Are Aquarius Men & Capricorn Women Compatible?

Opposites can indeed attract, so it’s understandable that someone born under the air sign Aquarius might end up going steady with someone born under the earth sign Capricorn.

But is a love match of such conflicting personality types sustainable?

To put it bluntly, a lot of the time, no, an Aquarius man and a Capricorn woman will not be compatible, at least over longer periods, which isn’t to say it could never work, but that’s exactly what such a union is going to take… work, and lots of it!

What Does The Aquarius Man Value In The Capricorn Woman?

She is ambitious

Capricorn doesn’t ever doubt herself and what she can accomplish. She works tirelessly to achieve her goals, and never, ever gives up, a personality trait that an Aquarius man can’t help but marvel at.

He has the very same deathless drive, and before now, he thought he was alone in this relentless optimism.

Witnessing the Capricorn woman in action, he sees a fragment of himself, and it intrigues him no end.

Even though her energy will most likely be focused on forwarding causes antagonistic to his own, the symmetry calls out to Aquarius and beckons him in. 

Always keen to make connections and hear different points of view, he’s open to getting to know Capricorn, even if secretly it’s so he can try to influence her alignment and get her to join forces with him.

She is sensitive to the needs of others

Aquarius is a sympathetic personality as long as he’s not emotionally involved in a situation himself.

Looking in from the outside, he’s very empathetic and extremely tuned in to the needs of those around him, and the same is true of Capricorn.

She understands people, and her caring disposition is appealing to Aquarius who believes kindness is key to actioning real change in the world.

She is unparalleled concentration skills

It’s true that Aquarius are very cerebral, intellectual souls, but as veritable idea machines, their thoughts come thick and fast, which can be hard to manage.

Without a calming influence to improve acuity, they can become scatterbrained, unable to follow through on any one train of thought… enter Capricorn.

She is just as intelligent as Aquarius, but her razor focus allows her to extract the full potential of her every thought.

Her mind is like the stage of a beautifully conducted symphony, whereas his mind is like the basement hosting a furious punk rock show.

While his mind is certainly beautiful in its own way, perhaps even more so, he can’t help but be in awe of the polished perfection of his Capricorn lover’s mind.

She is relentlessly devoted

When a relationship is in full swing, the Capricorn woman has eyes for no one else and works tirelessly to strengthen her union.

True, the odds are stacked against this love match, but ironically, if there’s anyone who can make it work through sheer determination and devotion, it’s Capricorn.

Aquarius adores this about her, as it’s a tactful way of progressing the relationship and strengthening their bond without smothering him, which has been a problem for him in past relationships.

What Does The Aquarius Man Dislike In The Capricorn Woman?

Her controlling nature

One of Capricorn’s biggest strengths and greatest weaknesses is that she’s a control freak through and through. 

Ruled by Saturn’s claustrophobic energy, she can’t help but assume the lead in almost all situations. It comes from a fear of vulnerability and being at the whim of others, for she can’t quite grasp that vulnerability isn’t a weakness, but a form of bravery and strength.

Needless to say, our free-spirited Aquarius man doesn’t take kindly to his partner’s dictatorial disposition and will rage against it with all his might.

Arguments between these two can spiral out of control in a matter of seconds, and if they’re not careful, a single squabble can lead to the end of the partnership.

He knows that her trying to control him isn’t malicious or consciously manipulative, but it’s still something he feels she needs to work on.

Her distaste for spontaneity

Aquarius subscribe to the notion that variety is the spice of life. If it’s been done before, they simply don’t want to do it. If it’s part of some structured plan, they don’t want to know — Spontaneity is their very lifeblood!

Sadly, Capricorn wholeheartedly disagrees.

She likes her world to be just as fastidiously orchestrated as her thoughts, and this requires meticulous and perpetual planning, something that drives her Aquarian partner absolutely wild.

He likes to wing it, and by “it”, I mean everything! She likes to ruminate on every possibility and chart a specific course that she’ll never deviate from, but if she can’t ease her restrictive scheduling at least a little, he’ll soon start to lose interest in the relationship.

Her moodiness

The coldness of Saturn settles into the Capricorn woman every now and again, a paralyzing melancholia that – if left unchecked – can transition into full-blown depression. 

An optimist at heart, Aquarius relishes an opportunity to cheer his lover up, but even his infinite patience is no match for the oppressive funk clouding her mind and pulling at her heart.

Unequipped to bring her back from the murk of the emotional abyss, he feels a failure, and that he himself is being sucked in by the sheer gravity of her sadness.

The result? To protect himself from the dark emotions he instinctively avoids at all costs, he ends the relationship.

Her fondness for tradition

Of all the ways these two lovers clash, Capricorn’s enthusiasm for tradition is the one that’s most likely to tear them apart. 

Aquarius see tradition as an oppressive, stagnating force diametrically opposed to progress, but for Capricorn, championing tradition is a way to eclipse the unknown of the future and assert some semblance of control over what’s to come.

It’s her fear that drives this love of the familiar, but she’ll never admit that to herself.

Her partner may try and help her see the light, assuring her that it’s actually a tradition that should be feared, but her conservative soul may be too steeped in anxiety to change.

What Does The Capricorn Woman Value In The Aquarius Man?

He is original and exciting

She’d rather not hear most of his revolutionary rhetoric, but she can’t help but be enticed by the way her Aquarius man stands out from the crowd.

Tradition may be her safety blanket, but she’s too intelligent not to be drawn in by the novel so long as it’s safely bubble wrapped in love.

He is honest and faithful

As a devoted lover, nothing hurts Capricorn more than dishonesty and adultery.

She puts so much effort into nurturing her relationships that the idea someone might throw it all back in her face and seek closeness elsewhere is her worst nightmare. Again, this relates to her fear of losing control.

Thankfully, no one is more honest and faithful than our Aquarius man, so she feels comfortable with him, which may even open up a less controlling side.

The more freedom she’s capable of giving her partner, the more likely she is to win and keep his heart.

He is always composed

A lover of order, our Capricorn woman has a profound respect for the adamantine composure of Aquarius.

In his aloof disposition, she sees complete discipline, and being that this is one area of her life that she doesn’t have ultimate control over, it fascinates her.

Stoicism isn’t always a winning feature in relationships and has probably been part of the reason our Aquarius man’s previous partnerships haven’t worked out, but to Capricorn, his equilibrium is a thing of pure beauty.

He’s compassionate

Capricorn can be a little rough around the edges, but she won’t notice this until she witnesses the pure compassion her Aquarius partner has for his fellow man. 

His desire to be kind to and help people holds up a mirror to her own manner of being.

Not liking what she sees, she’s inspired to be a nicer person.

He’s Independent

Capricorn will surely fantasize about her Aquarius man being a little more possessive of her, but she sees a great deal of virtue in his independence and unwillingness to control her, for, ultimately, she doesn’t want to relinquish control.

What Does The Capricorn Woman Dislike In The Aquarius Man?

He loathes tradition

Capricorn is scared by the Aquarius obsession with thwarting societal norms.

She loves the comfort of tradition and knowing what’s going to happen day in and day out, year after year, while he is a force of pure entropy, a whirlwind she invited into her life and threatens to wreak havoc and force her to face her fear of vulnerability.

Is she strong enough to weather the Aquarian storm? Only time will tell.

He likes to live life on the edge

If she could, Capricorn would map the Aquarian man’s life out just as she has mapped out her own, but his erratic behavior cannot be predicted, and any attempt to rein in his entropic leanings only intensifies them.

His lack of focus

While Aquarius is dreaming away, thinking of ways to break the mold and change the world, Capricorn is trying to be pragmatic and map out their world.

His inability to focus, especially on anything so close to home as their relationship, drives her up the wall.

Although Aquarius are typically good listeners, when he’s locked in a daydream, he may not listen carefully enough to his partner, and when she notices he hasn’t taken in a word of what she’s been saying, all hell breaks loose.

He isn’t resource driven

Capricorns’ thirst for control and comfort make them excellent managers of resources, but Aquarius have almost zero material ties, meaning things like money don’t really occupy a space in their psyche.

It’s not that he doesn’t have money, as Aquarians are often talented earners, but his lack of fiscal responsibility is seen as a cardinal sin by his Capricorn lover.

Do Aquarius Men & Capricorn Women Have Good Sexual Chemistry?

Sexual Chemistry Score: 3/10

Erotic cards on the table here… there isn’t much of a connection between these signs when things get hot and heavy. 

The Capricorn woman has a healthy sexual appetite and enjoys doing the steamy dance in the dark any chance she gets, but Aquarians are quite fickle in this department, for as much as they love sex, they often prefer to go without it for weeks at a time.

He might be able to keep up with her libido if some of their other sexual traits matched up, but sadly, not many of them do. 

She likes slow, sensuous sex, while he likes to keep things light, playful, and exciting. She likes a regimented sex life, while he gets off on spontaneous, unpredictable sexual activity.

So, when they do get down to some sheet shaking, it’s often a little stilted.

However, if they have a strong foundational friendship and are willing to try and find a balance between orchestrated and spontaneous instances of intimacy, it is possible for them to overcome their lack of sexual synergy and enjoy a healthy sex life.

Aquarius Man & Capricorn Woman: Will It Work?

Compatibility Score: 4/10

If Aquarius can learn to love his partner more than freedom, and if Capricorn can learn to love her partner more than control, their partnership has a fighting chance, but without this crucial compromise, the future looks incredibly bleak for this couple.

It’s hard for them to fight their own natures, but if they focus on the few things they have in common, such as honesty, intelligence, and integrity, they might conjure the energy to make it work.

The convention vs. unconventional binary that defines this relationship can and will fracture their oneness, but as they’re both confident and forthright communicators, they’re more than equipped to repair these rifts.

Each time they save their relationship from the brink, it gets a little stronger, but it also exhausts both parties, meaning they have less fight in them to tackle the next one, but steadfast devotion, spearheaded by Capricorn, may be their salvation.

Final Thoughts

A fraught relationship between Aquarius man and Capricorn woman is unavoidable, and it can be incredibly trying to keep such a union afloat. 

They may fall in and out of love with one another numerous times as they face obstacle after obstacle, but in no other signs do we see such unvanquishable human spirit, which is precisely what they’ll need to fend off adversity and forge a lasting bond.

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