Scorpio Man & Sagittarius Woman Relationship Compatibility – Can It Work?

Are some signs destined to end up together? Are some just total poison for each other? You’re likely here now because you want to know a little bit more about the unique Zodiac signs, and whether certain signs fit with other signs.

Want to know whether the highly emotional Scorpio man can build a working relationship with the passionate Sagittarius woman?

Then you should keep on reading down below because today we are going to find out everything you could possibly need to know about the compatibility of these two signs! 

What Qualities Would The Scorpio Man Admire In The Sagittarius Woman?

Sagittarius Women Are Highly Intelligent

Intelligence and the gathering of knowledge are highly important to the Sagittarius woman.

Sagittarius women are known to regularly head out on wild adventures on a whim, with the aim of discovering something new or expanding their knowledge. 

While the Scorpio man may not be quite as adventurous as the Sagittarius woman, he does highly value intelligence and wisdom, which will make the Sagittarius woman particularly attractive to them.

Scorpio men also enjoy having impassioned discussions on topics that they are knowledgeable about, and this is another quality shared by the Sagittarius woman.

The two will be able to have long and passionate discussions about mutual interests thanks to both having a high degree of knowledge on a given subject. 

Sagittarius Women Are Highly Honest

Honesty is one of the greatest virtues displayed by the Sagittarius woman, and this means that they do not beat around the bush on all manner of topics, particularly when it comes to love.

Because the Scorpio man so values commitments and long-lasting and honest connections, they will be comforted knowing that a connection they have with a Sagittarius woman is real and valuable.

The Sagittarius woman, as a result of their penchant for adventure and new experiences, will not waste their time on anything that they perceive to be a waste of time.

Thus, the Scorpio man can rest assured that the relationship is meaningful and built to last.

However, because Sagittarius women are so honest, they can occasionally be brutally so and may find themselves causing offense to their partners if they prod too far.

This can be particularly explosive for the Scorpio man who is often very defensive and sensitive as a direct result of his emotionality.

Scorpio men can quickly become offended when they feel that their emotions and their sense of ‘self’ is under attack.

In order for the relationship to work, it is important that the Sagittarius woman is able to be a little less brutally honest and respect the feelings of the Scorpio man.

By the same token, it is also vitally important that the Scorpio man be willing to lower their defenses and not so readily take offense. 

Sagittarius Women Are Caring

While Sagittarius women certainly do seek adventure and are always on the lookout for the next big thing in their life, they are able to focus on the individuals that matter to them, and they are very much able to apply their naturally positive outlook to their relationships and see the best in those that they love.

The Scorpio man will treasure this quality of the Sagittarius woman, as they will feel that their emotions are looked after and understood and that the Sagittarius woman is trustworthy.

This is vital toward building a healthy relationship between the two parties.

What Qualities Would The Scorpio Man Not Admire In The Sagittarius Woman?

Sagittarius Women Are Curious And Seek Change

One of the biggest challenges that stand between a happy relationship between these two signs is the Sagittarius’ desire for change and their insatiable curiosity.

Scorpio men, generally, tend to seek out partners that are consistent and dependable, and that they can build a long-lasting and trustworthy relationship with.

The curiosity displayed by the Sagittarius woman could put the Scorpio man on the edge, and have them constantly in doubt as to the health of the relationship.

The Scorpio man may become incredibly jealous if they come to believe that the Sagittarius woman is not committed to the relationship.

In order to ensure that this does not drive a stake in the relationship, it is important that the Scorpio man makes efforts to curb their tendency towards jealousy. 

It would also be beneficial for the Sagittarius woman to communicate their love to the Scorpio man as often as possible, to help them to curb that automatic tendency towards jealousy.

What Qualities Would The Sagittarius Woman Admire In The Scorpio Man?

Scorpio Men Are Very Dominant

Despite being very emotional, Scorpio men can also be very dominant, and occasionally very assertive.

This is a quality that is also displayed by the Sagittarius woman, and thus they will admire this shared quality that the two boast. 

The assertive nature of the Sagittarius woman will also make them far more attractive to the Scorpio man who enjoys flexing his charm and putting the moves on women that he deems to be a challenge.

Flirting and conversation between the two are likely to not only be very intelligent and engaging for the both of them, but it is also likely to be very flirty and electric.

It won’t take long before the sexual energy between the two signs kicks into action.

Scorpio Men Are Emotionally Intelligent

As well as being generally intelligent, Scorpio men are also highly intelligent and intuitive when it comes to emotions, especially the emotions of others around them.

Scorpio men are highly empathetic and very understanding of the emotions of those that they love. 

This is a quality that the Sagittarius woman will greatly admire because they will be able to be confident that the Scorpio man will understand their desires and emotions, and that they will be allowed to express themselves freely and honestly.

This is great for the Sagittarius woman for whom honesty is a total virtue, and one of the greatest values to be upheld. 

Scorpio Men Are Mysterious

As we have mentioned already, Sagittarius women love to discover new things, and this is a quality that even extends through to their relationships.

The Sagittarius woman will easily find themselves attracted to the Scorpio man’s brooding sense of mystery.

Though Scorpio men are highly emotional and attached, they are very defensive of their emotions and their egos, and as such, they can often come off as very mysterious.

This is a quality that will have the Sagittarius woman feeling naturally very curious, and will have them wanting to better understand the man.

This can lead to a deep and fruitful relationship blossoming between the two.

What Qualities Would The Sagittarius Woman Not Admire In The Scorpio Man?

Scorpio Men Can Be Very Controlling

Unfortunately one of the worst possible qualities that Scorpio men can display is a controlling temperament.

Because Scorpio men value strong and lasting connections with loved ones so highly, they can unfortunately often develop the tendency to be very controlling and commanding of their partners in an attempt to keep them consistent and to keep them exclusive to them.

This controlling behavior can manifest in the form of controlling what a Sagittarius woman can wear, what they can say, and who they can interact with.

Understandably, this will not be taken too kindly by the Sagittarius woman who will take great offense to attempts to control them.

Sagittarius women enjoy heading out and exploring, to learn more about themselves and to express themselves.

The Sagittarius woman will be offended at attempts to control how she is able to express herself.

To ensure that such a situation does not arise in this relationship, it is important that the Scorpio man makes a point of understanding and honoring the Sagittarius woman’s liberty and right to self-expression. 

Scorpio Men Can Be Very Suffocating

As we mentioned earlier on, Sagittarius women are often not satisfied with simply settling down and focusing their attention on one thing for the rest of their lives.

They want to head out and experience new things and constantly be expanding their knowledge. 

On the other hand, the Scorpio man instead actively seeks consistency and emotional dependency. A Scorpio man may expect the Sagittarius woman to focus only on his emotions and feelings, which is not desirable for the Sagittarius woman.

Thus, the Scorpio man needs to be sure that they do not expect total and unerring loyalty from the Sagittarius woman, and again, that they respect the Sagittarius woman’s right to liberty and self-expression. 

The Scorpio man also has a tendency to really pile their emotions onto their partners or those they otherwise deem to be special or valuable to them.

While this massive display of vulnerability may be attractive to some people, the Sagittarius woman is likely to find it very intimidating, perhaps daunted by the prospect of total commitment to the partner.

This could cause the relationship to fracture even during its early days.

In order to ensure that the relationship can work out, it is important that the Scorpio man does not pile his emotions onto the shoulders of the Sagittarius woman, and that they do not put too much pressure on the Sagittarius woman to reciprocate and reflect this same emotional honesty.

It might also be beneficial for the Sagittarius woman to open up a little bit more to ideas of commitment to make the idea seem much less daunting. 

Is There Sexual Chemistry Between The Sagittarius Woman And The Scorpio Man?

Absolutely. Both the Scorpio man and the Sagittarius woman are able to indulge in earthly and physical pleasures, which will allow the two of them to enjoy long and passionate sessions in bed together.

The Scorpio man, in particular, is a great match for the Sagittarius woman because Scorpio men are renowned for being empathetic, which helps them to hone in on and maximize the pleasure of their partners.

The communicative Sagittarius woman will be able to make it clear what they want in bed, and the Scorpio man will be more than happy to oblige!

To Wrap Up

As you can see, a relationship between these two signs may pose some distinct challenges, especially when you consider that the Sagittarius woman has one key characteristic that will not gel well with the Scorpio man.

Sagittarius women are known to not stick around and to always be seeking new things while the Scorpio man prefers consistency, and to settle down.

If the two can work through these differences, then the resulting relationship can actually prove very fruitful as they are both highly intelligent and highly emotional, making them very romantic, and very communicative with one another, allowing their love to blossom to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Scorpio attracted to Sagittarius?

The main reason the Sagittarius is so attractive to the Scorpio is that the Sagittarius is very intriguing, which can prove very arousing for the Socrpio’s libido.

Should a Scorpio marry a Sagittarius?

Absolutely. Provided the two can work through their differences, the two will prove spiritually fulfilling for one another!

Are Scorpios loyal to Sagittarius?

Absolutely. Scorpios seek loyalty above anything else when it comes to building a relationship.

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