Reversed Hour 23:32 Meaning (Inc. Guardian Angel and Numerology Meaning)

The Universe encompasses everything around us. You may not think too much about spiritual beings, or the Universe itself but it will send you divine messages all of the time. We have a great connection to the Universe that is deeper than you may realize.

When you tap into your spirituality, you are able to harness the power of the Universe, and reach a new sense of enlightenment. You just need to listen to what it is trying to tell you. One of the ways in which the Universe and spiritual beings like the angels will try to contact you, is through mirror hours. 

Here at Spiritual & Soul, we talk a lot about mirror hours and spiritual well-being. These mirror hours are ways in which we can learn about ourselves, grow as people, and find our paths in life. When you witness a mirror hour, you will see a series of numbers on the clock. These numbers do not appear to you by accident- they are meant for you. 

A mirror hour will show itself to you in various ways, and you can even witness the same mirror hour multiple times in a short time frame. This only strengthens its power and the message it has for you. You are here because you have been seeing the number 23:32 on the clock. This is a reversed mirror hour. 

Now don’t worry, we’ll go over everything you need to know about reversed mirror hours, what they mean, and what this mirror hour means for you. So, what is a reversed mirror hour, and what is the numerological meaning and significance of 23:32? Let’s find out! 

Reversed Hour Overview

A reversed hour is an extension of the notion of mirror hours. Mirror hours are messages sent by the guardian angels, to offer you some support and guidance in your life.

These mirror hours are a relatively new belief, as they only appear on digital clocks, devices and screens. 

For it to be a mirror hour, the numbers on a digital clock would have to appear in a particular fashion. For instance, the numbers have to be replicated on both sides of the clock in the same way.

You will see, 00:00, 01:01, 05:05, 23:23 and so on are all mirror hours. The numbers are doubled, and repeated on each side of the clock.

Now, a reversed mirror hour is a slight variation of this. For it to be a reversed hour, the numbers have to be backwards, or mirrored (yes, we know- confusing). So, a reversed mirror hour would appear like 04:40, 02:20, 21:12, and of course- 23:32. Do you see what we mean? 

During the day, you will find a total of thirteen reversed mirror hours. Each one has its own unique meaning, which is why it is so important that you take note of the specific mirror hours that you see, so that you can find out what the meaning and message behind them is.

So, with that in mind, let’s dive into the meaning behind the reversed mirror hour 23:32 to see what lies in store for you in your near future!

Reversed Hour 23:32 Meaning

The reversed hour 23:32 can carry various meanings and interpretations. It is your role to find out which one is meant for you, and which meaning suits your personal circumstances.

For many spiritual people, their belief is that those who regularly see the reversed mirror hour 23:32 have a clear message from the angels.

This message acts as a warning that someone nearby or close to you is laughing at you or poking fun at you behind your back.

In this sense, 23:32 is a sign that there is betrayal, malice, manipulation and meanness in your life at the moment. 

Someone who has bad intentions, or is a toxic person is spreading lies, false information, or is trying to make a fool out of you. This could be a sign that you need to do some investigating and find out who it is that is trying to harm you or your reputation. 

In showing you this mirror hour, the angels may be trying to tell you that you are a strong person, who will be tested by the current situations.

While someone is saying bad things about you, you have the wisdom, courage, and strength to overcome this.

You have a lot of loving people around you, that you can find happiness and joy in. 

Significance Of The Reversed Hour 23:32

As there are many reversed hours, each has their own meaning and is protected by various guardian angels. The guardian angel who watches over the mirror hour 23:32 is called Haiaiel.

This angel is trying to contact you and send you a message via this reversed mirror hour. 

You should know that the angel Haiaiel is the angel that represents all weapons of the divine. Under his care, you will be able to harness his power and energy, become a stronger person, and improve your leadership skills of leadership.  

During this reversed hour, Haiaiel is trying to let you know that he will be with you forever, protect you, and guide you with his divine power and support.

He will also defend you in times of injustice and trouble. In showing you this triple hour, this guardian angel is letting you know that you can make better decisions, make good choices, and develop your personal skill set. In doing so, you will become a more strategic, intelligent, and receptive person. 

This guardian angel, Haiaiel is also showing you this hour because they want you to know that you will soon have the opportunity to create new ideas, and you will soon feel inspired enough to change the circumstances around you. 

In this way, the guardian angels are trying to guide you towards happiness and success, and you will soon find that you have the courage and bravery that you have been craving and searching for.

Under the guardian angel’s protection, you will be able to become a true fighter, able to take on anything that comes your way, as you are cared for and supported by all things divine. 

You may have been shown this reversed mirror hour because the guardian angels are trying to tell you that you are capable of wonderful things.

Your purpose in life is to free people and provide them with the liberation they have been looking for.

If you have been feeling trapped or oppressed yourself, then you can soon free yourself from the obstacles that make you feel that way. In the same way, those around you that you care for may always be feeling the same way, and you have the tools to advise and support them so that they too can be free. 

With your keen mind, you will have much better judgment and you will be able to think critically and more clearly. Seeing this reversed hour means that you will be able to find it much easier to differentiate good from bad, and truth from lies.

This will make it far easier to narrow down your circle and minimize those who wish to hurt you or spread lies about you. 

In seeing this reversed hour, it is clear that the angels are here for you. They wish to guide and protect you, from all things that could stand in your way. If you have been struggling mentally, or have been feeling anxious or depressed, then the angels will help you transform into your old self again, and you’ll feel a sense of renewal. 

You’ll feel refreshed, and brand new, able to face all of the good and the bad that life throws at you. You will be shielded from pain, and able to face your battles like the warrior that you are. 

What Does 23:32 Mean In Terms Of Numerology?

To discover the numerology behind the reversed hour 23:32, you will need to add up the numbers to find the sum. In this case, we have 55. 55 is a very powerful angel number, and one that many people are anxious about.

This is because the angel number 55 foresees trouble in your future. This number is a sign that there will soon be some change in your life, and it will be stressful.

You may soon face a big struggle that will bring turmoil.

This could be an internal struggle, or one that is external to do with others around you. 

On the other hand, the angel number 55 is not all bad things. The angel number 55 can also be a sign of a challenge, a new experience, an adventure, or a new change in your life. As this number is deeply linked to the reversed hour 23:32, it carries an even more powerful meaning.

The meaning is that you should let go of things that you cannot control, or things that happened in the past. You cannot change them. These things that have happened to you have happened for a reason, and have made you the person that you are today.

In particular, people who are no longer bringing positivity to your life should not be a part of your circle. These people will only drag you down, and make you feel bad about yourself. It is best to let them go.

This angel number 55 is also a symbol that you need to stop negativity dragging you down, and you need to maintain a positive mental attitude, no matter what happens or comes your way.

By being a more positive person, you will need to keep an open mind and open heart.

This will help you welcome good people in your life. 

You may find it difficult to accept the changes in your life, as change can be worrisome, and nerve wracking. But, changes are a great thing, and can open up a world of possibilities and opportunities for you. 

Just be mindful that you have to be patient, and understanding of the transformations and changes that are coming your way. It may be difficult at first, but you will just need to maintain your composure and confidence, and all will work itself out in due time. 

Nothing is by accident or coincidence, as the Universe has its own plan for you. You will find out what it is in time.

At the present moment, you may not think that the Universe does have a plan for you, or that nothing is by design, but you will soon see that the divine has plans for you, that will all be revealed in time. You will soon find your path. 

You may have goals and targets that you wish to achieve in the near future. The number 55 also foresees this. This number aims to give you the sense of balance that you need to clear your mind and see your path clearly.

This number is also a reminder and acts as a warning to be wise. Move forward with caution, and do not jump head first into things, as you could get yourself into trouble. 

Why Do I Keep Seeing 3s and 2s Everywhere?

Most of the time, people don’t come to our guides for help unless they have seen the angel numbers repeated multiple times. It can be a little unnerving, and they are often not sure what it means. 

While you may have witnessed the reversed mirror hour 23:32 many times on your smartphone, watch, digital clock, laptop, TV screen- you name it, you may have also seen the numbers 2332 everywhere you seem to look. 

This repetition of the numbers two and three can seem alarming, and you may feel that the guardian angels have an important message for you as these numbers are omens of your future. 

Angels will use numbers to communicate with you, and tell you all about the good things and changes about to happen in your life. Seeing particular numbers is an indicator that the guardian angels are close by, and are watching over you.

These guardian angels would do anything for you, and simply want to shower you with the love and support that you need and deserve. 

However, you’ll need to know what these numbers mean if you really want to benefit from the message.

So, why do you keep seeing 2332 everywhere, or why are you seeing threes and twos repeated in your life? 

The number 2332 means that you are a very kind, loving and loyal person.

In seeing this number, the Universe and the divine realm are recognizing this, and appreciating you for what a beautiful human being that you are. 

Seeing this number repeated could be a sign that you are the type of person who is able to build strong bonds, relationships, and friendships wherever you turn. These connections are sincere, and honest, and you will soon be surrounded by people who can support you how you support them. 

Others interpret this number as you needing to appreciate your inner strengths and skills, and motivating yourself to harness them. You are a determined person, and it is with this determination that you will do great things. 

In terms of love, if you keep seeing this number, it is a sign that you have been going through a difficult period in your life, or a rough patch in your romantic relationship.

It is a symbol that love will soon come your way, or that your current relationship will become much stronger than it has ever been before. 

What To Do If You See 23:32?

If you have witnessed this reversed hour many times recently, then you cannot ignore the angels’ call. They have your best interest at heart, and only wish to guide and protect you through all stages of your life. The good and the bad ones. 

They are sending you a sign that changes and transformations will arise, but they are preparing you, so that you are not fearful, and you are able to tackle them head on. 

Final Thoughts

The reversed mirror hour 23:32 can be interpreted in many ways. For some spiritual beings, this hour is a sign that someone close to you is trying to undo you, or trying to change other’s opinions of you.

However, you are a strong willed person, who always aims to see the positive side of life, who can overcome this obstacle in your path. Your real friends will know the true you, and the Universe knows it too. 

In addition, this reversed hour is protected by the angel Haiaiel, who is the angel that represents the weapons and wisdom of the divine. You have a deep connection with divinity and the guardian angels, who will always be there to help you find yourself and your path. 

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