5 Signs An Aries Man Is Jealous (& How To Help Him)

As the very first sign on the zodiacal wheel, Aries is considered the baby of the celestial family.

While this isn’t always apparent, as they can be incredibly brave, proud, and strong individuals (courtesy of their Red Planet ruler, Mars), if you form a close bond with an Aries, man or woman, their neediness will soon surface.

Aries is a fire sign, so they already operate from a base of pure passion. Throw some raw, demanding emotionality into the melting pot, and turbulence is all but guaranteed. 

Yep, the Aries man has some big feelings to match his big personality, and he couldn’t hide them if he tried, but if there’s one emotion he’s really not equipped to keep on the down low, it’s jealousy.

As an extremely possessive person, he makes a pretty accommodating host for the green-eyed monster, and today, I’ll be discussing 5 clear signs that this envoy of envy has well and truly arrived!

5 Warning Signs That The Male Aries Is Feeling Jealous

Jealousy erupts from Aries like lava from a volcano, but not as words. There’s no way this proud dude is going to admit he’s jealous, so even though he’s not trying to hide his feelings, you still might have some trouble identifying his jealous mood.

Not to worry; the following red flags should make things crystal clear.

1. He Puts On A Show Of His Power

Jealousy makes the male Aries feel weak, so it’s no surprise that one of the tell-tale signs he’s tussling with the green-eyed monster is a brazen (often vulgar) show of brute strength.

He’ll typically direct these muscular theatrics towards the object of his jealousy, which is usually a love interest or someone more successful at winning the affection of his love interest.

However, it could just as well be a friend. Remember, these guys run hot, so high emotion is a given no matter the relationship.

I know this all sounds a little intimidating but bear in mind that his display of power isn’t always physical, although there certainly can be an element of physicality to it.

Fundamentally, he’s trying to establish general domination, so it’s often more of an emotional operation.

Why does he do this? It’s a control thing.

When he’s jealous, he feels as though he’s losing grip on things he holds dear, or that he will never get what someone else has, so he demonstrates his power in an attempt to convince those around him (but mostly himself) that he couldn’t possibly lose control.

What form his assertive behavior takes may vary.

Sometimes it can be relatively subtle (for an Aries), such as being overly competitive in a sporting situation, or simply exhibiting intimidating body language.

2. He’s Impatient

Not only will the Aries be noticeably more impatient when he’s feeling jealous, but he will also have a short fuse in general.

As such, he’ll almost certainly be far more confrontational than normal, which can also be linked to the whole display of power malarkey discussed above.

He was, after all, born under the sign of the ram. It’s only natural that he’s going to charge when emotions are running high.

This is the darker side of his bravery — He’s not afraid to clash with anyone, so everyone is a potential target if he is feeling insecure.

What is usually a pleasantly warm energy becomes a burning heat that consumes his thoughts, leading to frustrated verbal outbursts and child-like tantrums reminiscent of the ones we all had in the store when our parents wouldn’t buy us candy as kids.

If there’s nothing to be impatient about, he’ll no doubt try to cultivate some confrontation by coaxing those around him into an argument, giving him an excuse to flex and vent his incendiary unrest.

He doesn’t want these spats to end either, as that means putting the stopper on his feelings, which he’d never choose to do willingly.

So, if you feel like the argument has been settled but he keeps circling around to its genesis, instigating an exhausting emotional Groundhog Day, he’s most definitely feeling jealous.

For your own sanity, it’s best to excuse yourself from the situation, as he’ll rage all day and night if you let him. Give him time to cool off.

Don’t return any time soon, as he’ll still have enough emotional momentum to fire up the conflict all over again.

3. He’s Keeping A Close Eye On Your Plans And What/Who They Involve

As mentioned earlier, jealousy in the Aries man is almost always linked to his perceived loss of control, so if you’re in a romantic relationship with him, expect him to be a little suffocating for a while as he tries to regain a sense of command.

His jealousy probably started out as suspicion, so he’ll want to know a lot more about your plans than usual.

He’ll dig around for information about the activities you have scheduled, and more importantly, who you’ll be doing said activities with.

Should he consider the person you’re hanging out with a threat in some way, he’ll be noticeably dismayed when he hears their name. It needn’t be someone who’s an obvious romantic threat.

He can be just as impassioned about a completely platonic hang with someone you don’t even share a sexual orientation with.

It could be your colleague, a long-time friend, your mother… whoever, really.

The mere fact you’re spending time with them and not him may be what’s got him feeling some kind of way, which is a nice segway to my next point…

4. He Makes Lots Of Plans With You

Our hotheaded Aries man might attempt to boss you around, telling you that you can’t do what you had planned, but he’s not dumb.

He knows that whoever he’s trying to exert control over is going to be all the more resistant if he appears to be directly trying to stop them from socializing.

So, he concocts an ingenious plan.

Well, “concocts” might not be the right word, as he might not action something like this in a meditated and malicious manner, but rather, in an emotional, panicked manner.

What he’s going to do is make a whole bunch of plans with you in an effort to occupy as much of your time as possible.

After all, if you’re obliged to hang out with him all the time, you’ll be seeing less of the people he’s clearly jealous of, right?

It’s a pretty devious tactic, but again, he may not actually be fully aware of what he’s doing.

If he’s a good actor, he may be able to pass it off as genuine affection as well, but keep your wits about you, and you should notice that he’s trying extra hard to keep you occupied.

You might see a more acute version of this behavior by way of his sudden desire to hold your attention in day-to-day life.

It’s essentially the same thing, but more immediate and on a smaller scale.

5. He Tries To Make You Jealous

The final sign that the male Aries in your life is suffering through some jealousy as of late is that he’s trying to turn the tables and make you feel jealous too.

There’s a reason I kept this red flag till last… it will typically be his final resort, because, in a way, it’s a form of admitting defeat, something he never wants to do.

When he tries to make you jealous by, say, flirting with others or hanging out with people you’re not too keen on, he’s trying to level the playing field, thereby admitting that he was fighting a losing battle and that he wasn’t as powerful as he thought.

He may well use this tactic when courting as well.

Infatuations are inherently problematic for the Aries man, as crushing on someone requires that he forfeits some of his power. In this situation, he’s at the whim of his crush, so he tries to level the playing field so he doesn’t feel quite as weak.

His logic, or emotional logic anyway, is that if everyone is weak, then nobody is weak.

What Will Make An Aries Man Jealous?

Perhaps a more appropriate question would be what won’t make an Aries man jealous? Those born under this sign are incredibly possessive — It’s both problematic and, well, kind of sweet.

They love with such fervor that they can’t stand the thought of losing their lovers and friends to other people.

They’re that protective friend who doesn’t like it when you start spending too much time with someone else; they’re that lover that straight-up wants to marry you; they know what they like and when they find it, they’re terrified they’re going to lose it.

Spending a lot of time with others is a surefire way to inspire jealousy in him, but you needn’t fill your planner out with various appointments and hangs to do so.

Simply easing up on the attention and time you give him will do the trick.

But if for whatever reason you really want him to dance with the green demon, then I’d recommend dressing in an attention-grabbing way whilst making it clear it’s by no means to impress him.

Taking a long vacation without him is another powerful way to stoke the jade fire within, and if you’re looking to go OTT, subtly hint to him that there are lots of other people interested in getting to know you and that you might be open to getting to know them in return.

Rejecting his attempts of domination when he’s already feeling jealous will kick things up a notch (or 10) too, as it rubs his lack of power in his face.

Tear his authority to tatters before him, and he’ll be completely consumed in envy for whatever has taken your time and attention from him.

Now, before we move on, I’d just like to mention that I don’t necessarily condone any form of emotional manipulation, so what we’ve discussed here today is best used for academic purposes only and to learn this personality type in full.

Besides, the Aries man in your life probably needs no assistance when it comes to feeling jealous, so it’ll be far more valuable to take some time to learn how to pacify this emotion rather than exacerbate it, which brings me to my next area of focus.

How To Pacify The Jealousy Of An Aries Man?

The best advice I can give you for tempering an Aries man’s jealousy is to make him feel loved and reassure him that you are loyal to him. 

You can start this process verbally. Tell him daily how strongly you feel for him and how much you value his presence in your life. If he’s your spouse, let him know how attracted to him you are — He loves positive reinforcement!

Next, you can start to show him how much he means to you.

Little love notes are a simple, thoughtful, and effective way to get the ball rolling here.

Follow this up with lots of plans to spend time together, and you’ll see the confidence return to your Aries man.

If you’re lovers, don’t hesitate to get intimate with the Aries man in your life, as nothing will soothe his insecurities like a roll in the hay or two, especially if you prioritize his pleasure and make it a very sensual experience.

That said, intercourse isn’t strictly necessary if you’re not in the mood. Lots of hugs as you go about your day will also do the trick, or failing that, taking your relationship to the next level is a good move — If you’re feeling ready of course.

You need to move in together or anything like that, although that would certainly work. Rather, you can ask him if he’d like to meet your parents or if he’d like to go on a vacation, just you and him.

Not ready to make any big moves? No worries!

Simply talking about big moves in the future reminds your Aries man that you’re dedicated to the relationship.

For instance, you can talk about the kind of house you’d like to buy together one day, or that you could see yourself having children with him or marrying him at some point further down the line.

One last trick to keep up your sleeve for the next time an Aries man can’t shake off the green-eyed monster is to tell him all the positive things you say about him to others.

Knowing that you’re singing his praises to your friends or family will give him an immense sense of well-being, as it’s these moments when you’re away that he’s most afraid of.

Final Thoughts

Aries has a bundle of really endearing and lovable qualities, which is why they can be so magnetic, but the power with which they love, care, and energize has one hell of a recoil.

This raw emotion can go just as far in the other direction as they allow their ugly emotions to take the wheel.

Thankfully, the Aries man’s jealousy is pretty easy to identify, as his association with Mars and elemental affiliation with fire mean he doesn’t have much composure.

Once you’ve diagnosed his strange behavior, all you have to do is show him some love, and he’ll be back on top of the world in no time.

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