Are Libra Men and Aquarius Women Compatible? – Will a Relationship Work?

Some zodiac signs are more compatible together than others. That is just simply the way that it is. While everybody is different, there do seem to be several common traits across those born under certain zodiac signs.

That is why some zodiac signs will make an excellent pairing, while others will clash, and the relationship will not work out.

In this guide, we’re focusing on the compatibility between Libra men and Aquarius women. So if you want to find out if a relationship will work between these two zodiac signs, keep on reading!

Things Libra Men Like in Aquarius Women

First, let’s take a look at some of the things that Libra men like in Aquarius women.

These are the things that make them attracted to Aquarius women, and the qualities that make them consider them as potential partners.

They Want to Build a Deep Connection

One of the things that Libra men really find most attractive in Aquarius women is the fact that they are eager to create a deep connection with them.

Libras are the star sign that place the highest amount of value on a romantic relationship, so the fact that Aquarius women have the desire to create the same deep connection that Libra men want is insanely attractive.

This really is one of the areas in which these two zodiacs are the same.

Both of these star signs are insanely passionate when it comes to emotions and connections, and they simply find it pointless to enter a relationship with somebody if that deep connection is not there.

A Libra man will like an Aquarius woman because they see the want for that deep connection, and know this is something that they can achieve together.

Their Independence

This next one may be a little surprising as Libras are very relationship-oriented people. However, the majority of Libra men will find the level of independence that Aquarius women have very attractive. 

It isn’t the independence within a relationship that the Libra man likes.

As we will discuss shortly, this is actually something that he dislikes. But the Libra man likes how independent the Aquarius woman is of the other relationships in their life.

She doesn’t feel the need to rely on other people and is happy to get things done herself. Libras are very much a sign that likes to get things done, so seeing this in another person will be an attractive quality. 

A Libra man will like that an Aquarius woman is in control of her own life and that she doesn’t rely on her relationships with others to bring her balance.

Their Intelligence

Finally, Libra men tend to find Aquarius women very attractive because of their intellectual capabilities. 

Libras are very intellectual people, and they like to connect with others that have the same emotional, and intellectual abilities as them. When it comes to intelligence, Libra and Aquarius are on a fairly even playing field, and this is something that both zodiac signs find attractive in one another. 

A Libra man will find the intelligence of an Aquarius woman very attractive as it allows them to connect on an intellectual level. 

Things Libra Men Dislike in Aquarius Women

Of course, there are also some things that Libra men dislike in Aquarius women. So, let’s take a look at what they are. 

They Sometimes Feel Neglected

One of the things that Libra men will start to dislike once they enter into a relationship with an Aquarius woman is that they may start to feel neglected. 

Aquarius women are very independent, and while this can be an attractive trait at first, it can quickly become something that the Libra man dislikes.

Libras place huge value on their romantic relationships, and they take the partnership between them and the person that they are with very seriously.

Libra men will expect to spend a large amount of time with their partner, and this is where the independence of the Aquarius woman can start to cause issues in terms of compatibility. 

While a Libra man would happily spend almost all of his spare time with an Aquarius woman, she would value large periods on her own.

This can cause rifts within the relationship as the Libra man begins to feel neglected in his relationship. 

Their Spontaneity and Feelings Towards Settling Down

Closely linked to the last point, something else that Libra men tend to dislike in Aquarius women is their spontaneity and the feelings that they have toward settling down. 

While Libra men will want to explore all areas of life in their lifetime and travel the world, eventually they will want to settle down.

Settling down with the person that they love and building a family and life together is one of the main goals, but this isn’t the case for Aquarius women.

Those born under the Aquarius zodiac tend to have very specific feelings toward settling down, and this is actually something that they have no desire to do. At least not early in life. 

As Libra men have an innate desire to settle down with their partner, the spontaneity of the Aquarius woman could be something that they dislike.

Their Bluntness

Finally, one of the things that Libra men tend to really dislike about Aquarius women is how blunt they are. 

Libras are a sign that tries hard to avoid conflict.

They are calm people who constantly search for balance, and as a result, they tend to be very diplomatic and courteous, often skirting around what they want to say so as not to offend.

In contrast, Aquarius women tend to be very blunt and to the point – never afraid to speak their minds. 

The bluntness of the Aquarius woman can make the Libra man uncomfortable as this behavior is something he dislikes. 

Things Aquarius Women Like in Libra Men

Likewise, there are some things that Aquarius women tend to really like in Libra men. They include the following. 

Their Passion

Libra men tend to be incredibly passionate, and this can be a real turn-on for Aquarius women. 

Just like Libras, those born under the Aquarius zodiac seek deep, emotional connections with those around them.

Seeing how passionate Libra men really highlights that they will be able to offer that intense personal connection that the Aquarius woman desires.

More so, it shows that this is something that the Libra men themselves desire too.

So one of the things that Aquarius women like most in Libra men is their passion for everything in their life – from romantic relationships to their personal beliefs, and lots more.

Their Level-Headedness

While those born under Aquarius aren’t necessarily people who search for conflict, they can be a little blunt when communicating. This can sometimes unintentionally cause conflict to arise. 

Aquarius women like how level-headed Libra men are in situations.

They like that these men can look at different scenarios in a very balanced fashion and that they can pinpoint the actions that lead to things happening. 

The calm aura that Libra men carry with them is very attractive to Aquarius women, and so is the balanced lifestyle that they offer too! 

Their Need to Explore the World

Finally, Aquarius women will find the fact that Libra men want to explore the world very attractive. 

Both of these zodiac signs are very intelligent and intellectual abilities, so they crave the knowledge that they will be able to gain through travel.

The Aquarius woman finds it very attractive that this is something the Libra man would like to do alongside her. 

While the spontaneity and independence of the Aquarius woman can be something that Libra men dislike eventually, in the early stages of the relationship, this shared want of exploration is something that can really bring the couple together. 

She may be independent, but the Aquarius woman is always happy for someone to come with her on her adventures. 

Things Aquarius Women Dislike in Libra Men

In contrast, there are some things that Aquarius women dislike in Libra men. Let’s take a look at what they are.

Their Neediness

One area where these two signs often clash is the importance that they place on romantic relationships. 

The Aquarius woman is happy to be in a relationship, but she will not give up her independence for it.

In contrast, Libra men tend to want to do everything with their partner, and this can come across as very needy to the Aquarius woman. 

When she looks for a romantic partner, the Aquarius woman doesn’t want somebody who is going to tie her down. As this clashes with what Libra men want in a relationship, it can cause them to come across as incredibly needy.

This is something that Libra women dislike.

Their Diplomacy

Neither of these signs particularly like conflict, but Libras tend to be actively against conflict. While Aquarius women like that Libra men are level-headed, the diplomatic way that they have to behave is often something that Aquarius women dislike.

An Aquarius woman is not afraid to speak her mind if it is something she is passionate about, and in certain scenarios, she can often come across as blunt. 

As we said earlier, this is something that Libra men find uncomfortable.

Likewise, the Aquarius woman actively dislikes the way that the Libra man diplomatically approaches every situation. 

They Make Them Feel Tied Down

Finally, Aquarius women tend to dislike the fact that Libra men make them feel like they are tied down. 

Aquarius women are fun and spontaneous. Their independence means that they are always happy to go on adventures, even if those adventures are solo.

As we said earlier, this is something that Libras tend to dislike in Aquarius’.

Likewise, Aquarius’ also dislikes the fact that Libras make them feel like they can’t do this. 

When both signs are eager to travel and explore, this relationship can work really well. But as time passes, the Libra’s need to settle down is something that can really frustrate the Aquarius woman. 

Libra Man and Aquarius Woman: Sexual Chemistry

Score: 8/10

While they may eventually clash when it comes to life values, Libras and Aquarius’ have immense sexual chemistry. These signs can connect on an intellectual level and this just makes their sexual chemistry even better. 

Libra men are very good in bed, and also very good at listening to their partner and this only improves their skills in the bedroom.

Those born under Aquarius also highly value communication, and this allows them to communicate in the bedroom and have very good sex. 

Libra Man and Aquarius Woman: Relationship Score

Score: 4/10

Based on the sexual chemistry score that we have just given this pairing, you may expect their relationship score to be high too. However, while they may connect really well in the bedroom, when it comes to life, these star signs do tend to clash. 

A Libra man dreams of settling down with his partner and forming a bond between the two that enables them to do everything together.

In contrast, an Aquarius woman values her freedom, independence, and ability to be spontaneous.

These values clash, and ultimately mean that more often than not, a relationship between these signs will not be successful.


In short, there are plenty of things that the Libra man likes in the Aquarius woman and vice versa. But in terms of life values, these zodiac signs tend to clash and this greatly reduces their relationship compatibility.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that the relationship will not work, it simply means that the relationship will not be easy. 

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