Triple Hour 11:14 Meaning (Inc. Guardian Angel and Numerology Meaning)

We’ve all heard of the magic behind the numbers 11:11 and how much good luck they are. But, it’s likely you’ve not heard anything about the hour 11:14 and what these numbers mean for you. 

These mirror hours come in many forms. You can find mirror hours, reverse mirror hours, and triple hours. So, what exactly are these mirror hours, and what does the triple hour 11:14 mean for you? Keep reading to find out!

What Are Triple Hours?

Triple hours are one of the variations of mirror hours. A mirror hour will occur when the numbers on both sides of a digital clock appear the same in sequence. For instance, a mirror hour could be 03:03, 21:21, 11:11 and you get the idea. 

A triple hour is a similar notion, but these are characterized by three numbers that are the same in a row. For example, 12:22 would be a triple hour. So would 15:55, 14:44, and of course we have 11:14. 

These mirror hours, whether they are double, triple or reversed are very important. They are one of the primary ways that the guardian angels and the Universe try to communicate with us.

Seeing such times throughout the day are therefore not by coincidence, as the angels have a message that needs to go directly to you. 

So, what does 11:14 mean, and what is the significance of this particular triple hour?

What Is The Significance Of 11:14?

The triple hour 11:14 carries many meanings. In general, this triple hour is seen as one of good fortune, as it will bring you great things in your future.

Specifically, you may find that significant changes may be coming your way that will instantly boost and improve your life and wellbeing.

In all triple hours, there are specific guardian angels that watch over this moment, and will be your guide in your times of need.

In terms of the triple hour 11:14, the guardian angel is Lehahiah, who is the angel of good luck, calmness and tranquility. 

It is this angel that is trying to send you a message through the triple hour 11:14. One way to interpret this triple hour is that while under Lehahiah’s care, you have been a loyal and loving servant, who is deserving of reward. 

This means that you have been a very disciplined person, who recognizes authority, serves others, particularly your superiors, and you are deserving of happiness because of this.

In doing such gracious deeds, you have earned the trust of not only your superiors and close ones, but of the guardian angels as well. 

You are the type of person who always plays by the rules, and follows the laws of the higher powers above us. Lehahiah is showing you this triple hour to tell you that you are a loyal, sincere, kind and giving person.

These traits will help you continue to live under the key principles of order, discipline and regulation. 

You will soon become more of an honest person, more responsible, or soon have to take on more responsibility in your life. You thrive most when trying to maintain regularity, and the established order.

Seeing the triple hour 11:14 is also a sign that you will gain the support of Lehahiah. With his love, you will soon be able to find a renewed sense of balance in your life.

If you have been feeling doubtful in yourself or your faith, then the angel will lend you his intelligence, wisdom and healing powers to bring you peace and tranquility. 

With the angels on your side, always watching and guiding you, you will soon find an even greater understanding of the divine and all things sacred and holy.

This can not only help you feel more at peace, but also bring you closer to enlightenment. You will soon see your future and destiny unfold in front of your eyes.

In seeing this hour, it is also a sign that you will no longer struggle with poor judgment or make bad decisions when it comes to dealing with authority.

The guardian angel Lehahiah will also aid you and protect you from injustice, betrayal or tyranny. He will also protect you from those who are unfaithful to you. 

During the triple hour 11:14, you will be guided by Lehahiah with his strength, power, bravery, endurance and focussing skills.

With these new qualities, you will be able to find wonderful changes in your life, and improve it for the better.

What Does 11:14 Mean In Terms Of Numerology?

When we look at the numerology of the mirror hours, we tend to add the numbers from the clock together to find the sum. In this case, 11:14 comes to 25.

The angel number 25 is all about facing difficulty and obstacles, particularly when you are trying to make the right choices, or when dealing with turbulent times. 

You may have found it hard recently to keep on the right path, and you may have felt like you’ve lost sight of the qualities you wish to maintain.

It can be hard to remain honest, keep your integrity, and remain clear headed when you face trouble, but this will all become a thing of the past soon, and better things will come your way. 

The angel number 25 is actually an omen that good things are coming your way. It is a number of transformations and rebuilding. You need to learn how to accept change, and take constructive criticism on the chin, as this will only help you grow as a person.

You never know, this may open up a world of opportunities for you and you will find plentiful possibilities in your near future as long as you remain on the right path. 

Final Thoughts

To summarize, if you have witnessed the triple hour 11:14 often recently, then this is a sign that you need to heed the message of the guardian angel Lehahiah. This angel is telling you to remain strong, and keep an open mind when it comes to accepting new changes and challenges in your life.

These changes may not be what you expect, and can cause stress in your life, but always remember that your guardian angels will be there to guide you and help you stay on your path. 

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