Triple Hour 22:25 Meaning (Inc. Guardian Angel and Numerology Meaning)

Everywhere we look, we see numbers around us. You could be waiting on a train platform, in a doctor’s office, or sitting on your work computer watching the time go by.

We check the clock so many times per day. Most of the time, our eyes gloss over the numbers we see, and we don’t really retain the information, or think too much about it. 

This needs to change. In our belief, the numbers we see on clocks carry significant meanings. This notion is referred to as synchronicity.

While something may seem insignificant by itself, when we pair this with the greater meaning of the guardian angels, we can understand so much more about ourselves and our paths in life. 

The numbers we see on the clock throughout the day are messages sent from the angels. These are mirror hours. Mirror hours occur 24 times during the day, which is obvious once every single hour. However, there are also reversed mirror hours and what we call triple hours.

If you have witnessed 22:25, then this is a triple hour. So, let’s discuss what a triple mirror hour is, and what the numerological meaning is behind 22:25. 

What Is A Triple Hour?

A triple hour is much like a mirror hour. It is a message sent from the guardian angels to help provide you with some guidance, confidence and can lead you on your path to greatness.

A triple hour occurs when you look at the numbers on a digital clock. This could be on a computer screen, phone, or any digital device or screen around you.

When you turn over in bed or look towards the clock and see the numbers arranged as 22:25, then this is a sign that the angels want you to see, it cannot be pushed away into the back of your mind, as you have to interpret it. 

A triple mirror hour is when three of the four digits on a digital clock are the same. For instance, 22:25 is a triple hour, much like 05:55, or 14:44, or 00:02- they are all triple hours as one number occurs three times.

There are 40 triple hours in total that will come up throughout the day as it passes by. 

These triple mirror hours are sent by the Universe, and all have their own meanings and interpretations.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the triple hours 22:25, and its symbolism, numerological meaning and more. Let’s dive right into it. 

What Is The Significance Of 22:25?

The triple hour 22:25 is very significant. It is a means for the Universe to stir your subconscious mind, and allows the angels to contact you and send you a message.

As you know, guardian angels are always watching over you, but when you see the triple hour 22:25, a guardian angel is trying to give you the answers and guidance that you have been looking for in life. 

In this triple hour, the guardian angel Habuhiah is taking care of you. This guardian angel is one of great healing and restoration.

Habuhiah is sending you this message to tell you that all of your ailments or illnesses, whether that is dental issues, cancer, eating disorders, kidney, heart, liver problems or any medical problems will soon be aided and cared for. 

Habuhiah is also an angel that can provide help in areas such as gynecology, infertility, childcare and pediatrics.

He is letting you know that you have his full love and support, and he will be there for you through the good times, and the hard times in terms of your health and wellbeing. 

In a similar way, Habuhiah can also help you with ailments of the mind, not just the body. If you have struggled with your mental health, with issues such as depression, or anxiety, then Habuhiah can give you the strength and courage to find greater mental stability. 

As mentioned above, he is also a guardian angel closely linked to fertility. If you are trying to have a child, then Habuhiah can lend his positive energy, and help you on your journey to parenthood.

You will be supported by Habuhiah through all of this, and you will have the opportunity to bear a child who will have a wonderful life and soul. 

Habuhiah can also stabilize energies for both males and females, so you can have a stronger union with your other half during his care.

With this in mind, Habuhiah can also help you grow your feelings of love, particularly your love of nature and the environment around you. You will thrive in an open space, or surrounded by animals, plants, and foliage. 

He brings balance to your life and can help you overcome discrepancies so that you can become the person that you want to be. You will feel more connected with yourself than ever before and find a more peaceful sense of happiness and harmony. 

What Does 22:25 Mean In Terms Of Numerology? 

In terms of numerology, we must combine the numbers shown to find the angel number. This gives us 47. The angel number 47 means that you are going to find great success in your future. This could be physical and emotional success.

Therefore, you may find financial stability in your near future, or you may become more emotionally stable, and able to control your feelings or thoughts to reach a new level of understanding and peace.

This number tells you that your goals will soon become realized, and you can attain anything that you put your mind to.

You have a vivid imagination that knows no bounds, and you can find what you are looking for if you just put the work into it.

You will soon make better choices, and take responsibility for your actions in your pursuit of fortune and joy. 

This number shows that you are a perfectionist. You are someone who likes control, and to be extremely organized. You are a logical person, who will be determined and motivated to grasp all of your desires in your hands and make them happen. 


To summarize, the triple hour 22:25 is overseen by the guardian angel Habuhiah. This angel is one of healing and restoration. While he can help you gain control over your health and wellbeing, he can also restore balance in your life, so that you can reach your goals, and become a happier, more loving person. 

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