Are Aquarius Men & Cancer Women Compatible?

Much like the meat of her star animal, the female Cancer’s soul is as tender as can be.

This crabby beauty is by far the most nurturing sign on the zodiacal wheel, a real sweetheart, and she loves nothing more than love itself — Awww!

As a cardinal water sign, she typically gravitates towards earth signs such as Taurus or Capricorn, but what if chance brought her together with an airy Aquarius man and the two fell madly in love… Could it work?

Well, it’s not a common love match, but, as you’ll soon see, there is plenty of synergy in their personality traits, which isn’t to say such a relationship is going to be all rainbows and roses, but they may just have a chance! Allow me to elaborate.

What Does The Aquarius Man Value In The Cancer Woman?

She enjoys her space from time to time

You’d be forgiven for thinking that as a very caring individual, a female Cancer might like to be around her lover a lot, and while she does indeed crave closeness, the intensity of her love for others can deplete her energy.

When she is feeling drained, she naturally becomes more reclusive, seeking out time alone to replenish her loving spirit.

Being that Aquarius also appreciate some them time, this works out rather nicely, better, in fact, than it does with her more traditional earthy matches.

Both Taurus and Capricorn can feel a little dejected when she takes this sabbatical, but Aquarius encourages her to do so.

He doesn’t just love personal freedoms, but freedom as a whole, and he won’t be happy in a relationship unless his partner also feels free to be their own person.

She has a sunny disposition

Ironically, our Cancer woman, subject of the moon, has an unbelievably sunny disposition, and her Aquarius mate thrives on her positivity, for he too is a staunch optimist.

In his eyes, nothing is set in stone. He believes that with lots of effort and teamwork, people can move mountains and that no matter what stands in our way, with intelligence and compassion, we can make the world a better place.

To maintain this outlook requires a molten core of pure positivity, and while this crucible never burns out, with such weighty burdens weighing on the Aquarian’s mind, he’s guilty of becoming overly serious and humorless at times.

But, with an endlessly ecstatic Cancer by his side, he is reminded of the lightness of life, and that sometimes, simply being happy is an act of rebellion.

She appreciates honesty

A female Cancer may come across as a little naive on account of her happy and loving nature, but remember, crabs have some mighty strong claws, and if a Cancer woman feels someone is being disingenuous, she won’t hesitate to snip the ties that bind them.

She has a highly refined BS detector, too, so if someone is lying or playing games with her, she feels that the vibe isn’t right, and the Aquarius man adores her for this nigh-on supernatural sense for weeding out moral turpitude.

He knows that the path to utopia is paved with honesty and empathy rather than deception and callousness, so in many ways, she is his idea of a perfect person.

What Does The Aquarius Man Dislike In The Cancer Woman?

She is mercurial

Ruled by the moon, a celestial closely tied to the unconscious mind, she is closer to her hidden depths than most other people.

In light of this, sometimes the line between her waking and subconscious selves can blur, leading to some pretty pendulous mood swings.

Ruled primarily by Uranus, our intellectual Aquarius is rational to a fault and tries to maintain his composure at all times, even when the passions of those around him are boiling over.

It’s not that he doesn’t like her capriciousness at all, as his penchant for spontaneity often plays into it quite nicely, but when her mood fluctuates wildly for no logical reason, he finds it difficult to deal with.

The distance he establishes between himself and his own emotions means he just isn’t used to them bubbling to the surface like this, and it leaves him feeling uncomfortable.

However, he’s an expert at knowing when to give someone space, so if it all gets to be too much for him, he can grant them both some time alone to center themselves.

She needs lots of comforting

Someone born under the crab sign is all about providing comfort when their partner needs it, and all they ask for is a bit of reciprocation when they need some reassurance and care.

While Aquarius isn’t the most outwardly loving sign, he can keep up with this demand to a certain extent, but sometimes he just doesn’t have it in him to deliver the attentiveness she needs.

This inability to provide emotionally makes him feel like a bad person, and sometimes may actually lead to him severing ties with his partner, believing it to be the best thing for her in the long run.

But, when it comes to Aquarius, our Cancer woman is a little more forgiving in this department, as she knows he is always focused on the greater good, and the more comfort she demands, the less energy he has to tackle larger issues.

She’s sentimental and enjoys affection

Nothing turns off the Aquarius man like over sentimentality, and the Cancer woman is about as sentimental as they come. 

Aloof and emotionally distant, Aquarius is concerned that he can’t meet her needs and loathes the prospect of indirectly causing her harm.

Instead of discussing these feelings openly, he’s more likely to repress them, and as they build inside, he becomes ever more distant to try and keep them at bay.

What Does The Cancer Woman Value In The Aquarius Man?

He is understanding

Not overly sociable people, Aquarians seem a little standoffish or arrogant, but they’re actually very affable and understanding people.

Do they like being told what to do? No, but they’re willing to listen to absolutely anyone without passing judgment.

This is a major virtue in a romantic relationship and Cancer knows and appreciates it.

As an ardent empath, he understands the perspectives of others, which is the first step to forming healthy compromises and cultivating a mutually beneficial union.

She’s aware that he has a hard time dealing with her erratic mentality but feels comforted by the fact that, if she explains herself, he will develop an understanding of her nature quickly. 

His intellectual brain may also be able to bring a touch of stability to her turbulent emotions, which she appreciates immensely.

He is forthright

Cancer is a super playful sign and will relish any chance to have fun, whether it be a game of Scrabble with a few glasses of wine on the weekend or a long, adventurous holiday abroad.

What she doesn’t like, however, are manipulative games that toy with people’s emotions, and being that Aquarians are almost evangelical when it comes to honesty, they make an awesome match in this respect.

She senses absolutely zero duplicity in him, which calms her and gives her confidence that their relationship could go the distance.

He is passionate about progress

In the same way that the Cancer woman is nurturing towards her friends, family, and lover, the Aquarius man is nurturing of the world at large.

She sees this parallel and develops a huge amount of respect for her partner and his goals in life.

Does she wish that he wasn’t quite so outwardly focused at times?

Yes, as then he might direct a bit more affection and focus her way, but being that his inner self is so noble, she doesn’t mind taking one for the team.

What Does The Cancer Woman Dislike In The Aquarius Man?

He’s not very sentimental

If there’s one thing that Cancer would change about Aquarius, it would be to make him just a scooch more sentimental.

She adores expressing emotion, especially positive emotions such as happiness and love, while he likes to keep himself centered at all times.

It’s not a deal-breaker for her, but she feels that it does inhibit their closeness, and sometimes wonders if he really loves her.

Thankfully, she can rely on him giving honest answers to confrontational questions, so she’s never left guessing for long.

He can be overly independent

Our Aquarius man is collaborative in life, but less so in romance. He values his independence so highly that it often diminishes that sense of teamwork most others are looking for in a relationship.

Cancer loves to feel close to her romantic partners, so his cool detachment can be a serious point of contention.

She wants to nurture and care, but a lot of the time, he simply isn’t receptive to such things.

She knows not to smother him, but he’s so scared of that happening, that he doesn’t let her express her love language at all. Unless he learns to be more comfortable opening up to the oneness of their union, it’s unlikely that the relationship will last.

He has little patience for the ebb and flow of human emotion

The Aquarius man is almost robotic when it comes to emotions.

It’s not that they don’t have them, but they’re so goal-oriented that they see emotions as a hindrance and try to override them with pure logic.

As a highly emotional creature, the Cancer woman views this as a fjord that splits them, preventing them from reaching their true potential as a couple. 

She finds solace in the fact that he’s an understanding individual and will develop patience for her emotionality as he learns more about her, but worries that such a fundamental difference makes their love unsustainable.

Do Aquarius Men & Cancer Women Have Good Sexual Chemistry?

Sexual Chemistry Score: 7/10

You wouldn’t think it, but Cancer can be a freak with a capital F in the bedroom, which is precisely what Aquarius is looking for in a lover.

This is the one aspect of his life where he can be less cerebral and truly give in to his playful side, and with someone as receptive to this as Cancer, some downright naughty times await.

They both encourage a completely open mind between the sheets — Kinks are to be celebrated, not shamed!

Nothing is off the table, so sex is a novel experience every single time.

What’s more, these signs merge well in terms of sexual power dynamics too. Aquarius leans slightly to the dominant side of things, while Cancer leans ever so slightly to the submissive end of the spectrum, so even when just acting on instinct, they’re giving each other exactly what they need.

Yet, as they’re both quite close to center on this sexual power scale, they don’t mind at all getting kinky with some role reversal, meaning the possibilities are quite literally endless for this love match when things get steamy!

The only drawback for Cancer is that occasionally, she would like to make love, rather than just have sex, and Aquarius hates getting mushy, especially in the nude.

Aquarius Man & Cancer Woman: Can It Work?

Compatibility Score: 6/10

With patience and mutual respect, this couple could well get their fairy tale ending. It’s not a typical pairing, but they share a long list of complementary personality traits that can strengthen their bond over time.

The distance between Aquarius and their emotions can be a real fly in the punch bowl when matched with such a sensitive sign, but luckily, Cancer is emotionally aware enough for the both of them, sensing how he feels even when he tries to hide it.

Likewise, Cancer can be a little bit of a slave to her feelings, but, ever the logician, Aquarius can help her navigate the labyrinthine avenues of her soul so she might temper and harness the raw emotional power that surges inside her.

There will be tough times for this couple, and those looking into this relationship from the outside may not understand what they have in common. But as their relationship is built upon such a strong foundation of honesty, there’s every chance they’ll prove all the doubters wrong!

Final Thoughts

Aquarius man and Cancer woman are a lovely pair in so many ways, and when they’re in alignment, they only make one another stronger, more actualized people, which is fantastic to see.

When out of alignment, there will be lots of tension, but through their unflinching honesty, and communicative prowess, they can easily get things back on track!

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