Reversed Hour 05:50 Meaning (Inc. Guardian Angel and Numerology Meaning)

If you are a little superstitious, then you may already see ‘signs’ wherever you turn that the Universe is sending you. This can make most people a little uncomfortable or unsettled, as it can seem too coincidental, or you may brush it off as being silly.

But sometimes, these signs are clear, and are omens of our past, present, and the future to come. Perhaps you have a lucky number that appears wherever you go, or a color that brings you good fortune. 

What you may not know is that certain numbers and times on the clock can have significant meanings for you. Yes, you’ve heard of 11:11 or ‘magical hours’, but have you heard of the concept of mirror hours?

Mirror hours are special times during each day that carry significant meanings. This is because they are messages sent from the Universe, and from the guardian angels. If you believe in the guardian angels, the mirror hours need to be on your radar. They are the primary way in which an angel can communicate with you. 

These mirror hours can bring you hints about the past, about yourself, your journey, and your path in life. You can understand your traits, personality, faults, and what is coming for you in the near future. 

This is why it is important to understand the meanings behind these mirror hours, and what messages they bring for you. The time 05:50 is what we call a reversed mirror hour. 

So, let’s take a closer and more in depth look at what a reversed mirror hour is, and how it differs from typical mirror hours, so that you can better understand what this time means for you. 

Reversed Hour Overview

Mirror hours only occur on a digital clock or device, as you need to see the numbers, not the clock face or clock hands. These will therefore be found on digital clocks, smartphones, digital watches, and more. 

When we refer to mirror hours, this often encompasses all types of angel hours or mirror hours. There are many different types. A typical mirror hour is a double hour. This is when the numbers on a digital clock read the same on each side.

For example, a double hour would be 00:00, 01:01, 02:02, all the way up to 23:23. It is when the numbers repeat themselves in the same manner. Then, we have triple mirror hours, which involve three numbers being the same, and repeated three times. These triple hours would look like 12:22, 11:13, 01:11, 05:55, and so on, and so forth. 

Finally, we have reversed mirror hours, like 05:50. These occur when the numbers sort of reflect themselves, or are shown in reverse. For instance, a reversed mirror hour would be 01:10, 02:20, 23:32, you get the idea. 

There are thirteen reversed mirror hours during each day. While they are all messages that need to be decoded, and sent from the angels, they all have their own unique meaning, which vary depending on the person receiving the messages. 

Now that you have a better understanding of the concept and the purpose of mirror hours, let’s launch into what the reversed hour 05:50 means for you. 

Reversed Hour 05:50 Meaning

The meaning behind the reversed hour 05:50 is dependent on the four numbers you see. Each one carries a greater significance with the angels. You may have witnessed this a number of times, or you always wake up in the night and check the clock to see these numbers glaring back at you. This only strengthens your connection with these numbers, and your affinity with the angels. 

Seeing the reversed hour 05:50 is a sign that the guardian angels want you to start pursuing your goals and dreams. It is a gentle push and reminder that you can achieve what you want if you start making the necessary changes and steps towards them. 

This number is a sign that you will soon gain new experiences in life, and you will undergo some serious changes, but these are for the better.

The reversed mirror hour 05:50 will bring communication, love, care, sensitivity, and transformation into your life and your presence.

The guardian angels are showing you this reversed hour because they want you to have the motivation, the drive, the courage, and the power to pursue what you want. They also want you to know that you have their full love and support in this journey.

On the other hand, this reversed hour is a reminder that you have to be careful, and more receptive to other people’s beliefs and needs. Everyone is different, but that is not a bad thing. You need to accept their flaws, misgivings, and your own to create a better environment and future for yourself. 

Significance Of The Reversed Hour 05:50

Each mirror hour or reversed hour is watched over and protected by a particular guardian angel. In the case of 05:50, this reversed hour is watched over by the angel Caliel. Caliel is the angel of truth, and divine justice. 

In showing you this reversed hour, Caliel is letting you know that you will be supported by the angels and the Universe in finding the truth, so that justice can prevail. You will be protected from defamation and slander. He will help and guide you if you are struggling with injustice in your personal life or career. 

This guardian angel will also help you uncover good from evil, truth from lies, and great people from bad people. He is the only one who can guide you in finding out what is fair, and what is just. 

With his divine powers, you will gain a great sense of judgment, and you will be a more open, honest, and understanding person. If you have been in the pursuit of truth recently, then this could be why the angels are reaching out to you.

Perhaps you are struggling to trust a partner, a friend, or a work colleague, and feel that there are forces out there that wish to harm you, or someone who wishes to keep the truth from you. You will soon be able to see through the lies with better clarity, and pursue the absolute truth. 

This can help you live in more peace and harmony, with not only others around you, but in yourself too. If there are obstacles in your path, then the guardian angels will help you clear them, and live your life with love, justice, peace, and integrity. 

This reversed hour tells you that you will soon get over the things that held you back in the past, or the betrayal and deceit that you have faced before, and you will learn from these experiences. You will be able to read others better, and understand their motives and intentions with Caliel’s help and guidance. 

This angel will reside by your side to help you gain a better sense of judgment and improve your level of perseverance and patience. He will guide you through any challenges that you face, and help you fight against those who are filled with lies and pessimism. 

With the care of Caliel, you will soon be able to comprehend your emotions more easily, and will be more receptive and sensitive to others around you. No longer will anyone attempt to abuse their power, trick, lie, or deceive you. 

What Does 05:50 Mean In Terms Of Numerology?

To find out what numerological meaning lies behind these mirror hours, we add the two numbers either side together. Here we have 5 and 50, giving us a total of 55. The angel number 55 is a very powerful one indeed.

This angel number 55 has a very strong and powerful energy. It is highly linked to the reversed hour 05:50, and will bring you the courage and strength you need to conquer others. Showing you this reversed hour is a sign that the angels want you to take control of your fate, your life, and your destiny. 

Due to its immense strength, you also need to be wary of the number 55. This is because it has a level or aggressiveness, which can impact your mood, actions, and behavior. Remember not to be too overpowering or aggressive towards others in your attitude.

As this angel number is linked to 05:50, it also reminds you to remain on the right path. A path of righteousness, truth, and good judgment. Remember to act with a clear mind and head, and take note of your actions before jumping in head first. 

This angel number therefore asks you to be wise, have patience, perseverance, honesty, and an open mind when dealing with other people. While there will be some people who wish to halt you on your journey, be the better person, and treat them with kindness.

This number also asks you to accept and welcome change. You should not be wary of change, as it can bring new experiences to your life. Change can bring you strength, and help you overcome fears, doubts, or obstacles in your way. Change can help you develop, progress, and move forward as a person.

You have to keep moving forward in life if you want to see results. The angels want you to know this. 

In addition to all of this, the angel number 55 is a symbol of fun, life, freedom, adventure and vitality. It can also represent the life lessons that you learn through shared experiences. Therefore, this reversed hour is telling you to get out there! Go and try new things, meet new people, and surround yourself with the things that make you happy.

It is about time that you let go of the past, of people who have hurt you, of situations that have upset you, and free yourself from the past. Do not let it hold you back any more. If you do, you will see wonderful changes come into your life.

This number 55 also reminds you to maintain a positive mental attitude when it comes to life. Embrace new experiences that perhaps make you nervous. Life is way too short to avoid these things. You also need to trust in the Universe, and that the angels know what is best for you. Good things come to those who wait, and you will soon be rewarded. Things will fall into place when you least expect them to. You could also meet someone special when you are not looking for it. 

In summary, the numerological meaning behind the reversed mirror hour 05:50 is to let you of your restraints and your past. These are only going to restrict you and hold you back. If you do, you will be able to take steps forward into the future, and achieve your goals. You just need to have the courage and strength to do so. Trust in yourself, and the angels. 

Why Do I Keep Seeing 5s and 0s Everywhere?

In the reversed mirror hour 05:50, there is a prevalence of then numbers 0 and 5. These numbers appear twice each, which only strengthens their power. For instance, the number 0 is a very powerful angel number indeed.

The number 0 represents wholeness, eternity, totality, unity, everything and nothing, new beginnings, but also the end. It also represents God, endless cycles, infinity, and spirituality. 

The number 5 represents all changes, important decisions, choices, and reminds you to adapt, be resourceful, and seek adventure. 

Together, these numbers represent freedom, detachment, and the life lessons that you will learn on our journey to accept new changes. Combining these numbers shows you that you will find success and see some wonderful, new, happy changes and possibilities in your life.

Seeing these numbers everywhere only strengthens their importance, and tells you that you have to accept them into your life. 

What To Do If You See 05:50?

You have likely come to our page because you have witnessed the reversed mirror hour 05:50 many times. If you are seeing the reversed hour 05:50 everywhere you turn, or you seem to be glancing at the clock whenever this number is present, then this is a clear sign that this number is for you.

There is no doubt here that the angels want you to heed their message, and listen to their call. They want you to understand the message, and the influence that 05:50 can have on your life. 

The angels are desperate for you to make the right changes, make better decisions, and that you take action in order to pursue your goals and dreams. 

Seeing the reversed hour 05:50 also is a stark reminder that you simply have to let go of all the negative things, people, and experiences that you have had in the past that are making you feel insecure, unable to move forward and unable to release. 

While it seems like a big ask, you will feel better in the long run, and be able to take steps in the right direction. 

Final Thoughts

To summarize, the numbers 05:50 are what is called a reversed hour. This reversed hour is protected by the guardian angel Caliel, who is the angel of divine justice and truth. He will help you seek out the truth in others, and avoid lies and deceit. This guardian angel will help you move forward in life, and let go of the things that have hurt you, so you can welcome a happier, healthier, and more peaceful life. 

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