Triple Hour 22:23 Meaning (Inc. Guardian Angel and Numerology Meaning)

You may check your watch or phone countless times per day, but not think much of it. You may not even take note of the time properly. But, every now and then, you may glance at the clock and your subconscious mind awakens.

You see a particular number, and you suddenly feel a connection to the Universe. What you are seeing is an angel hour.

The angel hours or mirror hours are when the numbers on a digital clock show a specific number. These numbers are mirror hours, which are messages sent from the angels directly to you, that need to be decoded and denoted. 

There are mirror hours, reversed mirror hours and triple mirror hours, all of which carry their own deep meanings about your life and your spiritual path.

You are here because you have witnessed the triple mirror hour 22:23. So, what does this mean, and what exactly is a triple hour?

What Is A Triple Hour Exactly?

A triple hour is a type of mirror hour. Mirror hours typically occur when the numbers on a digital clock, be it your phone, smartwatch, tablet, computer screen, you name it align in a certain way. 

A traditional mirror hour happens when the numbers on each side of the clock are the same. For instance, a mirror hour would be 12:12, 01:01, 23:23 and so on.

A triple mirror hour is a slight variation of this concept. 

For a triple hour to occur, you need the numbers on the clock to line up three of the same in sequence. For instance, an example of a triple hour would be 22:23, 12:22, 01:11. You get the idea. 

Just like mirror hours, triple hours are messages and symbols sent from the guardian angels who are watching over you, and often carry meaning about your life, your future, and yourself.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at the significance of the triple hour 22:23. 

What Is The Significance Of 22:23?

Triple hours are sent to you and connected to your subconscious mind. You are drawn to the clock at this time because the angels and the Universe want you to be.

The message is only meant for you, it is intended for your eyes and ears. 

The significance of the triple hour 22:23 can have many meanings, so it is important that you interpret the message.

The triple hour 22:23 is protected by the guardian angel Habuhiah who is the angel of love, healing and fertility. 

This angel is utilizing the triple hour to tell you that he will bring you fruitful fertility, and will give you the opportunities to procreate. It may not just be about your fertility, but you will find your relationships, and all of your efforts will be bountiful. 

During this triple hour, Habuhiah will be your protector, patron, and guide in all things. Not only this, but he will offer his healing capabilities. In seeing this triple hour, the guardian angel is showing you that he will cure your illnesses and ailments. 

If you work in the medical field, then this angel will give you his undying love and support in all of your endeavors, helping you heal others and your patients.

Habuhiah’s energy will guide you from darkness and into the light so that you can feel safe and supported.

During the triple hour 22:23, the angel Habuhiah is letting you know that you have the power and courage to restore normality and order to the world. Your emotions will be easier to keep in line, and you can find balance if you feel disconnected from others. Your mind and body will feel at one and synchronized.

You will find a new sense of harmony. 

This triple hour can also be a sign that you need to reconnect with nature. You have a great love for animals, forestry and all things natural. You feel drawn to the country and the peace and serenity that it brings.

If you work in the countryside, or in agriculture, then you will have a bountiful harvest. With this triple hour, the angel Habuhiah can protect you from famine, infertility, and poverty. 

As the angel is one that has great healing powers, this triple hour is a sign that you will be protected from illnesses such as cancer, bulimia, kidney problems, anorexia, acne, burns, skin issues, dental problems, and more.

If any afflictions are bothering you, the guardian angels will care for you and be there to support you. 

What Does 22:23 Mean In Terms Of Numerology?

The sum of the numbers 22 and 23 is 45. The angel number 45 is therefore connected to the triple hour 22:23. In terms of numerology, the number 45 is a sign that you will soon see new changes in your life.

These may be emotional changes, personal changes, or circumstantial changes. 

These changes may not be easy ones. They can be difficult at times, and you may see great hardship, but you have the courage to overcome the things in your path. You are a strong, willful individual, who will find a new sense of balance in your life soon enough. 

This number also signifies that you may come across discontentment and disconnection which could lead to bad choices, arguments and disagreements. You have to remain strong in these moments, and try to keep an open, clear mind. 

Therefore, in this sense, the angel number 45 reminds you to master your emotions, and take control of your inner turmoil and battles. But, you are a person who is easily adaptable, so you can make it through the hard times.

In the end, you will find a happy life, whether that is socially, emotionally, professionally or personally. 

45 is also a number that conveys you seek flexibility and change in your life. You are constantly on the move, and looking for ways to reach your goals. As an intelligent person, there is no reason that you cannot achieve your goals and blossom as an individual. 


To summarize, the triple hour 22:23 is protected by the guardian angel Habuhiah. This angel is one of healing and fertility, who will bring you an increased sense of happiness and a bountiful life.

Seeing this triple hour is a sign that great changes are about to take place in your life. If you see this triple hour, then take it as a good sign and a blessing. 

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