Aquarius Man & Leo Woman Relationship Compatibility – Can It Work?

Ruled by the sun itself, It’s easy to get burned when you liaise with a Leo. If you treat them wrong, you’ll hear them roar, and if you don’t stack up, you may not even earn a fleeting glance from these charismatic divas.

So, can the loquacious yet low-key Aquarius keep the Queen of the jungle purring, or will our airy water bearer evaporate in her fiery presence?

Let’s take a closer look at the personality traits of these two signs to establish whether they’re compatible or not.

What Does The Aquarius Man Value In The Leo Woman?

She’s spontaneous and fun

Our Leo lady is bursting with confidence, so she’s not shy when it comes to having fun and deviating from the norm.

She’s a trendsetter, and whatever she does, no matter how bizarre or off-kilter, she’ll make it look good.

As a pleasantly erratic soul, Aquarius adores her willingness to go against the grain and be her true self, even if that means facing resistance.

He lives in the tension between progress and tradition, and it feels good to have a partner who’s capable of joining him in this revolutionary space.

She’s loyal

A largely monogamous beast, Leo isn’t one to mess around behind anybody’s back, and, as an honest, faithful soul, Aquarius is thankful for this. 

We all have to give up a fair amount of control in a relationship, even Aquarius who doesn’t like to open himself up to emotional influence, but it comforts him to know that his heart is in loving and reliable hands.

She’s fearless

Nothing scares a Leo… nothing! She’s the most frightening creature in the land, and she low-key wants everyone to be just a little bit afraid of her.

The latter isn’t too appealing to Aquarius, but her bravery is fascinating to him.

With his intellectualism and her dauntless drive, they can accomplish great things together, the kind of things that you’ll read about in history books centuries from now.

She has a healthy disdain for authority

Leo is royalty, at least that’s how she feels about herself, and challengers of the throne will be met with fearless and ferocious opposition.

Authority is enemy number one in her eyes, as her powerful soul needs no guidance, a trait that aligns perfectly with Aquarian morals.

He despises oppressive forces in life, no matter what form they take, so this revolutionary pair will have a fantastic time sticking it to the man and subverting societal norms together.

What Does The Aquarius Man Dislike In The Leo Woman?

She likes a lot of attention

If someone else gets the lion’s share of attention in any given situation, she’s liable to get jealous, for she’s highly competitive and experiences this as a defeat of sorts.

The spotlight is her natural habitat, and she’s mighty territorial, so when someone steps into her domain, you may hear her roar!

Her Aquarius partner doesn’t like this side of her one bit.

Although his passion and ground-breaking world views often make him the center of attention, he believes that attention should never be the goal itself.

Furthermore, he hates jealousy, and even though her green-eyed monster is often focused outside their union, the fact it so easily takes over is a concern.

She likes the finer things in life

You think that gorgeous mane stays so shiny on its own?

Nope; our Leo lady is a pampered puss that enjoys all the luxuries of life, and while our Aquarius man certainly won’t turn his nose up at certain privileges, he’s nowhere near as materialistic as his lover.

He can make a fun-filled adventure of any situation, and never really needs to spend lots of money on experiences, but when he takes his lioness out on a date, he knows he has to bring his credit card.

He’s a talented earner, so it’s not necessarily a problem, and if there’s anything he wants to spend money on, it’s her, but he can’t help but feel her material and resource obsession is a little shallow.

She’s self-centered

Leo isn’t ashamed to admit that she is inwardly focused.

She’s an absolute BOSS, and she knows it. She likes herself and celebrates her confident soul, always! 

Her Aquarian man likes that she’s so confident, but he does feel that it veers into indulgent and vacuous territory sometimes. He doesn’t want her to stop loving herself, but he would appreciate it if she redirected some of that love toward the people around her.

What Does The Leo Woman Value In The Aquarius Man?

His graceful composure

Our female Leo is quite demanding of her partners. She’s the queen of the jungle, and only a king will be a fitting match. Of the traits she regards as kingly, grace and composure are top of the priority list, which Aquarians have in spades.

Never losing his cool, our water bearer is grace personified, and it makes Leo proud to be and be seen by his side.

He’s resolute

Aquarius is a fixed sign. He’s not going to change for anyone, not even a lovely Leo lady, but our lioness thinks his steadfast faith in himself is sexy as hell, so she doesn’t want to change him.

While they’re not a perfect match, she likes him exactly how he is, airy warts and all. 

She’s incredibly stubborn and resolute too, so you can guarantee that they’ll have some truly epic clashes during their time together, but she’ll take this over a fawning, submissive partner any time.

He’s honest

There’s nothing Leo hates more than mind games and little white lies, which is why she’s chewed up countless Geminis on the path to her Aquarius hunk.

With him, what you see is what you get, which eases her jealous, suspicious soul, allowing her to be her true self in their relationship.

What Does The Leo Woman Dislike In The Aquarius Man?

He is fine fading into the background

Water bearers hate attention for attention’s sake.

Their passion, freedom of thought, and intellectualism often earn them the spotlight, but when they’ve said their piece, they’re happy to step back and resume their place in the crowd.

Leo simply doesn’t understand this, as, if she had her way, she’d never, ever leave the spotlight, and thus, a tug of war begins, with Aquarius trying to pull Leo into obscurity and Leo trying to pull Aquarius into the limelight.

Leo will likely win this showdown, as she adores the spotlight more than Aquarius enjoys anonymity, but she will always feel some resistance from her partner, especially if she’s forcing him to be complicit in some overt attention-seeking.

While this is annoying to the lady lion, she understands that her love of attention isn’t for everyone, and permits her lover time away from her side to recover their sense of self.

He has an outward focus

Leo is fundamentally good, but her desire to occupy center stage can occasionally lead to selfish behavior, something she doesn’t see as a bad thing at all. To her, looking out for number one is perfectly natural.

Aquarius, on the other hand, has no internal focus at all.

Selfless to a fault, all his efforts are directed outward. His mission is to have a beneficial impact on the world around him, so prioritizing the self almost never comes to mind.

On the one hand, his partner respects this about him, but she also finds it a bit annoying at times. Self-love is important to her, and she finds selflessness a tad boring,

He wants more freedom than she’s willing to give

Remember earlier when I mentioned that Leo is territorial where the spotlight’s concerned?

Well, she’s just as possessive of her love match, which isn’t to say she’s needy.

Nope, neediness isn’t part of her DNA, but she demands a certain level of dedication (and a hint of adoration), which can be a problem for aloof Aquarius.

Getting the water bearer to bend the knee is basically impossible, and as a fixed sign, there’s no way to change their inflexibility, especially when it comes to matters of freedom.

Now, as Leo is also a fixed sign, Aquarius’s unwillingness to be restrained in any way is sure to be a point of contention in the relationship.

Do Aquarius Men & Leo Women Have Good Sexual Chemistry?

Sexual Chemistry Score: 6.5/10

Is our Leo woman an animal between the sheets? Well, let’s just say kitty got claws and she’s ready to scratch her Aquarius man’s sexual itch whenever and wherever it strikes, which he finds very exciting indeed.

Leo is down to experience every weird and wonderful thing sex has to offer, and as a facilitator of pure freedom and magic in the bedroom, Aquarius is going to deliver every single one of those things!

The lioness is never shy in steamy matters, but the open-mindedness of her water bearer pushes her in directions she’s never even dreamed of, leaving her shocked that she’s the more traditional lover.

Although, she enjoys a super sensual romp, while he’s more about keeping the mood lighthearted and playful, which can lead to some awkward moments when passions are high and pants are low.

What’s more, Leo has a voracious sexual appetite, and you’ll hear her purring for some action most nights of the week, while our water bearer has a cooler carnal temperament. 

Make no mistake, he loves to get down and dirty, but he prefers sporadic sex, and he can go without a bit of slap and tickle for way longer than most of the other star signs.

If he feels that the raunchy side of his relationship has fallen prey to predictability, Aquarius will go ahead and swear off sex for a while, which, needless to say, doesn’t go down well with the perpetually in-heat lioness of the night sky.

Aquarius Man & Leo Woman: Will It Work?

Compatibility Score: 6.5/10

Sitting opposite one another on the zodiacal wheel, the attraction between Aquarius and Leo is powerful, but their relationship can be quite dramatic — What else would you expect from limelight-loving Leo.

Both fixed signs, what you’ll find in such a pairing is a clash of egos, the aftershock of which can leave the relationship in tatters — Their union will only ever work out long term under very specific circumstances.

It’s not enough for one of them to bend to the other, as the imbalance of ego and power will give rise to resentment. Both parties must be willing to make symmetrical sacrifices and meet each other as equals in compromise.

Thankfully, both Aquarius and Leo are intelligent and eloquent, so there’s every chance they’ll be able to reach sustainable terms, especially seeing as they make a great match in other ways.

Aquarians tend to over-intellectualize, and although they’re very positive people, they can be overly serious at times, but soulful Leos are capable of taking them out of their heads and reintroducing them to the light-hearted side of life.

Their mutual love of adventure is another pillar of this relationship.

They make life exciting for one another. Even though our Aquarius man loves his freedom, they will miss each other when apart.

Granted, the water bearer may disdain his partner’s self-absorption, but when coupled up, this self-focus is directed towards the relationship — A necessary shift.

Aquarius is typically so loose and emotionless in love, he needs a partner who’s willing to do the upkeep, strengthen the bond, and push the relationship into deeper, more robust places.

Final Thoughts

With a bit of balanced compromise, lots of respect, and a desire to live an exciting and original life, Aquarius and Leo can make it work — Hooray! 

They don’t enjoy everything about each other, but through love, they will develop a tolerance for the ways in which they clash. Eventually, their feelings for one another will eclipse all differences, and they will form an unstoppable team destined for great things.

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