Why Are Taurus So Good In The Bedroom? Top 7 Reasons

The Zodiac system is helpful in so many ways because it can not only show us what our near futures are going to be like, helping us to lead our lives more effectively but they also tell us a lot about ourselves and a lot about others in our lives.

From our dispositions to our personalities, and even our desires, they can be surprisingly revealing! 

You are likely here now because you have heard that Taurus are renowned for their sexual prowess and that they are known to be incredibly good in bed. 

But why is this? What exactly about the sign allows them to be so good in the bedroom? Join us down below to find out some of the top reasons!

Taurus Enjoy Pleasing Their Partners

Taurus are famously very dedicated and are able to fixate on a goal and see it through to fruition without complaint.

This is a characteristic that makes itself very evident when it comes to the bedroom. 

Taurus simply love to dedicate their time to pleasing their partners, by focusing on specific areas of the body or performing specific acts.

Taurus are very empathetic and derive a lot of their own sexual pleasure from the joy of pleasing their partner. 

If the partner of a Taurus is clear about what they want in the bedroom, such as what they want the Taurus to touch, caress, or otherwise focus on, then the Taurus will be happy to oblige.

Thus, Taurus really get on in the bedroom with partners that are very communicative and that know what they want.

Taurus Are Very Affectionate

Sometimes there’s nothing worse than feeling rushed by your sexual partner, feeling like they cannot wait to get the love-making over with so they can be by themselves again.

Arguably two of the most crucial parts of good sex are the before and after. 

Sometimes it can be incredibly pleasurable to bathe in the afterglow with your partner, and it almost goes without saying that foreplay goes a long way toward getting both parties ready for sex and getting in the mood together. 

Luckily, Taurus are known to be incredibly affectionate and passionate, so having sex, for them, is not simply a matter of ‘getting it over with’, but instead taking time to build a real and passionate connection. 

Sex with a Taurus is incredibly pleasurable because they make sure to shower you with love and affection, which makes you feel incredibly warm and safe, which in turn heightens the pleasure of the overall experience. 

Bathing in the afterglow with the Taurus is just as pleasurable as the sex that comes before it, which speaks volumes to the Taurus’ immense passion and ability to keep the pleasure going over extended periods. 

Taurus Are Incredibly Sensual

Taurus are naturally drawn toward earthly pleasures and love to indulge in all things pleasurable and luxurious in nature.

This also shows itself in how they go about engaging in sex.

Taurus are one of the most grounded signs in the Zodiac sign, and they are very in touch with nature, which gives them the ability to really hone in and focus on not only their own physical pleasure but also the physical pleasure of their sexual and romantic partners.

If you enjoy sex with plenty of bodily contact, then the Taurus is bound to give you exactly what you seek.

Contact, whether through the skin, through the eyes, or just through one of the other five senses is incredibly arousing for the Taurus, so you can be sure that sex will be long, and the Taurus will not seek to rush the act at all.

Taurus enjoy taking their time while having sex, allowing both parties to focus on the pleasures they are feeling, to allow them to slowly heighten, slowly working towards a climax, but not making it the end goal of the experience.

Taurus like to build a strong connection to help them to more easily please their partner.

Because of their love of all things physical, Taurus also enjoy engaging in other acts to help to heighten the mood and increase and improve the sexual energy between the two.

They enjoy giving a massage to their partner just as much as they enjoy receiving one.

Taking the time to explore the body is one of the Taurus’s favorite parts of the sex act, and thus you can expect massages to play a key role. 

Make sure to pay particular attention to the neck of the Taurus, as there are noted erogenous zones in that area of the body that can send the Taurus man wild.

The reason for this is that the Taurus sign is commonly associated with the neck.

Try kissing, caressing, licking, or biting a Taurus’s neck lightly, and you will very quickly notice the pleasure coursing across their body.

 Because they are so entrenched in the physical aspects of sex, sex with a Taurus is not massively adventurous, as the sign is not famously very sexually adventurous or kinky, though this can be very pleasing for some that may be daunted by the thought of introducing sex toys or strange positions into the bedroom.

Taurus Are Amazing At Kissing

Kissing is a totally crucial part of enjoying sex, and yet some people actively shy away from it! Luckily, the Taurus is not afraid to really indulge themselves when it comes to kissing, and they derive a lot of pleasure from it.

This makes them great kissers as they actively seek to make the act of kissing exciting and engaging.

Despite their clear passion for kissing, Taurus also know how to take it slow and really indulge both themselves and their partners in a slow but rewarding kissing experience.

The kissing may start off slowly, but the Taurus knows just the right time to ramp up the speed to make it all the more exciting!

When making out with a Taurus, don’t forget to occasionally move the action down to their neck, as they derive a lot of pleasure from that area of the body, and you could very quickly have them quaking beneath your touch! 

Taurus Have A High Libido

Despite not being quite as sexually adventurous or sexually daring as some other signs in the Zodiac, Taurus are known to have an incredibly high libido, which means that they are able to very quickly recover from orgasm and go for another round in next to no time. 

This means that not only can you enjoy long and passionate sessions with the Taurus, but you can both enjoy multiple orgasms together, allowing the Taurus man to keep pace and keep the pleasure flowing for hours.

Taurus Genuinely Care

One of the best things about the Taurus is that, when they connect with a person, it truly means something.

Because of the Taurus’s penchant for all things luxury, they also understand the hard work and dedication that is necessary to earn some of life’s luxuries.

As a result, they often seek security and stability in their relationships and even their sexual experiences.

As a result, when a Taurus shows a connection with their sexual or romantic partner it is not a facade and is a real reflection of their feelings and their passions.

This can help to make sex with the Taurus even more passionate and brilliant, as you will not be able to help but connect with them as well. 

This also helps to make the sexual experience much better, as the Taurus wishes to maximize the pleasure of their partner, which can best be done by communicating with them.

The Taurus will take incredibly well to a partner that communicates with them actively during sex as it allows them to provide pleasure that in turn gives them a great deal of pleasure.

Taurus Know How To Get You In The Mood

For the Taurus, the atmosphere and vibe of the room where sex takes place is easily one of the key components of making it all work so well.

The Taurus knows just how to create the perfect environment that leads to a more steamy atmosphere between the two parties. 

Taurus also know how to make use of some of life’s other luxuries such as chocolate and wine to get the mood going.

This speaks to Taurus’s famous penchant for all things luxury.

Not only will you get luxury sex with a Taurus, but you will also get an overall luxury experience thanks to the inclusion of these extra elements.

Taurus recognizes the importance that a good build-up plays in making sex even more powerful and passionate. If you want mind-blowing sex and some of the best orgasms ever, then you really can do no better than taking a Taurus into your bedroom! 

To Wrap Up

As you can now see, much of the Taurus’s famous sexual prowess is a direct result of some of the key characteristics of the sign. Taurus are known to be incredibly grounded, and to take immense pleasure from earthly luxuries, such as wine, chocolate, and, of course, sex! 

The Taurus knows how to hone in on every one of sex’s most pleasurable sensations and heighten them to create sex that is long and passionate and that leaves all parties deeply satisfied. 

As well as this, Taurus derive much of their pleasure from pleasing their partners.

This is a result of their high penchant for empathy, which allows them to tune in to the feelings and sensations of their partner, to help them to achieve greater pleasure.

All of these factors, and more, help to make the Taurus one of the absolute best signs in the bedroom! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Taurus wild in bed?

Taurus can be very wild in bed as a result of their earthly nature and love of all things physical, however, they can still easily be reigned in. 

What body part does Taurus like?

One of the body parts that the Taurus most closely fixates on is actually the neck.

Who is Taurus compatible with in bed?

When it comes to the bedroom, Taurus are very well matched by Scorpios who also have a great love for sex and all things physical. 

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