Are Aquarius Men & Aquarius Women Compatible?

The joining of an Aquarius man with an Aquarius woman isn’t something we see much of, and it’s a crying shame, as, in many ways, the perfect partner for an Aquarius is, well… an Aquarius!

This romantic sun sign symmetry almost never works out between any other signs on the zodiacal wheel, as, invariably, there isn’t enough synergy between the personality traits of the signs when they meet head-on.

So why then does a confluence of water bearers have such good flow, and is theirs a romance that evaporates into thin air (it is an air sign after all), or can it go the distance? This is precisely the question I’ll be answering here today!

What Traits Does The Aquarius Man Value In The Aquarius Woman?

Her love of freedom

Perhaps the most synergistic element of Aquarian men and women in a romantic context is that they value freedom above all else, even in monogamous relationships. 

For the male Aquarius, his desire not to drop anchor or commit to societal constructs has been a thorn in his side his entire romantic life.

Unable to emotionally step toe to toe with his previous partners, they felt neglected and unloved, and, as a result, relationships fizzled out, normally with an outburst of emotion from the non-Aquarian party, and muted response (if any) from the Aquarius man.

He will never admit it, but although he loves his freedom, deep down, the fact that his very nature inhibits his chance of finding a soulmate, is awfully painful.

However, when he becomes amorously enmeshed with an Aquarian woman, he literally meets his match. In her, he sees his own passion for freedom, and with the same needs, they understand one another perfectly.

With this as a foundation, they are able to build an idyllic relationship dynamic that gives them each just the right amount of breathing room without stunting progress.

Her honesty

The forthright nature of a female Aquarius is an insanely attractive prospect of a male Aquarius!

Honesty is the cornerstone of any healthy relationship, and Aquarians are some of the most honest people on the planet.

Our male Aquarius isn’t into playing games, and neither is our female Aquarius.

They both shoot from the hip, so it’s very unlikely that ugly emotions such as jealousy or anger can root too deeply and corrupt their union.

She’s not the jealous type

Not only is the female Aquarius not the jealous type, she finds it a HUGE turn-off in others, and seeing as our Aquarius man feels precisely the same way, we have yet another complementary personality trait.

Granted, it’s not impossible for these individuals to get jealous, as they will from time to time be possessed by the green-eyed monster, but this usually only ever occurs when they mix romantically with other star signs who aren’t quite as straight shooting.

Her spontaneity

Relationships between one very spontaneous party and one quite conservative party are almost always dicey prospects, as either the spontaneous party gets bored, or the conservative party becomes stressed.

This has been another painful source of contention in our male Aquarius’s past relationships.

His erratic personality type is exciting for his partner initially, but after a while, it wears them down, and as they begin to crave structure and stability, the two begin to grow distant.

Yet, in his Aquarius partner, there is no such hesitation when it comes to living life on the edge and seeking excitement.

What Traits Does The Aquarius Man Dislike In The Aquarius Woman?

She is too similar to him

Our Aquarius man understands that it’s what he and his Aquarius partner have in common that makes them such a strong match, but as he strives to surround himself with a wide variety of people, he’s not unaware of the irony of their union.

This is by no means a dealbreaker, and it’s an uncommon and fleeting thought for him, but as a very cerebral person, when it does come to mind, he’s likely to overthink it.

She is obstinate

There won’t be many arguments in this match, but when one does inevitably boil over, it can be a pretty intense clash, and it’s something that our Aquarius male hates with a fiery passion. 

Ask yourself this… what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?

A war of attrition, that’s what. These spats can go on for weeks, months even, because neither party is willing to back down and accept defeat.

The male Aquarius understands that he is just as guilty as his partner in this, but that doesn’t stop him from developing a distaste for the character trait in her.

What Traits Does The Aquarius Woman Value In The Aquarius Man?

He gives her plenty of freedom

Men can often be quite smothering in relationships, as they subscribe to antiquated notions of ownership.

Most of the time, they’re not even aware that they’re behaving in such a way, as it’s an ingrained behavior tied into traditional aspects of masculinity.

In her past, our female Aquarius has broken many a chain around her ankle, spread her wings, and left her partners sulking in her wake.

Her escape artistry in relationships past has of course been a necessity, but her incompatibility with most men is no doubt a sore spot that she pushes way, way down into her emotional vault.

Now, with an Aquarius man by her side who is not only fine with giving her plenty of wiggle room within the relationship but actually encourages her agency, she has finally found a love that allows her to be her.

It feels like finding the last puzzle piece to a puzzle that was otherwise assembled years ago!

She knows she’d be fine if things don’t work out in the end, but it’s reassuring knowing that she’s found something close to what she might consider a healthy relationship.

He stimulates her mind

For our Aquarius woman, almost all romantic relationships begin as honest-to-goodness friendships.

And seeing as the Aquarius man is such a good communicator (where non-emotional subjects are concerned), he is able to keep up with her keen intellect and earn a place in her heart.

Even an individual Aquarius can be a real force of nature where novelty of thought is concerned, so get two of them together and their creative and conversational spark will burn all the brighter.

The Aquarius woman needs originality in her life, and as a unique thinker with a beautiful mind, her Aquarius partner is forever a source of inspiration, helping her shake loose the shackles of the commonplace and enjoy a truly magical existence.

He’s his own man

As a lover of freedom, our Aquarian woman has a distaste for those who fall in line and conform, but our Aquarian man is the antithesis of a drone, choosing at all times to forsake tradition in favor of authenticity and progress.

She loves that he exists outside societal constructs (or as much as is permitted whilst living within said society, anyway).

She has always felt hemmed into reductive categories that didn’t apply to her, even as everyone around her subscribed to them.

Then here comes our Aquarian man and confirms her suspicions that these categories are all smoke and mirrors, intangible apparatus of oppression, and as these two water bearers join forces, the illusion is broken.

He is adventurous

There’s an argument that male Aquarians are a little too robotic in the sense they’re relentlessly logical, but spontaneity and adventure are like override sequences that completely trump their intellectual side.

Constantly trying to live life in the moment, he makes the perfect partner to adventure with, and as he values both his own and her freedoms, they can have their own discreet adventures without causing disharmony in the relationship.

She loves that he nurtures her wild heart and that they’re capable of having profound experiences separate from one another. Afterward, they return to base to share what they have learned and help one another grow as people, which, in turn, helps them to grow as a couple.

What Traits Does The Aquarian Woman Dislike In The Aquarian Man?

He’s very similar to her

With his passion for the avant-garde, our Aquarian man is able to intrigue our Aquarian female eternally, but she will know that, ultimately, his being so similar to her is really the polar opposite of what could be considered dangerous or cutting edge.

It’s a catch-22 of the strangest kind.

He’s the only one who can intrigue her, but as he’s almost tailor-made to do so, the bond loses a little bit of its excitement and sheen. 

While this would never be a serious reason for her to break things off with her Aquarius partner, it plays at her mind from time to time, not always as a negative thought, but a curious one at least.

He’s inflexible

One of Aquarius’s defining traits is strength of will (to a fault!), so, as mentioned earlier, disagreements between Aquarians can be pretty incendiary and drawn out.

Our female Aquarius isn’t one to back down from an argument, and neither is our male Aquarius, and even though she understands they’re both as bad as each other on this front (as does he), it’s a huge source of irritation for her.

Luckily, as this doesn’t happen too often, they have ample opportunity to formulate a powerful bond between conflicts, ensuring they’ll have the love for one another to see these bad times through.

Do Aquarius Men & Aquarius Women Have Good Sexual Chemistry?

Sexual Chemistry Score: 10/10

In the purest sense of the word chemistry, Aquarius men and women have a fantastic sexual chemistry, but if your idea of “chemistry” is 100% pure passion 24/7, then it doesn’t really apply to an Aquarian couple.

Oftentimes they can go without sex for extended periods without blinking an eye, which can be problematic when partnered with someone who prefers sex on tap, but other times, they’ll have sex multiple times a day.

What’s important to them isn’t the volume of sex they’re having with one another, but that it remains unregulated and completely spontaneous.

This can throw a massive spanner in the works when Aquarians mingle with other signs romantically, but when matched together, it’s an off-the-wall dynamic that suits both parties perfectly.

Besides, when they do hit the bedroom for some steamy action, it can be the stuff of sexual legend! 

Aquarians are more playful between the sheets than they are in any other aspect of their life, an approach that encourages experimentation and fun above all the sappy emotional stuff.

For those born under this star sign, every role in the hay is an absolute romp, with lots of smiles, laughter, and joy.

As both parties champion honesty, all their quirky kinks and tawdry taboos can be explored to the fullest with no judgment or shame.

So, despite their sometimes infrequent sexual activity, they can have a devilishly spicy sex life overall.

Aquarius Man & Aquarius Woman: Will It Work?

Relationship Score: 9/10

Forming a strong bond that blurs the boundaries of typical monogamous relationships, Aquarius men and women are incredibly well-matched in love. 

Their quirks have left them with a turbulent romantic history involving them prioritizing unfettered expression of the self over love, but in that beautiful moment when they find one another, they realize they can have their cake and eat it too.

Crazy about open communication and freedom, neither party ever feels smothered by the other, and as they both like to keep a critical distance from negative emotions, their union is protected with a shield of loving logic that holds ugly influencers like jealousy at the door.

The sex is electric when it happens, full of exciting experimentation and the tearing down of socio-sexual constructs, so that every instance between the sheets becomes a revolutionary act, all while remaining lighthearted and wholly enjoyable.

Although quite intense, arguments are few and far between, and as long as there’s a strong foundation of mutual respect and love, no disagreement will ever sever the ties between an Aquarius man and an Aquarius woman.

There’s a lack of deep emotionality to this relationship, but as they’re both happy to leave the deep dark emotions dormant, they can build a highly stable partnership based on constructive, and logical principles.

Final Thoughts

So, can a relationship work out between Aquarius man and Aquarius woman? Yes, absolutely. In fact, it can be one of the strongest relationship matches of the entire zodiacal wheel!

There will of course be some trials and tribulations, as there are in any relationship, but Aquarians are intelligent and calm enough to see the troubles through and press on as a loving team.

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