5 Reasons Why Geminis Are So Great In Bed

Geminis are well known for being playful and adaptable. They’re fun, eager to please, and will be more than happy to find a middle ground on what you both want to do in the bedroom. 

Everyone who’s been with a Gemini will say the same thing – they make excellent lovers. But why is this? 

Today we’re looking at five reasons why Geminis are so great in bed and leave you wanting more each time. 

We’ll also look at what turns them on and off, so you can ensure they’re eager to return to the sheets. After all, once you hop into bed with a Gemini, you won’t want to leave! 

Let’s get right into it, shall we? 

1. Their Control Over Their Hands And Mouth

The first thing that makes Geminis so good in bed is the skills they demonstrate with both their hands and their mouth. The sign literally rules the hand and tongue, so they’re very good at controlling these body parts. 

First, they can kiss. Really well.

Geminis know what to do with their mouths, whether that’s a playful peck or a full-on passionate make-out session. They can kiss all day long, and with their skill set, you won’t want to stop either. 

They like to kiss throughout sex and keep that face-to-face connection, which can further immerse you in the pleasure. 

Of course, the mouth isn’t the only place those lips will want to go. They’ll explore every inch of your body with their mouth, and your toes will be curling by the end of their exploration.

Geminis can find erogenous zones that you weren’t even aware of thanks to their skillful tongues. 

Oral sex is another obvious bonus to their hand and mouth control, and Geminis don’t disappoint. They won’t rush, and they treat the act like art, enjoying it even more than they do receive it.

Maybe that’s because they know that no one else does it quite as good as they do. 

This doesn’t mean that they don’t like taking, too, but many Geminis will prefer to give instead. They get aroused by your reaction to their skills. 

Don’t even get us started on their hands.

They’re insanely great at using their hands during sex.

Everything they use their tongue for can also be done with their hands, and you’ll have no complaints either way. 

The real treat is when they use their hands and mouth together… Where were we? 

2. Their Curiosity And Love Of Experimentation

There’s nothing wrong with missionary. But when your lovers will only ever offer up one position, it can get a little tiresome. Okay, a lot tiresome. If you want someone to experiment with and experience new things with you, pick a Gemini. 

Geminis can bring a new lease on life to your bed posts.

They’re full of creative energy that will leave you begging for more, and they’re always ready to experiment. Their curiosity will extend to you, making you more adventurous between the sheets as well. 

Is there something you’ve always wanted to try but have never been able to explain it to your partner? If so, then a Gemini is the ideal person to experience it with.

They’ll be excited that you’re the one suggesting something different. 

No matter how out there your sexual fantasies are, Geminis will give anything a go at least once. They’re not big on a dominating force within the bedroom and they don’t like pain, so they’re not the kinkiest sign of all.

They’re just interested in learning more about sex outside of the mainstream ideology, often for nothing more than the novelty of it. 

If you’re interested in exploring group dynamics, Geminis could be the sexual partner for you to explore.

They’re often open to new dynamics and partners.  

3. Their Willingness Of Adventure

Geminis are flexible – both figuratively and literally. They match your tempo and willingness, anytime and anywhere. 

They’re not above having sex in novelty places, and they’ll enjoy the spur of the moment act as much as they like it behind closed doors.

Outdoor sex is often spontaneous and exciting, and can feed into the Gemini’s love of stimulation.

It will often lose them in everything going on around them. 

Geminis also love surprises. They can get bored when things settle into too much of a routine. If you manage to get their blood racing with a spontaneous sexual advance somewhere other than the bedroom, you’re sure to be in for a thrilling time. 

These are often the times that you remember the most vividly, so they can be very important for your relationship. 

If you’re worried about having sex outside, this isn’t the only unconventional way you could initiate it. Another room in the house, a friend or family member’s house, the pool – there are plenty of places where you might not usually have sex. 

The random change in setting is what gets Geminis so excited, and they’ll love that you were willing to risk getting caught for them. 

4. Their Stimulating Aura 

While Geminis are excellent in the bedroom, they are more than just sex machines. They are deep individuals who like to challenge their partners, and this characteristic can extend to the bedroom.

They’ll want to stimulate your mind while stimulating you in other areas – if you know what we mean. 

Geminis are quick and witty, and many say that they can turn people on without even touching them. Geminis are experts when it comes to sex, without relying on just physicality. 

When you get a Gemini alone, they’ll woo you with their words – successfully, may we add. You’ll be swooning all the way into the bedroom, and they’ll follow with a coy smile and a smirk. 

After a few of their erotically-charged lines, you’ll wonder why you’re so hot and bothered by them.

This lighthearted manipulation tactic is the ideal foreplay to get everyone excited for the night ahead. 

Geminis are excellent when it comes to dirty talk, too. If you’re a fan of dirty talk, they won’t stop talking throughout. It can range from a few suggestive jokes to downright filthy lines. 

Don’t be worried about keeping the conversation going, and don’t get embarrassed if you can’t think of retorts. The Gemini will play off whatever you give them and just be appreciative that you’re engaging in their game.

Geminis are excellent people for anyone who struggles to tell their partner what they want in the bedroom.

They’ll gently coax it out of you without judgment, asking about preferences and imploring you both to work together to have the best time possible. 

They won’t want to waste their time with things that you won’t enjoy, so this conversation is very important to Geminis. 

One thing to note about this sign is that they can often overthink sex and get distracted. If they begin talking about something completely random in the middle of the act, try to get them back into their own body again.

Use moans and other noises to get their head back in the game. 

5. Their Imagination (For Roleplaying)

As we’ve already mentioned, Geminis are fans of novelty. They’re ruled by the planet Mercury, meaning that they’re both imaginative and inventive.

These are two amazing traits for those engaging in roleplay. 

Geminis can detach from their feelings in an instant. This can be irritating for water signs who are more sensitive, but it can also be thrilling for those who enjoy roleplay. Geminis can embody different characters or roles completely, offering you an immersive experience like no other. 

Geminis are fun in the bedroom. They want to enjoy their time with you, and roleplay can take a bizarre turn. The more elaborate the story, the better! Costumes and props can make an appearance, too.

You’ll be putting on an entire dramatic piece before you know it. 

This is plenty of fun and can offer you a new way to connect with your partner. Some signs are too nervous to explore this, but Geminis are airy and malleable, giving you both free rein to explore anything you think about. 

However, this doesn’t mean that Geminis are into BDSM and hardcore kinks.

They’re not into that, and there doesn’t need to be a power dynamic in the bedroom. You are both equals and can add your own input without judgment from the other. 

Gemini Turn Ons and Offs

Now that you know why Geminis are so great in bed, how can you keep them to make sure you get to enjoy them in the bedroom for longer? 

Geminis are all about duality. This is important in every aspect of their lives, including sex.

While some Geminis take this literally with group sex, others have more than enough charisma to turn a one-on-one session into feeling like a multiple person orgy. 

Sexual experimentation is the number one turn on for Geminis, and they love their partners to initiate freaky things in the bedroom.

As long as it’s not painful and doesn’t throw them into a submissive role, they should be fine with anything. 

Sexting and dirty talk is another big turn on for Geminis, who are ruled by the planet of communication, Mercury.

The biggest turn off for Geminis is monotony and being bored by a routine sex life. They crave adventure, and the same positions and settings can get boring very quickly for Geminis.

Keep adding new layers of fun into the bedroom to keep them engaged. 

Geminis are also known for their brains working a mile a minute. If they find themselves bored, they might start to think about other things during sex. This is an instant turn off as if they can think about other things, the sex obviously isn’t that entertaining. 


Thanks for reading! There are many reasons why Geminis are so great in bed, including their willingness to try anything and their love of experimentation. If you’re nervous about trying new things but desperately want to find someone to make you feel comfortable, Geminis are an excellent choice. 

They’re not judgemental and are willing to try anything once. They’ll love dirty talk and are amazing with their hands and mouth. Need we say any more?

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