Triple Hour 22:26 Meaning (Inc. Guardian Angel and Numerology Meaning)

Looking at the time on your phone or watch is something you do naturally, without ever contemplating the time, or thinking anything of the numbers that you see. But these numbers can carry a lot of meaning and significance. 

The numbers we see on a digital clock may be mirror hours. These are signs and messages sent from the guardian angels, to help us find meaning and our paths in life.

With that in mind, you may be wondering why you fixated on 22:26, which is called a triple hour. So, what is a triple hour, and what is the significance of 22:26? Read on to find out here.

What Is A Triple Hour?

A triple hour is a relatively new concept, as it only applies to the numbers you see on a digital clock. This could be your smartphone, digital alarm clock, smartwatch, TV, or any other digital device. 

When you look at such devices, you will see four digits in total. For it to be a triple hour, the numbers have to be made up of three of the same digits.

For instance, a triple hour would be 02:22, 22:26, 04:44, 13:33 and so on. Throughout the day, there are a total of forty triple hours, which all have their own meaning and significance. 

These triple hours are a primary way that the angels will communicate with us and try to convey messages to us. Therefore, triple hours have great meaning and significance.

Our guardian angels are always there to provide guidance, care, and protection, and they will help us find our purpose and paths in life. This is why it is so paramount that you try to interpret these messages.

So, what is the significance of the triple hour 22:26? Let’s find out.

What Is The Significance Of 22:26?

If you have witnessed a triple hour for the first time, then you may not overthink it or try to interpret it as anything with meaning. However, the triple hour 22:26 is significant, and if you have seen it, then the angels are trying to tell you something.

So, you must listen to their call, and understand their message.

The triple hour 22:26 is one of healing and recovery. This triple hour is watched over and protected by the angel Habuhiah. In experiencing this hour, the angel Habuhiah is trying to let you know that he will guide and support you in your journey to recovery and peace. 

This angel is closely linked with healing and medicine, and can therefore offer you the support and care you have been craving lately. Whether you are looking for therapy, physical, or spiritual healing, this angel can help you find it.

During this hour, the guardian angel Habuhiah can also help you reconnect with your love for nature. You love being in the country and enjoying wild, open spaces surrounded by animals and nature itself.

You may work within the sphere of agriculture, and in seeing this triple hour, it is a sign that your crops and harvest will be plentiful. 

Habuhiah is also an angel that represents fertility. This could be about agricultural fertility, or it could relate to your own journey to fertility. If you are hoping to have a child, then this could be a sign that Habuhiah’s powerful healing energy can assist you. 

Therefore, throughout the triple hour 22:26, this angel is promising to support you in your fight against infertility. He is an angel that provides bountiful rewards and fruitfulness.

Other interpreters say that Habuhiah can also help women who tend to dominate those around them, and men that tend to be dominated by women often. He can provide you with the confidence and skills to foster better relationships as a result. 

As mentioned above, Habuhiah is an angel that offers the notion of recovery. As such, you will be cared for, and protected from injury. He can also help you with issues such as acne, burns, joint problems, cysts, and many dermatological issues, bringing you great health and fortune. 

Finally, the triple hour is a sign that Habuhiah can help you find a new sense of balance in your life. You may have felt disconnected lately, or out of sync.

The angels will help you reconnect your mind and your body, and take better care of yourself and your emotions. If you feel lost, you will find your way again. 

What Does 22:26 Mean In Terms Of Numerology? 

In order to decipher the numerological meaning behind the triple hour we see, we tend to add up the numbers on the clock. Therefore, with 22:26, we get 48. This angel number 48 carries a lot of good, positive energy. 

That being said, on the other hand, the angel number 48 can cause imbalance if you are not aligned with your environment mentally.

Therefore, it could be a sign that you need to overcome some difficult times in your life in order to find success and happiness in your future. 

The number 48 is also one that can bring you luck when it comes to love and romance. Seeing this number is a good omen that your relationships will be great ones.

You are the type of person that is loved by many, so you will not find it difficult to find the right person that you are looking for. 

This number tells you that you are kind, selfless, friendly and loving towards others, so you will attract those with similar personality traits towards you. 

The angel number 48 is one that will bring you good fortune, but you also should heed its warning that you need to have the mental clarity and stability to seek out what you want.

You have the potential to reach all of your goals, but you need to put the hard work in to reap the rewards. 


To summarize, 22:26 is a triple mirror hour. This triple hour is all about healing, recovery and success. If you have witnessed this triple hour, then it is a sign that the angels are protecting you, and offering you the power to overcome your obstacles and health ailments. 

22:26 is also a triple hour that will bring you good fortune, and help you heal the relationships around you to build stronger bonds and connections with not only others around you, but with yourself too. 

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