Reversed Hour 02:20 Meaning (Inc. Guardian Angel and Numerology Meaning)

We glance at clocks wherever we go, time determines our whole lives. We check the time when we wake up, when we go to bed, when we’re commuting to work, and when we’re cooking dinner.

We may not take much notice of the specific numbers on the clock, but we really should. 

The numbers we see displayed on our clocks carry significant meanings. These are mirror hours, sent to us as messages from the angels. When we see certain sequences of numbers, we may feel an odd sensation. It’s uncanny. It’s unnerving. It may make us feel strange, or uncertain.

This is because the numbers are significant. These numbers are what we call mirror hours.

So, what are mirror hours, and what is the significance of the hour 02:20. Why are you seeing this number pop up everywhere you turn? That’s what we are here to find out. But, let’s first look at what a mirror hour is, and what a reversed mirror hour actually is. 

What Is A Reversed Mirror Hour?

Many of our guides talk about mirror hours, and what they mean. To summarize this, mirror hours are when the double figure on a digital clock matches up and looks the same.

For instance, mirror hours would be 01:01, 02:02 and so on and so forth. 

In comparison, a reversed mirror hour is when the numbers are inverted and are not symmetrical. For instance, a reversed mirror hour would be 13:31, or 21:12.

There are actually 13 reversed hours, which all have their own meanings and carry significant messages. By learning what these reversed hours mean, you can start to interpret the messages that the angels are sending to you through the use of mirror hours.

When you see these mirror hours or reversed mirror hours on the clock, you may think that you can brush them off as nothing. However, these are far more specific and important than you may think.

In experiencing such an hour, you have been delivered a message from the Universe. So, what happens if you see the revered hour 02:20? What does this mean for you? Read on to find out. 

Reversed Hour 02:20 Meaning

The reversed mirror hour 02:20 is the hour of discipline, ambition, and cooperation. This hour is also one of good fortune and good luck.

Seeing this hour, it is a sign that there is good news coming your way. If you have seen this sign, then you will want to comprehend it and understand why it has been sent to you. 

During the reverse hour 02:20, the angel Cahetel is watching over you. This is the angel of harvest and a great blessing. Seeing this hour is a signal that you will receive great blessings and bountiful gifts in the near future. 

With this blessing from Cahetel, you will be able to accomplish anything that you set your mind to. In addition to this, you will feel greatly overwhelmed with gratitude for your life and the world around you.

In the reverse hour 02:20, the guardian angel Cahetel is your protector. This angel will protect you in all things, especially in medical conditions.

For instance, if you are pregnant, or trying to get pregnant, then this angel is there to guide you and offer support through this whole process in your life. They will ensure that the birth or any surgeries go completely smoothly and worry-free as possible.  

This sign is also a message that the angel will ensure that you succeed in all things that you set your mind to. Your life will be filled with opportunity, as long as you have the work ethic to go with it.

Your guardian angel will provide you with the skills and knowledge to further yourself. If you want to make changes within your life, then Cahetel will help you on your journey and support you as you progress. 

Cahetel is also the angel that represents harvest and success in agriculture. With this angel’s support, you will grow as a person,and you will bear fruit that can bring wealth and nourishment into your life.

When you listen to your heart, and Cahetel’s guidance, you can reap the rewards that he offers you. 

If there are evil forces in power in your life, then Cahetel will be there to keep you grounded and will bat away evil spirits and those who seek to harm you. Cahetel will free you from those forces holding you back and will help you find harmony in your soul. 

Cahetel can also be considered the angel that represents the four elements; earth, water, air, and fire. In showing you this reversed hour, the angel is letting you know that he will protect you from all things that oppose nature. You will be protected under his care. 

Significance Of Reversed Hour 02:20

The significance of this reversed hour 02:20 is not one to be ignored. This number 02:20 is all about patience, success, ambition, cooperation and discipline to meet your goals.

Seeing this hour on the clock is not by accident, it is a signal from above that you will have good news soon, or good luck is on its way. 

The other thing about this hour is that it demonstrates how resilient you are. You are tough and strong, and able to look anything in the face to get what you want.

With this message, you should try to self-reflect, and think back on your past mistakes or failures, and try to learn and gain something from that experience. You may already have. 

Seeing the numbers 02:20, or experiencing the reversed mirror hour 02:20 is a clear sign that you will need to persevere on your journey, and you will achieve your goals and desires. 

Do not feel down on your luck, or sorry for yourself, as this message inspires you to take action, and take control of your life if you want to seek change. You may feel optimistic, and positive about this now after seeing the angel’s message. 

Remember that your life is in your hands. Do not let other people’s problems bring you down. Do not compare yourself to others. Do not blame others for your misgivings. You have the power to make a change, and make a difference. 

In short, the reversed mirror hour 02:20 lets you know that you need to take your life in your hands, grab every opportunity that comes your way and make the most of life.

If you do, great things will happen for you, as long as you have the courage and patience to pursue them.

What Does 02:20 Mean In Terms Of Numerology?

When we look at the reversed hour 02:20, we are met with the recurring appearance of the number two. We can also add 2 and 20 together to find 22 in total. The angel number 22 is also a very important and powerful angel number. 

The angel number 22 is one that will give you the ability to seize all opportunities that cross your path, and this is a sign that there will be many. With this number on your side, you will be able to accomplish great things. 

However, you should be wary. While this number is very powerful, as they say- with great power comes great responsibility. This power can make it easier to fall into self-destructive tendencies, darkness, or even depression. 

This angel number, 22, can also demonstrate that you are a supportive partner, someone who can listen to, and share deep meaningful conversations with, and a reliable friend.

Seeing this number shows that you are wise beyond your years, offering advice to others, being able to understand their emotions, and offering solutions. 

The number 22 can also tell you that you are a leader in your life. You are able to take on challenges, and help those in your vicinity. With your guardian angel’s help and guidance, you are able to accomplish wonderful things and things that are bigger than you may have ever imagined. 

Another interpretation of this number is to do with business. If you are into politics or business, then this number could be symbolic for you, and how much you value the institutions within the world. You may have great ideas, and see society as limitless rather than restricting. 

The angel number 22 is considered the most strong and most powerful.

It is also the number of creativity. This means that you are a creative person, able to overcome the obstacles in your way with your quick wit and intelligence.

You will not allow yourself to bow down to others, or let things get in your way, as failure is not an option. You are patient, and working towards your success. 

Spiritual Meaning Of 02:20

You can also look at this reversed number as the angel hour 0220. This is a vital reminder to be grateful for all of the wonderful things within your life and your possession.

If you have been taking things for granted recently, then this message brings you back down to earth and centers you. 

Let go of that negative attitude, and appreciate others around you. These people and things are assets in your life that the Universe has blessed you with.

If you don’t appreciate the good things in your life, then you may only see the bad, and in time, the good things will leave or pass you by. 

02:20 also reminds you to develop your spirituality. Rid yourself of your fears and anxieties, and embrace love and spirituality.

As we said, the angel Cahetel is one of harvest and blessings, so he is reminding you to count your blessings, and reap the rewards. With his love, you will accomplish anything you set your sights on, and the Universe will have your back all the way. 


To summarize, the reversed mirror hour 02:20 is a sign from the angels, and subsequently, the Universe. It is there to prepare you for upcoming changes and transitions within your life and yourself.

This number is associated with cooperation and ambition, so if you are able to work with others, you can achieve great things. 

To see these changes through, you will need to be patient. Take your courage, and don’t let obstacles or negative thoughts overwhelm you. You will have the angel Cahetel on your side at all times, to guide you on your path.   

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