6 Telltale Signs A Gemini Man Is Jealous And How To Fix It

Say what you want about Gemini men, but they are incredibly charismatic. Out of all of the signs in the zodiac, they’re the most outgoing and vibrant. This positivity naturally draws people close to him, and many will find him irresistible. 

His partner will quickly see that this energy is infectious, and will therefore start drawing more suitors toward them as well. 

But will the Gemini man get jealous? 

Geminis are very laid back in general, and the fluidity of this air sign makes it easy for them to let things go. However, that doesn’t mean that they won’t get jealous when they see someone encroaching on their partner. 

But how will you know if your Gemini partner is jealous? Luckily, we’ve found six telltale hints to recognize jealousy in your partner. Plus, we’ll be walking you through how you can stop these feelings in their tracks. 

Gemini men are excellent communicators, but even they might not outright tell you that they’re jealous. If you’re worried your Gemini man is feeling jealous of someone, here are six signs to look for. 

1. He’ll Check In More Frequently

Geminis are known for their love of freedom in a relationship. They want you both to trust one another to know that you’re able to take time for yourself but join back together at the end of it.

This is one of the most desirable traits of a Gemini. 

It takes a lot for a Gemini to feel jealous. They’ll need to have seen or heard something that makes them reevaluate their trust in you for the jealousy to set in. And if they think that they have proof, then they’ll be even more jealous. 

A telltale sign of jealousy in a Gemini man is that he’s checking in on you. This might be in the form of a phone call or text, or he might physically come and find you to check-in.

He’ll mask this as an act of endearment, but really he wants to make sure that you’re not doing anything to break his trust. 

If your Gemini man is all of a sudden constantly checking up on you and getting mad when you don’t reply or answer straight away, there’s a good chance that he could be jealous. 

2. He’ll Withdraw From The Relationship

Insecurity isn’t in the nature of a Gemini. They’re normally confident, secure, and outgoing.

They don’t like to feel worried or insecure, so they’ll often act on their feelings of jealousy to stop them.

If a Gemini thinks he’s at risk of losing you to another man, he might withdraw from the relationship to stop him from getting his feelings hurt. Geminis tend to avoid falling in love to prevent hurting themselves or their partner with their sense of adventure. 

If they’ve taken this step with you and they think that you’ve broken their trust, then they might withdraw back to their instincts to get out of the relationship. 

Gemini men tend to get bored easily, which is why it is so difficult for them to fall in love and accept the life of one partner forever.

Withdrawing from a relationship is second nature to him, but he needs an excuse for him to do it. 

Anything that has him feeling jealous could be a good reason for this behavior change. 

3. He’ll Try To Enforce Limitations

Geminis are normally free-spirited and laidback. So, if your Gemini man is suddenly putting limitations on you both, it’s a good indication that they’re feeling jealous. 

These limitations might be put on him, such as missing out on a party to spend more time with you.

If you know a Gemini, you’ll understand that they never say no to a party or an exciting adventure.

Alternatively, the limitations might be placed on you instead. An example could be him trying to stop you from being friends with someone.

As a lively and sociable person, Gemini knows the importance of a big social circle. 

If they’re trying to stop you from making a new friend, you can bet that there’s a big reason behind it. The most common? Jealousy. 

4. He’ll Be In A Bad Mood

Everyone gets in bad moods sometimes – it would be strange for someone to never fall victim to anger or sadness.

However, as the zodiac signs go, Geminis are one of the most lively and happy to be around. 

They’re keen on new experiences and adventures and are always excited about the many thoughts racing through their heads. If your Gemini man is suddenly acting upset or grumpy, there will be a significant reason behind it. 

Feeling jealous about someone or something would be a good reason for their usual bubbly mood to fall flat. 

Geminis are also excellent communicators thanks to their ruling planet of Mercury.

So, if you ask them why they’re in a bad mood, they should tell you what’s wrong – right? Yes, but not if they’re feeling jealous. They will likely stop all communication and shut down. 

5. He’ll Pretend Like He Doesn’t Care

Geminis value how other people see them. They like their reputation for being the free-spirited person that everyone expects them to be.

So, if they start feeling jealous about something, they’ll most likely pretend like they don’t care. 

Instead of talking to you about their concerns, they will put on a front and act like nothing is bothering them. This can be a real strain on the relationship if you don’t know why he’s acting this way – especially if you haven’t done anything wrong in the first place. 

Even if you outright ask him if he is jealous, he might deny it. This will make his feelings all the more frustrating and could lead to an explosive argument. 

6. He’ll Want To Spend More Time Together 

Geminis like to have space within a relationship. They want to enjoy their own life without their relationship being everywhere they turn.

They’re happy to give you some space and hope that you will do the same. 

So, when your Gemini partner starts wanting to close this space and spend much more time with you, you can be sure that something is wrong.

The most likely cause is jealousy, and they’re spending more time with you to make sure that the person they’re jealous of can see you flaunt your relationship. 

This can be suffocating for both you and your partner, who needs space to thrive on his own. Without action, this could be detrimental to your feelings towards each other. 

How To Make A Gemini Man Jealous 

Making a Gemini man jealous is no easy feat. You have to really do something big to elicit this type of reaction in a Gemini man, so many don’t find jealousy to be an issue in their relationships. 

However, some signs are more sensitive than others to Gemini’s laid-back attitude.

Sometimes you want your partner to feel jealous just to show you that they care enough about you and your bond. 

So, if you want to make a Gemini jealous in their relationship, spend lots of time with different men, texting and calling on the phone, spending days with them instead of your partner.

Flirt with them in front of the Gemini, laugh at all of their jokes and often excuse yourself away from the rest of the group to spend time with only them. 

Since Gemini men love adventure and sneaking off with their partners themselves, they’ll be jealous that you’re doing this with someone else.

Also, the fact that they don’t know what you’re doing during this one-on-one time will drive you mad. 

However, making your Gemini man jealous is not always the best thing to do. You might find that instead of showing you his true feelings towards your bond, he could play you at your own game. 

Geminis are childlike and love having fun.

They might turn this into a game of chicken, trying to make you jealous of another woman until one of you breaks. 

If you can’t see the lighthearted competition between you, this might lead you to get upset and angry at your partner. This reaction will then make them confused and irritated because you’re the one that started the game. 

Beware whenever you try to mess with a Gemini – two can play that game, and the thrill-seeking Gemini will almost always win. 

How To Stop A Gemini Man From Feeling Jealous

 If you don’t want your Gemini man feeling jealous, there are a few things you can do to clear the air and hopefully salvage your relationship. 

1. Prove Your Innocence

There’s no reason why you should need to prove your innocence to a partner if you’ve done nothing wrong, but Geminis being jealous is dangerous territory.

They believe that they only become jealous when something has happened to warrant it, like their partner cheating with someone else. 

Gemini men will only get jealous if they truly believe something has happened – not just if they have seen you flirting with someone else.

Geminis are flirtatious by nature, too, so they get how harmless this is. 

But as they’re feeling jealous, they have reason to believe that you have broken their trust. Communicate with them to see what sparked this emotion in them – was it a phone call, a social interaction with a specific person, staying late at work, or something else? 

Once you’ve got to the root of the issue, you can try to prove your innocence with pictures, texts, and friends to back you up. You could even get your partner together with the man that they’re jealous of to clear up any confusion. 

Geminis should be able to trust you enough to talk your word for it and forget about their jealous feelings. 

2. Talk, Talk, And Talk Some More! 

Communication is vital to a Gemini. They’re excellent communicators, but they can also shut down when they start feeling jealous. 

Keep your lines of communication open for him to pick up.

Tell him exactly who your friends are and what you’re doing with them, and ask whether your plans bother him.

They won’t, but the fact that you’re communicating everything to him will give him a better sense of confidence and trust in the relationship. 

3. Introduce Him To Your Friends 

Geminis are social creatures and they love meeting new people. They are great at making friends quickly, too, so they’ll fit in well with your friend group.

Just being able to meet your friends and bond with them will stop your Gemini partner from feeling jealous. 

They might not be jealous of a single person – they could be feeling this way simply because they want to be enjoying your company and social life as much as you.

Introducing them to your friends could give you the best of both worlds, where you spend time with your friends and partner equally. 

4. Never Lie To A Gemini

Geminis don’t take well to lying. They’re a very laid-back sign and will understand almost anything you tell them, so there is really no reason to lie.

If a Gemini man finds out that you’ve lied, it will only make their feelings of jealousy worse. 

Also, the pressure of having to deal with your lie might cause cracks in the relationship anyway. You’ll find that Geminis react worse to the fact you lied rather than the thing you lied about in the first place. 

Even if you have done something to warrant the jealousy, just tell your partner the truth. They will get it out of you anyway, so the best thing to do is come clean and try to work on your relationship’s trust again. 

5. Spend Time Near Him

Gemini men aren’t clingy, and they value their space in a relationship. However, when they’re feeling jealous, they might feel extraterritorial.

They’ll want you close by so that they can spend more time with you and let everyone know that you’re theirs. 

Some signs don’t like this territorial nature and will deliberately put more space between them and their partner to avoid it. However, when a Gemini is jealous, they might see this as you trying to get closer to someone else while withdrawing from them. 

Once Gemini has gotten over his jealousy, he’ll have no issues with you spending more time away from him.

But for now, while you’re working through these emotions together, stay close and give him the reassurance that he so desperately needs. 


Thanks for reading our guide to Gemini men and their jealousy. It takes a lot for this fun-loving and childlike sign to feel jealous, so you should be worried if you ever see any of the six signs we’ve looked at above in them. 

Making a Gemini man jealous is difficult, but it can be done by spending plenty of time with another man and going on adventures alone together. 

To stop your partner from feeling jealous, communication is the most important thing to remember. Spend more time with them and introduce them to your friends so that they can thrive in the social setting. Good luck! 

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