00:00 Meaning (Inc. Guardian Angel and Numerology Meaning)

Have you ever glanced at the clock by the side of your bed, or woken up suddenly in the night to see the clock face glaring back at you at 00:00.

It can seem an odd moment, that you’ve looked at such a precise time, but it may not be an accident. It could be fate, or your guardian angel sending you a message. 

Your subconscious could have made you look at the clock at this precise hour. Is it a sign? The answer is yes it is!

Many people believe that the time 00:00 is a spiritual sign and one that comes from the angels. 

With this guide, we are going to give you an overview of 00:00, or what we call the mirror hour, along with all of its symbolism, which archangels are watching, what the spiritual meaning is, and what the astrological and numerological meaning is. 

When we consider the numerology behind the numbers we see, we can find a greater meaning about ourselves, our spirituality and our path in life. The number 0 is a very powerful and sacred number. 

This number is representative of the beginning and the end. Think about it, we use the number 0 to reset everything, and the same goes for ourselves. So, what is the symbolism behind this mirror hour? Read on to find out! 

00:00 Mirror Hour Symbolism

First of all, let’s talk about mirror hours and what they are. Mirror Hours are those hours with double figures. You will see these when you lock at clocks, whether they are in your home, on your phone screen, on your smart watch, or on your television. This is because it will be shown in a digital format for it to be double figures. 

A mirror hour is when those figures match up. This means that the hour and minutes are the same, for example 00:00, 01:01 or 11:11. There are actually 24 mirror hours in every single day. These are:

  • 01:01
  • 02:02
  • 03:03
  • 04:04
  • 05:05
  • 06:06
  • 07:07
  • 08:08
  • 09:09
  • 10:10
  • 11:11
  • 12:12
  • 13:13
  • 14:14
  • 15:15
  • 16:16
  • 17:17
  • 18:18
  • 19:19
  • 20:20
  • 21:21
  • 22:22
  • 23:23
  • 00:00

These mirror hours begin with 01:01 and end at 00:00 as the day goes by, and each one has its own meaning or message that you can interpret through the angels, along with its symbolic, spiritual and numerological meaning. 

00:00 is one of the most powerful mirror hours. If you see 00:00 on a digital clock, then this is symbolic as it is sent by an angel. Mirror hours are actually how angels communicate with us and send messages to us. It is a way of contacting us. 

The number 0 carries a vast amount of spiritual energy and is connected with not only angels, but the Divine too. In many cases, the 0 symbolizes the beginning and the end of all things. For instance, we start counting at 0, and go on to 1,2…we call the first patient- patient zero, and when a timer runs out it falls to zero. 

The number 0 is also symbolic of God and the Universe. Therefore, it carries a lot of power and energy. When you see four zeros in succession, such as 00:00 or 0000, then this power is strengthened, and four times as strong. This is why 00:00 is considered one of the most important messages from an angel. 

With such great ties to God, the Universe and all things Divine, the number 0 can also be a sign that you need to let go of all things connected to the physical world, and connect with the spiritual realm instead.  It can be a message to help you break from the restrictions of our everyday lives, of Earth, and of our minds, and focus on your spirituality instead. 

In this sense, 0 can bring you closer to your God, too. This is all down to the fact that the number carries symbolism of eternity, wholeness, oneness and continuity. In itself, the zero looks like a circle, going endlessly on in a loop continuously. When you think of it this way, you can understand why this number is so closely connected to the Universe, and all that it holds. 

This number mostly acts as an invitation to you, from above that will help you begin a spiritual journey of self reflection and enlightenment. You will need to listen to your inner mind, your intuition, and allow your guardian angels to be your guide.

While it may be a sign of a new beginning, it can also be a sign of something coming to an end to make room for this new beginning. But, let’s delve into this in more detail by discovering what the significance is of seeing 00:00. 

What Is The Significance Of 00:00?

As mentioned above, the 0 represents rebirth and a new beginning. If you see this number wherever you go, or you have recently seen 00:00 on your clock, then the angels are sending you a message.

The significance of this message is that you are reaching the end of a natural cycle, and moving into a new phase of your life. In terms of spirituality, you are transitioning into a new cycle and being reborn as new again. 

You may be on the cusp of a new awakening, new understanding, or a big change within your life. If you want to find this message within yourself, and gain a greater understanding of what it means, then it could be a good idea to meditate and focus your energy on what it could be. This could bring you a new sense of self, tranquility, and spirituality. 

If you have experienced the mirror hour, then there are likely many things at play already happening around you. This is just a message and a sign of those things. There may be things happening in your life already that you worry you cannot control, or they may seem like negative forces at first, but we promise your guardian angel is watching over you, and great forces are at work. 

The mirror hour, or double hour can also be a warning sign. As we mentioned, this is a symbol of change and rebirth. This could mean that something in your life will no longer be available to you. 

In other cases, the 00:00 time can be a sign of sacrifice. You may have to lose something in your life, or within yourself. Be careful of people who are asking a lot of you, as this could be a sign that you are giving too much to others. 

That being said, do not be fearful. The significance of this sign is that your guardian angels are trying to help and communicate something to you. The number 0000 is very sacred and spiritual, so in seeing the image of this number, you are being told by your angels that they exist and they love and care for you. 

In doing so, you may feel more confident, as you have an angelic connection to always guide and watch over you, even in this tumultuous time of change within your life. 

This is why we say not to be afraid. New beginnings in your life can be nerve-wracking, but this also brings new opportunities, new relationships, and new friendships. The number zero is there to show the beginning of a new chapter, a new journey and a fresh start. For this reason, the sign 00:00 is considered very significant for good fortune. As the angels are caring for you, you are protected from harm’s way and safe. 

Spiritual Meaning Of 00:00

The number zero in itself is very spiritual, as already said. It symbolizes endless cycles, new beginnings, and things coming to a close, or natural end. In order to find the spiritual meaning of this number, you will need to release yourself from the confines of the material world, and embrace your spirituality. 

The spiritual meaning of the mirror number 00:00 is that the angels want to pass on a message that you are coming to the end of a phase in your life, and beginning an important or pivotal new life cycle. This could be ending a long relationship, learning a new life lesson, starting a new career, moving to a new place. You will need to understand the spiritual meaning of the message before incorporating it into your sense of reality. 

In terms of spirituality, this could be your spiritual awakening. You may not have thought about angels or the divine before, but something awoke in you when you saw that number on the clock. Something stirred in your mind, and you felt the urge to know more about mirror signs and their meanings. 

This could be the beginning of your spiritual learning, or you discovering that you have spiritual abilities or psychic abilities. This could be a sign that you need to meditate in order to have experiences outside of the physical world, and reach a new sense of enlightenment. 

If you see this sign more than once in a short period of time, then the angels are calling you. There are more powerful forces in play that you may not have realized, but they are closer to you than you think. 

This should not scare you in any way- they are friendly forces, who are there to help you on your spiritual journey. Trust in them, and trust in yourself. These things often happen for a reason. At the time that you see the 00:00 sign, you may not know why this is significant or realize that it is a spiritual blessing at all. However, it will all become clear to you soon enough. Perhaps in the days after, you will understand why you saw this sign, or why someone was reaching out to you. 

Others believe that the 00:00 sign is symbolic of someone thinking of you, somewhere in the world or the other realm. This may be someone you have known, or someone who has passed on. 

If the sign alarms you, then speak to your guardian angels. Let them know that you are fearful or that you feel insecure. They will comfort you, support you, and encourage you on your journey. They will become your guiding light and motivation through this period in your life. 

While this sign is often conveyed in a positive light, it can be somewhat of a warning signal. This mirror hour can be used by your guardian angels in order to tell you that you need to let go of something- or that it needs to come to an end in order for you to feel peace.

This varies from person to person. It could be that you need to let go of your grief, or that you need to let go of a friendship or relationship that no longer betters your life, or impacts your life for the good. 

If you see this sign, take a moment to think about what may need to come to an end. Think about those in your inner circle, those you can trust. Consider if you should be wary of anyone- or if anyone seems false or unable to support you fully without ulterior motives. These people are ones that should be removed and let go of. 

This number is one that resonates with many of us, because it allows us to look within. If you see this number, then it is time to think about yourself, your priorities, your thoughts and feelings, and your needs. This number lets you know that it is time to focus on your energy, what you need, and not allowing anyone else to drain your energy or happiness from you. 

Guardian Angel Of 00:00  

The guardian angel of 00:00 is Mumiah, who will influence this time during 23:40 to 00:00. This guardian angel is said to bring knowledge and clarity to you of the sacred world. This is why 00:00 is such a sacred number. 

The guardian angel Mumiah is actually the 72nd angel, which is the last angel. It is for this reason that we see 00:00 as a symbol of rebirth. As the last angel, Mumiah protects you during this new beginning that is taking place.

This guardian angel can also help you reach a higher understanding of divination, but is often also referred to as an angel who will help those closest to death. Some have said that they have woken in the night, and seen 00:00 on the clock face, and had an overwhelming feeling that a loved one is watching over them. 

But Mumiah is not the only angel there to guide you. Let’s take a look at the Archangels who influence this mirror hour – 00:00. 

Archangels Who Influence 00:00

Every day, there is a different archangel who can influence this hour from 00:00 to 01:00 – who you can feel protected by and close to. 

Day ArchangelPlanetary Energy
Monday 00:00 – 01:00 GabrielThe Moon
Tuesday 00:00 – 01:00CamaelMars
Wednesday 00:00 – 01:00MichaelMercury
Thursday 00:00 – 01:00ZadkielJupiter
Friday 00:00 – 01:00HanielVenus
Saturday 00:00 – 01:00ZaphkielSaturn
Sunday 00:00 – 01:00RaphaelThe Sun

Astrology Meaning Of 00:00

Within astrology, the number 0 is a very pivotal and very powerful number. In the realm of astrology, 0 is the ruler of the planet Pluto, which is a planet of destruction and power. This can signify the importance of the number 0. 

What Does 00:00 Mean In Terms Of Numerology?

In terms of numerology, the number 0 is one that signifies the beginning. It is the origin of all things, and one that is therefore considered a sacred number. Everything we can count in our world begins with the number 0. As it is the beginning of everything, and encompasses everything- it is closely linked with the notion of creation- the very beginning of civilization and our world. 

The number 0 has been used in ancient civilizations all around the world, so it is something that we consider as sanctified, holy and blessed. This number is truly the be all, and end all of everything- and so it is so powerful and sought after. 

It gives you the power to achieve anything, without obstacles or things in the way. It opens up so many possibilities for you, and will allow you to take on anything in your stride. The number 0 is symbolic of boundless potential- you can take it anywhere from here. 

So, if you see 0000, then you must know how much potential this offers you, and how much spiritual power it can pass on to you. It is limitless, and endless at the same time. But, it all comes down to you and your perception of it.

You can consider the number 0 as positive, or negative. It has the potential to be either. It can become everything, or nothing. It is either a starting point from which you can move forward, or it is the ending point from which all things will cease to exist. How you perceive this number depends on your power and your force, and what you want to do with it. 

Just remember, that the number zero has the power to uplift all of the numbers. It can be built upon, and raised higher and higher, and so can your sense of spirituality and enlightenment. 

Why Do I Keep Seeing 0s Everywhere?

Seeing the number 0 is something of a good luck charm. The number 0 is very spiritually linked with finding a new path. It is also a sign that higher, more cosmic forces are in play. This symbol represents infinity, and rebirth at the same time. It is a marker for a new phase beginning in your life. Some other reasons are as follows.

You’re Ready To Meet Your Soul Mate

There are many reasons why you could be seeing this number. It could be that you are ready to meet your match. This is because the 00:00 looks much like 0000 in sequence. This is what we call the twin flame number. This number will help you find someone who completely matches your spiritual energy, and is consequently your soul mate. 

This is the person who will understand you like no one ever has before. This person could essentially read your mind, and finish your sentences. You will be like one entity, on the same path together, and in sync with one another.

Some go their whole lives without finding their true soul mate, but this isn’t an issue for you. Seeing this number is a sign that your angels are there to help you find this person. They may light the way for you and guide you to this individual. 

However, this soulmate may not be a lover or a partner, it could be a friend or family member that you need to connect with, who will have the same thoughts, beliefs, morals and qualities that you do. Once you find this person, they will remain with you forever more. 

It’s Karma

Many believe that the 0000 is a sign of karma. Karma is often represented as 0000. For this reason, this universal force could be at large, and you may have good karma come your way, or you may have to pay back what you owe, and bad karma is coming to you. This does not always have to be a bad omen, it could just be a temporary set back. What the 0000 is in this case, is the angels letting you know of what is to come. 

A Fresh Start

The 00:00 is a mirror hour, and likely one of the most highly sought after mirror hours. This is because it is a sign of a fresh start. 00:00 symbolizes the beginning of a new day. If you have ever counted down to your birthday or a significant event, then you’ve likely watched the numbers on your clock change from 23:59 to 00:00. It’s the same concept. It’s a new start, a fresh beginning. Throughout this mirror hour, you are protected by the angels, covered by their love, affection and compassion. 


This mirror hour can also give you the power that you have been craving to make a change in your life, whether that is big or small. 

What To Do When You See 00:00

If you are ever graced with the luck to see 00:00 for yourself in your life, then it is the Universe sending you a sign. This is particularly important if you see 00:00 multiple times, or you seem to see zeros wherever you turn. 

The sheer image of this is enough to make you stop, wait and think for a moment. It can make you want to reflect on your life. Due to 00:00’s deep meaning, you may start to reflect on what essential changes are about to take place, and what transition is about to happen in your life. 

In some cases, it may be a hard pill to swallow. You may not be happy about this new cycle or change within your life, or it is out of your control, but this is a good thing. Change is a vital part of our lives, and teaches us new things, brings us new relationships that can benefit us in the long run. 

For others, the 00:00 is a sign or a signal that everything is about to change, or that you will find new opportunities coming your way. It is an angelical sign sent from the Universe directly to you. 

00:00 is also infinite, so it can act as a reminder that you can achieve anything, and that all of your hopes and dreams are possible. Whatever you believe the meaning of this sign could be for you, understand that you are blessed with it. Your angels are ensuring that you are on the right path, and that they will guide you through it. 


To summarize, 00:00 or 0000 is a very spiritual and fortunate sign indeed. This number sequence can help you get in touch with your emotions, your life, your spirituality and your purpose all at once.  

00:00 is a mirror hour, and one of the most powerful ones. It is a great sign and gift from the Universe. It is there to announce and prepare you for a vital change in your life that is likely for the better. Value it. 

The numbers 00:00 are infinite, and a sign of a fresh start that comes from your guardian angels to let you know that you are protected and cared for by them, no matter where your journey may take you. 

Have you seen 00:00 recently? Have you wondered if the Universe is reaching out to you? It may have done so, and you don’t even realize it yet. Listen to your heart, pay close attention to when you see this sign, and you will be guided upon the right path. 

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