Reversed Hour 04:40 Meaning (Inc. Guardian Angel and Numerology Meaning)

Mirror hours are very significant hours indeed. These hours are sent by the angels and are one of the primary means of communication from the Universe directly to us. This is a relatively new concept since these hours can only occur on digital screens and devices. 

A mirror hour may reveal itself to you in many ways, and you may not just see a specific hour once or twice. A mirror hour is, however, not shown to you by coincidence. It is not by chance.

These mirror hours are linked to your subconscious mind. Therefore, you will need to unravel the meaning behind these mirror hours to find out how they relate to your life.

This is where we can come in useful. We will cover the numerological meaning, the angel meaning, the significance, along with what you should do when you witness the reversed mirror hour 04:40. 

When you glance at the clock, you will see various numbers. Some of these numbers will be mirror hours, and carry significant meanings. 04:40 is a reversed hour. A reversed hour is an extension of a mirror hour, but let’s take a closer look at what this is exactly. 

What Is A Reversed Mirror Hour?

A reversed hour is a type of mirror hour. Mirror hours appear when the numbers on the clock are the same on each side. For instance, a mirror hour would be 01:01, 00:00, 23:23, 15:15. There will be a total of twenty four mirror hours during the day. 

A reversed mirror hour is a little different to this. For example, in a reversed mirror hour, the numbers on the clock will be symmetrical. Therefore, a reversed mirror hour would be 01:10, 12:21, and 04:40.

Throughout the day, there will be a total of thirteen reversed hours. 

Despite them being different from mirror hours, reversed hours also carry messages from the angels. If you see a reversed hour more than once, then it is a sign that the angels have an important message for you that must be interpreted.

With that in mind, what does the reversed mirror hour 04:40 mean? What does it mean for you? Carry on reading to find out!

Reversed Hour 04:40 Meaning

There are many possible interpretations to the reversed hour 04:40. Seeing this reversed hour repetitively means that the angels are trying to speak to you and send you advice.

This could be because you are struggling with a moral dilemma, problem, or obstacle in your path. Alternatively, the message could act as a warning, to answer a question, or to offer approval and reassurance that you are on the right path in life. 

This reversed hour is a message of building up your emotional and physical strength and perseverance. It is a sign that you may soon see challenges in your life, but you will soon overcome them. 

It could also be symbolic of the angels trying to tell you that you have so far not been adaptable or flexible enough.

These are personality traits that you may need to work on, as you may not have been open to change or very unyielding in the past. 

In these cases, it could be time for you to question and remember some past bad choices or decisions that you have made, and reflect on those so that you can grow as a person.

Perhaps the angels are dubious or wary of your actions, and want you to make changes in your life to rectify them. 

In other cases, this mirror hour could have come to you because you need to change your ways and to stop doubting yourself. You need more self-confidence and pride, as this can open up a world of possibilities such as new friendships, relationships or opportunities.

Significance Of Reversed Hour 04:40

The reversed hour 04:40 has great significance. It is protected and guided by the guardian angel called Mehahel, who symbolizes love, and premonition.

During this reversed hour, this angel is letting you know that you will receive the gift of premonition and a greater sense of perception. 

This will ensure that you can find a better understanding of your life, your relationships, and romance. The reversed hour 04:40 is also a sign that the guardian angels will bring you love, balance and harmony.

Mehahel will also bring you wisdom and knowledge that can help you in your relationships as you will be a better lover, partner, and person as a result. 

If you are already in a relationship, then the hour 04:40 can bring you loyalty, peace, true love and divinity.

This angel also has incredible sexual power and prowess, which means that you can channel his sexuality and make love like never before. It is a sign that you will find sex more fruitful and enjoyable. 

In addition to this, the angel Mehahel is also an angel of fertility who will aid you in reproduction and help you if you have been struggling with infertility. With this angel’s care, you will be able to have a child who has a beautiful soul and spirit, and you will feel a love that you have never experienced before. 

Seeing this reversed hour 04:40 is also a sign that the angel Mehahel will help you in aspects of your marital life and relationships.

If your relationship has been on the rocks, then this angel will provide you with the means to overcome thoughts of separation or divorce, and help you work on your marriage. 

You will also be able to better control your feelings of jealousy or negativity. He can also sway you away from feelings of co-dependence, depravity, infidelity and sexism. With his guidance, you will no longer feel threatened by others, or that your partner is going to leave you. 

Another interpretation of this 04:40 message is that the reversed hour is also a sign of Mehahel’s gift of clairvoyance, which he is lending to you. You will therefore be more perceptive of events and people around you in the future. This can also bring you inner peace and serenity. 

Seeing this message is also a sign that the angels are telling you they are your friends, protectors and guides. They will help you in all things without judgment, and only wish you joy and happiness in your future. 

In doing so, the angel of 04:40, Mehahel will help you achieve your goals, and lend his hand in everything you wish to accomplish. This reversed hour is a sign that you will soon see wonderful things in your near future, including both your personal life and professional life.

This is because the angels will guide you and give you the gifts of wisdom and knowledge. In a professional manner, you will be free of rivalries, unproductivity, and obstacles so that you can follow your path to greatness.

In your personal life, you will be free of negative thoughts, jealousy and possessive tendencies, so that your love life can prosper. 

What Does 04:40 Mean In Terms Of Numerology?

To find the numerological meaning, we need to add the numbers to find the sum. In this case, we get 44. The angel number 44 is one that is symbolic of all of the elements, which are earth, air, water and fire.

It is also symbolic of the four directions- north, east, south and west. 

This means that this number carries a lot of powerful energy. It is also a number that demonstrates how work and wisdom can impact the world. In seeing this angel number, it is a sign that the Universe and the guardian angels are on your side.

They will offer you their support, love and power, and you will build a strong bond with them as a result. 

As the angels are always with you, you have no reason to be fearful of anything, as they will guide you from darkness towards the light. The angel number 44 is also one that has good vibrations in terms of your profession. The angels will support you on your journey to success and accomplishment. 

The number 44 also conveys passion, power, order, reliability, and concentration.

These are all of the traits you will need to be accomplished in life. In addition to this, this number offers you stability in all of your endeavors, particularly your romantic relationships.

Your marriage, relationships or friendships are definitely for the long term, because you are a loyal, faithful person who is a good listener, and an excellent companion. This means that you are naturally encompassed by good people, who gravitate towards your loveable soul. 

The number 44 is also tied to materialistic things and material success. You may be the type of person who is attracted to the material items in life, and you have a great appreciation for them.

However, this could also mean that you are too focused on the material, and seeing this number is a sign that you need to remain humble and grounded. There are more important things in life than this.

Your strong willed nature can often make it easy for you to dominate others, but you have to keep this in check, and remain emotionally balanced, or you could isolate yourself from the ones you love without realizing.

You do not want to let your hubris get in the way, or you could become too arrogant and overwhelming for some people. 

Therefore, this message is a sign from the angels to look within, and reflect on your personal traits, the good and the bad. It is a symbol that you need to praise yourself for your positive qualities, but remember to keep the negative ones to a minimum, and work on yourself to become a better individual. Friendships, relationships and professional success will come as a bonus. 

What To Do If You See 04:40

If you see 04:40, at first, you may think that it is a mere coincidence, and that it doesn’t mean anything. But, if you often wake in the night at this specific moment, then this is your subconscious telling you to stop and listen to the angels.

You cannot ignore it, especially if you have seen it multiple times.

Their message is there to affirm your questions, and guide you on your path in life. The message may not always be a positive one, it could be that the angels are warning you of your actions, so that you have time to change your ways before it is too late.


To summarize, the reversed hour 04:40 is a message sent from the angels. This reversed hour in particular is protected by the guardian angel Mehahel. This angel is one of love, romance, and premonition. 

Seeing this means that you will soon find harmony in your life and in your emotional relationships. This angel brings love, loyalty, fertility and sexuality. You will see success in your near future. It is for this reason that the reversed hour 04:40 is often considered one of good fortune and fortuity. 

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