Are Aquarius Men & Scorpio Women Compatible?

Ruled by two planets a piece, the Aquarius man and Scorpio woman are highly complex people with busy, sometimes contradictory personalities, so their romantic relationships can be interesting to say the least.

They have plenty in common, but is Scorpio’s bleeding heart too much for cool-tempered Aquarius to hold on to?

Read on to find out if these signs are a happy ever or happy never after love match.

What Does The Aquarius Man Value In The Scorpio Woman?

She’s a mystery he doesn’t mind leaving unsolved

Shrouded in mystery, Scorpio women are dangerously captivating. Quite private people, they find it easy to maintain their nebulous aura and keep people guessing.

Some find this infuriating, but the Aquarius man respects her freedoms, all of them, including privacy.

He’s happy to let her remain a mystery, as it keeps things exciting and permits him to enjoy his own freedoms.

As they get closer, something’s obviously got to give eventually, but even then, Aquarius likes the idea that there’ll always be things he doesn’t know about his lover.

She’s in a constant state of flux

Scorpio’s energy is evolutionary in nature (that’s Pluto for you). She breaks free from her chrysalis by spreading her beautiful new wings, only to forge yet another chrysalis and undergo further changes.

If you don’t see or talk to a Scorpio lady in as little as a week, when you finally catch up, it can feel like you’re talking to an entirely new person, and Aquarius digs it!

Aquarians believe that everybody should be striving for rebirth so that the world too can be reborn.

They want to see progress, and in their eyes, if you don’t shed your skin from time to time, you’re running in place.

The way Scorpio inhabits progress – constantly breaking down what was and building something new in its place – is incredibly enticing to the male Aquarius.

She’s tenacious

Female Scorpios are exceedingly disciplined when it comes to their goals.

Much like the male Aquarius, they’re determined to accomplish whatever’s on their mind, using both sweetness and, of course, the characteristic sting of their celestial animal if they have to.

The lady scorpion often finds herself elevated by her peers into positions of power because her relentless drive inspires everyone around her.

The same fate often befalls the Aquarius man due to his groundbreaking ideas.

Aquarius respects anyone who doesn’t seize power for power’s sake. They see Scorpio’s democratically appointed position as a testament to their passion, honesty, and integrity.

She hates lies

Both our Scorpio woman and Aquarius man despise lies, particularly in relationships.

Both personality types are liable to instantly cut liars out of their lives the moment they sniff them out.

It’s a cut-throat approach, one that’s ended a great many relationships, but as they both have this zero-tolerance policy for deception, they can build a strong sense of trust within their relationship.

What Does The Aquarian Man Dislike In The Scorpio Woman?

She is prone to jealousy

Our sultry Scorpio would be the first to admit she has kind of a problem with jealousy.

It comes from a place of devotion, so it’s not an entirely unhealthy trait, but when paired with the freedom-loving Aquarius, she’s going to have a hard time keeping the green-eyed monster in check.

Unable to keep tabs on her partner without giving him the willies, she must loosen her grip, all the while, her imagination tortures her with thoughts of the infidelities he might be conducting in her absence.

Inevitably, the jealousy becomes too much to bear and begins affecting her behaviors. 

Aquarius hates dealing with darker human emotions, especially jealousy. When he sees it rearing its ugly head, he’s liable to become avoidant rather than try and work through the issue with his partner.

She can be quite controlling, especially when feeling jealous

No matter how she tries to hide it, Scorpio’s jealousy always finds a way to bleed through into her life, typically as excessive neediness and a desire to control her partner, two things her Aquarius man has no patience for.

He needs freedom like he needs air to breathe, and the watery Scorpio can drown him all too easily.

If the relationship is to work, she needs to let him surface from time to time, but as a fixed sign, actioning such fundamental changes isn’t easy.

She has lots of deep feelings and emotions

Our Scorpio lady isn’t unintelligent, but on the think vs. feel debate, she definitely sides with the former. A deeply emotional individual, she craves sensitivity and powerful spiritual connections, something Aquarius men have trouble facilitating.

The mind of an Aquarius conquers the heart every single time.

They’d rather maintain their stoic composure than deal with their own emotions, let alone the emotions of others. 

Although he likely won’t admit it to himself, at least not at first, he worries that he cannot meet the emotional needs of his Scorpio partner.

What Does The Scorpio Woman Value In The Aquarius Man?

He knows who he is

For all the problems being a fixed sign can cause in an Aquarius man’s relationships, it certainly surprises sometimes — Scorpio women happen to think it’s a redeeming quality. 

Aquarius knows exactly who he is, and he’s happy with himself. He can be quite inflexible, but that’s because he follows his truth, making him a strong, principled character.

Scorpio is one of the other three fixed star signs, and all too often, without trying to, she ends up dominating her relationships, her partners willing to relinquish power in order to keep her happy and preserve their love.

But she’s the one who ends up feeling uncomfortable.

As an emotionally intelligent person, she understands healthy and unhealthy relationship dynamics, and she can’t abide imbalance, even if she stands to benefit from it. 

In her Aquarius man, she sees an equally powerful force of nature who will never allow her or himself to seize control of the relationship.

Although she’s aware that their shared obstinacy will lead to some truly epic clashes along the line, the level playing field gives them more chance of happiness and longevity than her past loves.

He is incorruptible

You might say that Aquarius is a bit of a goody two shoes, as those born under the water bearer are as honest as the day is long, and they never, ever diverge from the moral path. 

Well, perhaps “goody two shoes” is a bit of a stretch for a strong-minded rebel who wants to bury the past and bring about social and political upheaval, but you get what I mean; Scorpio certainly does!

She loves her partner’s honesty-above-all policy, as it means she can trust him with her heart.

She’d like him to express devotion a little more, but in his faithfulness, she feels the devotion he has trouble expressing through words and actions.

He’s a fantastic conversationalist

Thanks to that beautiful Aquarian mind coming up with a million novel ideas a second, this pair will always find something new and exciting to talk about, much to the joy of small talk-hating Scorpio.

She loves how deep their conversations get, not only because it’s enjoyable in the moment, but because it promises to keep their partnership fresh in the future.

He doesn’t show as much emotion as she’d like, but his intellectual depth and invigorating presence ensure her emotions won’t cool over time.

What Does The Scorpio Woman Dislike In The Aquarius Man?

The lack of expressed devotion

Remember when we discussed the tenacity of the Scorpio lady?

Well, she applies that very same gusto to her relationship, and she appreciates evidence of devotion in return, something she’s never going to get out of her Aquarius partner.

He’s far too modern and minimalist for what he feels are gauche expressions.

He can force it, but he’d rather not relinquish control to anyone, even those he’s madly in love with. 

He isn’t very resource-minded

Our Scorpio woman is most likely a very successful individual who takes her career seriously, and she looks for a similar sense of drive in her partner. 

The Aquarius man also tends to be a talented earner, so it’s no surprise she’s drawn to him, however, she soon realizes that although he brings home a decent salary, he’s not very responsible with money.

Sure, she also likes to splurge from time to time, but in order to do so safely, she is very restrained with her finances, so his frivolous spending is quite shocking to her.

That said, she does appreciate that his easy-come-easy-go outlook on cash is linked to his respectable disdain for materialism.

He’s not one to save for fancy objects. He’d rather just spend money on general living in order to get rid of what he views as the root of all evil as quickly as possible.

Do Aquarius Men & Scorpio Women Have Good Sexual Chemistry?

Sexual Chemistry Score: 2/10

Sadly, there are a number of big disconnects between these signs when things get physical. 

Scorpio women want to capture everything about their lover during sex, mapping all the details of the experience in their mysterious minds, which is usually a trait that pays off BIG time in the bedroom.

The more they learn about their sexual co-pilot, the better they can cater to their tastes and show them a good time.

However, when she crosses paths with the sexual storm that is Aquarius, the only thing she learns is that he is indefinable.

Before she can make a mental note of one thing, he’s moved on to the next, then the next, and the next.

This is why sex is never boring with an Aquarius, but for someone who relies on at least some level of familiarity from one roll in the hay to the next, it can be quite discombobulating.

Once she fully trusts her partner, she is more open and fluid in the bedroom, allowing him to take her on his stream-of-consciousness erotic adventures, but he’s looking for more of a collaborative experience — He wants to be taken places too!

To the Aquarian man, sex is another way to challenge societal norms, break boundaries, and stick it to the man, which is all pretty heady stuff. By contrast, our sensual Scorpio enjoys soulful, romantic sex. 

When she and her partner explore the physical side of their relationship, she wants to make some emotional progress too. Yet, when she beds down with her Aquarius man, his ceaseless adventuring and unwillingness to fall into any form of routine throws her off her game.

Aquarius Man & Scorpio Woman: Will It Work?

Compatibility Score: 5/10

Despite their lack of sexual chemistry, the opposing elements of Aquarius (air) and Scorpio (water) will inevitably lead to a very passionate and intriguing relationship overall. 

Surprisingly, they actually have a lot of common ground to bond over as well.

Take their honesty, for example, and the fact they’re both highly driven, fixed signs.

Granted, airy Aquarius occupies the intellectual realm, while watery Scorpio draws energy from the emotional realm, a clash sure to cause drama, namely Scorpio feeling hurt at her partner’s coldness, but it can create a healthy balance.

Aquarius drives the relationship forward in rational terms and keeps the two entertained, while Scorpio drives the emotional bond, ensuring their passions never cool too much when they spend time apart.

That said, the Scorpio woman’s jealousy and controlling ways threaten to tear their relationship apart, as the Aquarius man only ever sees them as toxic traits that threaten his freedom — Something he can’t abide.

In summation, these two can make their love last, but it’s going to take work, like… lots and lots of it! It’ll be exhausting, but with any luck, the improvements they start seeing in the relationship will give them life and pull them through.

Final Thoughts

A marriage of heart and mind, Aquarius and Scorpio strike a tension that doesn’t necessarily have to culminate in conflict and division. If the Aquarius man can learn to open up a bit more, and if the Scorpio woman can respect her partner’s freedom, they may just be able to sustain their quirky consortium.

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