What Makes Virgos So Good In Bed? The Best Key Reasons

Some Zodiac signs are naturally gifted when it comes to a number of things. Some are prized for their natural intelligence, some are prized for their sixth senses, and others are renowned for being incredibly romantic.

But only a few of the Zodiac signs can claim to be truly proficient when it comes to sexual prowess. Virgo is often regarded as being one of the best signs in the bedroom, and this has led to the sign being viewed as naturally very sexy and attractive. 

But why is it that Virgos have managed to earn such a healthy reputation for sexual prowess in the bedroom? Why do so many people recount tales of amazing sex with Virgos, more so than they ever do for any other sign?

If you have ever wondered why that Virgo hook-up turned out to be so gifted, or just what it is that allows Virgos to be so talented in the sexual department, then you simply need to read on down below, because we are going to tell you everything you could ever need to know!

Virgos Have An Immense Attention To Detail

The way that Virgos approach the world is incredibly interesting and incredibly unique. When Virgos look at the world, they are able to pay special attention to all of the smaller details that often go completely overlooked by so many people. This has helped to make Virgos seem incredibly meticulous.

The attention to detail is an awesome part of Virgo’s toolkit when it comes to the bedroom, as Virgo is able to focus their attention on their partner and notice all of the smaller details of them. This also means that Virgo is totally aware during all parts of the sex act.

This means that, even if you don’t say a word, the Virgo is able to pick up on what you want out of sex, and what your sexual desires are. The smallest bodily movements will suggest what brings you the most pleasure, and the Virgo will then seek to hone in on those things, to deliver sex that is personally catered to you! 

The Virgo’s attention to detail also means that they are super responsive during sex, and they will very often reciprocate whatever pleasures you give them. If you touch the Virgo on the right spot, they will be able to focus on every detail of the pleasure they experience, allowing them to experience more pleasure than most people! The Virgo will be able to take pleasure in just about anything the two of you engage in, so make sure to experiment when the two of you head to the bedroom!

The Virgo is also able to really take their time when it comes to sex thanks to their detailed approach. Virgos are able to easily notice the smaller parts that go into creating the larger whole in all aspects of life. This means that they are also highly aware of the hard work that is needed to reap massive rewards. The Virgo will, thus, be willing to take their time with sex and not rush to reach climax. The Virgo will carefully take their time to maximize your and their own pleasure. This solved the problem of a speedy partner!  

Virgos Are Very Grounded Sexually

Because of the Earth-nature of the Virgo sign, sex is arguably one of the most important aspects of the Virgo lifestyle. For the Virgo, sex is just as important as a healthy lifestyle, and even simply breathing!

Virgos are able to focus their attention on all things physical, and they get a lot of their own sexual pleasure from exploring their partner’s body physically, with their hands or with their mouth. Every touch and eerie physical sensation is enough to send Virgos to the edge and will have them quivering with pleasure. 

This means you don’t have to worry about ‘performing’ for the Virgo because you can be sure that no matter what, they will be able to derive pleasure from the shared sexual experience. 

Because of the Vrigo’s grounded nature, they are also able to tell exactly where to touch their partners to provide the most pleasure. They can find erogenous zones so easily, and they can read the slight changes in facial expression as they explore, allowing them to get a sense of what feels best. You’re likely to find erogenous zones and pleasant areas that you never even knew existed!

The Virgo is also able to take a lot of pleasure in some of the smaller moments, such as foreplay, so you never have to feel rushed into the wildest sex possible at any moment. Virgos also love to bathe in the afterglow, long after sex has ended, so you don’t have to worry about them kicking you out of bed as soon as they reach their climax! 

Virgos Are Willing To Experiment

Don’t be afraid to make your sexual desires known when heading to bed with a Virgo, because they are more than willing to indulge all of your deepest sexual fantasies. 

At their core, Virgos are people pleasers, and when it comes to sex, they are able to really focus and deliver exactly what their partners want. This is further helped by the fact that Virgos are naturally very empathetic, this means that when they notice that their partner is pleased, they derive much of their own sexual pleasure seeing the pleasure rendered on the partner’s face!

Virgos are also quite naturally gifted when it comes to exploring sexually, anyway, as they are very grounded and very in tune with their physicality. They are able to go with what feels right, and this can lead them down some interesting paths when it comes to sexuality. Every time you head to the bedroom with a Virgo, it’s likely that you’ll get a totally new experience out of it. 

And don’t worry about the Virgo pushing too far. The Natural attention to detail means that the Virgo is able to tell, within an instant, when they have pushed a little too far, and they will immediately pump the brakes. Virgos are incredibly caring, and they simply want to make sure that you feel good as much as possible during sex. 

Virgos are able to focus on one sexual act that brings you a lot of pleasure if they can tell that you like it, but they are also able to just as quickly switch it up and focus on something else when the mood takes them. Sex with a Virgo is never likely to become boring!

Virgos Will Please You However You Wish

So many times we find ourselves totally unsatisfied during sex, and as soon as our partners reach their own climax, they tend to completely neglect our own pleasure and bring it all to an unsatisfying conclusion. 

Luckily, with the Virgo, this will never happen, because even if the Virgo reaches climax before you, they will endeavor to make sure that you are fully satisfied before drawing things to a close. In fact, they will seek to make sure that you reach your climax before them so that you do not feel cheated out of a good time.

Virgos will gladly take on a more dominant or submissive role at a moment’s notice no matter what, and all you need to do is ask. Virgos love when their partners are expressive and communicative because it allows them a perfect opportunity to maximize the pleasure of their partner, which in turn makes them feel even better, by stroking their ego.

For Virgos, sex is about building up a connection, more than it is about simply reaching a climax for both parties involved. This means that sex with a Virgo can be used as an opportunity to grow even closer to them! 

Virgos Have Kinky Proclivities

Though Virgos are perfectly content to just stick with more vanilla sex with plenty of the usual activities, they do actually have a rather adventurous side that can be very kinky!

This is helped by the fact that the Virgo is a people pleaser. As we mentioned earlier, Virgos love to do what best pleases their partner, and they totally love it when their partners are communicative. If you make it clear that you want a certain experience from sex, Virgo will be incredibly happy to oblige and indulge you in whatever it is.

Virgos are very inventive, and they will naturally experiment as they have sex, trying new positions and movements as the moment takes them, as they want to ensure that every second of sex is just as exciting for their partner as it is for them. You can simply let loose and let the Virgo explore, they are more than happy to go where the moment takes them.

You can also rest assured that Virgo will not push past any boundaries that you are not comfortable with. As we have mentioned before, Virgos are incredibly in tune with your feelings and how you express them, so they will instantly be able to notice when they may have pushed too far at any moment and pump the brakes.

To Wrap Up

These are just a few of the key factors that go into making the Virgo so skilled when it comes to the bedroom. The Virgo’s attention to detail, high empathy, and people-pleasing nature make them incredible lovers because they are able to tune directly into whatever pleases you best.

Make sure to reciprocate when having sex with the Virgo and make clear your pleasure, because this will give the Virgo an incredible high, as it will stroke their ego. They will be so happy that they are able to please you to such a degree.

Frequently Asked Questions

What seduces a Virgo?

One of the best ways to seduce a Virgo is to engage him in conversation and stimulate him mentally. 

Where do Virgos like to be touched?

The biggest erogenous zone on the Virgo is the waist because Virgo is a sign that rules the stomach!

What type of kisses do Virgos like?

Virgos are great kissers that may choose to take it slow to start with, but soon develop their kissing to full on snogging with time.

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