Triple Hour 15:55 Meaning (Inc. Guardian Angel and Numerology Meaning)

When you check the time throughout the day, you may not give it much thought. We check the time at numerous moments during the day, and sometimes we don’t even think much about the numbers that we see.

However, the numbers shown on the clock actually have their own significant meanings and messages. The numbers you see are called mirror hours, and these are very closely tied to the notion of guardian angels.

Mirror hours are a relatively new concept. These hours can only occur on digital devices and clocks, rather than physical more traditional clocks, as you need to see four digits in sequence. 

Mirror hours are one of the primary ways angels will try to communicate with us, and help to guide us on our spiritual journeys. This is why it is so important that you try to interpret these messages and listen to what the angels are trying to tell you. 

The hour 15:55 is what we call a triple mirror hour. So, let’s talk about what triple hours are exactly, and what the significance is of 15:55, the numerological meaning, and the astrological meaning. 

What Is A Triple Hour?

Let’s start with what a mirror hour is. Mirror hours are when the numbers on a digital clock face match up and are the same on each side. For instance, 00:00, 02:02, 15:15 and so on would be a mirror hour.

There are 24 mirror hours a day, as this occurs once per hour. 

So, what is a triple hour? Triple hours are slightly different versions of mirror hours. A triple hour is when the numbers you see on a digital clock, such as your smartphone, smartwatch, tablet or any other digital device line up and reveal a time with three of the same digits. 

What this means is that you will have three out of four digits the same, and one different. For instance, a triple hour would be 01:11, 12:22, 13:33, 15:55 and so on and so forth.

These hours are made up of two different digits, but three of these will match up and be the same. 15:55 is therefore a triple hour. 

These triple hours have a greater meaning just like mirror hours. If you keep seeing the triple hour 15:55, then there is a message for you from the angels that must be heard.

So, what are the angels trying to communicate with you through the triple hour 15:55? Let’s find out. 

What Is The Significance Of 15:55?

The triple hour 15:55 is very significant. This triple hour is watched over and protected by the guardian angel Mihael. This guardian angel is one of love but also premonition.

If you see this hour regularly on the clock, then this is a sign that Mihael will offer you the power of perception.

You may feel like you experience premonitions often, and that you are very intuitive. 

Through Mihael’s clairvoyance, you will be more perceptive to the things around you, and you will find a greater sense of understanding of yourself, and of life as a result.

Seeing the triple hour 15:55 also means that you will find a great love soon. You will have love, care, and loyalty in your future. 

This can also bring you a sense of calmness, serenity and harmony. If you are not in a relationship, then Mihael is letting you know that your soulmate is near, and will appear in your near future.

When they do, you will have a bond like no other, that cannot be ignored. 

If you are already in a relationship, then seeing the triple hour 15:55 is a sign that you will overcome difficulties in your relationship, to have a stronger connection than ever before.

Fights, arguments, differences and disagreements may soon melt away as your love for one another is so strong that it can overcome challenges. 

In addition, if you are struggling with issues such as infidelity, co-dependence, or jealousy, you will soon be able to get through this patch in your relationship, so that you can find happiness.

Mihael brings you the power of strength and unity. 

Mihael is also an angel associated with fruitfulness and fertility. Therefore, if you are trying for a baby, then you can be supported by Mihael, who will make your sexual interactions more successful, and protect you from problems like infertility.

With his care and attention, you can create a beautiful soul that will develop into a wonderful child.

Mihael can also help you spiritually. If you are feeling lost or disconnected from everything, then the guardian angel Mihael can help you find the light, and a greater level of enlightenment and peace. He will of course guide the way to love too, so you can find a new sense of balance in your life. 

In a similar way, if you are struggling with a darkness within you, such as a dependence or addiction, or even some level of toxicity in your life, then Mihael can soon help you become unstuck, and move forward to a happier future.

You will no longer feel fearful of everything, and you can find the courage you need to move in the right direction. 

With Mihael’s love, you can lose your worries and anxieties, to feel overall more positive. 

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of 15:55?

In terms of spirituality, the triple hour 15:55, is one of premonition. This means that the guardian angels can allow you to channel their clairvoyance, and you can be more intuitive and mindful.

You can look towards your future, and visualize what will happen.

You may feel more inspired as a result, and have lots of ideas about what you want to achieve in the future, and what goals and targets can help you get what you want. You will be far more perceptive than ever before. 

Seeing this triple hour is also a sign that your harmony will be restored in your life. You will soon enter a time of peace in your life, and your fears will seem to melt away.

This will give you a greater sense of stability in all things, such as your relationship, your job, or your finances. 

If you have been having difficulties in your life at the moment, then Mihael can help you reach a resolution. If you have been having impure thoughts about infidelity or temptation, then the angels can guide you towards the right path.

You can reestablish a sense of balance in not only your relationships, but also in your sense of spirituality. You will feel more connected with the angels and your spirituality as a whole. 

What Does 15:55 Mean In Terms Of Numerology? 

When we try to find out what the numerological meaning is behind the angel hours, we usually add the numbers together to find the total. In this case, 15 plus 55 gives us 70.

The angel number 70 is also linked to your increased sense of intuition. 

This number means that you will also have a greater sense of reading people. You will be able to understand people around you better, and you will therefore be able to make better connections with others, along with better decisions and choices. 

It is also a number that can give you better research and knowledge skills. You will be more successful in your endeavors and achievements as a result of this. 

If you are already part of a committed relationship, then the angel number 70 can also represent that you are going to have a happy, peaceful and romantic life together.

This is because this number can also be perceived as one all about love, dedication, positivity, and happiness. Mihael is showing you this number to tell you that your life will be filled with joy, laughter, happiness and positive thoughts.

Your heart will be so full of love. 

The angel number 70 can also show you that you will find your path, get what you want, and learn so much along the way. This can give you a renewed sense of optimism and strength. People will begin to admire your positivity, wisdom and intelligence. 

However, all things have good sides and bad sides. The angel number 70 can also be a reminder that you can be wrong often, and you may rub people up the wrong way.

This number is a reminder that no one is always perfect, this will bring you back down to Earth and keep you humble and grounded in difficult situations. 

Astrological Meaning Of 15:55

The triple hour 15:55 is very powerful and carries a lot of spiritual energy. This mirror hour is influenced by many special numbers; 1, 5 ,55 and 70. In this case, the number 5 is the most powerful as it appears so many times, which only strengthens its power. 

Within astrological belief, the number 1 is a powerful number as it is all about achievement, progression, new beginnings, and initiative. The number one is related to the star sign Leo and the Sun, whereas the number 5 is linked to Mercury, Gemini and Virgo. 

The number five signifies freedom, independence, individuality, knowledge, adaptability, resourcefulness and change. 

The number 15 also signifies love, and the changes that love can implement into your life. It can therefore be closely tied to large, positive changes such as new relationships, new endeavors, new love and closer bonds. 

With these numbers combined, the triple hour 15:55 carries a great meaning about changes within the love life. These changes may come from you, or may be out of your hands.

What this means is that you may have to make a big decision soon in your future. This could be for better or for worse. You may have to decide if you need to remove people from your life that no longer bring you peace or happiness. 

This may be hard to deal with at first, but the decision you make should be for the best. It can be a difficult choice, but what you decide will bring you serenity further down the road. 

What Do I Do If I See 15:55?

If you experience 15:55 often, or happen to look at these numbers on the clock multiple times, then it is important that you don’t ignore it or brush it aside. Seeing these numbers is a clear indication that the guardian angels are trying to contact you. 

The angels are showing you these numbers to prepare you for what is about to come. It is a message of what you will see in your future soon enough. The triple hour 15:55 is one that is all about love and intuition. 

What this could mean is that you will soon see the end of a relationship close to you, or you may find a better connection than one you have had before.

Seeing 15:55 is a sort of warning signal, and you can feel more prepared and guided in your path to happiness. 


To summarize, 15:55 is a triple hour. This triple hour is protected by the guardian angel Mihael, who is trying to let you know that you will soon find your way in life. He will help you fight your fears and any darkness within you, but also help you find a powerful love in your future. 

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