Capricorns Are Good In Bed – Four Reasons Behind The Phenomenon

When you consider which star sign is the best in bed, Capricorn might not be the first choice. 

Capricorn signs are practical and thoughtful, but that doesn’t exactly boast raw sex appeal. Capricorn men are stoic and brooding… does that equate to being good in bed? We guess that’s down to personal preference. 

However, one thing often overlooked is how mesmerizing Capricorns can be. They usually have a sex appeal that draws partners to them, catching anyone off guard with their impressive prowess. 

Capricorns often have an icy demeanor and can be very temperamental when picking their romantic partners. But once you get to know them, they can also be sensitive and sensual. 

Today we’re looking at four reasons why Capricorns are so good in bed. Whether you’re a Capricorn or your partner is one, this post should help you understand the surprising phenomenon. 

Reasons Why Capricorns Are So Good In Bed

So, you’ve recently been pleasantly surprised by a Capricorn in bed – or maybe you’ve received excellent feedback from a partner that has you a little confused.

Capricorns aren’t typically known for their bedroom skills, but now more and more people are coming forward to tell us the truth.

Capricorns are surprisingly good in bed! 

It makes sense when you think about it for long enough, and that’s exactly what we’ve done.

So, here are four reasons why we think Capricorns are so good in bed. 

1. Capricorn Natural Dominance

One of the main personality traits of Capricorn is dominance. They want to be in charge of everything, both personally and professionally, and will often stop at nothing to get to the top.

They’re fiercely determined and like to be the boss, as they won’t work well with another dominating figure. 

Capricorns thrive off of control, and this is why they’re so great in bed. 

Dominating signs are great for anyone who enjoys a kink or two, as they’ll be willing to go along with most things – provided that they are in charge.

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As long as you’re fine with being submissive, a Capricorn lover is a great choice. 

Bear in mind that Capricorns tend to be more withdrawn than the other signs when it comes to new experiences, so you might have to be the one to initiate the activities.

However, once the Capricorn knows your limits and willingness, there’ll be no stopping them. 

They’ll be wanting to lead in the bedroom, and this can be a great turn-on for many partners. A leader will be confident and self-assured, which can lead to the best bedroom antics by far. Scorpio signs are also excellent at this. 

The simple approach to sex that Capricorns often abide by can be refreshing. You won’t be waiting around for them to decide what to do, and they won’t walk you through it, either.

This can make sex exciting and impulsive, making for a better time! 

With that being said, Capricorns know how to read their partners. They’ll know exactly when to initiate new things and when to hold off, so you shouldn’t need to be worried about their advances.

They’ll know when to pull back when their partner isn’t comfortable. 

The best thing to do with a Capricorn in the bedroom is to have them on top – literally and figuratively! Give them the control that they crave while you sit back and enjoy the ride. 

As they get more comfortable with you, their true desires will emerge. They’ll begin to push boundaries and more, and you’ll both have a great time! 

2. Capricorns Are Passionate Lovers

While the Capricorns in your life might be stoic and icy on the outside, they’ll likely have a much bigger personality inside. Once they’re comfortable enough with you to unleash this, you’ll be introduced to the full extent of their sexual passion. 

The great thing about this is that you’ll normally have learned all of their quirks and personality traits before they let you see their sensual side.

You’ll both feel comfortable enough with one another to explore your desires without judgment. 

Once they’ve allowed their walls to come down slightly to let you in, they can show you a good time with their enthusiasm and kinky streak. 

That’s right – Capricorns aren’t actually always thinking about work.

They also like to have a pretty active sex life.

Work hard, play hard is the perfect way to describe a Capricorn. 

Because Capricorns are so passionate about work and getting to the top, sex is an ideal way to blow off steam.

They’ll often bring this passion home with them, and you’re the lucky one that gets to experience the tail end of it all. 

3. They’re Competent and Versatile

Capricorns like to take pride in everything they do. So much so that they can be obsessive about getting everything right, and they’ll put extra effort into developing new skills. Sex is no different, and they’ll never become complacent. 

With a Capricorn partner, you’ll find that they do anything they can to please you. With their dominance and determination to push the limits, they’ll be determined to show you the best night of your life. 

Capricorns love to push limits because they want to experience new things.

This isn’t just down to kinks, although they do tend to love BDSM, they want to try new things to gain the self-assurance that they are good at them. 

Once they’re happy that they’ve mastered one new area of sex, they’ll move on to another. This keeps things fresh and new, and you’ll be able to explore new areas of pleasure too. 

One of the best things about Capricorn lovers is that they’re so confident that you don’t have to be. If you’re nervous about trying something new, they’ll reassure you by taking the lead. 

4. Capricorns Will Stop At Nothing To Satisfy You

As we’ve mentioned before, Capricorns are highly committed to being the best at everything. They’ll want to master every aspect of your sex life, and one massive part of that is satisfying their partner.

They won’t give up or allow only one of you to experience pleasure – they’ll work hard to get you there together. 

Make sure that you don’t rush a Capricorn in bed. They like to be the dominant one, and they’ll tell you when you’re finished. Hold off until they give you the green light to release, as this will make your sexual experience all the more satisfying. 

A Capricorn’s desire to be the best at everything is no joke! 

Jokes aside, this trait makes for an excellent romantic partner. It allows you to experience the best of both worlds in your relationship, as they’ll always be working to better your communication. 

Make sure that you tell them exactly what you like in bed so that they can feel accomplished when hitting the sweet spot. They’ll stop at nothing, so you might as well give them some guidelines to help you both get there together. 

Capricorns tend to be a little unemotional in bed. However, if this isn’t what you like, tell them.

They’ll change their demeanor and tactics to offer you exactly what you want. This leads to the best bedroom experience for you both, so don’t be shy! 

Signs Most Compatible With Capricorn In The Bedroom

So, Capricorns are a surprising fox in the bedroom, but what signs are going to compliment this for the best time? 

You might think that Cancer will clash heads with Capricorn in the bedroom, but they’ll actually work together to satisfy each other and have an amazing night of pleasure. 

Virgos are known for their respect, so they’ll work with Capricorns to uncover any desire they might be hiding. Completely without judgment, too. 

Finally, Scorpios work amazingly with everyone. They’re seductive with a high sex drive, and might be the only sign to keep up with a Capricorn’s demands! 


Thanks for reading our article on why Capricorns are so great in bed. Whether you’ve recently had a mind-blowing experience with one, or are one yourself, we hope that we’ve been able to give you a better insight into how this came about. 

Capricorns aren’t known for being the best sign in bed, but their passion, determination to be the best at everything they do, and willingness to please will be what leaves you wanting more. Don’t question it – just enjoy it! 

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