Is a Libra Man Jealous: How to Tell & What to Do (5 Signs)

Even the most level-headed of people can become frustrated from time to time. Likewise, even the calmest of star signs are prone to jealousy when their partner is involved.

Jealousy is a normal part of human nature, and it is something that nobody is immune to. Not even Libras. 

Libras are often seen as the perfect star sign. Those born under the Libra zodiac tend to be very calm and kind individuals. They are peaceful problem solvers who are willing to lead when necessary, but most importantly, they are caring and conscientious.

Libras make perfect partners because of their kind and loving nature.

But even this “perfect” star sign will get jealous from time to time. 

In a star sign that naturally gives off a calm and peaceful aura, it can sometimes be a little tricky to tell if a Libra is jealous. In this guide, we’re talking about how to tell, and what to do, if a Libra man is jealous, with 5 clear signs to watch out for. 

So do you want to find out how to tell if your Libra man is having a jealous moment? 

5 Clear Signs a Libra Man is Jealous – It is totally normal behavior for individuals to become jealous from time to time. So, let’s take a look at some of the clear signs to watch out for that could suggest your Libra man is jealous. 

1. He Will Give You Lots of Attention

Until you are in a situation where your Libra man is jealous, you might find it difficult to imagine that they can give you more attention.

Libras are very attentive lovers who pay very close attention to their partners and make sure that they are okay at all times.

For this reason, it can be difficult to imagine your partner doting on you any more than he already does. 

However, Libra men hold back a certain level of attention in reserve for moments when they become jealous. You might not even notice at first, but quickly the amount of attention your partner pays you will be taken to another notch, and that is typically because they think you are interested in other men. 

If a Libra man notices you showing interest in other men, they will typically think that this is happening because of their own failings in the relationship.

To compensate for that, they will take things to another level by intensifying the amount of attention they give you by 100%.

Trust us, once your Libra man starts paying you extra attention because they are jealous, you will understand exactly what we mean! 

2. He Will Withdraw Entirely

However, when a Libra man is jealous, things will go one of two ways. They will either pay you more attention (like we just looked at), or they will withdraw from the relationship entirely.

As Libras are generally very attentive lovers, and good communicators in general, it can be very jarring if they suddenly withdraw from you.

So, if they do this, it is a surefire sign that they are feeling jealous. 

Suddenly your partner who always keeps you in the loop will stop telling you things. He may go out for drinks with his friends from work after his shift finishes without telling you, or arrange extra-curricular activities without running them by you.

As part of this withdrawal process, he may start to do more activities without you and could take up new sporting activities as a way to detach from the relationship. 

Early into this process, you may notice an energy shift within your relationship.

Suddenly your partner, who is typically very tactile and happy to initiate sex, will stop doing this. Often, because of the huge amount of attention Libra men will pay their partners, it is really easy to tell when they are withdrawing from the relationship because this will stop immediately. 

Libra men will typically withdraw from the relationship when they are jealous to the point where they think the relationship is over.

Those born under this zodiac sign despise conflict and will do anything to avoid it.

So if that means withdrawing from the relationship through slow detachment, then so be it. 

If you notice that your Libra man is beginning to withdraw from the relationship, then it is important to take his jealousy very seriously. Your only hope of saving the relationship at this point is to face the issue head-on. 

3. He Will Try to Make You Jealous

Relationships are very important to Libras and they will take their duties as a partner very seriously. Libras are one of the most loyal star signs, and if you are with one, then you typically won’t have to worry about his eyes wandering.

But if your Libra man is jealous, it is very common for him to try to make you jealous in return. 

Libras are very talented when it comes to communication.

They are like chameleons in their ability to switch communication personas depending on who they are speaking to, and for that reason, it is very rare for a Libra man to flirt with anyone, other than their partner when they are in a relationship.

They know which communication is appropriate for their lover, and what communication is appropriate for everyone else in their life.

So, if they start flirting with other people, that is a sign he’s jealous. 

There are lots of ways in which your Libra man may try to make you jealous. If you are an avid social media user, then he may start to like the photos of other girls on Instagram or Facebook.

Alternatively, you might notice that he starts to reciprocate the flirty banter of those who direct it toward him. Especially if it is in front of you. 

The whole idea of this behavior is to make you jealous, not for your Libra man to get anything out of it. So you don’t need to worry about him messaging other men or women behind your back.

Even if your Libra man suspects that you are cheating, he will still only exhibit these behaviors right under your nose. 

So if you notice that your partner is suddenly flirting back with the waitress serving you at the restaurant, it is probably time to address the situation as your partner is clearly jealous. 

4. He Will Make Sure He Looks Good

Libras are effortlessly very good-looking. They have a natural beauty about them, and for this reason, you may notice that your Libra man doesn’t typically need to put too much effort into his appearance.

His natural beauty allows him to look good without needing to use too many beauty or hair products.

So, if he suddenly starts to use these products, it could be a sign that he is jealous.  

When a Libra man is starting to feel jealous, they will suddenly begin to put a real effort into the way that they look. Libras crave balance in life, and as a result of this, they can often be control freaks.

In a situation where a Libra is feeling jealous, they have no control over the emotions that are making them feel this way. Likewise, they have zero control over your behavior, so they will turn to things that they do have control over.

Like their appearance.

If your Libra man who rarely goes to the gym or does a skincare routine suddenly starts doing this, then this is a sign that they are feeling insecure. Typically because of jealousy.

If he suddenly starts styling his hair and dressing up smart when he goes out in public, then this could be because he is trying to gain your attention and almost show you what you are missing. 

While you may appreciate the fact that your partner is suddenly putting a little more effort in than they had previously, you must act to calm his jealousy. If he starts doing this, then it is a sign that he is struggling emotionally, and it is your job as his partner to make sure he’s alright. 

So, if you notice your partner suddenly wearing a new type of aftershave, or wearing clothes that you’ve never seen before, it’s a good sign he is feeling jealous. 

5. He Will Joke About an Open Relationship

Finally, if your Libra man is feeling jealous then he may start to make jokes about it.

This is one of the last things that will suggest your partner is jealous, and it is at this point that communication is vital if you want the relationship to last. 

A certain amount of jealousy is normal, and to a certain extent, it can help reignite your partner’s interest in yourself.

If they had previously been quite distracted, then making your partner a little jealous is a great way to reignite passion in the relationship. But there is always a point where you stop.

When your partner starts joking about opening up your relationship, that is the point when you should stop.

Relationships are very important to Libras, and the romantic relationship that they have with their partner is by far the most important. Libras are intense lovers, but at the heart of their passionate nature is their desire to make their partner happy.

So, if your partner is feeling seriously jealous, he may begin to joke about an open relationship in an attempt to keep you happy without losing you. 

If your partner is jealous over a connection that you have with a male friend or the way you behave around other men, and they actually feel threatened, they may start making jokes about an open relationship.

This really is the final straw because it means that your partner is genuinely concerned about you leaving him for somebody else.

Communication is vital here otherwise you risk losing your relationship. 

So, if your partner brings up the suggestion of an open relationship at any point, it is time to sit down and address the situation. Allow him to tell you about his concerns, and you can then move forward with your relationship. 

How to Make a Libra Man Jealous

If you feel like your partner is paying less attention to you than they have done previously, you may be interested in making them a little jealous. Jealousy can be really good for reigniting passion in a relationship, and a bit of jealousy typically won’t hurt. 

Based on the signs we have just looked at above, it is very easy to tell when jealousy has crossed over from a way to initiate hot, explosive sex into a situation where your relationship could break down.

So, as long as you tread carefully, a bit of jealousy could actually help your relationship. 

Ignoring your partner is a surefire way to make him jealous. If he sees you speaking to others, but ignoring him, he will quickly become jealous due to the importance that Libras place on communication.

Libras are good communicators, so speaking to others instead of him is a great way to make them green with envy. 

Your Libra man is also likely to grow jealous if he hears you speaking about the other men in your life a lot.

Tell him stories about the other guys in your life, and make sure you speak to other men in front of him. He’ll quickly glow green with envy and show you the attention you’ve been craving. 

How to Calm a Jealous Libra Man

There are, of course, situations where that jealousy can go a little too far. You may not have even noticed that you were doing anything that could make your partner jealous.

But if he starts exhibiting any of the signs we looked at earlier, it is a good idea to make an effort to calm him down. 

Thankfully, as Libras are very balanced people, it is usually pretty easy to calm down a jealous Libra. Those born under this zodiac really enjoy clear communication, so simply sitting down and speaking to him about the situation should be enough to calm his concerns.

If you were deliberately trying to make him jealous, and it went too far, explain to him what caused you to attempt to make him jealous.

Tell him about any insecurities that you have, and any concerns that you have about the relationship. 

If you unknowingly caused him to grow jealous, ask him about his feelings and what has caused them. Explain your side of the situation and work together to fix the cracks that have started to appear in your relationship.

There are very few things that can’t be solved through good communication. So bear this in mind if your Libra man is jealous. 


In short, it is typically very easy to tell if a Libra man has become jealous. That is because his personality will start to change. He may start to withdraw from the relationship, or even try to make you jealous in return. 

In this guide, we’ve taken a look at these signs in more detail and also addressed how to calm your Libra man down if he has become jealous. 

Thanks for reading!

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