Are Aquarius Men & Taurus Women Compatible?

Aquarius and Taurus are typically seen as one of the worst love matches on the zodiacal wheel, as they’re so fundamentally different that it’s almost impossible for them to coexist in harmony.

It’s a pretty grim start to this compatibility review, I know, but there is a little bit of light shining through into the life of such a couple. Is this sparse hope enough to hold them together? Read on to find out!

What Does The Aquarius Man Value In The Taurus Woman?

Her razor-sharp intellect

For the Aquarius man, attraction starts with a big, beautiful pair.

Not breasts, you filthy-minded so-and-so. I’m talking about a big, beautiful pair of BRAINS, of course, his own and that of his prospective partner.

Now, usually, when a guy points to his head and says that he’s more into what’s “up here” than he is what’s “down there”, it’s a sign that this shallow cheeseball is just trying to get some action by playing the deep, sensitive soul.

However, when it comes to the Aquarius man, this is how he genuinely feels, and being that our Taurus woman’s mind is as sharp as the horns of her celestial animal, she’s well-equipped to engage him in stimulating conversation and win him over.

Her compassionate nature

Our Taurus lady isn’t just loving in romantic relationships, she’s loving in general.

She treats everyone she meets with the utmost respect and always maintains a foundation of compassion in everything she does.

This Taurine trait is sure to give a water bearer the horn, as benevolence lies at the core of his entire revolutionary worldview.

He observes his partner’s interaction with others, and feels she is a living, breathing manifestation of the change he wants to see in the world.

Sometimes people will try to take advantage of his earthly goddess of a partner, but he’s having none of it. His logical mind nips this deviancy in the bud, ensuring only good comes of his Taurus lady’s loving disposition.

She has no love for drama

If you had to sum Tauruses up in a single word, what would you say? I think “stability” is a pretty good, cover-most-bases answer. 

The Taurus lady may be linked to the celestial bull tearing up the Northern Hemisphere night after night, but she’s got a good head on her shoulders, and won’t go charging into any drama if she can help it.

She can get her kicks without toying with emotions or getting into conflicts, and what do ya know… our Aquarian man is a drama-hater too!

She is super chill

If I permitted myself one extra word to define the Taurine woman, it would be “calm”.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s a sensitive soul, but she doesn’t really ever see red.

Her energy is similar to that of a sunny springtime day as the first flowers open up to the reborn world — Everything feels fresh; everything feels hopeful.

This aura has a soothing effect on people around her, making it very difficult to argue with a Taurus lady, and as Aquarius hates digging into the dark emotions that inevitably bubble to the surface during arguments, he’s got a lot of time for this personality trait.

What Does The Aquarius Man Dislike In The Taurus Woman?

She happily settles into routines

The Taurus woman doesn’t ask for much.

This sweet soul with a soft spot for simplicity is happy enough if she can carve out a cozy little regimented life for herself.

In fact, she feels so comforted by routine that she’ll often end up staying in dysfunctional relationships long after she knows in her heart of hearts that there’s no way it could ever work out.

Her willingness to submit to familiar patterns is utterly antithetical to Aquarius’s whole vibe!

He’s an erratic person whose synapses never fire in the same way more than once. His every thought is like a unique snowflake, and they melt away just as fast, making way for the next flurry.

He’s an entropic ball of excitement and fun, which thrills his Taurus partner at first, but it’s not long before he registers a note of exhaustion in her eye.

He finds her tranquility dull

While the Aquarius man appreciates the lack of expressed emotion in this love match, he wishes his Taurus mate’s tranquility wouldn’t extend into every facet of her life. 

While her zen-like nature can have a beneficial stabilizing effect on him and his mile-a-minute brain, he finds it all a little bit dull after a while.

For him, the meditative state of Taurus is too passive in a world he feels can only be changed through action.

She can be self-indulgent and self-absorbed

Aquarians are wholly selfless individuals, which is part of the reason they tend not to dabble too deeply with emotions. Such dalliances are self-involved in their eyes.

Taurus, on the other hand, is partial to a bit of indulgent self-care every now and again.

The Taurine lady sees no harm in enjoying some luxury in life, whether it be a stay in a fancy hotel, a spa weekend, or a decadent meal. In her mind, anything that helps to keep her centered is a worthy engagement, but therein lies a problem for the Aquarius man.

She’s so concerned with what’s going on inside her that she’s often guilty of neglecting the needs of others. 

When she breaks out of this quasi-narcissistic state, she’s a very compassionate person, but it leaves a bad taste in her partner’s mouth nonetheless.

What Does The Taurus Woman Value In The Aquarius Man?

He is composed

Peaceful Taurus needs a level-headed partner in order to maintain her inner alignment.

She’s been in emotionally turbulent relationships before and they’re just not her cup of tea, but her cool, calm and collected Aquarian never ripples the still lake of her soul.

He might not be so keen on her tranquility, as he’s far too restless, but as she’s more outwardly focused when calm, he’s glad he has this effect on her.

He is honest and faithful

An Aquarius man is always going to give it to you straight.

He won’t go behind your back, he won’t gossip about you, he won’t lie to you, and he won’t cheat on you, and you know what this all adds up to? No drama, that’s what.

As a lover of the quiet life, the Taurus woman wants to avoid drama at all costs, as it messes with her inner peace, so her honest, no-nonsense Aquarius man is a real treat for her on this front.

He’s erratic and excitable, yes, but he’s not going to play any manipulative mind games with his lover.

He’s one hell of an original thinker

We all know that Aquarians have amazing minds.

They’re just on a different wavelength to the rest of us, and when they engage someone in conversation, they give you a glimpse of the magical mechanisms of their beautiful brains.

As someone of substantial smarts, the female Taurus is, quite frankly, obsessed with the way her lover thinks, and adores conversing with him about anything and everything — No matter the topic, he can always thread in a revelation or two (or ten!).

Some of his opinions seem a little extreme to our mild-mannered creature of comfort, Taurus, but it sure does make for stimulating conversation.

He encourages her to routinely break routine

A female Taurus is never going to entirely leave her regimented life in the rearview mirror, but the adventurous Aquarius man reminds her that there’s a lot of value in stepping out of her comfort and actively engaging with life.

He will undoubtedly meet some resistance, but when he finally convinces her to join him on one of his milder wild-card activities, the two feel closer than ever.

What Does The Taurus Woman Dislike In The Aquarius Man?

He lacks focus and consistency

The Aquarius man has very little focus, and thus, very little consistency, which is a problem for our Taurus lady who enjoys the comfort of repetition.

As mentioned a moment ago, they will have adventures together, but 90% of the time, she’s not down to join him on his wacky excursions.

Taurus appreciates stillness, but Aquarius is physically incapable of bottling up all their thoughts and desires for action. 

The male water bearer won’t necessarily want to snuggle up and have a movie marathon all that often, and that’s basically Taurus’s favorite thing to do!

Furthermore, she’ll want to plan her weekends well in advance, but he isn’t too keen on making plans, at least not so far ahead of time. His soul is a-glow when he’s living in the moment, taking things as they come, and mapping every experience out is only going to diminish his good time.

He may even forget many of her plans, as he can’t focus long enough to memorize the wealth of seemingly mundane activities his partner wants to schedule, which will inevitably lead to some arguments about his not listening to her.

He doesn’t give two hoots about material possessions

Taurus women are by no stretch of the imagination vapid or shallow, but they sure do love their material possessions, and they work damn hard to acquire them, too.

Aquarius men, as you might have guessed, don’t feel the same way.

Her partner is quite capable of holding down a good job with an impressive wage, but he’s not interested in stuff the same way she is.

He’s likely to have jobs that inspire him, that offer plenty of variation, meaning the work itself is the best thing about them, whereas she often gets comfortable in suboptimal professions, meaning the money (and repetition) is her only solace.

He isn’t very affectionate

The Aquarian man has an almost reptilian coldness to him, and it’s not that he’s an unfeeling person, he just doesn’t know how to deal with emotion.

As an air sign, he’s up in his head 24/7 and finds it hard to reckon with his heart.

Sadly, this means that lovey-dovey Taurus isn’t going to get the affection she craves in a relationship, and if her emotional needs aren’t being met, she may well pull the cord on their union.

Do Aquarius Men & Taurus Women Have Good Sexual Chemistry?

Sexual Chemistry Score: 3/5

She may have been born under the dauntless bull sign, but our Taurus lady likes to keep things gentle and sensuous between the sheets.

While she can be open-minded, especially with the encouragement from her Aquarius lover, she much prefers settling into a comfortable routine, just like in other aspects of her life.

This is a real sore spot for the Aquarius on multiple levels.

He loves sporadic, exciting sex that’s completely different every time, and he hates to get all mushy and serious in the bedroom, preferring a much more playful approach.

So, yeah… sex between these two can be quite unenjoyable for both parties, as the Aquarius doesn’t get the thrill he craves, and the Taurus doesn’t get the closeness she craves. 

Aquarius Man & Taurus Woman: Will It Work?

Compatibility Score: 4/5

The way their personalities mix can lead to some pretty dysfunctional situations. For example, she is serenity personified, and although his adamantine composure gives the impression he’s calm, his mind is an agent of chaos.

She then thinks that the two of them are vibing, riding the zen bus all the way to enlightenment town, when really he’s getting bored, restless, and angry but won’t let his negative emotions break his equanimity, as he sees this as a weakness.

His only option is to excuse himself from the situation, which breaks Taurus’ beloved routine, inviting turbulence into her psyche.

She spends some time recentering, and he spends some time living on the edge, and when they reconvene, it starts over again.

The pressure of all this repression builds and builds, and it’s only a matter of time before one or both of them explode, emotionally speaking.

This self-destructive cycle isn’t exactly a death sentence for the relationship, though.

As they communicate well in every other aspect of their relationship, they can gradually deepen their understanding of one another with frequent candid conversations.

Eventually, they may develop profound patience for each other.

It takes a lot of energy to get to this point, but their mutual respect can see them through if they’re really willing to give it everything they’ve got.

Final Thoughts

When you boil it down, the problem with this love match is that Aquarius is an active personality that likes to shake things up and change the world, while Taurus will do anything to avoid shaking things up, and is perfectly happy settling into a cozy routine.

Without some serious compromises on both sides, there’s very little chance that their love will last, and even if compromises are agreed upon, it might take so much joy out of the relationship for both of them that they realize it’s just not going to work out long-term.

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