Are Aquarius Men & Aries Women Compatible?

Aries is a fire sign, so you’d be forgiven for thinking someone born under this feisty string of stars wouldn’t make such a good match for a water bearer, but despite the “aqua” in the name, Aquarius is actually an air sign.

In nature, air feeds fire, and when an Aquarius man couples up with an Aries woman, you see much the same thing.

His unique and spontaneous personality thrills her no end, and she burns all the brighter in his company.

But, does this mean such a pairing is built to last, or will the fire of Aires eventually deplete the resources of Aquarius and force a parting of these two intriguing personalities? Well, that’s precisely what we’ll be discussing today!

What Does The Aquarius Man Value In The Aries Woman?

She will boldly go where others fear to wander

Aries women are bold and brave, and they fear not the path less traveled, and to our Aquarius man, the path less traveled is the only way forward.

As others are less inclined to deviate from comfortable societal norms, he has all but resigned himself to walking this path alone, which has been a secret source of emotional turmoil for him.

But, when he joins forces with our Aries woman, he realizes that he needn’t live such a solitary existence.

So many of his previous partners have been unable to follow him into the unknown, but our Aries woman can keep up, and if anything, she’s striding out ahead of him! 

He finds it comforting to know that there are others out there determined to push the envelope and stimulate progress as he does.

She’s honest and direct

Aquarians are pretty playful people at times, especially in the bedroom, but when it comes to the little games we play in relationships, they have a zero-tolerance policy.

For instance, if you try to make an Aquarius man jealous by flirting with other guys in front of him, he’s more likely to abandon the relationship to avoid manipulation and to keep ugly feelings from surfacing in himself.

Fortunately, he has no such problem with our Aries woman, who is firm, honest, and direct at all times.

This in-your-face attitude has gotten her in trouble more times than she can count over the years, but a male Aquarius sees it as an incredibly attractive trait.

With both parties in this match willing to lay their cards out on the table and tell it how it is, there’s a good chance that they’ll keep lies and knavery well away from their union, two insidious entities that can rot a relationship from the inside out.

She’s adventurous

Remember earlier when I mentioned that our Aries woman hesitates not to travel the path others fear to tread?

Well, this wasn’t just a metaphorical statement, but a literal one too.

No adventure is too wild for a female Aries. Before you’ve even finished explaining what the plan of action is, she’s grabbing her stuff and heading out the door, exclaiming, “Race ya!”.

Bungee diving, base jumping, skydiving, surfing, white water rafting… whatever perils lie in wait, she will take them in her stride with a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye.

She’s not overly romantic

Neither Aquarius men nor women are very comfortable with big feelings.

You know… the mushy stuff. It makes them uncomfortable and transports them a great distance from their intellectual comfort zone.

They’re not ones for OTT romantic gestures or weeping while staring into their lover’s eyes, and this emotional distance hasn’t been without consequence over the years.

Past lovers have been let down by our Aquarius man’s inability to express his love in an overt fashion, and this absence of romantic words and actions is all too often read as disinterest.

This creates a tension that often surmounts in an ultimatum: Betray your deepest sense of self by showing love in a way you’re not accustomed to, or the relationship is over.

And, given the choice, independent Aquarius will always stay true to themselves, even if it comes at the cost of their partnerships.

However, our Aries woman, while positively bursting at the seams with passion, is not all that fussed about traditional romanticism, meaning the Aquarius man can be his aloof, low-key self without upsetting his Aries soul match — Hooray!

What Does The Aquarius Man Dislike In The Aries Woman?

Her bossiness

Male Aquarians love a lady who can take the reins and lead a charge, but it’s no secret that those born under the ram can push leadership into straight-up bossy territory, which is a huge turn-off for an Aquarius.

Telling an Aquarius what to do isn’t only going to really aggravate them, but it’s a surefire way to encourage them to do the exact opposite, simply to prove the agency of their soul. 

Now, to say that this errant behavior rubs our Aries woman the wrong way is the understatement of the century.

Going into full confrontation mode, the enraged lady ram charges at her Aquarian partner with all her might, which brings us to another problem…

She can be aggressive and quick to anger

Our Aquarius man finds outbursts of negative emotions impossible to bear, so his feisty partner may often feel like she’s walking on eggshells around him. 

When an argument inevitably flares up, he can’t handle her explosive nature, and will often excuse himself from the situation, leaving her overflowing with pure rage.

I know this sounds pretty bleak, but bear in mind that Aries is a dedicated lover and is well acquainted with her own shortcomings, meaning she’ll almost always be willing to kiss and make up.

The question is, will our Aquarius man be willing to meet her halfway?

She can be quite high maintenance

Aries can be quite possessive and high maintenance in love, which is by far the trickiest aspect of her personality for our Aquarius man to navigate. 

Although he doesn’t mind being tied down in a monogamous relationship, he despises being made to feel as if he’s tied down, and with our demanding Aries woman gunning to keep her man on lock, she’s only going to drive him further and further away.

What Does The Aries Woman Value In The Aquarius Man?

He’s not a pushover

Interestingly, even though our Aries woman can be very assertive and enjoys dominating most situations, there’s nothing she finds less attractive than servility and an unwillingness to stand up and be heard.

Deep down, she wants someone who can challenge her, and with his icy, adamantine facade, the Aquarian man is the perfect yang to her yin. 

Does clashing with such an aloof personality drive her wild?

Yes, absolutely, but she understands that relationships aren’t about domination, and a strong-willed partner helps to keep the power balance in check.

He’s unafraid of trying new things

Aries women burn the candle at both ends and never seem to run out of wax.

They want to do it all, see it all, and feel it all, and they want it all as soon as possible!

Aquarius has a more measured approach to chasing life’s hidden corners, but they love to do it all the same. Our Aquarius man can use his logical mind to temper his partner’s incendiary restlessness and help her realize her full potential.

Alone, they’re both sure to have some amazing adventures, but together, they form the perfect team to strike out in search of the unknown, the unfamiliar, and the exotic. 

The erotic is a sure destination for these two as well, as both are playful and carefree between the sheets and work hard to cultivate a shame-free zone when the clothes hit the floor and steam hits the windows.

She can trust him

Aries women have no patience for underhandedness.

They crave honesty and integrity above all else, which is precisely what an Aquarius can give them.

Our Aries woman doesn’t have to worry about him flirting behind her back, which helps to ease her obsessive, controlling side, and subsequently, the Aquarius man is granted more freedom in the relationship — Everybody wins!

He helps her exist in the moment

Those born under the sign of the ram are perpetually chasing the next big rush, so much so that they find it hard to sit still and appreciate the present.

Living full-tilt like this can be exhilarating, but it can also be quite unsatisfying at times.

This compulsion to go, go, go and experience everything at a million miles an hour betrays a deep feeling of discomfort and unhappiness. 

Furthermore, no matter how incredible the experiences become, as they’re already five steps ahead of time in their mind, they’re never really enjoying themselves to the fullest — Enter a calm Aquarian intellectual!

He has a grounding effect on her.

He softens her rough edges and soothes her restless mind, thereby reacquainting her with the moment, so she can truly appreciate every second of life, which is more of a rush than she ever got while lost in thoughts of future thrills.

What Does The Aries Woman Dislike In The Aquarius Man?

He’s emotionally unavailable

Okay, so we’ve established that trust is a massive facilitator in this relationship, which is fantastic — There’s a reason people say that honesty is the cornerstone of a healthy relationship!

That being said, our Aquarius man isn’t being completely forthright with our Aries woman.

When it comes to deep, dark emotions, he has trouble expressing himself honestly.

Rather than have a frank conversation about his true emotions, he will mask them and may even lie to keep what he views as weakness from bubbling to the surface.

An intuitive soul, our Aries woman knows when her partner is fighting some negative emotions, even if he won’t tell her outright.

However, although she can read her partner like a book, it doesn’t half annoy her that he can’t be more open about his inner strife.

He doesn’t like to feel smothered

Aries have a habit of going hell for leather into a relationship and demanding the same enthusiasm from their partner, but Aquarius may not be able to match their intensity.

With a passion for expanding his mind, the Aquarius man is quick to form a strong friendship with the Aries woman, but when they decide to make it official, she is a little disappointed that he never really acts any differently from the way he did when they were just friends.

Do Aquarius Men & Aries Women Have Good Sexual Chemistry?

Sexual Chemistry Score: 8/10

Both keen to break societal boundaries in the bedroom, the Aquarius man and Aries woman are an electric sexual match!

They both like to explore their primal sides during intimate moments, as it’s the ultimate unshackling of societal constraints.

They’ll get up to all manner of naughty and taboo things behind closed doors, which keeps the relationship feeling vital and exciting, and as neither of them are big cuddlers, the sappy emotional stuff gets the boot in favor of raunchy exploration.

But the sex life of this couple won’t always be smooth sailing. 

Aries prefers sex at a frequent and relatively consistent rate, while Aquarius has an unpredictable libido — Sometimes they’ll want loads of sex, and others, they won’t for a long while.

Then there’s the aggression of Aries to consider. Open-minded Aquarius isn’t averse to being dominated, but the water bearer also likes to take the wheel in the bedroom from time to time, which may not resonate with Aries. 

Aquarius Man & Aries Woman: Will It Work

Relationship Score: 7/10

The sparks will be a-flyin’ when an Aquarius man meets an Aries woman in a relationship.

Their bond is one of intensity and unpredictability, which sounds quite unstable, but with a foundation of honesty and mutual respect, there’s every chance that they could make it last.

Both parties will have to make some compromises, but the magical thing about this relationship is that the ways in which these personalities clash are also relatively beneficial.

For example, Aries likes to be in charge but doesn’t like a pushover, and Aquarius doesn’t like being told what to do but does appreciate when someone can take the initiative — They’re one another’s poison and antidote all wrapped up in one!

There’s always a possibility that the emotional distance of an Aquarius man could send the possessive behavior of an Aries woman into overdrive, which would, in turn, scare him away.

But as he likes to form strong friendships before taking things to the next level, their bond may have what it takes to weather the storms that lie ahead.

Final Thoughts

Can an Aquarius man and an Aries woman live happily ever after? With some work, definitely. Both love excitement and novelty, and if there’s one thing you can say for sure about this match, it’s that their relationship will never, ever be boring!

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