Triple Hour 00:03 Meaning (Inc. Guardian Angel and Numerology Meaning)

Wherever you turn, you may see numbers. Numbers and times on the clock may seem insignificant to us at first, but if you believe in the guardian angels and the power of the Universe, then these numbers can mean so much more.

We see numbers on our smartphones, smartwatches, digital clocks and more. When you look at a digital clock, you will see four digits. The way these digits appear is very important.

These numbers are called mirror hours. They have great spiritual meanings, and can help you uncover your path in life, and what the future holds for you.

If you have experienced the triple hour 00:03, then this is a sign that should not be ignored. You have to interpret the message, but you may not know how.

That’s where we can help. In this guide, we’re going to go over exactly what triple hours are, what the significance of 00:03 is, and what the numerological meaning is. Read on to find out more!

What Is A Triple Hour?

A triple hour is the term we use for the angel hours that are made up of two different numbers. There will be four digits in total, but three of these will be the same, hence the term triple.

For instance, a triple mirror hour would be 22:27, 11:10, or 00:03. From these examples, what you can see is that there are three of one number, and one other number. 

There are a total of forty triple hours in total. These all have their own meaning and significance within the Universe. Triple hours, just like other mirror hours, are messages sent from the angels. These hours are one of the primary ways that the guardian angels can communicate with us. 

This is why it is so essential to listen to these messages, so that you can understand what they mean and interpret them. They can help you take note of the angel’s warnings and listen to their guidance. 

What Is The Significance Of 00:03?

The triple hour 00:03 is one that is very significant. This hour is guarded and overseen by the angel Vehuiah. This angel is your patron and protector and is one that will bring you good energy. 

Seeing the triple hour 00:03 is a sign that Vehuiah is bringing you a fresh new start, and offering you new opportunities. Take the offer.  In starting over, you can find a new lease of life.

It will help you clear your mind, and rebalance your emotions, feelings, and mental stability. You will also be able to let go of past hurts, and make peace with things that you cannot control. 

With Vehuhiah’s help, you can feel more inspired, and you can come up with new ideas and innovations. You can manifest his strength, and find success in all things you turn your hand to.

Vehuhiah will help you overcome your weaknesses, and therefore give you more self confidence. 

However, Vehuhiah also has your best interests at heart. He will prevent you from jumping headfirst into things without considering them first, as this could lead you into trouble.

He will stop you from feeling unbalanced as this could make you take rash decisions, act out or lose control of your emotions. 

Throughout the triple hour 00:03, the angel Vehuhiah is also one that brings powerful healing capabilities, which you can channel. He will provide you with the power to heal yourself and others.

This could be mentally or physically. If you or someone close to you is suffering from ill health, anxiety, or depression, then you can give them the strength and motivation to get better.

In addition to all of this, Vehuhiah can also provide you with the support and guidance to find success in your professional life. You will find the devotion and motivation to take on new opportunities and tasks with ease.

With this comes a new sense of confidence in yourself and your achievements. 

What Does 00:03 Mean In Terms Of Numerology?

To find the numerological meaning behind the triple hour 00:03, we must first combine the numbers to find the total. As this triple our is made up of mostly zeros, the sum is just 3.

The angel number three is one that inspires creativity, originality and natural talent. On the negative side of this number is frivolity, arrogance and indifference. 

What this means is that this hour will give you the power of creativity, and you will be able to express yourself in new, innovative ways. It will give you an open mind, and you will be able to effectively communicate with others, and work alongside them to reach your goals.  

However, you need to be wary of the number three, as it can make you feel very frivolous. Not being able to control your urges and emotions can lead you to making poor decisions and mistakes as a result. 

In terms of numerology, the number three can also be one that tells you a lot about yourself. This number shows that you are sociable, friendly, and have lots of love to give and receive.

You are a person that loves to help others, and will put them before yourself. You are a very sensitive person, and a good listener. 

But, you can’t always be everyone else’s rock. You have to cry on someone else’s shoulder every once in a while, and seek that same support that you give to others. In saying that, you are a very resilient person, able to take challenges in your stride.

Don’t forget to take time to heal yourself, with Vehuhiah’s care and energy. 


To summarize, the triple hour 00:03 is protected by the angel Vehuhiah, who will help you find a new direction in life. The guardian angel who protects you, Vehuhiah can also give you the inner strength to reach your goals in the future.

You can channel his power, and he can give you the guidance you are looking for. 

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