What Makes Aquarius So Attractive? (13 Of Their Spiciest Traits)

Forever challenging and subverting established norms, it’s in Aquarians’ nature to stand out from the crowd, which often makes them incredibly magnetic people. And once they’ve drawn your eye, some uncanny force keeps it there!

Ruled primarily by Uranus, which is regarded as the planet of liberation, and secondarily by Saturn, which is regarded as the planet of strength, Aquarians have the makings of true leaders, which is a devilishly enticing attribute.

Yet, what lies beneath the assertive surface of those born under this air sign can be just as captivating as their outward confidence.

Carrying kindness in their eyes and fire in their heart, the mere presence of an Aquarius can be utterly intoxicating, so once they grant you a glimpse into their mind and soul, their gravity can be all-consuming.

But what exactly gives these “water bearers” such a resonant siren song? Stick with me and you’ll have your answer in no time, or should I say answers, as people born under this sign have a plethora of astonishingly hot traits!

1. Aquarians Have Beautiful Minds

The fundamental basis of an Aquarius personality type is freedom of thought, and all this time spent ruminating strengthens their mind and sharpens their intellect to a razor edge, which can, in turn, make them enthralling conversationalists.

Just to hear them speak to others can send your own mind reeling, but when they engage you in conversation, you’re astounded by the maturity and scale of their thinking, and once you’ve experienced this, you’re hooked!

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The way Aquarians’ minds work is so unique as to be almost alien, giving them an otherworldly aura that you can’t help but marvel at, but don’t get too dumbstruck and gooey-eyed, as these people enjoy scintillating conversation and may lose interest if you can’t contribute to the topic at hand.

2. Aquarians Are Honest

Aquarians are visionaries, and they’re not afraid to declare their honest truth about how things should be.

They have a fierce distaste for lies and duplicitous behavior, and so always strive to be as forthright as possible with everyone they come across, especially those in their inner circle.

Their uncompromising integrity may place them in the cross-hairs of less noble individuals, but for those that know them to be people of substance, the more they’re targeted by devious intentions, the more attractive they become, as their virtue shines all the brighter.

3. Aquarians Are Born Leaders

Ever butting heads with societal norms in order to make the world a better place, Aquarians speak up for what they believe in without fail.

Even though they don’t necessarily hunger for positions of power, their passion and originality of thought often make them the de facto leader in any given situation.

Incidentally, this indifference to power is one of the things that makes them such great and fair leaders, and there’s little more attractive than a caring disposition with the confidence to take control when necessary.

In this way, an Aquarius is a dominant species, but not dominant in an aggressive fashion.

It’s more of a gentle dominance, not so much exerted by the wielder, but requested by their peers, hinting at their popularity, which is yet another enticing prospect.

4. Aquarians Are Ambitious

Nothing is outside the realms of reality to an Aquarian. Where some people might see making significant change to established norms as an exercise in futility, or “idealistic”, an Aquarian thinks their goals and visions for the world are wholly realistic, and that idealism is the very engine of innovation.

So refreshing is this outlook in a world seething with stylish cynicism, that you can’t help but be drawn to the positivity of Aquarians.

No matter how big the task they set their mind to is, they believe it’s achievable.

They back up their grand ideas with sound logic and invite collaboration to fortify their vision and bring it ever closer to actualization.

While this ceaseless drive can be intimidating to some, or perhaps boring to others, for many, it’s straight-up hot!

5. Aquarians Are Emotionally Mysterious

While you won’t see an Aquarius holding their tongue when they have thoughts on practical and intellectual subjects, when not engaged in debate, they’re actually very aloof, mysterious characters that don’t give much away, which is insanely tantalizing!

It wouldn’t be such an attractive feature if they weren’t so incredibly confident, but as they’re willing to share their depth, passion, and intellect when necessary, when they fade into the background, calm and content, you can’t help but want to learn more about them.

This cool detachment isn’t all good, though, as it’s indicative of the distance they like to keep from their emotions, but before that becomes a problem, it’s a very attractive personality trait.

6. Aquarians Are Dynamite In The Sack

You might have heard that Aquarians are electric between the sheets, and it’s true! Their spontaneity, indifference to traditional values, and desire for ultimate freedom make them a force to be reckoned with in the bedroom.

The carnal relations of an Aquarius are completely shame-free, even if the other party belongs to another sign.

They invite you into their world of unlimited potential, a world that shifts and evolves with every revisit.

Sex with Aquarians is never, ever boring! They’re able to go with the flow and act on instinct, which for this sign, is to defy the norm and strive for the extraordinary, which, as you might expect, can be a fiery approach to the old no-pants dance. 

In fact, I don’t think it’s a push to say that intercourse with someone of this sign can be healing, obviously not in any medical way — You won’t see panic-stricken people standing over someone having a heart attack, yelling, “Is anyone here an Aquarious?!! This person is dying; make love to them immediately!”.

But it can be healing in a mental capacity, as Aquarians are capable of stripping away all sense of shame.

7. Aquarians Are Fantastic Listeners

Nothing pleases an Aquarius more than a stimulating conversation, and unlike a lot of other people, they’re not in it merely to hear themselves speak, they want to drink in every last syllable that comes out of your mouth.

As ruler of the 11th house and the very last air sign on the zodiacal wheel, Aquarius literally sits on the cusp of a full revolution, meaning it’s a sign of change and new beginnings.

This sentiment is channeled by Aquarians, and to help them usher in this new age, they need to gather as much information as possible, and people are their most valued resource.

However, never think their eagerness to listen to you is a selfish act or that they view you as merely a resource.

They love to listen whether it helps them or not.

Although they distance themselves from their own emotions, particularly those considered to be “negative feelings”, they are insanely empathetic people, and if you need to vent, they’re there for you.

For them, everything is better as a collaborative effort. Even if you’re feeling blue and just need to get the boohoos out, they’re happy to provide a shoulder to cry on.

8. Aquarians Celebrate What Makes You Different

You know all those things about yourself other people made you feel bad about over the years? Things you likely wished you could change on many occasions?

Well, it’s those very things that Aquarians appreciate the most about you.

You can’t help but be your full, confident self around them because, in their presence, you’re no longer an imperfect being; you’re divinely unique — Those scars are no longer scars, they’re stories!

Even the most self-serious individual will end up laughing at their shame when confiding in an Aquarius.

Imbued with the metaphysical properties of air, they can lighten your burden and send your worries floating away into the sky like balloons getting smaller and smaller until they are swallowed by the clear blue void.

9. Aquarians Are Remarkable Creatives

Artistry is one of the hottest traits anyone can have, and Aquarians have got it coming out their sexy wazoos. While they like to channel their revolutionary energy into social and political spheres, when they commit to art for art’s sake, the results can be astounding!

As established earlier, Aquarians aren’t on good terms with the deepest darkest emotions, but art in all its forms bridges this divide, helping them to know themselves and the world around them better.

On a grand enough timescale, art is only good or valuable if it’s pushing the envelope, and there’s no better personality to take what has already been done and transform it into something nebulous and fresh than an Aquarius.

Their unique perspective allows them to color outside the lines, something that others just aren’t capable of doing (I’m looking at you, Scorpios!).

10. Aquarians Aren’t Needy

Granted, Aquarians are quite often social butterflies, but that’s not to say they need to be around people.

On the contrary, they’re perfectly happy spending time alone and mining the depths of their own mind and soul for solutions to life’s great questions.

As such, it’s almost unheard of for Aquarians to get clingy; it’s just not in their nature.

Being smothered, even those we love, isn’t a nice feeling, and certainly not a turn-on, so the fact an Aquarius sits back and lets you do you is pretty darn attractive.

Certain personalities may read their distance as coldness or disinterest, but it has much more to do with how they feel about autonomy — To Aquarians, freedom is God!

And they don’t just want to be free themselves, they want you to be free too, which means they won’t impose restrictive behaviors on you.

11. Aquarians Are Spontaneous

Aquarians don’t just think outside the box, they straight-up live outside the box, and it’s the Wild West out there, baby!

You never know what an Aquarius is going to do, which is part of the reason they’re firecrackers in the bedroom, but this desire to cut their own path impacts every other aspect of their life too.

This trait can even make Aquarians enjoyable to watch from afar, so imagine the time you’d have hanging out, one on one.

They’ll make an adventure out of any situation, no matter how mundane, making them a real asset in monotonous environments like the classroom or workplace.

12. Aquarians Are Loyal

The leadership qualities of Aquarians can make them quite popular, yet they tend to surround themselves with a very close-knit social circle.

Those within it are more than just friends, they’re comrades, brothers, sisters, lovers, and the water bearers that draw these special few together are unflinchingly loyal to their clan.

Aquarians manage to pull this off without veering into clique territory, too, as there will often be no common social thread that links the members of their motley crew together.

They appreciate variety of character and opinons, so the people they bring into their closest circle are a totally mixed bag.

This can give Aquarians that “everyone’s friend” vibe, when really they’re only close with a handful of individuals, which is an attractive trait, especially if you’re among the blessed minority they open their hearts to.

13. Aquarians Are Selfless

It’s ironic really… of all the signs, Aquarius is the most unique, yet they don’t really distinguish themselves from everyone else. To an Aquarius, we are all one, striving for betterment.

They don’t yearn to drive change for their own benefit, but for the benefit of us all, and it’s a super appealing personality trait!

This is why they don’t wrestle with their darker emotions that much, as they’re a disconnecting force when all they really want is to be connected.

To them, self-pity, jealousy, anger, etc, are all inward forces, but they’re concerned with having an outward effect, and as selflessness destroys the ego and blurs the lines between themselves and others, it helps them do just that.

Final Thoughts

Don’t get me wrong, Aquarians have their shortcomings (as we all do), but tell me that isn’t an enticing and downright hot list of personality traits we just drooled through? 

Effortlessly eye-catching, we’re all drawn to Aquarians at one point or another in our lives, and more often than not, we end up falling a little bit in love with them. Confident, principled, honest, loyal, mysterious… forget about it! — We mere mortals never stood a chance.

Some find their incendiary energy a little exhausting after a while, which is understandable, but it’s this very energy that makes them an absolute dish — Don’t ever change, Aquarians, you sexy, sexy bunch!

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