Triple Hour 13:33 Meaning (Inc. Guardian Angel and Numerology Meaning)

If you have ever been lying in bed, or scrolling on your phone and suddenly thought to yourself, I need to check the time. The numbers you see on the clock are by no coincidence.

These numbers have significant meanings and can give us the courage to find new paths in life.

If you have looked over at the clock, and seen the number 13:33, then what you are experiencing is actually called a triple hour.

The triple hour 13:33 is a message sent straight to you. You should not brush this aside or ignore this message. It has come from the Universe and is intended for you. 

Trust in what this message says, and feel this connection to the Universe deeply. If you are wondering what this message means, then we have to interpret these triple hours, looking at the numerological, spiritual meaning and significance of the number 13:33.

What Is A Triple Hour?

Triple hours are a relatively new concept since they can only occur on devices that show four digits.

Therefore, you can only witness these on digital clocks such as on your smartwatch, your phone, a digital alarm clock, or any other digital device. 

When these numbers align and show specific times, it may seem like a coincidence. You may have heard stories about specific sets of numbers such as 11:11 or 00:00, but more numbers than you think hold significant meanings.

These hours are called mirror hours.

A mirror hour is when the numbers on the clock match up. For example, this would be 00:00, 01:01, 15:15 and so on and so forth. As you can see, these numbers have to be exactly the same on each side of the clock. 

Triple hours are an extension of this concept. They are a little harder to spot than traditional mirror hours, as they are not so symmetrical.

A triple hour is made up of two different digits, but one of these numbers will be the same three times consecutively. For instance, 13:33 is a triple hour, as the three number threes occur consecutively.

Triple hours carry deep meaning just like normal mirror hours. If you keep witnessing the triple hour 13:33, then this is a sign that the angels have a message for you.

These messages are always meaningful and powerful. While the number by itself can seem meaningless, when you link it to the greater connection to the angels, it can carry a big significance. So, what does the triple hour 13:33 mean?

What Is The Significance Of 13:33?

The significance of the number 13:33 is that the Universe and the angels are trying to contact you. You have to trust in them, and find out what it means.

During this triple hour, the angel Hahahel is your patron and protector. 

The angel Hahahel is an angel of great faith. By showing you this message, Hahahel is letting you know that he will give you incredible faith. With this angel’s help, you will find the light, and he will guide you towards religion and a deeper spirituality. 

Hahahel can help you find your faith, and give you the power to find a profession within the sphere of religion. He can also inspire you to find a greater connection to your spirituality.

In addition to this, the angel is telling you that you have great potential and all of the skills to be an inspiring leader. 

With the 13:33 message, you can find the strength, courage, and ability to be a leader to others, and devote your energy into helping them become better versions of themselves.

You are willing to make sacrifices if it means that you can come to someone else’s aid. You are a kind, and selfless person, who can give to others without expecting anything in return. 

With Hahahel’s influence, protection, and guidance, you can gain the confidence that you need to be more inspired, more creative, and the visionary you were born to be.

In addition to all of this, Hahahel’s message can also be one that gives you a feeling of empowerment. You may receive the motivation to meditate, and lead a more blessed, serene and happier life.

You will feel more fulfilled with your life, and find your calling within the Universe. You will find a deeper meaning in your life, as he will light your way, and guide you on your path.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of 13:33?

By receiving this message, the guardian angel Hahahel is telling you that you can go forward, and be free of suffering, evil and danger. With this in mind, you can feel free from all obstacles.

Because of your immense faith, you will find liberation and salvation, while under the protection of Hahahel. If you feel lost, or you are losing your faith, then Hahahel will give you the courage to find yourself, and regain your positive thoughts. 

Connection Between The Tarot & 13:33

There is also a connection between the triple mirror hour 13:33 and the Tarot. Tarot cards are another way that we can learn about our future, gain insight about our past and find out deep meanings about ourselves.

13:33 is connected to the Tarot concept, the Wheel Of Fortune. 

The Wheel Of Fortune reminds you that everything in life is set in motion. Fortune may pass by you, or it may come your way. If you find yourself out of luck, then do not fear.

Prosperity and good fortune may eventually come your way and return to you. It is also a reminder that you will not always have good luck in life. Things may come and go in the great circle of life. 

This also links to the concept and law of Karma. What this means is that if you are kind and grateful to others and the Universe, the same will be returned to you.

If you keep your faith, and you are a good person, you will receive good Karma. Keep in mind that if you are not, the Universe will return the Karma to you, and you will receive bad fortune. 

What Does 13:33 Mean In Terms Of Numerology? 

To find the angel number of 13:33, we must combine the numbers we see; 13 and 33. This gives us 46. The angel number 46 is there to let you know that you need to expect many changes coming your way and into your life.

You should be aware of this, as otherwise they could take you by surprise. 

When big changes come into your life, you may feel disconnected, out of balance, or unsure where to turn. But, with this warning and message from the angels, you can mentally prepare yourself.

With this in mind, this angel number 46 can prepare you and help you learn how to control your emotions better. It can help you fight your inner battles and demons, and adapt to new experiences, skills and changes in your life.

This can help you reach a new balance, and feel more confident and harmonious as a result. 

This can lead you to better results in your social life, romantic relationships, professional career, family dynamic and more. You will feel more settled emotionally and mentally, which can lead to great things. 

The angel number is also one that can tell you a lot about yourself. This number is symbolic that you are a friendly, open, kind, willing, and generous individual.

For example, you are the type of person who finds their own happiness in bringing happiness to others around them. 

This number is a sign of your upcoming success, but you need to have the determination and will to find it yourself. You have all of the skills in the world that you need, such as your strong listening skills, team work skills and leadership skills, you just need to let them bloom.

But, your guardian angel will always be your guide in all that you do. 

You could also look at the triple mirror hour 13:33 and consider it the angel number 1333.

The angel number 1333 is one that inspires you to open up your mind, faith, and heart to all of the positive energies coming from the entire Universe. Feel the positive vibrations, and listen to your heart. 

Triple Hour 13:33 Meaning In Terms Of Love

The triple hour 13:33 is also one that signifies love and friendship. It is there to remind you that you will soon find someone who you can trust in deeply.

Even if you face adversity, that person or those people will surround you and support you with love, so that you can make good choices. 

Seeing this triple hour will help you realize that a big change is coming into your life. This change could be about your love life. You may feel that you need to make a big change in your love life to add new interest.

This could mean that you need to date someone new, or release someone who is no longer bringing positive energy into your life. 

With Hahahel’s care, you will find the courage to make this vital decision and change in your life. Find the strength to walk away from toxic people and relationships, as this will drain you emotionally over time. 

This notion of finding love does not have to be romantic. It could be platonic, and about finding a lasting friendship. You will find a new passion and common ground with this person, and you can build a strong bond with them. 

What Do I Do If I See 13:33?

If you see the triple hour 13:33, then it is vital that you do not ignore this message from the angels. It is one that can bring you great courage, and can help you find yourself and inner peace.

It is a sign that you will soon see great change and transition in your life. Take heed of this message from the guardian angels, and you can be prepared for the changes in your future. 

This could be a message about how you need to take ownership of your leadership skill and progress professionally or personally. It could also be a message to remind you of the great wheel of fortune in life, or that karma could be heading your way. 

Alternatively, it could be a sign that love is coming to you. On one hand, the angels could be telling you that you need to let go of the toxic people in your life, or that you will soon find a love that will last you forever. 


To summarize, the triple hour 13:33 is one that is protected and guarded by the angel Hahahel. This is the angel of faith, spirituality and religion. With his help, you can foster your potential, find your courage, and learn about yourself.

Seeing this hour is symbolic of your need for guidance. The triple hour 13:33 tells you that you are a kind, giving and selfless person, who will see great success in their future. 

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