Scorpio Man & Cancer Woman Relationship Compatibility – Can It Work?

The Zodiac sign system is incredibly popular thanks to how much it can tell us about ourselves, and also the people around us. It can help us to understand the personalities and dispositions of certain people, and why they may behave a certain way. 

So, you’re probably here now because you want to know whether a relationship between a Scorpio man and a Cancer woman might work out, right?

Luckily, you have come to the perfect place.

Our guide will show you everything you need to know about the romantic and sexual capabilities of these two signs when they get together. 

Read on down below now to get started! 

What Qualities Would A Scorpio Man Admire In A Cancer Woman?

Cancer Women Are In Tune With Their Emotions

Cancer women are known for being very in tune with their own emotions, and for having a great depth of understanding about their emotions, and how they affect others, as well as a great capacity for empathy that helps them to better understand the emotions of people around them in day to day life. 

This is a trait that will be greatly appreciated by a Scorpio man.

Scorpio men are noted for being incredibly emotional, and for being very honest with their emotions.

This means that they can comfortably discuss their own emotions with the Cancer woman who will be willing to listen, and more than that, to deeply understand the motions that the Scorpio man is expressing. 

Cancer Women Are Closely Guarded

This is a quality that can prove to be a double-edged sword for many Scorpio men. Let’s take a look at why a Scorpio man may admire this quality. 

Scorpio men are naturally very sexual and have a very strong libido.

This means that they thrive in situations in which they can practice their moves of seduction on someone that they find attractive.

Generally, Scorpio men tend to find themselves more attracted to those that are able to pose a challenge, which proves sexually alluring to them.

When a Scorpio man is able to appeal to a person that closely guards their emotions, it gives them a great ego boost.

Cancer Women Are Very Supportive

As a result of their strong sense of empathy, Cancer women are able to very easily read the emotions of not only an individual but also the emotions of a group of people.

They can easily gauge the vibe of a room.

This means that Cancer women are also naturally given to taking on caring roles and helping those they love to deal with their own emotions. 

This means that they are a perfect match for the naturally emotional Scorpio man.

They are known to dump their emotions onto others, so the Cancer woman will be able to provide support, and also a level of understanding that the Scorpio man will appreciate. 

However, the Scorpio man should make sure that they are able to curb their own tendency to dump their emotions onto others, as Cancer women can often find this tendency to be a bit suffocating! 

Cancer Women Have A Strong Sense Of Humor

A Scorpio man will greatly admire the fact that the Cancer woman has a strong sense of humor.

The strong sense of humor held by the Cancer woman will allow the Scorpio man to better understand them as a partner, which can lead to a much deeper connection.

The two will very quickly develop in-jokes between each other that help to further strengthen their bond, and make them much stronger for one another. 

The strong sense of humor will also be very attractive to the Scorpio man who is very sexual in nature and enjoys pursuing partners that have a strong sense of self and a willingness to poke fun at themselves.

Cancer Women Are Very Faithful

Though it may take a considerable amount of time for anyone to break through to a Cancer woman, and for the Cancer woman to let down their emotional guard, the relationship that can blossom once the guard is let down can be incredibly strong.

Cancer women seek security and stability as a result of their tendency to be defensive of their own emotions.

Cancer women will only seek to share their emotions with those they fully trust and love.

Thus, once they have entered into a relationship with a Scorpio man, it is very unlikely that they would prove unfaithful, or that they would become dissatisfied with the relationship. 

The two will be together for many years, and even the next stages in the relationship, like marriage, are likely to be incredibly strong and fruitful.

Expect to see a Scorpio man and a Cancer woman crafting a relationship that stands the test of time! 

What Qualities Would A Scorpio Man Not Admire In A Cancer Woman?

Cancer Women Are Closely Guarded

The reason why this quality can be detrimental to a Scorpio man is that Scorpio men are incredibly emotionally honest, which is a quality that they like to be reflected by their romantic partners. 

Unfortunately, Cancer women are not given to letting their emotions flow so easily.

It can take a lot of time for a Cancer woman to feel comfortable in letting their guard down and letting their emotions flow. 

This can mean that arguments may quickly flare-up between the two, as the Cancer woman may become offended if the Scorpio man wishes them to be emotionally vulnerable before they are ready. 

Cancer Women Are Very Stubborn

Stubbornness is one of the key characteristics of Cancer women, and this tendency towards stubbornness stems from the Cancer woman’s wish to keep their emotions closely guarded.

This is a quality that is closely matched by the Scorpio’s own tendency towards stubbornness. 

When disagreements flair up between the two, they can very quickly spiral into all-out arguments as both sides will be unwilling to admit that they are wrong, or concede at any point.

In order for a strong relationship between a Cancer woman and a Scorpio man to work out, it is necessary for both to curb their own tendencies towards stubbornness in order to come to an agreement and concede during an argument before things get too heated. 

Cancer Women Can Be Controlling

It has been noted that, when Cancer women become particularly attached to an individual, they can often develop a tendency to be rather controlling in order to maintain consistency and to mold their partner into the perfect partner. 

This is a quality that will not be taken too well by a Scorpio man who is not only emotionally very stubborn but also rather protective of their sense of self and their sense of identity. 

What Qualities Would A Cancer Woman Admire In A Scorpio Man?

Scorpio Men Are Very Empathetic And Emotionally Intelligent

As we explored before, Cancer women are very empathetic, and very much value their own emotions as well as the emotions of those they love and cherish.

This is a quality that is similarly displayed by the Scorpio man who enjoys understanding the emotions of their partners. 

This means that when disagreements flare up between the two of them, or when there are things that are not working within the relationship, the Scorpio man and the Cancer woman will be able to quickly intuit this, and come up with a solution. 

However, it is important to keep in mind that both Scorpio men and Cancer women are given to stubbornness, which can make disagreements between the two signs difficult to resolve in a healthy and satisfying manner. 

Scorpio Men Are very Sexual

Cancer women, similar to Scorpio men, enjoy their sexuality and enjoy the physical aspects of the sexual act the most.

This makes them a perfect match for one another in the bedroom, as the two will reciprocate their love of the physical aspect of sex, indulging one another in passionate sex that can last a long time.

The two are also naturally benefited from the fact that they are able to tune into one another’s emotions.

This means that they can easily tune into the desires of their partners, and in turn indulge them in the right way, which can allow for long and fulfilling sessions.

What Qualities Would A Cancer Woman Not Admire In A Scorpio Man?

Scorpio Men Are Very Clingy

Cancer women are noted to be quite defensive of their own emotions, in order to protect themselves. In order to build a deep connection with a Cancer woman, a person needs to be incredibly patient, and be willing to invest time to get to know the Cancer woman to understand their emotions. 

The Scorpio man’s need for reciprocation, when it comes to emotional honesty, can prove to be quite suffocating for the Cancer woman who prefers to take their time in building the relationship, while also keeping their emotions closely guarded.

Scorpio Men Can Be Very Controlling

Of course, due to their nature as being very self-defensive, this can be a make-or-break quality for a Cancer woman.

Scorpio men are known for occasionally being very controlling when they enter a relationship, which can be a behavior that manifests itself right from the very start of the relationship, thanks to their tendency to be very emotionally clingy.

Scorpio men are known to prefer their partners to dedicate themselves entirely to them, which is a quality that does not meld well with the Cancer woman who takes some considerable time to develop trust in their romantic or sexual partners. 

Of course, this is a quality that can also be displayed by the Cancer woman, so it is important that both partners are able to recognize their tendency towards controlling behavior and make efforts to curb it.

If this is not done, then resentment can be very quickly bred between the two, which can be disastrous for the pair.

Will A Relationship Between A Scorpio Man And Cancer Woman Work Out?

Yes! The two share a common tendency to be very emotionally vulnerable and a willingness to open up about their emotions to those they love.

This means that the two will be able to experience a rich connection with one another.

This will make for a long-lasting relationship, and one that is also very sexual, as the two will thrive in the physical aspects of the sexual act. 

However, in order for the relationship to work, the two need to be willing to take the time to let the relationship grow and blossom into its full form, thanks to the Cancer woman’s tendency towards emotional self-defense.

Once the relationship has blossomed, it is also important that both parties take the time to curb their own tendencies toward stubbornness.

Disagreements between the two can go on for long stretches, due to their stubbornness.

In order to keep disagreements to a minimum and keep the relationship healthy, it is important that both make an effort to curb their egos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Scorpios and Cancers good in bed?

Yes. Scorpios and Cancers both enjoy the physical act of lovemaking.

Are Scorpios and cancers good soulmates?

Yes. The two have a strong emotional bond, and a relationship can grow to be very strong between the two signs.

Do Scorpios fall in love easily?

If they are able to detect a connection then, yes, Scorpios can fall in love very quickly and easily.

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