11 Things To Know Before Taking A Capricorn Man To Bed

Considering inviting a Capricorn man to bed? Today we’re looking at the most important details to note when getting intimate with this Saturn-ruled man. 

We’ll highlight exactly what you’re about to be in store so that you’re not surprised. Trust us, you’re going to want to be prepared! 

By the end of this article, you’ll know what your Capricorn man likes, what he doesn’t like, and how to work with him to achieve the best night of your life. 

Can’t wait any longer? Let’s get right into the 11 things you should know before taking a Capricorn man to bed.

1. Capricorn Men Have High Sex Drives

Capricorn is not the first sign that many think of when it comes to sex, but they’ll surprise you. Capricorns are surprisingly lustful with high sex drives. 

However, Capricorn men tend to be rather shy which is why their sex drive goes unnoticed.

A Capricorn man needs to feel secure with their partner to allow them into their true desires. 

Some Capricorns will seek sex out every single day, but the average is four to seven times a week. Some days might even have multiple bedroom sessions!

2. Capricorn Turn-ons

There are many turn-ons a Capricorn enjoys, and knowing these will help feed into their desires. 

Grounded Lovers

Capricorns are straight-to-the-point lovers who don’t care about sweet talk or cuddling. They’ll be most turned on by a partner to match their direct mannerisms, passion, and drive. 

Security In The Relationship

Capricorns crave stability in all aspects of their life. They don’t like games and they have a clear vision of where their life is headed. So, a Capricorn man will be turned on by a woman that gives him the feeling of a solid bond. 

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Knowing that he can see a future with you will turn him on, as well as being assured of his trust in you.

The more trust you have, the more he’ll allow you to see when it comes to his desires.

Obvious Sensuality

As we said, Capricorn men don’t like playing games. They’re an earth sign, so they’re very physical and sensual with their partners. They’ll be turned on by anyone who can match this energy with a seductive grin and a sexy outfit. 

To Be Desired

Capricorns are turned on by submissives who draw out his dominating side. He wants to know how much you want him, and he’ll be turned on by a woman that is willing to succumb to him in more ways than one. 

3. Capricorn Turn-offs

Now that you know what will get your Capricorn man going, here are a few things that will turn him off to the idea of sex. 

Drama Or Desperation

Capricorns tend to hold their cards very close to their chest, so it might not always be so easy to know what they’re thinking. They’re aroused by partners who handle themselves well, but anyone who tries to seek attention or offends others around them will be a turn-off. 

Capricorn men will look away from anyone who is acting obnoxious for his attention.

Remain humble and respectful for a better chance of turning him on. 

Impatient Partners

Capricorn men want to take their time doing things the right way, rather than rushing to the finish line. If their partner rushes them into sex or during, they might get turned off by the idea altogether. 

This goes back to allowing the Capricorn man to be the dominant partner during sex. Allow them to take their time without pressuring them to go faster, through words or actions. 

Lack Of Basic Cleanliness

Capricorn men are rational, decisive, and organized. They’re always clean and expect that of their partner, too. If you’re lacking neatness, he might be turned off. Make sure that your place is tidy and clean before inviting him back, otherwise, he might be excusing himself early. 

This goes for personal hygiene as well. Capricorn men like to make an effort with their appearance, and they expect the same from their partners. 

Showing Too Much Emotion

Some people are very emotional, and that’s not their fault. However, Capricorn men are headstrong and unemotive. They prefer partners who can keep themselves together rather than crying about small things unexpectedly. 

If the Capricorn man cannot speak to your emotions rationally, he might assume that you’re overreacting and lose interest. 

4. Communication Is Essential 

Capricorn men don’t enjoy too much talking during sex, as they want to enjoy the sensation. But they do want to be on the same page as their partner, so communication is essential when inviting a Capricorn man to bed. 

They’ll often ask you what you want from them, so make sure that you can explain what you like and don’t like well. This conversation should take place before getting down and dirty so that the sex can remain quiet.

During this, they’ll focus on your non-verbal cues such as breathing and sounds to learn what you like and don’t like. 

However, if you think of something important to say during intercourse or want to point them in a better direction, you should let them know. They’ll take this on board and rectify the issue.

They just don’t like talking for the sake of it while they’re trying to enjoy their sensual mood. 

5. Sex Is An Art To Capricorns

Capricorns are ruled by Saturn, making them one of the most patient signs in the zodiac. This means they put time and effort into everything they do rather than rushing it.

They will never want to leave you feeling dissatisfied or bored, and they’re dedicated to the goal of mutual satisfaction. 

Capricorn men tend to be patient and willing to wait for you to meet them at the top, so rushed foreplay shouldn’t be an issue here. 

Quickies aren’t appealing to Capricorns unless they really need to burn off some steam before heading to another work meeting. But they’ll often wait until they have enough time to enjoy the activity fully, and sex can last longer than an hour in some cases. 

6. Best Bedroom Skills 

There are many aspects of the bedroom that Capricorn men excel at. Here are a few skills that you’ll notice in your Capricorn man when it comes to sex. 

Ability To Dominate

Capricorn men enjoy being on top, figuratively and literally, when it comes to sex. He will take charge as long as you let him, and he won’t be afraid to ask you what you want.

Make sure that you give him clear instructions here so that he can act on them to the best of his ability. 

If you enjoy taking a more submissive role in the bedroom, then a Capricorn man might be the perfect partner for you. 

His Dedication To The End Goal

Too many signs are greedy when it comes to the finish line, but not Capricorns. They will keep up their stamina and techniques to get you to the finish line along with him, ending in mutual satisfaction. 

Capricorn men put lots of effort into sex and will pay attention to your reactions, finding out what works for you to give you the best night of your life. 

7. Capricorn Men Enjoy Kinks

One of the most important things to consider when taking a Capricorn man to bed is their desires. Each sign is different – some have lower sex drives and enjoy vanilla sex over kinky play, while others are all about the BDSM life. 

You’ll need your sexual preferences to align with theirs. Capricorns are dominant by nature – they want to be the best at everything they put their minds to.

This means that they might lean towards rough play and unique techniques. 

As long as you’re comfortable, you should allow your Capricorn man to be dominant in the bedroom. He’ll know how to make it best for both of you, so let him run wild and take you on the ride of your life. 

However, don’t be afraid to tell him what you want. This will get you to the edge quicker, giving him a sense of control that satisfies his desire for dominance. 

Sex with a Capricorn man can also be an intimate occasion. He might enjoy slow and passionate sex, depending on the mood and occasion. Feel free to set the tone before so that you’re both on the same page. 

8. Capricorn Men Are Comfortable Initiating Sex

Most Capricorn men will feel comfortable enough to initiate sex, as this appeals to their dominating side. However, some are more shy and stoic so might have an issue with finding the confidence to initiate. 

With that being said, for the most part, you won’t have to worry about Capricorn men not initiating.

A Capricorn will often adopt a word hard, play hard motto and use sex to blow off the steam accumulated from work. 

If they’re pent up, they’ll have no issues initiating sex to work toward that much-needed release. 

9. Does The Setting Matter?

Yes, the environment in which you and your Capricorn man are going to have sex will matter. Remember back to the turn-offs we mentioned earlier – Capricorn men like cleanliness. The environment should be clean and tidy for them to feel comfortable enough to have sex. 

In terms of location, Capricorn men don’t tend to stray far from a traditional setting. The bedroom is a good place to start, but he might also be willing to get down to business in other dark and quiet places, too. 

If you’re considering asking for a public setting, though, don’t bother.

Capricorn men aren’t down for canoodling in public – they’ll be much more comfortable alone with just you. 

However, if you’re really in the mood for a little outdoor thrill, sharing a tent with him for a night could be a good compromise. He’s not likely to turn it down, although the bedroom will always be the superior location. 

10. Casual Sex And Capricorns

You won’t often find a Capricorn man participating in casual sex. They’re too pragmatic for it and would rather spend that time working towards their ideal vision of their future.

However, some Capricorn men do indulge in casual sex when they need to blow off some steam after a hard day at work. 

For the most part, though, Capricorn men prefer to build serious relationships and meaningful sexual bonds. They often won’t want to have sex with someone that they don’t see a long-term relationship with.

They’ll consider it a waste of time. 

If Capricorns engage in casual sex, it’s probably with someone as emotionally withdrawn as them. They’ll both know that it’s not going to last beyond that night (even if this is unspoken) and they’ll be clear with exactly what they want from one another. 

They’ll enjoy the temporary feelings, then say goodbye the next morning and never see each other again. 

11. Capricorn Cuddling – Yay Or Nay? 

Capricorn men aren’t very emotional and therefore won’t cuddle people they hardly know. However, if you are a big part of their life and have a good relationship going, they’ll want to nurture it.

This could come in the form of cuddling. 

If you and your Capricorn man have a deep bond, cuddling after sex might even be initiated by him. He’ll like the closeness while you both recover from a satisfying time. But if he’s not in the mood, then don’t be surprised if he acts cooler and more distant after sex. 


And there you have it – 11 things you should know about Capricorn men in the bedroom. They’re dominating but will strive to please you and reach that mutual satisfaction. They have a clear idea of how they want the night to go and won’t want to talk during sex. 

Capricorn men enjoy cuddling when the person is right, and don’t tend to engage in casual sex too much. Make sure that you tell him what you like so that he can satisfy you because he won’t stop until he’s succeeded. Enjoy! 

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