Triple Hour 22:28 Meaning (Inc. Guardian Angel and Numerology Meaning)

Have you ever gotten into bed, pulled the blankets up to your chest, gotten comfortable, and then thought- I didn’t check the time.

You may pull your phone out, or check the clock on your nightstand and see the number 22:28. What you are seeing is a triple hour. 

So, what is a triple hour, what does the triple hour 22:28 signify, and what do the numbers 22:28 mean in terms of numerology?

That’s what we are here to find out. Read on to learn more!

What Is A Triple Hour?

A triple hour is one that is made up of only two digits. Mirror hours or triple mirror hours are signs sent to us by guardian angels. This is one of the main ways our guardian angels choose to communicate with us.

A triple mirror hour consists of three of the same numbers, for instance- some triple hours are 01:11, 05:55, 22:28, 12:22, and so on. There are a total of forty triple hours, all of which carry their own meanings.

These hours can send us signals and messages, as the angels try to communicate with us from above. 

Our guardian angels are here to provide protection, care, and guidance at all times in our lives. Triple hours are just one of the ways in which they try to do this.

In discovering the meaning of the triple hours that you see, you can begin to interpret that message and carry it with you through your life as a beacon of hope.

So, what does the triple hour 22:28 mean for you?

What Is The Significance Of 22:28?

When you first see the mirror hour- 22:28, you may not think much about it. However, if you begin to see this number often or more than once, then it may not be much of a coincidence. This is a sign that the angels are trying to reach you, and there is a message to be heard. 

It is vital that you take heed of this message, and try to interpret it. In some cases, mirror hours are used by those who have passed on, showing you that they are trying to reach you. This could be the case if you have lost someone dear to you. 

In other cases, specific mirror hours such as 22:28 can have a much deeper meaning. For instance, the angel Habuhiah is the one who oversees this hour.

As mentioned in our article all about the triple hour 22:29, this angel is one of fertility and healing. Habuhiah symbolizes fruitfulness and success.

What this could mean is that with this angel, you are about to see great prosperity and personal growth. This could be in relation to you gaining a promotion, coming into money, or advancing your career or relationship. 

With Habuhiah’s protection, you can feel inspired to work hard and achieve your goals. This hour is symbolic that you will find your efforts fulfilled within the workplace, and you will meet success in everything you turn your hand to. 

If you work in agriculture, then you will find your animals, crops and soil are fertile, free from harm and obstacles.

The angel Habuhiah is your patron during this time, and will protect against infertility, while offering their healing powers for those battling illnesses or struggling with infertility. 

Habuhiah can support you through fights with respiratory diseases, acne, dermatological issues, burns, cancer, and more. He also protects from insomnia, bringing you health, wellbeing and peace. 

Through seeing the triple hour 22:28, this is also a sign that Habuhiah will give you better listening skills, and ultimately better relationships with others through your increased sensitivity to other people’s emotions and feelings.

You will be more efficient in building relationships, and will have a thriving social life with Habuhiah’s assistance. 

Habuhiah is also there to help you grow your love towards wide spaces and nature. If you are into horticulture, or agriculture, then you will feel an increased sense of pride in your work.

Your plants will be free of insect attacks, poverty, infestations or disease, and they will thrive. 

Finally, Habuhiah can help you find balance and harmony within your life. He is there to bring you back to earth when you feel uncentered or disconnected from things.

You will find peace and harmony with Habuhiah’s help. He will protect you, support you, help you and guide you through all periods in your life. 

What Does 22:28 Mean In Terms Of Numerology? 

To consider the numerology of the triple hour 22:28, we can combine 22 and 28 to make 50. 50 brings a lot of good vibrations, and it is a harmonious number.

Therefore, this number will permit you to thrive physically, mentally and emotionally. You will be drawn to things that bring positivity into your life, and happiness. 

As a result, people of a similar nature will be drawn to you, and you can build lasting friendships and relationships with those people on the same level as you.

The angel number 50 can also help you thrive, as it brings with it openness and creativity. This can help you solve problems, and achieve your professional goals without challenges in your way. 

The number 50 can also be perceived as one that brings change, transition, transformation and movement into your life.

You may want to travel, see the world, explore new places and gain valuable experiences that bring more to your life than the mundane. It can bring you great energy that you can channel into your creative mind, your relationships, or your sexuality. 

With the number 50 on your side, you can feel more inspired, ready for change, and ready to take on whatever life throws at you without fear or hesitation. It will bring you courage. 

If you see 22:28 often, then the number 50 is closely linked with you personally. It means that you have a strong and energetic personality, with the intelligence and ability to find success in your life.

You may want to live life to its fullest and fulfill your potential in all ways that you can. 

This number means that you seek success and inspiration wherever you turn. It is also a number of good fortune. 


In conclusion, the triple hour 22:28 is protected by the angel Habuhiah. This angel will bring you fertility and healing. He will bring fertility to your life, bringing success, profitability and healing for those with medical issues.

He will help you overcome obstacles in your life, to find great strength and success in your professional career.

He can also remind you to be sensitive to others, building deeper, more meaningful relationships.

If you ever feel lost, then Habuhiah is there to guide you. He will protect you from harmful energies, and help you find harmony once again. 

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