How to Tell If Your Pisces Man is Jealous and What To Do (5 Clear Signs)

Some Zodiac signs are more jealous than others. But ultimately, all of these signs will experience jealousy from time to time. In the case of Pisces, they tend to grow jealous because they place immense importance on romantic relationships and their relationship with their partner.

Across the different Zodiac signs, it is easy to see that the signs that are most prone to jealousy are the very romantic ones. Both Pisces and Libra are very romantic, and they both suffer from a lot of jealousy when it comes to their romantic partners and any perceived threats. 

If you suspect that your Pisces man is jealous, it is usually easy to tell.

When Pisces is jealous, his typically easy-going personality will suddenly change into something totally different. Simply through the way that he acts, you will be able to spot if he is jealous. 

In this guide, we’re taking a look at how to tell if your Pisces man is jealous, and what to do if you suspect that he is. So if you want to discover 5 clear signs that your Pisces man is jealous, keep on reading!

5 Clear Signs Your Pisces Man is Jealous

Everybody becomes jealous from time to time, and Pisces men are no different. Spotting if your Pisces man is jealous is surprisingly easy, and that is because their personalities tend to change drastically.

That being said, if you’re unsure about what to look for, here are 5 clear signs that your Pisces man is jealous. 

1. He Becomes Moody

The first sign that your Pisces man is jealous is if he becomes moody. Pisces are generally very kind, sweet, and loving individuals with a fairly positive attitude toward life.

But if your Pisces man becomes jealous, his usually sunny mood can quickly turn sour. 

Pisces are naturally very jealous individuals and that is because they really pick up on the energies of those around them.

While they may trust their partner not to run off with the person in question, they can still pick up if the other person is attracted to their partner.

That attraction alone is enough to make the Pisces grow jealous.

One of the earliest signs that your Pisces man is feeling jealous is if he suddenly becomes very moody.

If anything you say to your partner is met with grumpy, passive-aggressive responses, then that is a surefire sign that he is feeling jealous about something.

Instead of the warm reception that you usually get from the man, you will instead be met with the cold shoulder, and it really can be disheartening. 

If the Pisces jealousy continues to grow over a prolonged period, their moodiness could end up affecting your romantic and sexual life, then you need to address his jealousy.

When this happens, it is clear that the Pisces is struggling, and even if the jealousy is unwarranted, it is important to speak to him. 

2. He Listens to More Music

When Pisces is struggling to navigate their emotions, they tend to try to escape.

One of the most common ways that a Pisces man will try to escape is through music. 

Generally, Pisces tend to be very musical individuals, and they will enjoy listening to a healthy amount of music.

You may notice that your Pisces man is a very musical individual with the ability to play multiple instruments.

But when he becomes jealous, the intensity with which he listens to music is unbelievable. 

Suddenly, your Pisces man may constantly have his AirPods in his ears listening to music or have the radio blasting on the Echo Show.

When he’s not listening to music, you may notice him singing to himself almost constantly and specifically listening or singing to specific songs. 

To try to understand your Pisces man’s state of mind, you should pay attention to the lyrics he is singing, and the songs he is listening to. This allows you to determine for definite if he is feeling jealousy.

3. He Sneaks Onto Your Phone

As the Pisces Man becomes jealous, he will quickly become paranoid.

While he may know deep down that he can trust you and that you would never cheat on him, he can’t help growing paranoid.

That is why as time goes by, his jealousies may transform into suspicions, and that is when he will really begin to act out of character. 

One thing that is common for Pisces to do when they become jealous is to sneak onto their partner’s phone.

Your Pisces man will want to believe that you would never cheat on him, but the paranoid part of his brain will override this, and that is why he will act on his suspicions. 

If you see your partner begin to act sneakily or catch him searching your phone when you leave the phone, this is definitely because he is feeling jealous.

By doing this, he will try to discover if you are speaking to the person that he is jealous of.

When this happens it is a sign that your Pisces man has been jealous for quite some time. 

4. He Implies He Is Jealous Through Text

Passive-aggressive actions are very common when Pisces’ grow jealous, and another way that your Pisces man may express his jealousy is by implying it over text. 

If your Pisces man is jealous about a colleague or a long-term male friend, he may express his jealousy over text when you mention the man in question.

For example, if you mention working with the man in question he could make some snide remark.

Likewise, if it is a long-term friend that your Pisces man is jealous of, you may find that he makes passive digs every single time you go out with him. 

While the Pisces man will not have the guts to directly address his jealousies with you, he will say it over text where there is an element of detachment.

So if this happens, don’t take your partner’s comments as a joke, that is actually him expressing his jealousy.

5. He Bottles It Up, Then Snaps

Finally when Pisces become frustrated about something, they tend to bottle up that frustration over a prolonged period until they eventually snap.

The same happens when a Pisces man is jealous. 

Aside from your Pisces man being a little moody from time to time and listening to music, there is no guarantee that you will spot his jealousy.

While you may notice changes in his personality, it is really difficult to pinpoint that as jealousy unless you have previous experience with him growing jealous.

That is why it is very easy for your Pisces man to bottle it up until he snaps. 

When a Pisces man snaps, it isn’t pretty. He may shout and scream and grow angry, he may become upset and teary through it, and he may say hurtful things towards you.

This is especially common if the jealousy has been building up for months, or even years. 

To avoid this happening, you must address the situation with your Pisces man before it goes too far. So if you notice him sneaking onto your phone or becoming a little moody, just speak to him.

Address the situation early on to avoid him blowing up further down the line. 

How to Make a Pisces Man Jealous

A little jealousy never hurts anyone, and in very small amounts, jealousy can actually be really good for your relationship and sex life.

There is nothing that ignites passion in a relationship quite like a little bit of jealousy, and it really can heat up your sex life. As long as you don’t take it too far, of course. 

So if you want to make your Pisces man feel a little bit jealous, and remind him what he could lose if you were to leave, here are some things to do.

The easiest way to make your Pisces man jealous is to compare him to a fictional character that you admire in a TV show or movie.

The character must be fictional as it allows your Pisces man to feel jealous without feeling threatened.

The character doesn’t exist so they are not a real threat. But they will remind your partner of your other attractions. 

Next time you’re re-watching Grey’s Anatomy, admire McDreamy, or McSteamy, and tell your partner about how attractive you find these individuals.

Soon he’ll be the one feeling steamy with jealousy, and that jealousy allows for some very passionate activities in the bedroom.

Alternatively, you could make your Pisces man jealous by starting to withdraw from him romantically. Pisces are very romantic individuals and they really enjoy having intense romantic relationships with their partners. 

Your Pisces man will shower you with compliments regularly and always remind you that he loves you both verbally and through physical actions too.

Most of the time, you will return his romantic advances with the same level of passion. 

An easy way to make your Pisces man jealous is to slowly cut back on the romance. Instead of making him a cup of coffee every morning, simply leave him to make his own coffee.

Forget drawing him a bath after he finishes work, leave him to jump in the shower instead. And don’t even think about hopping in with him! 

Every romantic urge that you feel, slowly cut back and stop doing.

It won’t take long for your Pisces man to notice that they are missing, and he’ll quickly grow jealous, wondering if the reason you have stopped being romantic with him is that you are doing it for someone else. 

With this method, you mustn’t allow your Pisces man to grow too jealous. Just a small amount of jealousy will do the trick and get things heating up in the bedroom!

How to Calm a Jealous Pisces Man

Now that we have taken a look at some of the clearest signs that your Pisces man is jealous, and how to make him jealous if you want to heat up your sex life, let’s take a look at how to calm a jealous Pisces man. 

The best way to calm down a jealous Pisces man is to show him compassion.

When Pisces’ are jealous, they will often grow increasingly moody, and they can really begin to become a pain to be around. When you are met with the cold shoulder from him, it is really easy to turn your back and react back to him with a very cold attitude. But this will only make matters worse. 

Instead of being cold towards your jealous Pisces man, react to him with compassion.

Allow him to take his time to tell you about his feelings and sit back and listen to them. Tell him you understand why he feels that way, reassure him that he doesn’t have anything to be jealous of and that nothing is going on.

Don’t belittle him and his feelings, this will only make him more upset. 

Your Pisces man really values respect, so you must approach the situation by being respectful of him and his feelings. Deep down inside, he knows he has nothing to worry about, but that doesn’t stop him from worrying.

If you react in a disrespectful way that isn’t going to make him feel better, it’s just going to make him feel worse. 

After you have addressed the situation, you can help your Pisces man calm down further by reminding him why you love him. Tell him what you find attractive about him, what your favorite features of his are, and what makes him such a good partner.

Shower him with compliments and remind him that when it comes to romance, he is all that you want. 

Over the coming days, you can make your Pisces man feel even better by taking your romance efforts up a notch. While any relationship involving a Pisces will typically be an intensely romantic one, it is likely that through his moodiness you have let the romance slip. 

So pick it back up, and remind him that you love him.

Make him breakfast in bed, and a cup of coffee when he gets back from his morning run. Jump in the shower with him and initiate sex.

All of these things will remind your Pisces man that he is all you want, and that will make him feel a lot more secure and happier. 

Ultimately, the best way to calm down your Pisces man is to make him feel seen. Listen to him, remind him why you love him, and then take action to reinforce how much you love him. He will truly appreciate this, and soon his jealousy will have evaporated!


In short, Pisces men do tend to grow jealous and that is because they are intensely romantic Zodiac signs. So they pay close attention to their partners and the people around them. 

In this guide, we’ve taken a look at 5 clear signs that your Pisces man is jealous and what to do to calm him down. 

Thank you for reading!

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