Scorpio Man & Scorpio Woman Relationship Compatibility – Can It Work?

Learning about your Zodiac sign can help you to understand some of the deeper parts of your personality, and how you interact with the wider world around you, as well as your individual temperament and personality.

Perhaps best of all, though, the Zodiac system can also help you to better understand other people in your life and better navigate your interactions with them. It can even help you to understand the potential romantic and sexual chemistry between two individual signs! 

But is there much potential chemistry between two people of the same sign? For example, would a relationship work between a Scorpio man and a Scorpio woman?

What Are The Good Qualities Of The Scorpio?

In order to get a sense of how two Scorpios would interact, it is pertinent to take a look at some of the key characteristics that represent the sign.

Scorpios Are Very Passionate

One of the things that many people first think about when they think about those under the Scorpio sign is their unrelenting passion for things that interest or attract them. Scorpios are highly intelligent and love to focus on topics that interest them. 

Because of this passion, they love to engage in passionate conversation with similarly intelligent people that also share common interests!

This can make conversation with a Scorpio very fruitful, provided you interest them in the first place! 

This passion also applies to their relationships with others.

Scorpios seek out relationships that are fulfilling emotionally, mentally, and physically, and this especially applies to their romantic and sexual relationships.

When a Scorpio becomes attached to a specific person, they like to make it obvious, and they seek to make the relationship last as long as possible.

Scorpios Are Very Stubborn

While stubbornness can very quickly become a negative trait that can get in the way of developing a relationship, high stubbornness also speaks to their steadfast nature.

Scorpios are confident in themselves, which can make them very alluring to potential partners.

This also helps with their sense of passion, as they are confident in taking on specific challenges. 

Scorpios Are Very Emotional

Scorpios are very often mistaken for being a fire sign, thanks to their fiery passion and their ability to focus and roll up their sleeves.

However, Scorpio is actually a water sign, and is one of the most emotional signs in the entire Zodiac! 

While, initially, a Scorpio may be quite guarded about their emotions, and hold them close to hand, once they connect with a person, especially a romantic interest, they are known to be very candid.

Scorpios love to be honest about their emotions with those they love, and this can make relationships between two Scorpios, thus, very fruitful! 

Scorpios also tend to seek out partners that are similarly emotionally candid and honest, as a result of their caring nature.

Again, this means that a Scorpio man and a Scorpio woman can be a totally great match for one another!

Scorpios Are Highly Empathetic

As well as being very honest with their emotions, Scorpios also seek to really understand the emotions of others in their lives.

They are even able to tune into the emotions of those they care about almost on an unconscious level. Scorpios are so naturally empathetic that they are able to get a read on those they love often without trying. 

This means that two Scorpios together will be able to understand each other incredibly well, which will allow them to build a lasting bond that is fulfilling and enriching for the both of them.

This is also highly beneficial when it comes to sex, as, because the two would be so in tune, they will be able to focus on and maximize one another’s pleasure.

When it comes to sex, Scorpios derive a lot of their own pleasure from pleasing their partner.

This would make sex a very joyous exchange between the two.

Scorpios Are Loyal

Because Scorpios are so emotional, they prefer to build relationships with people that they can confide in over time.

When Scorpios build relationships they are fiercely loyal to them, and they will stick with partners for a long time. 

What Are The Negative Qualities Of The Scorpio?

Scorpios Are Fiercely Stubborn

As we mentioned earlier on, Scorpios are known to be incredibly stubborn and self-preserving, and while this can be a good quality that speaks to their confidence, it can pose a problem if left unchecked.

When Scorpios end up in arguments and disagreements, they very often lead the argument to continue for long periods. Scorpios take a long time to relent in an argument, if ever, as they are unwilling to admit that they might be wrong. 

Thus, an argument that arises between a Scorpio man and a Scorpio woman could prove disastrous, as there may be no conclusion drawn, and the relationship could be irreparably damaged.

Scorpios Can Be Controlling

Because Scorpios are very emotional, and they seek out consistency in their relationships, they can very often turn out to be very controlling in the long run.

In an effort to keep their partners as they remember them and avoid change, they can seek to really control many of the aspects of their partners.

Scorpios may seek to control what the other partner says or wears, or even who they talk to.

Of course, in a relationship composed of a Scorpio man and a Scorpio woman, this would prove to be totally disastrous. This is because Scorpios are very protective of their image, and they actively seek to express their sense of self in countless different ways that are important to them.

In order for a relationship to work between a Scorpio man and a Scoprio woman, it is important that the two be respectful of each other and their desires for self-expression.

As such, they should also do their best to curb feelings of jealousy that are what ultimately lead them to behave in a controlling manner. 

The Scorpio man and the Scorpio woman would do well to frequently remind one another about their shared love, to reassure themselves that there is no cause for jealousy or resentment!

What Could Pose A Challenge To A Relationship Between A Scorpio Man And A Scorpio Woman?

Scorpios Have A Penchant For Mystery

As we explained earlier, Scorpios very often like to hold their card close to their heart, and they can thus be very protective of their sense of self especially before getting to know another person. 

Scorpios enjoy fostering an air of mystery around themselves to make themselves appear more alluring.

While this is initially appealing to other Scorpios that seek out potential partners that are mysterious and alluring, it can eventually prove quite challenging further down the line considering that Scorpios tend to prefer to build dependable and long-lasting relationships with consistent people. 

In order to make sure the relationship works, it is important that the Scorpio man and the Scorpio woman are willing to open up with one another to degrees that they may not otherwise be comfortable with.

It can also be beneficial for the two to lose some amount of ego to ensure that neither becomes offended when the other partner prods a little bit too far.

Scorpios Have Trouble Forgiving

Once again, because Scorpios are so relationship-focused, and they focus on building relationships that are consistent and reliable, they can often be very unforgiving towards transgressions or supposed signs of infidelity.

This tendency to be unforgiving, combined with the Scorpio’s tendency to become jealous can be incredibly toxic, as the Scorpio may come to erroneously believe that their partner is being unfaithful at any point.

This can lead them to then be very unforgiving of what they erroneously believe was a transgression against the commitment to the relationship. 

Scorpios Hide Secrets

Secrets are inevitable in any relationship, though they can become incredibly toxic if held too long and withheld from partners.

Because of their desire to protect their egos and their sense of self, Scorpios can very often attempt to carefully guard their secrets, which can over time develop into outright resentments and can drive a wedge of secrecy between the two.

It is important that both Scorpio partners in such a relationship make a concerted effort to be communicative and fair to one another, not withholding things from one another. 

What Can Work Between A Scorpio Man And A Scorpio Woman?

Emotional Connection

Of course, because of their highly emotional nature, the partners best suited for Scorpios are those that place the same amount of importance on emotion.

This means that a Scorpio man and a Scorpio woman in a relationship will be able to indulge one another in their emotional nature and provide great care for one another. 

The two will be honest about their emotions and will place a lot of importance on one another.

As well as this, their shared ability to be very empathetic will be a total blessing for a relationship between the two as they will be able to easily understand one another without even trying! 

Shared Intelligence

Scorpios are highly intelligent, and they love to be able to expand their knowledge while also showing off just how much they already know.

This means that when a Scorpio man and a Scorpio woman end up together they will be able to indulge one another in their intelligence and engage in long and deep conversations on a massive number of topics.

Shared intelligence also means that, hopefully, the Scorpio man and the Scorpio woman will be able to work past their differences and make the relationship bloom.

Their shared intelligence will allow the two the opportunity to concede to one another should they end up in an argument, for the betterment of both of them. 

Sexual Nature

Scorpios are the most sexual of all of the Zodiac signs, and this means that, when a Scorpio man and a Scorpio woman get together in the bedroom, they can prove to be very electric. 

Scorpios enjoy taking their time when it comes to sex, and they are also willing to experiment and try new experiences together in the bedroom.

This means that sex will never become boring between the two of them.

The connection in bed is further helped by their shared empathy, which allows them to understand and maximize the pleasures of the other, making for very satisfying sex!

To Wrap Up – Can The Two Make It Work?

As you can now see, a relationship between a Scorpio man and a Scorpio woman can prove to be very fruitful, and this is thanks, in no small part, to their shared emotionality and empathy that allows them to understand each other on a deeper level than others.

As well as this, the two value the physical aspects of sex, which will allow them to share sex that is deeply fulfilling for the two of them.

However, in order to make it all work, the two need to be willing to concede during arguments and relinquish some of their pride, to avoid offending one another. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can 2 Scorpios be soulmates?

Definitely! Scorpios share similarities that help to make them a great romantic pairing. 

What happens when 2 Scorpios date?

If two Scorpios begin dating, they are likely to quickly become very committed to each other! 

Are Scorpios faithful partners?

Absolutely. Scorpios are renowned for their loyalty and their desire to build long-lasting and committed relationships.

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