Are Aquarius Men & Virgo Women Compatible?

Is the love between the Aquarius man and Virgo woman written in the stars? Well, on paper, it’s touch and go. There’s certainly potential, but will Virgo’s perfectionism preclude the success of a less-than-stellar match?

And will Aquarius’s penchant for pandemonium leave their love in disarray?

What Does The Aquarius Man Value In The Virgo Woman?

She’s a hard-working perfectionist

In his own way, the Aquarius man is a perfectionist. He sees the faults in society and the world at large clear as day, and he feels compelled to do everything in his power to fix them in accordance with his unflinching morals and vision of the future.

He sees this very same meticulousness in the Virgo woman.

She does nothing by halves. Whatever she puts her mind to, she’s going to get just right or she’s not going to do it at all.

She’s a talented creative

Aquarius are often talented artists, as they’re inspired individuals that seem to be able to channel energy from the future and apply it to the present. 

They love to experience the novel in every aspect of their lives, including their creative journey, and as Virgo is also a very skilled, more learned artist, they can get low-key obsessed with “the maiden’s” work, as it’s so different to theirs.

She’s reliable

Our Virgo lady takes responsibility very seriously, not just in a professional context, but in relationship contexts too.

She understands the gravity of holding a human heart in her hands, and she will do everything in her power to keep it safe.

She will always be faithful, she will always be honest, and she will never do anything to intentionally cause her partner any pain.

The Aquarius man is equally forthright and just as faithful as his partner, even though his disposition can come across as a little chilly at times.

For him, upholding morals in a relationship is the only way to lay a stable foundation for growth.

When his partner is unfaithful or plays mind games, he’s forced to deal with what he regards as ugly emotions stirring within, inevitably leading to cracks in his stoic composure, but he doesn’t have to worry about any of that with his Virgo partner.

She’s a kind soul

The Virgo woman has her rough edges (more on that later), but her essence is loving and kind.

She gets a great deal of satisfaction from helping others, which appeals to the Aquarius man’s altruistic nature.

He never doubts his own ability to change the world when flying solo, but with a Virgo lady as his co-pilot, their potential to do good and make a real difference skyrockets.

He sees Virgo as an opportunity to form a totally selfless union in which they’ll look out, not just for one another, but everyone and everything around them — It’s kind of a Batman and Robin vibe… but with occasional sexy time.

What Does The Aquarius Man Dislike In The Virgo Woman?

He finds it hard to get her to switch off and indulge in impulse

The Virgo woman is the epitome of an overthinker. That mind of hers is a powerful tool, but there really isn’t an off-switch, so her thoughts run on, forming obsessive behaviors.

Aquarius often falls into similar slumps when he feels the weight of his lofty goals weighing on his shoulders, but most of the time, he hops from impulse to impulse, living as exciting and unpredictable a life as possible.

He wants nothing more than for his Virgo lover to exit work mode and join him on his sporadic wavelengths and lifestyle.

He’s successful at seducing her into his world sometimes, but others, she’s unreachable, imprisoned by cyclical thought patterns.

She’s not all that enthused to try new things

The female Virgo is a sensible individual, grotesquely so if you ask the Aquarian man.

It has its benefits in the relationship, but what he really enjoys is getting a little bit silly.

Everything he does is either an effort to defamiliarize the mundane or chase after the unknown and get his kicks that way.

His Virgo lover will often humor him and play along with his desire to live a unique and profound life, but her heart’s not really in it.

She could take new experiences or she could leave them, which is kind of a bummer to our Aquarius man who is wholly defined by his impulse to do things differently.

She can be quite critical of others

As mentioned earlier, the Virgo woman is in essence a very kind and compassionate person, but the immensely high standards she holds herself to can often lead to her having unrealistic expectations where other people are concerned.

She has a hard time acknowledging that not everyone is wired in the same way as her, and can be unfairly critical when they’re not completely dedicated to achieving perfection.

It’s not a malicious trait, but it can be quite hurtful, especially within a mother-daughter dynamic.

The Aquarius man may not be in touch with his own emotions, but he’s very empathetic, and he doesn’t agree with his partner’s cutting remarks.

What Does The Virgo Woman Value In The Aquarius Man?

He’s an endless source of inspiration

Her Aquarius man is incredibly logical but highly imaginative, so when her highly focused mind hits a block, he’s the ultimate tool for finding a creative yet realistic way around it. 

She can be quite a control freak when it comes to projects, as she tends to be the only one involved striving for perfection, but his ability to think outside the box makes him a valuable creative ally.

For the first time, she feels comfortable sharing her burdens.

He helps to ease her over-achieving mind and have a little fun

When everyone else is relaxing after a hard day’s work, the mind of the Virgo woman is racing.

She finds it hard switching off, especially if she’s got a lot on. 

It’s not necessarily stress she feels, but her fastidiousness occupies a lot of her downtime, often leading her into workaholic territory.

Thankfully, her fun-loving Aquarius man is here to whisk her off her feet and show her a good time.

Occasionally, when she’s with him, her mind is no longer invaded by functional or practical thoughts.

Rather, she’s introduced to a light-hearted, playful side she never even knew existed.

He’s a humanitarian through and through

Our Virgo woman would never, ever fall for someone with a mean streak.

She abhors cruelty of any kind and will always speak out against injustice, so when she notices that the Aquarius man treats absolutely everyone as his equal, a serious crush is unavoidable!

She feels that the way someone treats others opens a window for observers to peer into their truest self, and she likes what she sees in the Aquarian man.

He’s an astounding artist

Virgo marvels at the sheer originality of her partner’s artistry.

As a very studious and rational person, she has always had the mindset that all art (and everything else too for that matter) starts with imitation, and over time, as multiple disparate influences emulsify in the mind, a unique voice is born.

Yet he seems to have a creative voice entirely of his own almost right away.

He still studies technique, but where expression and inspiration are concerned, his work seems completely un-anchored to any point of reference.

What Does The Virgo Woman Dislike In The Aquarius Man?

He has trouble forming emotional connections

Despite her cerebral nature, unlike Aquarius, Virgo isn’t completely shut off from her emotions.

She has a big heart, and she thinks it’s healthy when couples form deep, soulful bonds with one another, something Aquarians aren’t keen on… not right away at least.

Usually, she gets to work building bridges post haste, but the emotional distance her Aquarius partner maintains is almost insurmountable.

He likes freedom a little too much

With no clear emotional bonds forming between her and her Aquarian partner, she has misgivings about how free he likes to be within monogamous relationships. 

She’s not averse to him feeling unfettered, and in fact, she’d like for him to feel that way, but she’d feel a lot more comfortable about it if he’d give her some concrete show of affection.

Without it, she worries that he isn’t dedicated and may follow his freedom all the way to another partner.

She knows he would never cheat on her, but the idea that he might find someone else and break up with her to pursue a new relationship is a scary thought for her.

His chaotic nature confuses her sense of order

“Order-shmorder” scoffs the Aquarius man — He likes to do things his way, and guess what… he doesn’t have a way!

This guy is wingin’ it day in and day out and that’s how he’d like to keep it.

He adores his thrilling life, and while his Virgo partner is happy to play along from time to time, she’s very aware that his entropic presence may well destroy her precise, ordered existence.

Do Aquarius Men & Virgo Women Have Good Sexual Chemistry?

Sexual Chemistry Score: 8/10

This couple has a little bit of a mountain to climb in the bedroom, but if they persevere, they both get a great deal of fulfillment out of their rolls in the hay.

The first obstacle to contend with is the Virgo woman’s tentativeness born from her fear that she’s not going to be able to satisfy her adventurous Aquarius lover.

He just wants her to be playful and free, so her anxious energy is a bit of a stick in the mud, but Aquarius is a master at helping people let go of their inhibitions in the sack.

He reminds himself to be patient and gets to work easing her mind and encouraging her to open up.

She needs to be reassured that she’s doing a good job for the first few intimate moments they have, but as her confidence builds, she begins to focus less on him and more on herself, which is exactly what he wants!

From this point on, the pair are sexually untethered, open to experimenting with all kinds of weird and wonderful kinks, but their love life doesn’t simply bend to the will of sporadic Aquarius.

Clever as a whip, the female Virgo maintains enough affection in the bedroom to help strengthen their emotional bond without weirding Aquarius out — She’s so tactful that he might not even notice he’s enjoying the sensual side of sex for the first time ever.

Aquarius Man & Virgo Woman: Will It Work?

Compatibility Score: 7/10

Despite their differences, this love match really does have potential. Strangely, it’s one of their commonalities that threatens to tear them apart.

Both the Aquarius man and the Virgo woman are dedicated emotion dodgers.

It’s the one aspect of their personalities that could be considered dishonest.

Virgo is more in touch with her emotions than her partner, but not if it leads to confrontations.

They will skirt around issues that veer anywhere near “feels” territory, meaning there might be a lot of unaired grievances in this relationship.

The more they repress their emotions and brush problems under the rug, the more pressure and tension will build between them.

However, as they make the ultimate creative team, if they can view their relationship through the same lens they view all their other mutual efforts, there’s every chance they’ll make it work.

This outlook allows them to view the emotionality of their bond in a more objective and logical light, making it far more approachable for both of them.

Final Thoughts

Are Aquarius and Virgo a perfect match? No, but they share a lot of redeeming qualities that work quite nicely together, and even some of their extreme differences can help one another become more well-rounded people.

If the Aquarius man can tone down his chaotic energy just a little, at least when he’s in his partner’s sanctuary, and if the Virgo woman can learn to let her ordered life go a touch skew once in a while, this highly intelligent pair can form a powerful connection.

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