Is The Aries Man Good In Bed? (8 Revelations About His Sexual Side)

Powerful, assertive, emotional, competitive… the Aries man is a real force of nature, and not always in a good way, but you can’t help but wonder how all his passion and bravado translate between the sheets.

Being that Aries is the very first sign on that big sparkly wheel up above us, it’s often thought of as the nascent zodiac, the little ram lamb of the celestial crew, if you will, and if you’ve ever spent any amount of time with an Aries, you’ll know this more or less rings true.

But does this lamb get his horns when he crosses the threshold of the bedroom? Stick with me and all will be revealed!

1. Is Sex Important To The Aries Man?

You know how they say that men think about sex roughly 20 times a day? Well, triple that and you’re getting close to the Aries man’s sexual psyche.

These guys adore sex, and although they only ever talk about it in very shallow, typically masculine ways, it provides a much-needed emotional connection for them.

You’ll never hear them admit it, but Aries men are highly insecure a lot of the time; it’s why they can be so dang possessive and controlling, but the closeness of sex reminds them that they’re loved and eases their fear of abandonment.

Combine that with the fact that it feels great and gives them boasting rights amongst their friends, and it’s no wonder they have trouble thinking about anything else.

And when they’re not thinking about it, they’re usually having it!

The Aries man is typically a very physical character with a strong, compass-like libido that guides him in life.

If he has a steady partner, four rolls in the hay a week might be considered quite conservative, so more sex is certainly on the cards, as long as his lover can keep up of course.

2. How Long Does Sex With An Aries Man Last?

Men born under the sign of the ram have some serious stamina on the sports field, but the bedroom is another arena entirely, and they can’t always go until full-time, if you catch my drift… who am I kidding; of course you catch my drift.

That’s not to say that they don’t prefer longer-lasting sex.

Those Aries who have mastered the art of sexual pacing will like the horny proceedings to go on for an hour at the very least, but while these men exist, they can be quite rare.

The typical Aries man goes into all his sexual encounters with good, ambitious intentions where duration is concerned, but his impatience and eagerness often get the better of him, leading to some, shall we say… early showers.

However, not one to accept defeat, he returns to action, his member slightly numbed, confident that he’ll take it to the bell during the second round.

As far as foreplay is concerned, he’s a BIG fan, so that’s not a worry, but he often gets so into it that it can contribute to his over-excitement early on.

3. Are Aries Men Confident Sexual Initiators?

Take equal parts bravery, impulsiveness, and horniness, shake them all up and personify what you end up with.

Does the resulting individual sound like they would be shy about instigating sex to you?

Nope, and what you’ve just concocted there is a rudimentary Aries man.

He’s not afraid to send some buttons flying across the room like bullets when he feels like there’s a vibe in the air, and in the absence of a vibe, if he’s feeling amorous, he’ll do everything in his power to cultivate one. 

Unfortunately, he’s not always as subtle as he thinks he is, so there will often be a lot of laughs before love commences.

Are there any situations when the Aries horn dog won’t try to initiate sex?

Absolutely! Beneath his veneer of confidence, he’s utterly terrified of rejection, so unless he feels it’s a sure thing, he’s not going to try.

As he can be so insecure, he also loves it when others instigate sex with him, as it reminds him that he has no need to feel so fragile.

However, being that he’s a very controlling personality, even if someone else instigates some slap and tickle, he’ll almost definitely try to dominate the act quite early on.

4. When It Comes To Sexual Wants & Needs, Are Aries Men Adept Communicators?

Aries men aren’t shy (shocker!), especially not in the bedroom.

They have absolutely no qualms about laying it all out in black and white for you. 

Remember, Aries is a cardinal fire sign, meaning it’s the purest representation of the element, so you can expect this individual to be bold and daring in the bedroom, and to do so, they need to be communicative.

Whether they do this with words or body language depends on the situation.

If they feel they’re conveying their sensual message with actions alone, they won’t communicate verbally at all (other than some filthy dirty talk).

However, should they need to use their words in order to get their desires across to a partner, they will.

He can also be very receptive to the sexual wants and needs of his lover, as a lot of his self-image revolves around him being able to deliver the goods when doing the nasty.

He may come across as selfish in bed at first, but that’s because his ultimate goal is to wow you with his sexual prowess, and, rather naively, he assumes he might be able to show you a thing or two.

Don’t worry, though. Tactfully let him know that he’s barking up the wrong tree, and he’ll quickly amend his approach.

He may seem a little wounded when you redirect his efforts, but having the cheat sheet to your body will soon put a smile on his face.

5. Are Aries Men Adventurous Or Conservative Between The Sheets?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that, as a fire sign, the Aries male would be all heart, and so would perhaps be a little bit mushy and conservative in the bedroom, but Aries is actually ruled by the mind.

They may not always present as very cerebral characters, but these guys have got some seriously powerful imaginations, and sex gives them an excuse to really flex their creative side.

He’s almost certainly into dirty talk, and as he’s quite confident, is probably quite good at it, which is important, as there’s nothing quite as jarring as half-hearted, hesitant naughtiness.

While his fantasies don’t often veer into taboo territory, or at least not as often as freaky Aquarius or saucy Scorpio, he’s willing to give it a shot if his partner wants to shatter some societal norms.

Power play is going to be a big thing for this person, as he’s very in tune with the power dynamics of all interactions, sexual or not, but, needless to say, he’s going to assert himself as the dominant party, so his partner will have to be able to find pleasure in submissiveness.

There’s nothing that gets him hot under the collar like a submissive partner and some appropriately aggressive sex.

If this is the carrot dangled in front of him, there’s no way he’ll be able to resist.

Cosplay is likely another big turn-on for the Aries man, and spanking is pretty much a given unless someone states an aversion to it before the tipping of the velvet.

Exotic positions aren’t necessarily top of his priority, but as he’s going to hit every position hard and fast, most lovers won’t mind sticking to the classics.

6. What Traits Are Turn-ons For The Aries Man?

Aries men are perpetually in the mood to bump uglies, so fairly surface-level stimulation like sexy outfits will get them riled up, but they’re even more enticed by deeper, more nuanced elements of character and personality.


Is the Aries man as unfettered and sporadic in the bedroom as, say, the Aquarian man?

Not by a long shot, but he still despises restrictions.

He’s turned on by the idea that sex can happen at any time in any place, and in light of this, he’ll be attracted to impulsive types.

He wants to be able to improvise in the moment too, without any fear or shame, so those with sexual hang-ups or prudish dispositions are a big stick in the mud to him. 

Someone who’s down for super passionate sex at the drop of the hat, perhaps after only a few minor, non-verbal signals, is his dream partner.

Fast-paced energy

Our Aries man is a rapid-fire kind of guy. He likes living life in the fast lane, and if you can’t keep up, he’s never going to slow down to let you close the gap.

He finds hesitation a massive turn-off, and will mostly only be attracted to people that have an urgency about them, otherwise, he gets bored, and it’s insanely tricky to stir his passions once he’s checked out.

In fact, he’s likely off pursuing someone else before you even get a chance to do any sexy damage control.


Aries men don’t just crave an energetic personality, but an energetic body!

As mentioned earlier, this man likes hard, fast sex, and if someone can’t go toe to toe with him in this department, he’s not going to have the best time.

He’s most likely quite an athletic person that works out and takes part in a plethora of sports, so he naturally gravitates towards those who exhibit a similar level of fitness. 

If you like to hit the gym and keep it tight, you’ll give yourself a massive advantage when pursuing an Aries.


Only a couple of other signs can match the intense masculinity of the male Aries.

Their love of domination and power means slightly submissive sexual partners are like catnip to them.

They’re not looking for completely slavish bedroom behavior, as they can’t really exercise their power when someone is a total doormat.

What they’re actually looking for is someone who can put up a spirited resistance with the understanding that this will lead to submission in the end.


The only thing that drives the male Aries even crazier than a sexually submissive partner with a bit of an edge is a sexually submissive partner with a bit of an edge who’s an absolute boss in other aspects of life.

Someone confident and dominant makes for an even more appealing challenge when the clothes come off, as it’s almost like he’s dethroning his partner, which he absolutely loves.

He has a strong conquest drive, and the harder the conquest is, the more satisfying his triumph will be.

People in professional positions of power are a huge turn-on for our Aries man. They don’t necessarily have to exert this power over him, for as long as he’s aware of it, or better yet, witnesses it, he’ll get the satisfaction of taking control in the bedroom.

7. Are Aries Men Willing To Take Sex Out Of The Bedroom?

If an Aries man is feeling randy and his partner is equally game for some away game hanky panky there’s no way he’s waiting around until they get home and into the bedroom.

He’ll be tearing off his partner’s clothes the moment the pair of them are out of sight, even if there’s still a pretty high chance of getting caught in the act. 

When already in the house, he’s unlikely to lead his lover by the hand to their bedroom before the fireworks commence.

On the couch, the living room floor, the kitchen table, an office chair… these are all suitable spots to do the deed in his eyes.

What’s important to him is submitting to the urgency of passion. He couldn’t be less into delaying gratification, so wherever the feeling strikes is likely where the sex is going to happen.

That said, he does have a few preferences for when things do get hot and heavy in the bedroom.

Low lighting helps get him into the right frame of mind, and a clean environment is a nice-to-have, but he won’t turn down a chance to do the horizontal tango just because there’s a bit of clutter lying around.

8. How Do Aries Men Feel About Sexual After-care?

You’d be surprised how affectionate the Aries man can be both during and after the act. Sure, he can be a self-centered lover, but it wouldn’t be fair to call him selfish in the bedroom (or elsewhere), as he can be a very sensuous lover.

Passionate kisses and cuddles make him feel loved and connected, allaying his deeply ingrained insecurities. 

His physicality in the sack diminishes the closeness of the experience to a degree, but compared to many other guys out there, he’s basically a teddy bear when it comes to sexual aftercare.

Final Thoughts: Wam Bam Thank You Ram

If you take one thing away from this breakdown of the Aries man’s sexual proclivities, it’s that he wants to ravish you, so if you’re okay with that, go ahead and let him. He’ll almost certainly make it worth your time.

Don’t be afraid to lean into his mild conceit either. He likes it when you praise him, so drop a few compliments in the sack, especially ones that make him feel even more powerful and in control.

Having said that, don’t relinquish too much power, as the only way he can truly exhibit his own is when faced with at least a little bit of resistance. You can establish your power in a number of ways, but my recommendation is to assert yourself right off the bat by making him work for a chance to engage you in sexual congress.

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