what works and what does not work in bed. 

This strong empathy is beneficial for the Scorpio man as well, as it allows them to perceive the pleasure that is being given to their partner, and thus they can feel it for themselves.

This means that sex with a Scorpio man can be incredibly natural and effortless, with all parties involved receiving a great deal of pleasure.

As well as this, the Scorpio man’s tendency towards pleasure-giving also makes them great partners to enjoy a long and intense session with.

The Scorpio man will be willing to take their time to maximize pleasure and not rush straight to the climax, thanks to their natural ability to read the pleasure on the body of their partner! 

2. Scorpio Men Are Decidedly Kinky

Scorpio men are able to enjoy their sex to numerous degrees, and they are able to be both kinky and very vanilla when the situation calls for it.

This means that the partner of a Scorpio man can easily indulge some of their deepest desires in their sex. 

Again, this ties to the Scorpio man’s strong penchant for empathy. Scorpio men enjoy giving pleasure to their sexual partners, and they enjoy helping their partners to indulge in such pleasures.

This even applies to some of the more adventurous and kinky desires.

The Scorpio man thrives in providing the most pleasure possible, as it itself provides him with pleasure.

The Scorpio man is also naturally inclined to more kinky sexual activity, pushing boundaries, and even a number of taboos.

You can be sure that sex with a Scorpio man is destined to be a wholly fulfilling experience full of different sensations and feelings. 

Scorpio men are also known for indulging in power fantasies, as a direct result of their unfortunate penchant for taking control over their partners.

This can be very enjoyable for some people engaging in sex with a Scorpio man, but it is important that a Scorpio man is able to recognize and respect the limits of their sexual partner to keep the sex enjoyable, but most importantly consensual.

3. Scorpio Men Last A Long Time In Bed!

This is one of the things that helps to make Scorpio men incredibly attractive to potential sexual partners.

While Scorpio men are not against the idea of quick one-off sex with a climax as the ultimate goal, they have a great love for longer and more passionate experiences.

Once again, we have to bring up the Scorpio man’s penchant for empathy, as it helps us to shine a light on their willingness to engage in long sexual sessions with prolonged pleasure-giving.

The Scorpio man is able to read pleasure as it is registered in the body of their sexual partner, which allows them the ability to keep that pleasure going for some time, without risking their partner reaching their climax too soon.

The tendency towards pleasure-giving rather than pleasure-taking also helps the Scorpio man as they derive much of their pleasure from the pleasure of their partner.

This means that longer sessions for the partner will also result in longer sessions for the Scorpio man. 

Scorpio men are also naturally drawn to sex, which means that, naturally, they will want to prolong the experience and ensure that the pleasure is able to last for a long time as much for their own benefit as their partner. 

4. What Are Scorpio Men Turned Off By? 

Although Scorpio men are highly sexual, and are often open and accepting of sexual partners of all shapes and sizes, there are unfortunately a few things that will quickly turn them off or ward them away from a potential partner.

Let’s take a look at these now!


Generally, Scorpio men prefer their sexual or romantic partners to be rather reserved and classy while in public. Scorpio men will be very quickly turned off by men or women that are loud and standoffish or that come off as rude while in public. 

This is also tied to the Scorpio man’s tendency to be possessive and clingy. Scorpio men would prefer that their sexual and romantic partners do not show off too much, especially much of their body, to other competing men.

The reason for this is that Scorpio men have a tendency to be very jealous.

The Scorpio man’s dislike of vulgarity also means that they dislike when their potential sexual or romantic partner makes them look bad. Scorpio men are very stubborn, and often very emotionally vulnerable.

If their potential partner were to jokingly rib them in front of friends, or knock them down a peg, they will likely quickly become offended.

Unfortunately, Scorpio men like to take command in a relationship and be the one in power. 

If you want to attract a Scorpio man, you may need to stroke their ego, and make them feel good about themselves, by allowing much of the spotlight to be on them instead.

However, it is also important for Scorpio men to take active steps towards minimizing their sense of ego and relinquishing much of their pride for the betterment of a potential relationship.


On the other hand, though Scorpio men prefer potential partners to be modest and understated in public, they also prefer their partners to be openly sexual, and not be coy about detailing their own sexual experiences and desires.

Coyness naturally goes against the Scorpio man’s incredible penchant for all things sexual.

Playing things too coy can often be seen as a deterrent for a Scorpio man, as they may view it as not worth the effort to pursue a partner that plays so hard to get.

This is also partly because a Scorpio man will believe that the potential partner will be unlikely to reciprocate or show pleasure during the sexual experience, which, of course, is key to the sexual enjoyment of a Scorpio man! 


Scorpio men are highly intelligent and especially so when it comes to emotions.

This means that a potential partner that is absent-minded will be incredibly unattractive, as the Scorpio man will believe that the partner is not likely to be receptive to sexual pleasure, and will not be willing to engage in deep and introspective conversation on numerous topics. 

A partner that is absent-minded is also far more likely to be difficult to read emotionally, making it difficult for the empathetic Scorpio man.

5 . Scorpio Men Prefer Sex With Romantic Implications

While Scorpio men are definitely not resistant to casual sex with hookups or occasional partners, they generally derive much of their pleasure from sex with long-term partners they have a strong bond with.

This is a direct result of the Scorpio man’s emotionality, as they far prefer to connect with a partner that is important to them emotionally.

This has the benefit of making it easier to read the emotions of their partner and provide the sexual experience that their partner is looking for. 

However, Scorpio men will still have casual sex, as it allows them the freedom to explore their deeper and more carnal sexual urges and desires.

6. Scorpio Men Enjoy Afterplay After Sex

Luckily, as a result of their high emotionality, Scorpio men are not likely to dash as soon as the sexual experience is over, as they highly enjoy the simple act of cuddling and kissing.

Intimacy is highly important for a Scorpio man, and thus they are not solely focussed on reaching the climax during sex. 

Because Scorpio men value the sense of connection with a sexual partner, they benefit greatly from basking in the after-glow with their sexual partner, which makes them great at cuddling, kissing, and holding hands.

7. Scorpio Men Enjoy Foreplay

Foreplay is an important part of the sexual experience for many people, and the act helps to heighten the tension before engaging in sexual intercourse, which makes the resulting play much more explosive and passionate. 

Luckily, the Scorpio man is a natural lover of foreplay, because it allows them a great sense of control, which is important for the Scorpio man who often values a sense of control and power within the relationship.

The Scorpio man will be willing to take charge with foreplay and start much of the sex off.

The Scorpio man will derive a lot of pleasure from prolonging the pleasure of their partner, thanks to their empathetic nature, and their desire for control.

Scorpio men naturally prefer longer sexual sessions in which they and their partner are able to build a strong bond and connection that pushes beyond mere pleasure.

Foreplay allows the two to grow closer before engaging in intercourse.

8. Scorpio Men Are Incredibly Communicative

Communication is crucial to a strong sexual experience. As a result, the Scorpio man understands this and is sure to be incredibly communicative during the sexual act.

This is also closely related to their tendency to be emotionally honest.

Scorpio men are known to frontload much of their emotions onto their partners, or those they otherwise want to pursue some kind of romantic or sexual relationship with. 

Scorpio men also enjoy when their sexual partners are communicative and make clear their desires and wants. Scorpio men are non-judgemental when it comes to even some of the deepest carnal desires, and they are willing to help their sexual partners to fulfill some of those same desires. 

Scorpio men are able and willing to communicate their desires at any time during the sexual act, and they are not likely to play coy, which can make sex with such men very exciting and stimulating.

This is also benefited by the fact that Scorpio men are gifted at reading body language to determine the emotions of their partners, and thus the level of pleasure that they are experiencing at any given time. 

Despite this, it is important to mention that Scorpio men are not too vocal during sex, and you are less likely to hear spoken “Oh yeah”s, and more likely to hear various grunts and groans that communicate pleasure.

Regardless, they display much of their pleasure physically.

9. Scorpio Men Are Gifted At Initiating Sex

Sometimes, it can be difficult for both partners in a sexual relationship to initiate sexual activity, for fear of coming off too strong or reading the energy between the two incorrectly.

Luckily, Scorpio men are very given to initiating the sexual act, and, because of their ability to tune into the emotions of their sexual partner, they are very able to determine the right time to initiate sexual activity.

This ability to initiate sex is benefited by the Scorpio man’s clear desire for sexual activity.

Scorpio men are, of course, very sexual, and thus they do not play coy when it comes to communicating their sexual desire for a potential partner. 

10. What Are Scorpio Men Turned On By?

Because they are highly sexual in nature, Scorpio men are turned on by a massive number of things. Let’s look at a few of them.


Though Scorpio men are willing to engage in sex with all kinds of different people, one of the things that draw them to a partner is a good appearance.

Scorpio men are attracted to individuals that clearly take pride in their appearance and are careful to maintain it.

This is mostly down to physical fitness, and less down to outfits and wardrobe, as Scorpio men generally prefer sexual partners that dress modestly. 


Scorpio men, as much as they enjoy sex, also enjoy deep and stimulating conversation.

Thus, any potential partner that is able to stimulate the mind as well as the body, especially during the post-sex afterglow, is likely to be very attractive to a Scorpio man.

This also applies to emotional intelligence.

A partner that is able to communicate their emotions and desires is a total goldmine for the empathetic Scorpio man.


Scorpio men enjoy sex that is passionate, physical, and intimate. While this definitely means that they are drawn to sex that is kinky and often boundary-pushing, it also means that they are into more intimate activities, such as hand-holding, cuddling, and kissing.

This makes them not only great sexual partners but also great romantic partners.


Scorpio men are actually very much drawn to partners that have a strong sense of self, and who are often stubborn. While this can cause trouble during arguments, as Scorpio men are also famously stubborn, it can create total electricity in the bedroom.

As a result of their highly-sexual nature, Scorpio men are naturally drawn to potential partners that they view as a challenge.

Potential partners that play a little more ‘hard-to-get’, are very titillating for Scorpio men, as the tension serves to make the eventual sexual experience all the more passionate and enjoyable. 

11. The Erogenous Zone Of The Scorpio Man Is… The Bottom? 

That’s right. Though Scorpio men certainly like to take on a dominant role in the bedroom, it is important to remember that Scorpio men are highly sexual, which also means that they are willing to push taboos. 

This means that even the most heterosexual of Scorpio men actually derive a lot of pleasure from the anus, as they will be more willing to break the taboo around anal sex and enjoy it. 

Thus, if you are with a Scorpio man, make sure to play around a little more with the lower regions in order to excite them. They will likely reciprocate this and appreciate the willingness to push boundaries.

This can, then, lead to much more explosive and passionate sex! 

Just make sure not to push too far, as a Scorpio man is likely to become offended if they believe that their partner is pushing too far.

To Conclude

These are just a few of the things that play a role in helping to make the Scorpio man have such an iconic sexual prowess. 

Generally, much of the Scorpio man’s sexual prowess stems from their heightened sense of emotional honesty. Scorpio men are very emotional and honest with their own emotions, as well as also being incredibly empathetic, which makes them willing to tap into their sexual urges, while also being willing to satisfy the urges of their sexual partner!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you touch a Scorpio man to turn him on?

In order to turn on a Scorpio man, you should try to make contact with their arm, hand, or their back. These are particularly erogenous.

Are Scorpios dominant or submissive?

Scorpios are known to actually be rather dominating partners.

Do Scorpios have intimacy issues?

Scorpios are definitely unabashed when it comes to being intimate, and they love intimacy. However, they may have issues if their partner has troubles with intimacy! 

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