Which Zodiac Sign is Libra’s Soulmate? Top 5 Ranked

It is impossible to determine your soulmate by the sun alone. To get a true reflection of your spiritual connection with another person, you need to analyze your zodiac charts in depth.

That being said, sun signs play a huge role in the spiritual connections that we have with others, and they will contribute greatly to your soulmate connection.

Every zodiac sign has a soulmate that they are likely to feel a stronger spiritual connection with based on their very own zodiac sign.

Based on sun signs alone, there are 5 zodiac signs that Libra’s are most likely to see as a potential soulmate.

In this guide, we’ve ranked the top 5 signs that could make potential soulmates for those who were born under the Libra zodiac. 

5. Aries

In fifth place, we have Aries. Aries is a fire sign which contrasts greatly with Libra which is an air sign. Due to this, Aries and Libra have 2 very different personalities, and to a certain extent, the connection between these two signs can be very challenging.

These signs are opposite sides of the zodiac, but as the old saying goes – opposites attract

Romantic connections between opposite signs can often be incredibly intense, and that is because of the chemistry between the two signs. That is true of any relationships between opposite sides of the zodiac – not just Libra and Aries. 

While they are opposites, there are some similarities between these two signs. Both signs have a need for physical attraction and reassurance from their partner.

Both signs are caring and attentive, keen to look after their partner, but they also bring different things to the relationship. 

Aries is passionate and incredibly romantic, whereas Libra is balanced and reliable. But each partner in the relationship loves what the other person brings to the relationship.

At times, the intense passion of the relationship between the two can be overwhelming, and this may cause tension between the two.

But after some time apart, the two will realize that their differences only make them stronger and that if they work, their relationship will go a long distance! 

4. Aquarius

The next sign that can make an excellent soulmate for Libras is Aquarius. Just like Libras, Aquarius is an air sign, and this can really cause both parties to be attracted to one another.

These star signs will not have the same emotional intensity to their relationship as the Aries-Libra connection that we just spoke of, but they can build a relationship where they are on the same spiritual level. 

Together, Libra and Aquarius can build a relationship on the foundations of conversation.

Often, relationships between these two signs will flourish from friendships, and through deep and meaningful conversation, they may realize that their connection has become something more.

The foundations of this relationship mean that these two signs can uplift each other, and really bring out the best in one another. 

While being categorized as an “air” sign, this zodiac symbol has connections with water.

It is often referred to as the “water-bearer” and this is what makes it different from Libra. 

The water connection allows Aquarius to bring originality and uniqueness to the relationship, while Libra brings harmony and balance.

These two things balance one another perfectly, creating a stable and comfortable relationship between the two. 

Physical affection isn’t an issue for these two zodiac signs. Their relationship is built on physical affection, and this is reflected in the sexual relationship between the two.

The relationship may be built on stability, but both parties are always willing to try something new. It is this that keeps the relationship fresh and exciting, and makes these two zodiac signs such a perfect pairing!

3. Sagittarius

Just like Aries, Sagittarius is another fire sign that is incredibly compatible with those born under the Libra zodiac. Generally, fire and air signs make an excellent pairing because of the spiritual connection between fire and the air. 

Fire and air are often viewed as opposites, but Sagittarius and Libra have a lot more in common than you might expect.

The spontaneity of the Sagittarius can often drive the typically reserved Libra to become more spontaneous too. 

The connection between the two signs can also make the Libra more outgoing, and in every aspect – emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally too – these zodiac signs make one another better.

For lack of a better word, these zodiac signs are the perfect match. But remember, we are only looking at sun signs here (hence why Sagittarius isn’t number one on this list). 

Both Libra and Sagittarius are incredibly passionate and this is reflected in their relationship with one another. Every single thing that these signs do is done with fire and passion at their heart, and effort is something that is never compromised.

A Sagittarius-Libra pairing will throw their all into anything that life throws their way, from cultural experiences to travel, and personal development. 

This soulmate pairing is constantly looking to learn and develop, and they aren’t afraid of trial and error.

Both in and outside the bedroom, the Sagittarius-Libra pairing is enthusiastic lovers, and that is what makes them such a perfect soulmate pairing!

2. Leo

This guide has made it clear that fire and air zodiac signs tend to make very good pairings, so it really is no surprise that we’ve also included Leo on this list. Leo is the final fire sign and one that is often connected with passion and aggression.

These traits play an important role in their soulmate connection with Libras. 

Leos make no effort to cover their fiery personalities, but the calm and balanced nature of the Libra often finds this fiery passion attractive. Just like all the other fire-air pairings we have looked at thus far, Leo-Libra signs will bring out the best in one another.

Through this connection, Libras will have their self-confidence and courage reinforced, while Leos will find themselves exposed to new things. Growth really is one of the central pillars of this relationship. 

In this relationship, Libras bring intellectual intelligence to the relationship, while Leos bring romantic intelligence. Leo will dote on the Libra and the Libra will bring a social aspect to Leo’s life that they hadn’t experienced before.

And in the bedroom, there is never a dull moment when it comes to physical intimacy between these two signs. 

Like all pairings, the Leo-Libra connection is not immune to struggles. Leos can be selfish and demanding, and Libras can often be superficial and self-absorbed. 

Conflicts can often be incredibly passionate and fiery, but through hard work and effort, they can be worked through to build a relationship stronger than it was before. It is this that makes these signs the perfect soulmates. 

1. Gemini

But, undoubtedly the best soulmate for the Libra soulmate, based on sun signs alone, is Gemini. Just like Libra, Gemini is an air sign and this often places these signs on an even playing field.

It is this that creates such a perfect relationship between the two. 

Gemini and Libra are a very balanced pairing. They are both fun-loving with a ton of shared interests that only makes their relationship with one another stronger.

Both parties are talkative, and open-minded, and thrive off human interaction. They connect on an intellectual level, and this allows them to have deep conversations that will allow them to grow as individuals alongside each other. 

Libras are graceful and charming, Geminis are humorous and exciting, and these personality traits complement each other wonderfully.

Together, these air signs won’t stop laughing and having fun.

They will bring a real boost to each other’s lives and allow them to see the world in a way that they never have before.

There are, of course, areas where these signs differ. But the high value placed on communication by both parties ensures that these differences never cause a rift. It is the open communication between the two that really makes this the most perfect soulmate pairing on this list. 


Based on sun signs alone, the best soulmate pairings for the Libra star sign are signs that belong to either the air or fire categories. 

Relationships between Libra and fire signs tend to be intense and passionate, while relationships between Libra and air signs tend to be built on conversation and understanding. 

Thank you for reading!

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