Triple Hour 00:02 Meaning (Inc. Guardian Angel and Numerology Meaning)

When you look at a digital device, you will see a clock. It could be on your smartwatch, phone, iPad, TV, you name it. The numbers you see will mostly seem insignificant to you.

But, if you see a specific series of numbers, and you feel that this is uncanny, or somewhat coincidental, then what you may have experienced is a mirror hour. 

Mirror hours occur throughout the day, and when different times show on the clock. These numbers can have symbolic meanings for you to decode, which is where we can help you.

In this guide, we’re going to take a closer look at the meaning behind the triple mirror hour 00:02. So, what is a triple hour? 

What Is A Triple Hour?

In our other guides, we have briefly discussed mirror hours and what they are. In short, a mirror hour is one with double figures. You will see this when you look at your phone, watch, or any other digital device with the time showing. 

These mirror hours are not insignificant and do not happen by coincidence. They are messages sent from your guardian angels, to let you know that you are cared for by them, and to give you some direction in life.

While double mirror hours will have figures that look the same such as 00:00, or 11:11, and reversed mirror hours will look like 13:31, or 12:21, triple mirror hours have three of the same number. For instance, 00:02 is a triple hour.

As you can see, a triple hour is a mirror hour where three digits match up and are the same. There are forty triple hours in total, which all carry their own meaning and significance. So, what is the significance of the triple mirror hour 00:02? Let’s find out. 

What Is The Significance Of 00:02?

The triple hour 00:02 is one that is protected by the guardian angel Vehuiah. This is a very fortuitous guardian angel, and one that will guide you and offer their help to you. In seeing this triple hour, it is a sign that Vehuiah is going to give you his powerful gifts to help you thrive in life. 

Vehuiah will therefore aid you, and help you accomplish anything you set your mind to. He offers his gifts of strength, motivation, bravery and courage. With his guiding energy, you can find great success, and you will feel the motivation to remain focused and attentive to your goals and targets. 

As Vehuiah is your patron guardian angel during this time, he will permit you to have wonderful qualities in yourself, and you can use these to visualize your goals, and become a driving force in your life.

This, in turn, will inspire others to reach their full potential too. 

With his love and care, you will improve on your skills, your self confidence, and self worth. You will be wise beyond your years. 

In addition to this, the guardian angel’s knowledge will help you remove those from your life that do not bring you peace or happiness. You will be able to get yourself out of negative situations and circumstances, as his love will give you the bravery that you have been looking for. 

Vehuiah can also help you control your emotions. If you have been feeling a lot of turmoil within yourself, then his positive energy will help you overcome this, and feel stronger as a result. You will find new passions in life, and you will see things with a whole new perspective. 

With your new perspective, you can overcome feelings of stress or anxiety. If you have been feeling doubtful of yourself, or others, you can work on seeing things in a more positive manner, with Vehuiah’s powerful healing energy.

You will also find a better balance within yourself. Vehuiah will bring you courage and bravery, but he also reminds you to work on your faults. You may have a tendency to be stubborn or unyielding, but this will only hold you back in life.

In seeing this triple hour, Vehuiah reminds you of this message, and you can follow a better path in life. 

What Does 00:02 Mean In Terms Of Numerology? 

Typically, we add together the numbers in a triple hour to find the numerological meaning. In this case, 00:02 is made up of mainly zeros, so 2 is our angel number. Seeing the number two is a gracious blessing indeed. 

The number 2 is one of balance, cooperation, love, and harmony. It is a number that is associated with great things. The number two reflects your kind nature, and sensitivity to others around you. You are a very empathetic person, who works well with others and within a team. 

This could mean that you are a very sensitive person too, and care about others emotions and feelings, as well as being receptive to your own emotions.

Therefore, you know how to be thoughtful and caring, especially in difficult situations. You can handle them with tenderness and care. 

In being such a loving individual, you find no trouble in fulfilling yourself and those around you. But, be aware, that being so receptive to your feelings, you may not handle criticism well, and you could have a bit of an ego problem.

Try not to take these comments so negatively, or you could struggle with getting better and improving your skills.

This can also help you keep your emotions in check, as you will not become angry or aggressive when someone speaks their mind. 

The angel number 2 is one that is very loving, warm and affectionate. This is you as a person. You have so much love to give to others, and you welcome everyone else’s love into your life too. 

As a partner, you are very understanding, and you can cater to their needs, desires, dreams and wishes with ease. Keep doing so, and you will gain the same back. 


In summary, 00:02 is a triple mirror hour. This mirror hour is protected by the guardian angel Vehuiah. This angel will give you the bravery, strength, and courage to take your life in your hands, and pave the way for a successful future.

In doing so, you will become a visionary, and you can revolutionize your life. 

If you see the triple mirror hour 00:02, then take this as a lucky charm, and a message that you can interpret and implement into your life. Your guardian angels are watching over you and protecting you. 

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