Reversed Hour 01:10 Meaning (Inc. Guardian Angel and Numerology Meaning)

When you look at a clock, you may notice different numbers in sequence. Most of the time, we pay no attention to these numbers, as we could just be checking the time.

However, sometimes, we see certain numbers and patterns that may spark something within our subconscious. 

You may suddenly feel unnerved, or unsure how to take or understand these numbers or what they mean. That is where we come in handy. We can offer an interpretation of these numbers and the messages that they hold. 

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the reversed hour 01:10, which guardian angel influences this hour, and what this means for your life. But first, what is a reversed mirror hour? 

What Is A Reversed Mirror Hour?

If you’ve read some of our other guides, then you know we talk about mirror hours and their meanings. In short, a mirror hour is when the double figure on a digital clock face makes up the numbers that identically match the minutes. For instance, a mirror hour would be 10:10. 

In contrast, a reversed mirror hour is when the two numbers are inverted, such as 15:51, or 21:12. There are in fact a total of 13 reversed hours, all with their own meanings and significance. In learning what these reversed hours mean, you can understand the messages that are being sent to you. 

Both mirror hours and reversed mirror hours are very closely tied to numerology, spirituality, and astrology. If you see these hours on the clock, then this may seem very specific, but you may brush it off, thinking that it happens by chance.

This may not be the case. Seeing these hours show that there are more powerful forces at work and that the Universe is sending you a message. 

Reversed Hour 01:10 Meaning

If you see the reversed hour 01:10, then this is a clear sign that the angels are contacting you, and communicating with you. This could be because they know that you require their help and guidance within your life, to help you through any difficulties that you may be facing. 

Perhaps there are upcoming transitions happening in your life, or you are going down a new path. You could be facing a major life decision. This message is there to let you know that the angels are there to aid you in whatever way that they can.

This is why you cannot ignore this message, and you must do everything in your power to try to understand this message. 

If you experience this hour, or witness it, then you are experiencing a phenomenon called synchronicity. This is when there is a seemingly accidental occurrence of two simultaneous events with what seems like no link between them. 

You may have subconsciously been drawn to look at your phone, watch or clock face at the precise time that this reversed mirror hour shows, which is no accident. It is of great significance and meaning. So, what is the significance of this? 

Significance Of Reversed Hour 01:10

The reversed hour 01:10 is very significant. This hour is protected by the angel Elemiah. If you see this hour, then the angel Elemiah is definitely sending you a message and communicating with you. 

This angel is there to guide and support you. Elemiah is an angel who will try to put your mind at peace and at ease, by helping you find those who may seek to betray you or those who already have. 

This angel can also help you succeed in your professional life and career. Elemiah will give you a sense of power and achievement, promoting initiative within your professional path.

With the help of Elemiah, you will find it much easier to make quick decisions, and take action where necessary. This can also give you a sense of authority, integrity, and independence. 

Elemiah will also help you find the truth within yourself and your life. As a result, this guardian angel is sending a message that tells you to harness your energy. This can make you more of an optimistic person, and a more truthful person. 

If you are facing difficulties within your life, or you are having trouble with some problems, then Elemiah can help you overcome these problems, and give you the strength to not give up.

The angel will therefore help you find more peace within your life, and be separated from trouble and obstacles. 

In addition to this, Elemiah is the angel that will help you find clarification. They will also protect you from evil, sorcery, witchcraft, and curses, letting you go on in peace without fear of the occult.

Elemiah will keep all evil at bay, away from you, including your own evils. Elemiah will help you fight evil and protect you against violence and terrible forces at play. 

This also means that Elemiah will provide you with the strength and courage to battle obstacles and adversity within your life. This will give you a sense of peace and serenity going forwards. 

What Does 01:10 Mean In Terms Of Numerology?

One of the numbers that stand out from the reverse hour 01:10 is the number 11.

This is a popular and sought-after angel number and one that many seek.

The number 11 is very significant and has ties to feelings of courage, idealism, and intuition. It is also a number that represents energy and creation.

Some believe that the number 11 is also related to Karma, and your spiritual awakening. This number may appear in many different ways in your life and is representative of learning- often referred to as the ‘teacher’.

What this means is that this number is there to remind you of the important lessons that you will be taught throughout your life, and to undertake them with patience. 

The number 11 has also been known to symbolize tension within you, along with contradiction. If there is something playing on your mind, then this is seen as a sign of a link between the subconscious and the conscious mind. 

With the amount of energy that the number 11 brings, it can act as an energy source for you, and one that inspires you. When channeled, this number can bring you immense power and spirituality. 

The number 11 can also be seen as a dominant number, with its own sense of power. This means that it can bring you ambition and strength. 

However, be wary, as the number 11 has also been known to be associated with stress or anxiety. To avoid this, focus on your own ambitions and goals, and what you can do to reach them, rather than being overwhelmed by them. 

You can benefit from this number, particularly in a working environment. The number 11 can bring intuition, as already mentioned, and will provide you with the skills of invention.

This can help you work within a group setting, supporting those around you, but also developing your skill as a leader and innovator within your sphere. 

Spiritual Meaning Of 01:10

As a spiritual person, you will want to know what spiritual significance this reverse mirror hour holds. For instance, both the number 1 and number 0 are very important and powerful numbers.

If this is an hour you have seen many times, then Elemiah is sending a message to you about power and success. 

From this, you can try to understand what your obstacles are, or what forces are holding you back. Zone in on your problems, or on those who no longer bring peace to your life. You may have to single out those who seek to betray you and remove them from your path. 

Elemiah is not there to help you create conflict or rifts, but for you to find clarity and a clear path to peace and success. It is for these reasons that this reverse mirror hour, 01:10 is one of professional development and prosperity.

It will help you understand your ideals, and desires and help you find a way to make them come to you. You can make your dreams become your reality. 


To summarize, the reverse mirror hour 01:10 is one that is influenced by the angel Elemiah. This guardian angel will protect you from the occult, evil, and any negative energy and forces at play.

With evil warded away from you, you can find a sense of peace and serenity. This angel can also help you control your emotions, and protect you from conflict and violence.

In this way, your guardian angel can also help you find the courage and strength to take steps forward towards ultimate success and enlightenment. It can act as a reminder to help you remove obstacles from your path, open up your world for new experiences, and finally, prosperity. 

Not only this, but Elemiah is there to help you teach others and support them. Help others find their ambition with you, and go after their goals with determination and strength.

Our guardian angels are limited in how they can communicate with us. By showing us the numbers 01:10, our angels are letting us know that we are protected on our journey and that they see great professional and personal advancements within our future. 

The reverse mirror hour 01:10, therefore, provides us with the potential for a harmonious future, and one that is guided by the Universe and our angels.

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