What Makes Libras So Good in Bed?: 4 Top Explanations

Out of all the signs on the Zodiac, it is Libras that place the highest value on relationships. Those born under Libra are ruled by Venus. Venus was the Roman Goddess of love and peace, and these attributes can be found in most people born under the Libra zodiac. 

As a star sign, Libras tend to gravitate towards relationships and romance. They crave balance, and there is no better way to be balanced than when you are in a relationship with another person.

Libras tend to gravitate towards relationships with people who bring out the best in them as these relationships allow them to get the peace and stability that they crave. 

One of the most high-value things within a romantic relationship for Libras is sex.

They place a huge amount of importance on sex because this activity can really deepen a romantic relationship and allow you to connect with your partner on a much more intimate level. For this very reason, Libras tend to be very good in bed.

The bedroom really is Libra’s place to shine.

This can come as a surprise as Libras generally have a distaste for casual sex and only really enjoy this activity when they are in a relationship with the other person. So what is it that makes Libras so good in bed? 

In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at 4 of the top explanations. So keep on reading to find out more!

1. Their Attentive Nature

One of the biggest driving forces that make Libras so good in bed is their attentive nature. Libras crave the stability of a relationship, and they lead their lives with a huge focus on balance.

When things are balanced, a Libra is happy, and this applies to things in the bedroom too. 

Libras are not selfish lovers. In fact, they are the exact opposite. Libras are incredibly selfless lovers, and throughout any sexual interaction, their key focus will be on their partner’s enjoyment. This is a big part of the reason why Libras make such attentive lovers. 

When it comes to sex, a Libra will only be able to enjoy it if they know that their partner is getting enjoyment out of the activities.

They place more value on their partner’s enjoyment than their own, and this is what makes sex with a Libra so good. 

A lot of people are selfish when it comes to sex. Sure, they care about their partner’s enjoyment, but ultimately the activity is taking place because they are in it for their own satisfaction.

And that is what makes sex with a Libra so different. When you sleep with a Libra, you are their key focus, and they will devote all their attention to you. 

There are plenty of signs of the zodiac that make attentive lovers, but Libras really are unmatched.

Libras are able to tune into their partner on an incredibly deep level and this allows them to know what you are craving before you even know yourself.

Libras are naturally good in bed, but the attentive nature of their personality really allows them to put their natural skills to good use. They are highly tactile and get huge amounts of pleasure from bringing their pleasure in all forms of sex. 

If you are in a relationship with a Libra, there is one thing for certain, and that is that you will always have your needs met sexually. 

2. Their Romantic Side

Another thing that makes Libras incredibly good in bed is the fact that those born under this zodiac sign tend to be naturally very romantic. A romantic connection isn’t always needed for sex to be good.

But when it comes to sex with a Libra, it will always be better if you are romantically connected with them. 

Libras generally tend to stay away from casual sex simply because it does not bring them the connection that they crave. On the odd occasion where a Libra may have casual sex, the experience is by no means bad.

Those born under this star sign are naturally gifted, and those talents will still be there if a romantic connection is not.

But, sex with a Libra that you are romantically entwined with is on the next level. 

One of the best things about sex, when you are in a relationship with a Libra, is that they always make the experience romantic. Libras really are masters of love, and they can whisper sweet nothings and tug on those heartstrings in ways that no other star sign can. 

Sex with a Libra is an entire experience, from start to finish.

They will create the perfect romantic environment and ensure that all 5 of your senses are satisfied throughout the act.

When you are in a romantic relationship with a Libra it will often feel like you are living in a storybook romance, and this will only make the sex better. 

3. Their Openness to Experimentation

There really is no denying that Libras aren’t the most adventurous in the bedroom. For Libras, sex is incredibly closely linked with romance, and for that very reason, sexual relations do tend to be pretty vanilla.

But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t open to experimentation. 

When it comes to sex, the most important thing for a Libra is that their partner is having a good time. So if their partner wants to try out something new, they are more than happy to oblige.

Even if it means stepping out of the stability and security of their usual sexual activities. 

For a zodiac sign that would stick to vanilla activities by their own choice, Libras are surprisingly good at all sorts of adventurous activities in the bedroom. From the use of sex toys to domination, there are very few activities that a Libra won’t give a go.

And their natural sexual talents do tend to cross over into these new activities. 

While the majority of Libras would opt to stick to more vanilla activities, some out there really enjoy the adventurous side of sex. They are naturally people pleasers, so as long as their partner is enjoying themselves, they will too.

This wish to please could even lead them to participate in swinging or group sex, and the balance that these activities include often brings Libras immense satisfaction. 

Libras are ruled by Venus and this does make them have an intense attraction to beauty.

Any sexual activities that focus on beauty will likely bring a Libra enjoyment, and if it is something that their partner is enjoying, it’s even better. 

On their own, Libras would typically tend to stick to the more vanilla aspects of sex that they know and enjoy.

But for the person that they love, they will be happy to experiment, and they will typically enjoy this experimentation too. 

4. Their Affectionate Side

Finally, Libras are typically very affectionate, and this affection can make sex with them even better.

Libras generally just tend to be nice people, and the effortless way in which they kindly treat others really translates when it comes to the bedroom. 

If you have ever been in a relationship with a Libra, then you will know that they are outstanding communicators.

Libras place immense importance on communicating with their partner and really struggle in relationships where their partner is not forthcoming with conversation.

They pay close attention to the contents of these conversations and make note of important information. They will typically use this information to make their relationship with their partner special. 

The affectionate side of a Libra can really make their partner feel valued within the relationship.

While they place huge value on sex within their relationship, Libras will never rush to get into bed with their partner.

At all stages, they will ensure that their partner is comfortable and this is just a testament to their attentive nature. 

For some star signs, sex is all about the act itself, and so they will be eager to rush to get to that finish line. However, Libras are the exact opposite. Libras want sexual interactions with their partner to last.

So they will take their time with foreplay, and ensure that there is always plenty of time for any interactions before they initiate sex. 

That affection extends to after-sex too. Cuddling and aftercare are critical to a Libra as they always want to ensure that their partner is happy, comfortable, and satisfied.

The affection with which Libras treat their partners improves the entire experience of sex, and it can really make you feel valued and loved within your relationship. It is this that makes sex with a Libra so good.


In short, Libras are good in the bedroom. Their attentive nature, romantic side, and openness to experimentation make sex with a Libra immensely enjoyable, and in most cases, unbeatable. 

When you are in a relationship with a Libra, you will always feel secure, valued, and loved. This in itself can make sex all the more enjoyable, and it doesn’t hurt that Libras tend to be easy on the eye too! 

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