Triple Hour 22:29 Meaning (Inc. Guardian Angel and Numerology Meaning)

We see numbers everywhere we look. Whether it’s on your phone, your smartwatch, your digital clock in the morning, or on bus and train timetables, we see numbers.

We may not take note of these numbers, as we just think they’re only significant of the time passing by, but what if they are actually significant? 

If you have ever noticed the number 22:29, then you have witnessed a triple hour.

So, let’s take a look at what a triple hour is, and what the meaning of this particular triple hour is.

What Is A Triple Hour?

A triple hour is a two-digit hour. This hour will be made up of three of the same numbers, hence the phrase ‘triple’. For example, a triple hour could be 05:55, 01:11, or 22:20.

What these hours have in common is that 3 out of 4 of the numbers shown will be the same. That is what makes it a triple hour. 

There are actually a total of forty triple hours, all of which have their own meaning and interpretation. These can provide messages and signals to us, sent from above.

This could be sent by your guardian angel, or by someone close to you who may have passed. 

A guardian angel is there to guide and protect you through life. These triple hours are closely tied to angel numbers, which is how we know these hours are sent by angels.

Learning the meaning of a triple hour that you experience can help you interpret the triple hours that you see in the future, but let’s look at what 22:29 means. 

What Is The Significance Of 22:29?

If you have experienced the triple hour of 22:29 often, whether that’s on a digital clock, phone or other device, then this could be a sign that your angels are trying to communicate with you.

We may not pay close attention to these signs at first, but if you see the numbers recurring, then it is something that could play on your mind. So, what does it mean? 

What the message is, could be a range of things as this depends on your personal circumstances, and how you interpret it. 

The angel who oversees this time is Habuhiah- who represents fertility. For women, this angel can provide a sense of increased fertility in order to create more incredible, spiritual people. 

This may not just be about fertility in women, it could also represent fertility for the earth, with an increase in crop growth and harvest. In addition to this, Habuhiah also represents healing, and good health. 

This angel can act as a good omen for bringing health and good fortune to others, able to treat illnesses and sickness. Therefore, this angel will provide support and guidance through illnesses such as cancer, anorexia, migraines, acne, kidney issues and so many more. 

If you work in medicine, or in the health field, then the 22:29 triple hour is a great sign of your patients being not only under your care, but the angel’s care too.

Likewise, if you work in agriculture, then this angel can provide the power to have fertile crops, lands and soils, free from infestations and infertility. This angel is therefore a protector, who encourages stability, safety, health and wellbeing. 

If you see the numbers 22:29, then this is a sign that balance will be restored in your life. The angel Habuhiah will provide protection and care through all periods in your life.

If you need to restructure your life, Habuhiah will give you the strength to do this. Likewise, if you are out of sync, then this angel will be there to help you find balance. 

What Does 22:29 Mean In Terms Of Numerology? 

22 plus 29 is 51. The angel number 51 carries a lot of meaning. For instance, the angel number 51 is all about change, adaptability, and will.

If this number recurs in life, then you should consider what changes are happening around you. Encourage those changes, and see how profitable they can be for you.

If the angels have sent you this message, then it is a reminder to not be apprehensive about such changes, and embrace them.

Have faith in what your guardian angel suggests, as they are trying to tell you to be positive, and understand that these changes will bring you success. 

This number therefore tells you to ignore your fears and persevere. Have positive thoughts about it all, and you will subsequently have more positive energy. 

That being said, the number 51 can have other meanings. It can be seen as a sign of arguments, difficulties and rivalries. If you see this number, it could also be a sign of some sort of power struggle.

This could relate to issues within your friendship group, relationships, or career. 

It can also act as a reminder to try to avoid such aggressions. Remember not to add fuel to the fire when faced with these situations. You will always be protected under your guardian angel.  


To summarize, 22:29 is a triple hour. This is a sign of a message from an angel and from your guardian angel. This triple hour is protected by Habuhiah, who represents healing and fertility. Therefore, this angel will bring these concepts into your life. 

22:29 also carries numerological meaning as the numbers add up to 51. The angel number 51 is symbolic of not only good change or adaptability, but also to be wary of rivalries, and power battles.

Seeing this number is a signal that you may have some upcoming changes within your life that are for the better. Listen to your guardian angel, and be ready for what comes your way. 

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