13 Reasons Why You Find Capricorns So Attractive

Capricorns are mature, relationship-orientated, and stoic. Saturn rules them, and the planet’s dominance is why it makes Capricorns so hard-working, passionate, and self-sufficient. 

The Capricorn sign is earth, but it is decidedly masculine and is thought to be the paternal figure of the zodiac. 

Their motto is often to work hard and play hard. You’ll find Capricorns to be sarcastic, have a dry sense of humor, and have a sharp wit. They’ll keep you on your toes, and they’ll enjoy the dominance that comes with this. 

Other traits include being loyal, kind, helpful, and funny. They know how to work hard to enrich their lives and make their off-time even better. 

Today we’re looking at 13 reasons why you might find Capricorns attractive. Keep reading to find out!

1. Their Dominant Side

Capricorns are known for being dominant. They won’t stand for anything that they don’t agree with and they’ll say what they’re thinking without thinking about the repercussions. Dominance is sexy – fact. 

Capricorns are self-assured, willful, and commanding.

They want to succeed in life and will stop at nothing to get what they want. 

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They’re also very mature, which is a trait of a naturally dominant personality. Both maturity and dominance are very attractive qualities, and this is one of the most obvious reasons why everyone seems to find them so appealing. 

2. Their Sense Of Humor

Capricorns are known for being a very serious sign – perhaps because of their stoic and brooding nature. However, anyone who gets to see their sense of humor will definitely become more attracted to them instantly. 

A good sense of humor is incredibly important in any relationship, which is why this is an appealing quality of Capricorns. 

They’re considered to be one of the funniest signs in the zodiac – as long as they’re comfortable enough with you to show you that side of them, of course. 

Their humor is dry and observational. It is so simple and witty that it will often leave everyone in stitches.

They’ll also indulge in conventionally inappropriate humor, which makes them all the funnier. 

We’ve all heard the saying ‘laugh them into bed’, right? 

3. Their Admirable Work Ethic

People who are consistently driven at work are very attractive. They’ll be so focused on work and getting to the top that they won’t notice how silently attractive they are.

The issue here is that Capricorns are often so driven that they’ll be difficult to distract. You might find it more difficult to break their concentration and start a relationship with them as they want to focus on nothing other than work. 

And isn’t that always the way? We always want what we can’t have. 

Capricorns are chronically unavailable because they’re workaholics, which makes them all the more desirable. Fancy a game of cat and mouse, anyone? 

These people are known for overworking themselves, which can sometimes be a fault.

But the fact that they’re so dedicated to getting to the top in the name of ambition cannot help but be admired, making them all the more attractive. 

4. Their Natural Leadership

Everyone is attracted to people who take leadership roles. It’s some sort of science. And what better sign to be a natural-born leader than Capricorn? 

Capricorns know how to plan ahead and direct others with this plan. They know how to execute their plans perfectly without self-doubt or worrying about other people’s opinions. 

This also makes Capricorn people straight to the point with everything they say.

They won’t beat around the bush, and they don’t care to spare feelings. They want the best from everyone around them and they’ll say whatever is necessary to achieve it.

This bluntness and natural leadership can be very attractive to some people who like to take a more submissive role. 

5. Their Secret Depth

When you first meet a Capricorn, they’ll be guarded and stoic. They can seem cold and distant, but behind the walls that they’ve put up, they’re full of a complex depth. 

They have great intuition when it comes to other people, and once they tear down their pragmatic wall and allow you in, you’ll see just how complex they really are. 

Capricorns tend to stand up to anyone who doesn’t act in a way that they’re comfortable with, but they’re also able to be vulnerable behind closed doors.

This juxtaposition between coldness and warmth is an incredibly attractive trait that many people will fall in love with. 

If you’ve ever read a book featuring the ‘I hate everyone but you’ trope, this is how you might imagine a relationship to be with a Capricorn. And it’s just as attractive in real life. 

Many Capricorns hide an artistic side and their hobbies, but they’ll enjoy talking to their partner about them for hours. The way their eyes light up as they talk about things they love will make them even more attractive. 

6. Their Independence

Capricorns won’t rely on anyone else for their necessities. They are driven enough to be self-sufficient and will always do things their way. 

This means that they are independent enough to pave their own way and make their own rules.

They might take your advice on board, but they won’t blindly follow your rules. This independence is sexy. 

However, this trait can also have its faults. Capricorns will tend to shy away and encroach on themselves when faced with painful experiences.

This means that they’ll suffer on their own rather than ask for help, and they’ll take their time to work through their emotions individually. 

This sees them rarely needy. They’re self-sufficient enough to not need your help, so you’ll never consider them a burden or annoying. Again, this just adds to their attractiveness. 

Most people nowadays are too dependent on others, which can be a turn-off.

Capricorns don’t enjoy needy people, so they’ll extend the same lack of this to their partners.

A lack of overactive emotions will make you both all the more attractive to one another. 

7. Their Sensuality

As an earth sign, Capricorns are very sensual and grounded. They might appear cold when you first meet them, but their warming aura is infectious.

You might not be able to explain your attraction, but it’s definitely there. 

Again, you might not think it at the first meeting, but Capricorns are very sexual and enjoy spending time in the bedroom regularly. They’ll often use sex as a way to burn off steam. 

Still, they’re very patient when it comes to pleasing their partners and will strive to achieve mutual satisfaction.

They’re not greedy lovers, which is perhaps the most attractive thing about them. 

They’re sensual and supportive, and they’ll allow you to explore new things without judgment. They’re also often into BDSM and kinks, which is attractive for many. 

8. Their Personal Boundaries

Capricorns don’t take trash from anyone. They’re so far from being considered doormats, and they’re not afraid to speak their mind.

They’ll enjoy putting people in their place that don’t line up with their beliefs. 

They’re not afraid to cut people out of their lives who are more trouble than they’re worth. This cut-throat attitude is attractive, so long as you’re not on the other end of it! 

9. Their Material Focus

Capricorns love making their own money. They hate not being able to use their own resources to pay for what they need. They’ll often feel out of control when someone else has to provide for them, and they’ll work harder to pay the said person back. 

This fear of being reliant on others is what makes Capricorns so focused on wealth and material possessions. 

As Capricorns all but guarantee financial security, they tend to be more attractive to others.

They’re not worried about money because they work hard enough to have an abundance of it, and this exudes a sense of security that many other signs don’t offer. 

The fact that Capricorns won’t just provide for themselves is appealing, too. They want to provide for their families and friends, and they’re very family oriented.

They want their partners to have a good life too and will work hard to provide that for you. 

Is it getting hot in here? 

10. Their Sheer Ambition

Much like their symbol – the goat – Capricorns know how to climb adverse mountains. They’re incredibly driven and want to be the best at everything they do.

They tend to have a chip on their shoulder which will only push them to strive harder. 

Capricorn and Scorpio are the only signs that are this intense about their ambitions and their goals, and that is incredibly admirable. 

Imagine a person that is so passionate about their goals that they won’t sleep until they have a plan on how to get to the top of their mountain. That’s sexy, right? 

Now, imagine this ambition being applied to other aspects of their life… 

11. Their Loyalty 

Capricorn is one of the most loyal zodiac signs, and they hold themselves to a high standard when it comes to their integrity and reliability. 

They might be cautious when it comes to love, and they’ll want to take their time building a new relationship. As much as you might want to, you shouldn’t rush them when it comes to this.

Forcing their hand might make them withdraw even more, thrusting you back to square one. 

However, once they have allowed you in and solidified you as a part of their life, their undying loyalty will kick in. They’ll look out for you in every sense of the word and be wholly yours. 

Capricorns have huge hearts with plenty of love to give, even though they might not show it very often. 

Their devotion to their friends and family is another attractive quality, as well as their lack of wandering eyes. 

12. Their Confidence

Capricorns are mature beings that often grow up quickly within their youth. They don’t tend to have an immature phase and they’ll not enjoy their peers’ young side.

This makes them shy young adults, rarely feeling like they fit in with the crowd. 

However, as they continue growing up and excelling in their profession, their confidence will grow. This keeps climbing until they gain more experience and wisdom.

Their confidence can be infectious, and it’s insanely sexy. 

Once they’ve achieved their work goals and are ready to settle down into the life that they’ve built for themselves, their child-like indulgence is a force to be reckoned with. And it’s super cute to witness.

13. Their Inner-Stability

Capricorns often seem stoic and emotionless from the outside. They are calm and steady in their demeanor. However, they do have deep-running emotions, just like everyone else. 

But unlike most other signs, Capricorns don’t allow their emotions to overpower their moods.

They are able to spend time on inner reflection rather than allowing everything to come to the surface.

This makes them seem stable in all aspects of life, which is very attractive to most people. Many of us will be drawn to this feeling of stability because we often feel so unstable in our lives.

A partner that is stable enough for both of you will be incredibly desirable. 

When a Capricorn fails, they’ll feel hurt. This isn’t surprising when you consider just how driven and ambitious they are. However, they’ll pick themselves up and keep moving forward.

Again, the lack of self-sabotage and brooding will make them all the more attractive. 

Being with a Capricorn partner will rarely offer you drama and impulsive passion, but they’ll give you a sense of stability in life that no other sign can give you.

If you’re craving that feeling of security, then Capricorns might appeal to you more than other signs. 


And there we have it – 13 reasons why Capricorns are so attractive. Reading this article, we can’t believe it’s not more obvious! 

Capricorns are fiercely loyal, dominating, family-orientated, and driven… What’s not to love? 

Of course, no one is perfect and there are plenty of less attractive qualities of Capricorn, but that’s a story for another day. 

Thanks for reading! Now, where can I find myself a Capricorn…? 

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