03:03 Meaning (Inc. Guardian Angel and Numerology Meaning)

If you are a spiritual person, then it is likely that you already think that the Universe sends us signs and messages that we can tap into subconsciously. The images, words, numbers and things you see around you can be considered omens or signs sent from the other realm.

In this guide, we’re going to go over the complete meaning behind the mirror hour 03:03, including which guardian angel is watching over you, what this mirror hour means for you, and what the numerology is behind the numbers.

In doing so, you can achieve a better understanding of yourself, your behavior, what lies ahead for you, and things like the astrological and tarot meaning of this mirror hour. 

In terms of the mirror hour 03:03, this one is all about achieving anything you set your mind to, and understanding that anything is possible. The mirror hour 03:03 is all about the upcoming changes in your life. 

Before we delve deeper into the meaning behind 03:03, let’s take a closer look at mirror hours as a whole, to further comprehend what these powerful moments mean for us. 

03:03 Mirror Hour Symbolism

To begin, we’re going to go over what exactly a mirror hour is. It’s a term we have already used often, but you may not be sure quite what we mean when we say this.

A mirror hour is an hour on the clock where the numbers on each side of the digital clock show the same numbers, in exactly the same fashion.

In short, a mirror hour is when the numbers align and tend to double one another. Therefore, a mirror hour would be 03:03, 13:13, 00:00, or 15:15. As you can see, it is when the numbers repeat themselves, and are the same.

This is not to be confused with reversed mirror hours, which occur when the numbers are sort of symmetrical to one another. For example, a reversed mirror hour would be 13:31, or 03:30, 12:21, and so on. 

From the list above, you can see that mirror hours begin at 01:01, and go on all the way past 12:12, to 23:23 until we reach 00:00, and a new day begins again. Therefore, there are lots of opportunities for you to witness a mirror hour during the day. 

What this means is that if you see a specific mirror hour time, more than once, then fate is intervening in your life, and wants you to hear the message that this particular mirror hour has for you. 

But, you are here because you have been witnessing the mirror hour 03:03.

So, what does this mean for you, and what is this mirror hour about? Well, 03:03 is a very powerful and poignant mirror hour. 

03:03 repeats the number 3 twice, and so the power of the number three is strengthened in this case. The number three has many connotations across many countries, cultures and religions. It is very closely tied with religion and Christianity in particular. 

For example, the number three encompasses the Holy Trinity- the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Due to its ties to holiness and sanctity, it is seen as a fortunate number and mirror hour to witness.

It is known to bring good luck, fortune and prosperity to your life. 

It is widely regarded that there are three different ways that you can interpret this mirror hour in particular. The first interpretation is to take this mirror hour as a symbol that you are connected to the Universe. 

Seeing this mirror hour is a sign that you are deeply connected to the Universe and your spirituality. As you know, the Universe combines all of the beings, spirits, and matter of this world and the next.

Due to your deep sense of spirituality, you are wholly connected to the Universe, and can channel its energy, and empower yourself. 

In doing so, you can look within yourself, praise your successes, examine your shortcomings, and learn from them. You can be thankful for your blessings, and practice gratefulness for all the things you have in your life. 

By doing this, you can feel more powerful, and your energy will only grow, as the Universe is giving, and will bring you wonderful fortune and happiness in your future.

This is also a sign that you are building a strong connection with the Universe, its energy and as a result, the angels and the higher powers. They will bring you serenity, peace, and hope in your life because of this. 

The second interpretation of the mirror hour 03:03 is that there is a lesson to be learned. The lesson is that you can create your own luck, fortune, and you control your destiny.

In showing you this mirror hour, the angels are telling you to take your life into your own hands, and mold it in the way that you want.

You will need to fight and persevere in order to achieve the success that you so very much desire. You can manifest your dreams if you put your mind to it. 

This mirror hour is therefore a means of understanding and facing your fears or doubts, and releasing them into the Universe, to gain the guidance you need from the angels to overcome them. 

The third, and final interpretation of the mirror hour 03:03 is all about you and your own qualities. This mirror hour can be a sign that you need to look within at your abilities.

The mirror hour 03:03 tells you that you have a range of talents, such as your creativity, imagination and communication skills. 

It is with these skills that you can carve your path to success, and communicate with others to gain the love, care, and support you need to go far in life.

You are a gifted person, you just need to harness this gift, use it, and inspire not only yourself, but others around you too. 

What Is The Significance Of 03:03?

03:03 is a positive mirror hour. This mirror hour, or double hour is one that offers a positive, helpful message from the guardian angels, and the Universe.

This message cannot be ignored by you, as the angels are only trying to help you, and offer you the guidance you need to seek and achieve great things in your future.

The significance of the mirror hour 03:03 is that you are in a situation where you can achieve anything. Absolutely anything on your mind, or of your desires is actually possible now.

In the near future, opportunities will show themselves to you, new doors will open up for you, and you will be on the right path soon enough. 

In addition to this, the mirror hour 03:03 is also one that is incredibly powerful.

This is because, as mentioned above, the repetition of the number 3. The number 33 is referred to as a master number.

This means that it holds a lot of energy and unyielding force. Therefore, you will be very powerful, unstoppable, and dominant in your field and life. 

With this great power, you can implement wonderful changes in your life, which will all be for the better. Although many of us often shy away from change, as transitions can be hard to cope with, change is a natural part of life, and should not be avoided.

The changes you are about to see will be positive ones for the better, not only for you, but also for others close to you or in your circle. 

Because you are drawn to this mirror hour in particular, it also tells you a little bit about yourself. You are a strong individual, with immense creativity and imagination.

You are also an incredibly spiritual individual, and so the angels trust in you, and offer you their wisdom and power so that you can have better ideas, opportunities, and a positive mental attitude. 

The angels will help you make better choices in life, and ensure that you are always on the right path. You have always been so deeply connected to all things spiritual and holy, which you can tell if you have often felt like you have never been alone, and someone has always been guiding you in your life.

These entities who have protected you and loved you for years are your guardian angels, pushing you to seek positivity and happiness in all things that you do. 

In addition to this, the number 3 is also related to positivity and optimism.

This is why this mirror hour is considered to be one that is a sort of good luck charm, so you should feel blessed to have witnessed this mirror hour. 

The angels have sent you this mirror hour because you are a fortuitous person. It should make you feel more optimistic about yourself, your life, and your actions. You will soon gain the wisdom and success that you deserve. 

Spiritual Meaning Of 03:03

There are many meanings behind the mirror hour 03:30. The spiritual meaning is only one of them, but it can also help you understand why this message has been sent to you.

To understand the spiritual, angel meaning of the mirror hour 03:03, let’s split up the numbers and look at them individually. 

In this case, we are given zero and three to consider. The number zero is one that is considered very divine and has much force.

Zero is all about originality- it is the beginning and end of all things, and linked to the notion of life and the Universe being endless, limitless, and a circle- like the circle of life. 

The number zero is symbolic of all things being in motion, and is related to all of the powerful, cosmic energies of the Universe. In addition, it is about creation, and the beginning of life.

The zero is associated with the power of love, of joy, passion, kindness, inspiration, youth, spontaneity, enthusiasm and more. These are all qualities you will need to go far in life. 

The zero vibrates a lot of energies of love and togetherness. Seeing this number twice in the instance of 03:03 tells you that love is coming your way. Here, we also have the number three repeated twice.

The number three is – as we’ve mentioned- about optimism. People drawn to this angel number are positive individuals, who tend to look on the bright side of life. 

If you resonate with the number three, then you are a person who truly enjoys and loves living life.

You are grateful for all of your blessings and gifts in life.

You are compassionate, easy going, happy to help others, and always willing to give support and a helping hand to those in need. 

The mirror hour 03:30 is incredibly spiritual. Seeing this number is a sign that you have built a strong bond with higher powers, the angels, and all energies of the Universe in order to grow closer with your spirituality and with the Lord.

Because of this, you will be rewarded with hope and tranquility in all aspects of yourself. You are also closer to all things divine, and have strong ties with the spiritual community. 

Guardian Angel Of 03:30

During all mirror hours, there will be a guardian angel that oversees that hour, and is the patron and protector during that time. In the case of 03:03, the guardian angel who oversees this hour is Aladiah.

Aladiah will watch over and influence this mirror hour from 03:00 to 03:20.

This guardian angel is one who is heavily connected to the notion of spiritual enlightenment. If you have been feeling lost, confused, or unsure about your religion or spirituality, then Aladiah will help you find yourself, and the answers that you have been looking for. 

Aladiah will also share his divine power and wisdom with you, to help you understand the worlds around you a little better. He can also help you understand the notion of karma, and how all good things are rewarded, and vice versa.

If you have felt negativity, or have struggled recently in your life, then Aladiah can help you find a new sense of balance and stability, while also finding your spirituality.

He can also help you heal and move forward if you have been struggling with mental health battles, or other obstacles in your life recently. He can help you overcome your pain and suffering.

This guardian angel is also sent to you to help boost your confidence. You are a great person, and a wonderful friend, who deserves the rewards in life.

You are honest, open, and would rather live your life in peace and happiness than deal with conflict and disruption. 

In sending you this mirror hour, the guardian angel Aladiah is telling you that you are able to reach your goals and targets. You are a strong willed person, who can achieve them if you really want to. 

Individuals who often see the mirror hour 03:03 tend to be successful people, not only in their careers, but in their relationships and friendships with others too. All you have to do is believe in your abilities, and you can attain your goals. 

Despite 03:03 being a symbol of Aladiah’s care and love, it also acts as a reminder that you can be irresponsible and superficial at times. Aladiah is also linked to the notion of indulgence, and you may be prone to self indulgence from time to time.

Showing you this mirror hour is a sign that the angels are reminding you to be humble, and check your negative personality traits before they overwhelm you. 

Archangels Who Influence 03:03

As mentioned above, various angels will influence the mirror hours. Depending on when you witness this mirror hour, certain Archangels will be there to guide and protect you also. For instance, take a look at the guide below. 

Day ArchangelPlanetary Energy
Monday 03:00 – 04:00 CamaelMars
Tuesday 03:00 – 04:00 MichaelMercury
Wednesday 03:00 – 04:00 ZadkielJupiter
Thursday 03:00 – 04:00 HanielVenus
Friday 03:00 – 04:00 ZaphkielSaturn
Saturday 03:00 – 04:00 RaphaelThe Sun
Sunday 03:00 – 04:00 GabrielThe Moon

The Tarot Meaning Of 03:03

There are often tarot cards relating to the mirror hours. In the case of 03:03, the Tarot linked to this mirror hour is called The Empress. This tarot card is all about your power, your skills of intuition, and your commitment to others.

The Empress is outspoken, honest, and open. She has fantastic communication skills, and finds it easy to bring balance and agreement with others. 

When this card is read in a positive manner, The Empress represents that sense of perfect harmony.

This could mean that you can mend old relationships to find a new feeling of relation and understanding between the two of you, or you can build a strong bond with another person, whether that is romantically or platonically. 

In a positive reading, The Empress is also a symbol of intelligence and communication. You will therefore encompass her power in these skills in all aspects of your life. The Empress is also ambitious- meaning you can achieve your dreams. 

In a more negative reading, The Empress can be symbolic of immaturity and superficial materialism. You may lose yourself in your fight for superficial or material belongings, which can isolate you from others, and affect your behavior in a negative way. 

In terms of love, The Empress is a sign that you will find a great love soon that will bring you immense happiness.

The Empress is symbolic of your future success in your relationships, as you will be a wonderful, loving partner, who supports with all of their heart so that you have healthy relationships. 

In summary, the tarot card The Empress tells you to be wary of your frivolity, and do not spend needlessly on pointless things. Be more responsible with your finances, and make the better choice.

You will also find a once in a lifetime love if you tap into the Empress’ powers of communication, intelligence, and intuition. 

What Does 03:03 Mean In Terms Of Numerology?

If you’ve looked at some of our other guides before, you will find that we add the numbers within the mirror hour to find the sum, in order to discover the numerology behind the hour. In this case, the sum of 03:03 is 6. 

The numerology behind the number 6 is that you are the type of person who values familial relationships greatly. Your family is very important and essential in your life.

You will also strive to keep familial relationships and family ties strong in your life. You love being at home, or being around your family members, as this is the time you truly feel happiness and peace.

However, you may spend a lot of time trying to keep the peace.

This can lead you to sacrifice your own self and sense of happiness from time to time.

You have to remember to take time for yourself, and do what you want to do, or you risk losing your positive mindset by always trying to please others. 

The number six is also symbolic of your skills and abilities. The number six shows that you are an imaginative individual, who is often left daydreaming about the past, future, and all things in between.

You are full of innovative thoughts and ideas, and always looking for ways to improve your life, your skills, your situation and yourself. This is why the mirror hour 03:03 is for you. 

This mirror hour allows you to understand your power, and seek the greatness you were made to achieve.

By keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground, you can find the opportunities you have been striving for in terms of your professional life, your romantic life, and your personal life. 

The numerology behind the mirror hour 03:03 also depicts that you have the power to help others. You are a healer, a trusted friend, and an aid in all ways that you can be.

People will naturally come to you in times of need for assistance, and you will always comply because of your big heart. 

You are able to heal their souls, and help them both spiritually, psychologically, and personally, because you are a wonderful listener, and can offer words of advice and wisdom whenever needed.

You may not be able to solve all of their problems, but just being encouraging, empathetic, and understanding or supportive is sometimes all they need. 

Because of this, you could perhaps look into other ways you can heal people. You may be naturally gifted in the arts of hypnosis, reflexology, as a masseuse, physical therapist, or as a healer.

It could be worth discovering courses and qualifications and pursuing this as a career because you are a natural carer, who seeks to help others recover from all ailments. 

On the other hand, your immense sense of empathy and caring nature can be your downfall at times. Be careful that others do not betray you, or take advantage of your kind nature.

Some may seek to charm you into always helping them, but that does not mean that you do not deserve the same support back.

Especially in relationships, someone may take liberties, and you will forgive time and time again, without worrying about your own needs or feelings, because you worry so much about theirs. 

The numbers 0303 also repeat the numbers 0 and 3 two times. What this means is that these singular angel numbers (0 & 3) have their power strengthened in this triple hour.

The number 0 represents wholeness, unity, and balance. This is only doubled in power in this instance. This number is often considered to be about freedom and liberty. 

Additionally, the number 3, as mentioned above, is much about spirituality, and the notion of the Holy Trinity. This again, is doubled, which only increases its potential. In this sense, your religion and spirituality grows only more important and essential in your life.  

Why Do I Keep Seeing 3s Everywhere?

You may have turned over in bed at night, and always seemed to open your eyes to see 03:03 on the clock, or perhaps you’ve noticed an abundance of threes in phone numbers, on your laptop screen, or on license plates, then it is highly likely that this is meant to be seen by you.

It is part of your path and your fate to keep seeing these numbers. If you see these numbers frequently in your life, then it is a sign that the angels need you to see them, and want you to know something.

It is vital that you do not ignore this sign or the message, as you need to interpret it. Hopefully we have helped you do this. 

Seeing the number 3 everywhere you look is also a sign that you are about to have good luck in your future. It is a means of letting you know that you are going to see and going to achieve great things.

All you need to do is remain patient and deserving. 

The number three is also symbolic of the human- as it represents the mind, body and soul. You will need to have all three in balance, in order to feel a sense of unity in your life.

Seeing the number three can therefore be a sign that you do have your life in balance, and the angels are congratulating you on your successes and accomplishments. 

It is a sign that you are in tune with yourself, your body, and the Universe, with the guardian angels’ help and guidance. 

What To Do When You See 03:03

If you are reading this guide, then you’re in the right place. You are clearly open and willing to understand the notion of mirror hours, and what they mean for you.

If you are witnessing the mirror hour 03:03 often, then the Universe is sending you a clear sign.

It is not happening by coincidence, it is part of your intended path in life. What the message means for you depends on your current situation, and how you interpret the angel’s call. 

The angels therefore want you to stop, reflect and think for a minute. They may be asking you to consider your failures, your successes, and what you have learned on your journey so far.

Because of 03:03’s deep connection with positivity and optimism, this is a good sign that cannot be ignored. During your reflection, think about your life now and what needs to change in it. 

You may come up with the answer yourself, and find out what changes need to be made in order for you to find a new sense of tranquility and happiness.

Change can be difficult to take at first, but these transitions can teach you important life lessons, and bring you closer to new people. You may find that you see new opportunities open up, so change is a good thing. 

Do not be afraid of the upcoming changes in your life, they will be for the better. The Universe has great plans for you, and promises to bring you fortune and prosperity.

Seeing this mirror hour 03:03 is also a sign that you are on a path of spirituality and growth. You are feeling a lot of positive energy, creativity and inspiration.

It is greatly connected to spirituality, and can help you understand how to use your energy and power within your life. 


To summarize, 03:03 is a mirror hour. It carries great significance. This mirror hour’s overall interpretation and meaning is that anything you set your mind to is achievable and possible for you.

Soon enough, you will find that all of your dreams and goals become a reality due to your willingness, determination and motivation to succeed. 

The guardian angels have called your attention to these numbers to let you know that through hard work, optimism, and a positive mental attitude, you can overcome your obstacles.

In doing so, you will be rewarded with better communication skills, and will find a love that you have only dreamed of in the past. 

The angel who oversees this mirror hour is called Aladiah who is the angel of spiritual enlightenment. If you have felt lost recently, he will place you back on your intended path.

In doing so, you will find all of the answers you have been looking for, and will be protected from negative thoughts and energies. He will come to your aid in times of need, just as you do for all of the people you love. 

We can only hope that this guide has been eye opening for you, and has helped you understand what angels oversee the mirror hour 03:03, what the numerology meaning behind the numbers is, and what connections 03:03 has to the tarot, your spirituality, and the Universe itself. 

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